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Dr. Bob Sears on Mandating Flu Vaccine for Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Bob Sears Read and comment on Dr. Bob Sears'  Flu Vaccines: Should They Be Mandatory For Health Care Professionals? on Huffington Post HERE.

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a statement on September 13, 2010, supporting a policy of mandatory flu vaccination for all health care workers (allowing for medical exemptions, of course). They state that it is "ethically justified, necessary and long overdue to ensure patient safety." I agree that the flu vaccine is important. I agree that it is useful for health care workers to get a flu vaccine in order to lower their chance of catching the flu and passing the illness to patients. A doctor, such as myself, would be contagious for a day or two before even feeling sick. Then when I did get sick, I'd likely keep working if my symptoms were minor. I'd wash my hands and wear a mask, but I'd still be exposing some patients. Of course, with a fever or severe flu symptoms, I'd take a few days off (like last year, when I caught the H1N1flu, I took a Friday off and was back to feeling normal by Sunday). So I'm not arguing that the flu shot isn't important for health care workers. Those who choose to not be vaccinated should take some extra responsibility to take time off work if they do catch the flu.

What I take exception to is the thought that the government or medical boards would make it mandatory. Absolutely, without exception, lose-your-license-if-you-don't-comply, mandatory. That makes me shiver. I could understand such a policy if the flu vaccine was 100 percent harmless to every single person that got one. But it isn't. There are very rare but very severe, even fatal, reactions to the vaccine every year. There are a lot more fatalities from the actual flu then there are severe vaccine reactions, but nevertheless the vaccine does have some element of risk....




“One in 6 children under the age of 18 in this country has developmental/learning disabilities, although the numbers may be higher since this 1994 report was published.[4] Ten percent of all children have asthma.[5] Growing numbers of children are living with different types of allergies. That means they have impairment, or even irreversible damage to their nervous and immune systems. Isn t it possible that injected aluminum plays a role in affecting the health of our children s nervous and immune systems, as the science we do have seems to suggest?”
– Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD, FAAP in 2008.


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think what's at stake here - I would suggest caution here. Be careful what you wish for. The data do not support your argument.

We all have compassion for cancer patients, especially those with febrile neutropenia, who are at increased risk for infections of ALL kinds, not just two or three strains of influenza.

Prayerfully, a flu inoculation MAY result in a rise in antibody titers. But a rise in antibody titers is only a proxy for having been inoculated, not for immunity! Vaccination or inoculation is not synonymous with immunity. That's just wishful thinking. The exact opposite may be occurring in the vaccinated, that is, increased susceptibility, NOT IMMUNITY! So, personally, I would be VERY cautious here, especially in an area of preventive health. Have you forgotten that physicians promised to "do no harm" when they took their oath? Prove your point, before you assault anyone with your toxic cocktails at the point of a needle!


“Does Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Increase the Risk of Illness with the 2009 A/H1N1 Pandemic Virus?” by


think what's at stake here

I recently visited a relative who was a patient in the Oncology ward at a large hospital. His nurse there says she dosen't get flu shots. Because she has the potential of killing my immunocompromised relative by transmitting flu before she comes down with the disease, I was very upset with the hospital letting her work with these patients without a flu shot. If any blogger had a relative in this situation, you would feel and understand the outrage rather than therorize about it. He may have to screen every healthcare worker who gets near him to get through this year's flu season.


They are admitting in Australia, that the system let parents and kids down in the flu jab debacle.



To Patrons99 - I saw that quadruple shot information and wondered what the 4th strain was that they added. I had just seen some info coming out of Australia that 21% of positive flu tests were coming up a B strain, which I don't think was even in the initial flu shot with 3 strains. So I'm wondering if the idea is that if they add another one to the mix maybe they'll increase their odds of having better efficacy rates when people start getting shot up in the Northern hemisphere. Doesn't matter to me -if they don't work it's not a worthwhile product. I'd rather just do some D3 and vitamin C.


There has been a 18 fold decrease in flu deaths in the past 70 years, a trend that began far before the introduction of widespread vaccination for the flu. The decline has more to do with improved health and living conditions, than anything else.


In fact, in the last four years in Canada there has been sixteen "flu-associated" fatalities for the pediatric age group, those under 18 and this included all H1N1 and seasonal cases. Three quarters of the these deaths had severe underlying health conditions, as did the mortality of a similar percentage of adults over 18. Importantly, this has all taken place with 60% or more of the pediatric age group remaining unvaccinated.



We need to remember the word "bio-accumulation" in the body.After five flu
shots (lets say after five years)the immune system and the central nervous system of the
health professionals would be demaged. How can you provide care ,when you are not well.
70-90 % of the doctors and the pharmacists
are not immunised,they just keep the lies going to protect their paycheques.We do not want to give nor take your "damn vaccines".

david burd

Dr. Bob Sears states: "There are a lot more fatalities from the actual flu then there are severe vaccine reactions, but nevertheless the vaccine does have some element of risk.... "

He could not be more wrong, but that's what he believes from the CDC propaganda that incessantly spouts "35,000 Americans die every year from the flu." This huge lie is even contradicted by CDC's own meticulous record keeping on Influenza Like Illness mortality ("ILI" on all their charts), and where detailed reading shows but an average of about 1,200 annual "flu-associated" deaths are the actual number, and even in a great majority of these severe underlying health co-morbidity conditions are documented.

Australia has just shown dramatic truth about flu shot dangers with its 2010 flu season just ending (6 months earlier than the U.S., being in the southern hemisphere). Due to severe reactions to many kids when flu shots were initiated in April, a Nationwide Alarm went out and halted flu jabs in April for children under age 5. Four months later, Australian authorities said a new flu mix could now be given, but it's hard to imagine many parents risking their kids at that late date.

Guess what? With flu season now ending, there have been ZERO pediatric flu-associate deaths in Australia. Simply amazing! No flu shots, no mortality!!

Dr. Bob Sears is the proverbial "wolf in sheep's clothing" (though I hate to disparage wolves). Dr. Sears believes in virtually ALL the vaccinations, all 39 doses by 18 months if flu shots are counted.

Dr. Sears believes the CDC's hard line that vaccines are safe, but he soft sells his approach to appear reasonable and sensible. He is anything but


Even if your doctor is vaccinated,

can't you still catch the flu in the waiting room where the herd is located prior to treatment?

As the shot covers only 3 of a few hundred flu viruses, it would seem to be a bit foolish to "even think" you are protected...

We are still all waiting for Dr. Offit and Dr. Nancy to shoot up on television... one multi-dose vial each would be great.

david burd

Dr. Sears has no factual basis when he spouts the so-called dangers of flu, as the facts are entirely different.

This last Australian Fall Season (our Spring here in the U.S.), the news went nationwide by Australian Health Authorities to immediately suspend flu vaccinations to Australian children under five years old when many severe reactions developed immediately as the flu vaccines were first started.

The flu season in Australia is now over, with virtually all Australian children under five remaining unvaccinated except the early ones who were damaged and some who may have taken the jab after the ban was lifted 3 months later, but what parent in their right mind would then proceed after the early carnage? And guess what?

There have been ZERO pediatric flu-associated deaths for the whole country of Australia (23 million), with their flu season now just ending, and I will be submitting a story on this here on AoA.

And, by the way, of the grand total of 20 flu-associated Aussie adult deaths for the entire 2010 flu season, 80% (16) had seriously compromised health conditions, and more likely the factor(s) contributing to actual death. Mandatory vaccination for health care workers must not be allowed to stand.

Dr. Sears is oblivious to anything but his recommendations for spaced-apart vaccines for infants and kids; he recommends them ALL with up to three per day, equivocating only slightly with HepB at birth (the most insane of them all).


@ emt.dan -

The theory of vaccine-induced "herd immunity" has never been validated. It is purely a marketing scam to support vaccine mandates and the vaccination schedules.

The evidence is growing that even the completely unvaccinated are susceptible to vaccine-induced diseases, by exposure to vaccinated human vectors. Here are just a couple of examples. There are others.



I’ve started a collection of reports of "outbreaks" or resurgences of disease in heavily-vaccinated populations. These reports suggest that the precise opposite of vaccine-induced "herd-immunity" may be occuring, that is, vaccine-induced susceptibility to diseases, in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated population. The common susceptibility factor, that we all share, is the vaccine schedules, whether we are vaccinated or unvaccinated.

The burden of proof should lie with vaccine proponents to show that the vaccine schedules are not causing vaccine-induced susceptibility to diseases, in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated population. They never met their burden on proof. The public should demand proof.

Here is some VERY compelling data which compares mortality rates in children worldwide with the number of mandated vaccinations received.


“The tables include the first 34 nations by child mortality rates. The data is sorted three ways and displayed in three separate tables. The first is by country name. The second table has the data sorted by the number of vaccinations mandated. The third shows the data ranked by mortality rates. The trend of high vaccination rates equating to high mortality rates is impressive.”

The under age 5 mortality by country appears to be linearly related to the number of vaccines mandated. It may be too early to tell, but the relationship may not be linear. The increase in mortality might actually be something more akin to exponential. Look at the precipitous rise in influenza deaths of children under age 5 after the U.S. CDC mandated flu vaccines.

“Proof of Childhood Vaccinations’ Lack of Effectiveness and Dangers” by Heidi Stevenson on November 15, 2009.



See Figure 25 - Countries & Number of Vaccines Mandated Under Age 5 Mortality Rates
See Figure 26 - Under Age 5 Influenza Deaths Before and After U.S. CDC Mandates Flu Vaccines in Early Childhood

“US Life Expectancy Slips to 49th in World: Too Much Modern Healthcare?” by Heidi Stevenson on October 18, 2010.


“Childhood Vaccinations Hoax - Not Effective and at Worst, Harmful” by Heidi Stevenson


Bob Moffitt

@ emt

Are you suggesting that "healthcare professionals" .. such as yourself .. have the education and experience to make YOUR own decisions .. but .. someone like myself .. a member of the general public ..
am too unaware of relative risk, risk ratio, rate ratio and side-effects of the vaccines and therefore .. should not make MY own decisions regarding vaccines?

My friend, trust me .. begining with the crude small pox vaccine .. ..there are "literally" thousands of people .. all over the world .. many of them parents .. who learned the "relative risk, risk ratio, rate ratio and side-effects of vaccines" .. the hard way .. by "experiencing" the loss of their own health or that of their child following vaccination.

With all due respect .. it is one thing to "theorize" about providing "herd immunity" through vaccinations .. it is quite another when it is YOU or YOUR CHILD who happened to be among that "small risk ratio" that WILL suffer severe adverse reactions .. including death.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

From what I understand, there was a time when Logic was a topic taught in Philosophy classes. It would appear that Dr. Sears' medical college was deficient in this area.
Perhaps readers of AOA would be more impressed if Dr. Sears began by showing us the evidence that flu vaccines work in the manner that he imagines them to work and contain no ingredients (and never will contain any ingredients) that could be harmful to any individual.


I am a healthcare professional, and while I acknowledge your points, I believe in and support campaigns among healthcare providers.

I happen to agree that the mandate is overkill, but for different reasons.
I trust and know medical professionals have the education and experience to make their own choices-- unlike the general public who is unaware of relative risk, risk ratio, rate ratio and side-effects of the vaccines.

In epidemiology there is such a theory of Herd Immunity-- stating that immunization of a certain percentage of a population is suffecient to protect the entire population without immunizing all-- and the flu generally requires a herd immunity of approx. 30%.


Here’s a tasty morsel of “CME” regarding mandatory flu shots from the Infectious Diseases Society of America meeting in Vancouver, Canada on October 21-24, 2010. Of course, it’s completely unbiased! :>)

“IDSA: Mandatory Flu Shots Raise Staff Vaccination Rates” on October 25, 2010.


Prediction: there will be legal challenges to this ongoing nonsense.

Bob Moffitt

The American Academy of Pediatricians stated mandating annual flu vaccines is "ethically justified, necessary and long overdue to ensure patient safety."

There are THREE things wrong with the AAP statement.

#1 .. It is NEVER "ethically justified" to KNOWINLGY risk the health of a few .. in order to benefit the many. The AAP would do themselves a favor by ignoring the "ethics" of mandatory vaccination.

#2 .. Common sense suggests .. every year .. millions of unvaccinated people avoid contracting annual flu by other means .. which indicates .. it was NOT "necessary" for THEM to be vaccinated in order to protect themselves from annual flu.

#2 .. There is absolutey NO evidence that MANDATORY .. annual .. flu vaccinations will "ensure patient safety".

Indeed, the ONLY thing mandatory vaccinations will "guarantee" is that a small number of every man, woman and child in this country will be REQUIRED to risk their own health to possibly benefit the health of others.


This is just more pseudoscientific medical quackery by the AAP. But their quackery is far from harmless. Their quackery is deadly. Their quackery is directly responsible for an epidemic of vaccine-induced diseases. Autism is not the only vaccine-induced brain injury. Brain injuries are not the only vaccine-induced diseases. Mercury is not the only toxin in the vaccine schedules. The Dark Lords of the vaccine industry have blood on their hands...lots of it.

“Evidence-based vaccinations: A scientific look at the missing science behind flu season vaccines” on September 2, 2010, by Mike Adams.


This carnage must stop. The time is at hand for the people to DEMAND a new Amendment to the Constitution along the lines proposed by Dr. Benjamin Rush. We MUST put medical freedom into the Constitution.


This middle of the road attitude of Sears is growing old. He's tring to have it both ways. When they force him to be shot up with poison will he finally grow a pair and admit vaccines are a hoax.


A flu shot will not prevent the flu, Dr Bob. Enough vitamin D will.


"ethically justified, necessary and long overdue to ensure patient safety."

Bullsh*T! The AAP can shove it! Pharma and their Whores are using the Social Responsibility argument to obfuscate their crimes against humanity. Autism is their legacy. They own it! They are to blame!

“Vaccine Deaths And Injuries Skyrocket As Cover-Up Implodes” by Paul Joseph Watson on August 30, 2010.


“Quadruple dose seasonal flu “super” vaccine now being aggressively pushed onto senior citizens”


I just ordered a copy of the new documentary film by Gary Null titled "Autism: Made in the U.S.A.". It seems to have received some very favorable reviews.

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