AAP's Nurse Wishner: Sympathy on Vaccine Choice Real or Wishful Thinking?
Merck Study Shows Gardasil Does Not Raise Autoimmune Risk


Autism Grandma

Thank you polliwog for posting this link to this program:


And THANK YOU Dr. Sears for speaking out about the truth regarding the risks of multiple vaccines. From a "total of 8 to over 50 vaccines", as he said in this interview with "as many as 7 given at one time". I wish he would have cautioned the parents regarding "catch up" vaccines however, since many children are given even 9-12 vaccines at once in order to "catch them up on the schedule" and most parents don't even realize how many vaccines their children are receiving at once because the doctors never tell them that each injection is a multiple dose of different vaccines.

I keep vaccine flyers with the vaccine schedule (print out from NVIC) in my purse to hand out whenever I see babies at Walmart or the grocery store etc. I have given out hundreds of these and every single person was not aware that the vaccine schedule had 49 doses by age 6, with 36 given by age 18 months. Even the people who had chosen not to vaccinate did not know this.

And it is ridiculous that the CDC claims that these multiple dose vaccines are a result of "demand from the PARENTS who don't want the inconvenience of more visits to the doctors office". The CDC and the medical profession will never take responsibility for thier own actions and the vaccine injuries and health damages resulting from thier mission to grossly over-vaccinate vulnerable infants and children. Sadly responsible physicians like Dr. Sears are few and far between.



OMG.. they outed Paul Thorsen?????? Will there be more on that topic. What is the latest on him anyways?


where's the video or link to watch this? Pardon me but I'm blond....hehehehe.


Dr Khalid Iqbal was doing a "multi national/multi centered" UNINFORMED consent study out of his office from 2003 to 2005. (Admitted to it in our local paper) Well, that's all I know. Could have been longer...my son received 11 vaccines at one time to just see (in his words) "which vaccines work in what combination". When his science experiment went wrong and we "innocently" filed VICP (because we didn't know about his study at the time), he threw us out of his office and told us to find a new doctor. YOu should see me telling lawyers about this...no one wants it. Not one lawyer is willing to stand for my son. Some are nice and say "Yes, I believe vaccines could be linked to autism but until the science catches up, there's nothing I can do." In other words, Vaccines are holy water and they don't want to waste the time, effort and money to see that my child gets the justice he RIGHTLY deserves.
However, I did miss this show.


Benedetta - "Can we all put [Alisyn Camerota] on our shoulders and give three Rah! Rah! Rahs! Because she is allowing things that need to be said but kept quiet to be finally said."

Our message is starting to get out into the MSM. It's picking up momentum. This could be a window of opportunity. Timing is everything. We should not miss the moment. The public is listening. The sleeper is starting to awaken.


Yes, I was surprised too about Dr. Sears being allowed to bring up the fact that the CDC had financed the man that did the Danish mercury saftey studies and has now skipped town with two million dollars of research money!

Loved it, but just could not believe it!

Can we all put Aylsn Camorata on our shoulders and give three Rah! Rah! Rahs!
Because she is allowing things that need to be said but kept quiet to be finally said.

I would like to see this again!
Hint, hint you geniuses of the computer - a You tube moment again?

Angela S

Leave a comment on fox website about this segment. http://greenroom.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/10/02/information-on-vaccines/

Adam M

WOW! They even brought up the Thorsen Fraud!!!!!!! Dr.Sears made the excellent point about how vaccines are not a natural exposure and activate the immune system in a different way. I try to make that crucial point every time I talk w/ people about why I'm staunchly anti-vaccine. It can never do what a natural exposure to a well nourished, non-poisoned immune system can do. Which is activate the immune system correctly to produce LIFETIME IMMUNITY.

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