Jonathan Mitchell On His Life with Autism in LA Magazine
Observations from UPENN's "The Science, Ethics and Politics of Vaccine Mandates"

Video: Don Imus Interviews Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted on Autism's Toxic Origins

Watch Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted on Imus on Fox Business channel as they discuss their new book, The Age of Autism Mercury Medicine and a Manmade Epidemic. Thank you to Don and Deirdre Imus (check out the HuffPo post HERE she wrote that now has over 1100 comments) - for their unwavering support for the autism community. (Thanks to Ginger Taylor for the links.)

Part 2


Mark Blaxill

@horowitx. We wish this paper had been published before we went to press. But you can find the mercury review we mentioned here


Mark or Dan- in the interview, you say that about 75% of mercury/autism studies support a link, 25% don't. I'm in the last chapter in the book, but don't remember reading this- is this referenced anywhere?

The book is a pleasure- I will be using it as a reference for some of my skeptical colleagues.


Mark Blaxill & Dan Olmsted thank you! And, a big thanks to Don & Deirdre Imus - and much to my humor/horror - Fox News.

I'm with you CT teacher - watch your backs.

About video feeds - don't read too much into being blocked if you are in foreign country. It really is a licensing issue.

We're blocked all the time depending on the newslink/channel - and where they think we are logged in. We get blocked on all sorts of things - and it's nonsensical/random (even when we are in vacation in the US with my husband's laptop). Comedy Central (and Jon Stewart doesn't get through - so we get booted and sent onto - a Canadian company that owns the rights to viewership in Canada). I cannot even log onto - I get sent strait to the

Besides, Jon Stewart, Many links from NBC don't get through - many DO - depending on the show. Same with ABC, CBS, PBS, Fox, you name it - some shows come through - others don't. Who knows. So - on Huffington Post/Youtube - I never know what we'll be able to watch or not.

It really is a licensing thing - who owns the rights to what show in your country - don't read too much into it. It's very frustrating.


Thank you Mark, Dan, Dierdre and Imus and all others out there who are fighting this battle. Thank you for having the courage and strength to speak out!!!

Elizabeth (Autism Mum)


Finally discovered how to access these videos


Brilliant interview!!

Tim Kasemodel

Dan and Mark,

Thanks so much for writing the book and doing the tour. Can't wait to see you in St. Paul.

I would like you to consider finding a way to sneak in information next time your asked about the rate of autism going up even though thimerosalhas been reduced:

The official rates of autism announced by the CDC are on kids WHO RECIEVED THIMEROSAL CONTAINING VACCINES. Also consider the following comment made by the Minnesota Department of Health regarding the "Somali anomaly":

In their study "Autism Spectrum Disorders Among Preschool Children Participating in the Minneapolis Public Schools Early Childhood Special Education Programs" they report:

“Current statistics accurately characterizing baseline ASD prevalence in populations of preschool children were not available for Minnesota or the U.S. Therefore, the MDH determined that a reanalysis of the MPS dataset using epidemiological methods and definitions was a necessary first step toward better understanding the occurrence of ASD among children attending MPS preschool programs.”.

If the Minnesota Department of Health, with the assistance of the CDC, could not receive accurate statistics on the autism rates of preschool children, those born after the reduction of mercury in vaccines, how could anyone else? How could Don Imus or anyone be hoodwinked into even asking such a ridiculous question? Because the CDC carefully parses their words so they are not incorrect, but too often results in the reader leading themselves to the wrong conclusion.

Elizabeth (Autism Mum)


Fox has blocked this interview on "copyright grounds".

Any other way to access this???

Paul Stefanovic


FOX News has blocked this interview apparently it is in breach of copyright over here.


In just the last two years, I’ve undergone a steady metamorphosis from blissful ignorance with respect to vaccines, to a vaccine skeptic, to an “nuanced” or selective anti-vaxer, to 100% anti-vaxer. What was the stimulus to this metamorphosis? It was the pandemic flu fraud and hysteria of 2009. I have subsequently educated myself, thoroughly, on the subject. You have do it on your own because you simply cannot trust the pharma-sponsored BILGE that you find in the mainstream medical media and CME sites.

I believe that the vaccine schedules have caused VASTLY more human misery, suffering, morbidity, and mortality, than they have prevented. We are ALL being victimized. Even the unvaccinated are being victimized, for reasons that I alluded to in my last comment in this thread.

Government-mandated vaccines violate our fundamental God-given natural rights. Whether to vaccinate or not, is our personal choice to make, and no one else’s. I respect any person’s right to choose vaccination. We should not be “bullied” into taking the vaccines, however. We should educate ourselves and be educated on the subject.

Governments need to get out of healthcare. Our bodies still belong to us. Governments are supposed to act in the public interest, not the pharma cartel’s interest. Our personal healthcare choices should not be dictated to us at the point of a needle.

I don’t mean to sound strident or shrill. I do feel a certain sense of urgency, however, especially since the "flu" season of 2010, is fast approaching, and the drumbeat to be inoculated by pharma's mainstream medical media is deafening. Did we learn nothing from the pandemic flu fraud and hysteria of 2009?

Thankfully, I am not alone in my resistance to vaccinations, although I certainly feel lonely, at times.

“Childhood Vaccinations Hoax - Not Effective and at Worst, Harmful” by Heidi Stevenson.

“Thimerosal Study Deeply Flawed - How Study Results Are Manipulated” by Heidi Stevenson.

“Vaccine Near, So Fear Mongering Starts Over Another Mild Disease” by Heidi Stevenson.


On the reliability of the new CDC study showing "no link between autism and thimerosal," I was just reading Kirby's "Evidence of Harm" (I'm behind on my reading but The Age of Autism is next). In the "Epilogue," pp. 396-97, Kirby discusses how the CDC claimed it stopped monitoring or updating the VSD, Vaccine Safety Datalink, that database of 400,000 children from 4 HMO's on the West Coast, after the year 2000 (The Geiers were trying to get the data.). Congressman Dave Weldon was outraged, acc. to Kirby. He demanded of Julie Geberding, if you stop monitoring and updating data collection right after you take the mercury out, how would you know if there's a downward trend? She said, "Good point," and she'd get back to him. "...she never did....The whole thing stinks to high heaven." Weldon quoted by David Kirby, "Evidence of Harm," "Epilogue," pp. 396-397, fns. 404: Weldon memo to CDC, ll/6/03, and 405: Weldon interview with Kirby, 8/4/04. (St. Martin's Press: NY 2005). Dr. Weldon is apparently no longer a Congressman. He's apparently back to practicing medicine in Brevard Co., Florida.


Great clip... but while watching...

Does anyone else get a google "Walgreen's Flu Shot" pop up ad at the botton of the screen ???

John Stone

Benedetta - the UK a socialist state? I think not: more a sort of global capitalist franchise. Anyhow, the step seems to have been taken by Fox Business News themselves, as if there is disagreement within the enterprise about what they should be doing.

Maurine Meleck

I just discovered a fellow writer in my poetry group has been suffering for years from Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease. I couldn't believe I had just finished reading about Charcot in the new AOA book. If anyone has more light to shed on this disease(beyond what's on the internet) I'd be interested. TIA.


We are ALL susceptible to vaccine-induced diseases. The "susceptibility factor" is the vaccine schedules. It only takes one vaccination to put you down, sometimes permanently.

The vaccine schedules provide the gateway or portal for vaccine-induced disease to spread amongst both the fully-vaccinated and unvaccinated, using humans as the vector. The “herd” of fully-vaccinated and unvaccinated are vulnerable to vaccine-induced diseases. The vaccine schedules are responsible for vaccine-induced “herd suseptibility”. The vaccine schedules are portals of vaccine-induced “herd suseptibility” to diseases. The vaccine schedules are responsible for the epidemic of vaccine-induced diseases.

If we do not soon stem the rising tide of chemical and biologic intoxicants by pharma, extinction of the species is a distinct possibility.

“Extinction is not an unusual result of humanity's mishandling of the planet, but even for us, this will be an unusual way of achieving it.”

Here’s the interview conducted by medical historian Dr Edward Shorter of the late Dr Maurice Hilleman of Merck.

“I think that vaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th century.”

After this 20 million dollar judgment, Dr Hilleman may have been just a bit off-target, at least, with respect to the 21st century.

Disclaimer: This comment is purely my opinion and is not intended nor should it be construed to represent either legal or medical advice.


KUDOS to Dan, Mark, Deirdre, and Don! KUDOS, also to Alisyn Camerota of FOX news.

Our message is finally reaching the public. Votes count. I hope our legislators are listening. I also hope that our judges and justices are studying our message. Vaccine madness must stop. The epidemic of man-made disease is exploding.

We are ALL susceptible to vaccine-induced autism. VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM, plain and simple. No amount of politically-expedient sophistry or parsing by the vaccine court will change the fact that VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM.

VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM independent of whether patient has mitochondrial disease or test positive for XMRV. We are ALL susceptible to vaccine-induced diseases. The "susceptibility factor" is the vaccine schedules. It only takes one vaccination to put you down, sometimes permanently.

Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders is the prototype of vaccine-induced brain injury. There are other vaccine-induced brain injuries, e.g. SIDS/SBS/SUID. There are many vaccine-induced diseases.

Teresa Conrick

So in NZ and the UK you can't watch it ... even on YouTube? So blocked on FOX and YouTube?

TannersDad Tim Welsh

Just wish the bottom of the video did not have an ad for Walgreens Flu Shots... Kind of Ironic... GO Mark & Dan!


John Stone:
I think UK as turned into some socialist state. I am sorry that you are losing your democracy. I was thinking the same about the United States untill recently.

CT Imus said as much!

John Stone

Just to record that viewing of this has been blocked in the UK by Fox Business News, allegedly for copyright reasons which, however, do not seem to pertain to other Fox Business News video items (including Imus). It would be fascinating to know why this really occured.

Maurine Meleck

Thanks Ginger for the link. Don't you just love the ad below while they are speaking.--
for a flu shot at Walgreens?
The irony is palpable.

CT teacher

It was a very good interview. I couldn't help thinking that Imus should watch his back. Deirdre too. They find a way to get you.


Aww, Fox has blocked it in New Zealand on 'copyright grounds', so we can't watch - does anybody have any links to this for those of us abroad? :)

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