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Dr. Bob Sears: Why You Shouldn't Mix Flu Shots With Other Vaccines

The vaccine book Read Dr. Bob Sears' post, "Why You Shouldn't Mix Flu Shots With Other Vaccines" and comment at Huffington Post HERE

It's that time of year again. No, not autumn, when all the leaves turn to beautiful shades of red and yellow. (That doesn't happen in southern California, where I live, anyway.) No, not postseason baseball showdowns. (My Angels are out of it this year.) And no, not the new fall television line-up of cop shows and medical dramas. (My wife is a fan, but I'm still waiting for a new "Star Trek" series to come out.)

I'm talking flu shots. Every October the new flu shots come out, people panic that this may be the worst flu season ever, and everyone scrambles to get injected. I won't bore you with all the pros and cons of whether or not you should get a flu shot. I want to focus on making sure those of you who get one are doing so in the safest manner possible.

Make sure you get the flu shot without any other simultaneous vaccines. Why? Because flu shots have not been studied for safety when simultaneously given with any other vaccines. How do I know this? It's written in every single flu shot product insert. Go to section 7.1 for most brands of the flu vaccine and you will find a version of the following statement: "There are no data to assess the concomitant administration of [the flu shot] with other vaccines." In plain English: Scientists haven't studied what the side effects might be when the flu shot is given at the same time as any other vaccines. Some brands don't have a section 7 and don't make any mention of safety research with other vaccines...



Parikh did his best to make Sears look like an idiot, but it didn't work in my opinion because the few words by Sears included in the article make sense.

The comments are the usual public relations garbage.


Wow, what a great article and one that I recommend. It is very revealing about Dr. Sears and each and everyone here should read his own words as he is interviewed by another doc, and most interesting also are the comments that follow.

Thought provoking, and you can't argue with Dr. Sears' own words in this interview.


Curious.......Are there aborted baby remains in the flu vaccine like in so many others.
I've only had one flu shot in my life. It was several years ago. I was so sick that season. Yuck... I can still remember it.


I'm curious how Dr. Sears would respond to Rahul Parikh's characterization of their recent email correspondence in this article:


I don't have a problem with this one....'cause I will NEVER get a flu shot...or another shot for as long as I live!!

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