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The Nightmare and the Dream: A Review of "The Age of Autism"

Age of Autism_cover quote (3) By Anne Dachel
I am amazed at this book.  How can there be all this information out there and no ones does anything? 
"The Age of Autism -- Mercury, Medicine and a Man-made Epidemic," to be published next Tuesday, has a haunting sense to it.  In some ways it’s like a macabre sci fi novel.  Imagine a book where the authors create a mysterious element that has marketable uses but also has concomitant lethal effects.  No matter how much evidence piles up, the population of the world continues to use it.  Finally, after centuries of exposure, the damaging effects become overwhelming.  Children are falling victim to mysterious developmental disorders.  Adults and especially the elderly come down with neurological problems in never-before-seen numbers.  This deadly element even shows up in human blood in exponentially increasing amounts. 
Despite this, the public is told that nothing is wrong.  They’re assured that scientists see no problem with exposure to this element; it can even safely be injected into pregnant women and babies.  The media, the medical establishment, and the government all deny that this element is harmful. 
That would be the plot of a very scary novel.  Those in the population who recognize what’s going on, the parents who’ve witnessed the damage in their own children, the courageous doctors and scientists trying to speak out would hopefully save the day before it’s too late. 
If there’s a happy ending to the book, the world wakes up in time and the human race makes a massive effort to eliminate exposure to this toxin and recover people already affected.
In "The Age of Autism," the real life scenario is the same.  The mysterious toxin is the deadly element mercury.  At the end of the story, we’re also left hanging, not knowing how much time we have left if we continue the pretense that a known neurotoxin can somehow be harmless when humans eat it, have it in their teeth, breathe it, and have it injected into themselves.  The most obvious proof is the generation of children with autism.  They’re the poster kids for mercury’s damaging power.

In one of the last chapters, called “Digging Up the Roots” we read, “This new generation of autistic children is fast turning into adults; they are threatening to soon become the single largest and most expensive disabled population the world has ever seen.”
That’s a stunning statement and it means a lot to me because I love history.  I taught history for a number of years.  I continually read on the subject.  I’ve tried to find an analogous situation from the past and I’ve come up empty.  Plagues and epidemics have come and gone since the beginning of human life on earth.  The AOA cites the Black Death in medieval Europe that killed off a third of the population.  We hear about the polio epidemic in the 1950s where one in 3,000 Americans across the population was affected. 
The autism epidemic, now affecting one percent of children, is like no other epidemic in history.  Previously, victims either died or recovered.  They weren’t exclusively children, either.  There’s never been a disabled, dependent population like this—ever.  These autistic children will live long lives costing taxpayers millions of dollars--each.  Officials have tried to pretend that all the autism we see everywhere is just better recognition of a disorder that’s always been around.  That bizarre theory is still reported by the press, regardless of the fact that no one has ever shown us a comparable population among adults.
The AOA continues, “The reality is that we’ve never before seen an adult autistic population of the size that is now leaving the school system.  As one autism parent put it,‘ ‘We have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s a train.’’”
The AOA effectively asks the question concerning the actions of health officials, what did they know and when did they know it?
I’ve been asking that for years, along with, “And what did they do to cover it up?”
The actions of the CDC regarding the Brick Township numbers and at Simpsonwood are proof that self-protection is an overriding consideration.  This is never acknowledged by the media or anyone else denying that an unsafe, unchecked vaccine program is causing children to become autistic.  The AOA describes for us just how officials have tried to sweep all the evidence under a massive rug.
The book outlines the long and sordid history of human exposure to mercury dating back to ancient times.  The effects of this toxin could be seen.  I’m left asking myself how so many experts could seemingly be so incredibly stupid and reckless.   People of the Enlightenment might have thought that they were on a higher intellectual plane, but in truth they were beginning the age of mercury in medicine, especially in the treatment of syphilis.  Mercury’s use as a germicide was seen as a medical breakthrough but its effects as a neurotoxin were ignored.
Maybe if mercury were called Kryptonite, people would take it more seriously.  The deadly effect of this fictional alien element on Superman is well known.  By a strange coincidence “Kryptonite” was introduced in 1943 on the Superman radio series.  In the real world, after a decade of vaccines with the mercury-based preservative thimerosal, 1943 was the year that AUTISM was first identified and diagnosed in 11 children by Dr. Leo Kanner.
Today, as The AOA tells us, “At least forty thousand children born this year—and the next, and the next, if nothing changes—will receive the diagnosis.”
The book warns us, “So in a very real sense, we have a tale of two futures.  If we do nothing, the numbers will continue to rise.  The cost of inaction will be 3 million people with autism in the United States alone.  If, on the other hand we take collective responsibility for the problem, we can choose to end The Age of Autism and to reduce its burden in the current autism generation.  This is the choice we face, between a nightmare and a dream.”
Anne Dachel is Media Editor of Age of Autism.


Jennifer Swanson Collins

Ordered it today. Cannot wait to get it. Will be attending the booktour appearance at the TACA Illinois chapter. Can't wait!


Very well stated, Phillip Rudnick. There can be dissent even within AoA. That's O.K. I just so happen to agree with your view. We could easily win the battle, by having the mercury completely removed from the vaccine schedules, but we may still end up loosing the war. It's the cummulative toxic synergy of the vaccine schedules that cause the greatest damage. Any one of them can put you down, sometimes permanently.

Here’s an article titled “Proof of Childhood Vaccinations’ Lack of Effectiveness and Dangers” by Heidi Sevenson on November 15, 2009.

“Anyone who sees this information and refuses to admit that vaccines are questionable simply doesn’t want to know the truth.” - Heidi Stevenson

KUDOS to Dr Raymond Obomsawin. These data speak for themselves.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Philip Rudnik, You are absolutely right in reminding us that we must not ignore anything else in vaccines- absolutely anything that could harm children. However I would like to tell you my experience in the part of New Delhi that I work in. For whatever reason, some doctors in the area where my school is located, have begun in the last 2-3 years to use mostly imported vaccines. these vaccines would have less or no mercury. Other doctors continue to use vaccines from one of our well known Indian companies that uses 25 micrograms of ethylmercury in each pediatric dose of DPT and Hep B. Hib would probably have 12.5. We know from our observations that the kids who went to the doctors using imported vaccines,will be developing well , and kids who went to other doctors may not do well- They may have autism or speech delay.So , although I personally shudder at all the vaccines the kids get at an early age, the ones who dont get mercury seem to be safe from autism.
Still, I would say that any parent that gives all these vaccines (and they increase with each passing year), even without mercury is taking a big big risk. Cancers? Asthma and other autoimmune diseases? Liver or kidney disease? Who can say what lies ahead. We simply dont know.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Would someone please do a quick survey- drop in on doctors and see how many of them know the word Thimerosal and can quickly tell you how much is in the vaccines they have in stock and see if they can identify a truly "trace mercury" dose. Now ask them which vaccines never had Thimerosal ! How many do you think are going to say MMR? Ask them which vaccines still contain mercury. See how many of them believe that ONLY the MMR had mercury and that has been stopped. (Does anyone know from where this evil lie emanated?) Wonder if any of them are going to get 100% on this quiz? Its only your kids brain at stake after all ; Its not going to be on their board certification exam.
How about a phone survey?

Ann , You have put it so beautifully and it really is just like that. And I personally love the superman analogy because one of the papers I give out is decorated with a superman figure saying "Mercury! Yikes, its worse than kryptonite"
The history of mercury is so bizarre that if written as a science fiction story, only a very very good writer could have made it seem plausible.


It is difficult to believe they are using the word "trace of mercury" that STILL means 25 micrograms... Looking forward to the book.

About a year ago, the CDC was declaring there was going to be a "H1N1 shortage" and some news outlets were thinking there might be "fighting in the streets" as people "lined up and begged" to get the vaccine.

They then seemed to have problems with the flu mist and the mercury free doses which they pulled off the shelves.

With about 130 million mercury H1N1 doses left over, there seemed to be enough to go around.

I don't think pharma won the battle last year, but they of course got their money up front. They are more than happy to make things that get thrown away.

However, it is time for them once again, to try to fool the American public.

Philip Rudnick

By focusing on mercury as *the* cause of autism,
1) You are being as scientifically hubristic as the Vaccine Establishment in their ignoring all documentation of harm and proclaiming mercury in vaccines as safe.
2) You are unintentionally playing the God-sent role of a patsy for the Vaccine Establishment by diverting attention from a possibly even more important cause of autism - the safety-untested, highly-time-compressed CDC Childhood Immunization Schedule. Thousands of children were, and continue to be, stricken almost immediately after an inoculation in this Schedule from vaccines which no longer contain mercury!

See Part IV- The Precautionary Principle and the Childhood Immunization Schedule:


Excellent review, Anne. This book will definitely be on my list to give everyone for Christmas presents--and I think I will leave a copy in the lounge at work.


I'd give anything for either dreams or nightmares. I haven't slept since this began.

Who's getting a copy? Forget my Amanda Peet relatives. Nope. I'm giving it to all of our old therapists (prime childbearing age).

Cynthia Cournoyer

As the people stop vaccinating, healthy unvaccinated children will pop up. These children will enter kidergarten and people will wonder why 90% of the class is autistic. So the parents of the healthy unvaccinated child will seek out a new school. New schools will crop up and they will be full of healthy children, learning like they did 20 to 50 years ago. Someone will say, how do I get in? They will say, try not vaccinating your next child.

Vaccinating will stop from the ground up.

David Taylor

Nightmare or dream?


Look at the history of human societies, empires, nation-states. The ending is long, painful, never pretty and certainly nightmarish for those unlucky enough to be there.


Can't wait! Everyone is getting a copy wrapped in pretty paper for Christmas!


Can't wait to read this book.


I'm holding my breath until I get my copy!! Thanks for the review, now I'll be sure to have my highlighter, post its and notebook ready!!


The first emperor of China ordered his doctors to create a medicine that would give him immortality. They gave him a potion containing mercury, and it killed him.

Maurine Meleck

"Fools," said I,"You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach
Take my arms that I might reach you,"
But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells of silence.

Paul Simon

Bob Moffitt

Anne writes: "I’m left asking myself how so many experts could seemingly be so incredibly stupid and reckless."

I suspect these experts are quite the opposite .. not "incredibly stupid" but "incredibly calculating" .. they are not merely "reckless" but staunchly "determined" .. to protect the professional reputations of individuals .. as well as entire public health bureaucracies who .. over decades .. have squandered critical time and energies .. carefully constructing universal childhood vaccine policies worth BILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND GROWING EVERY YEAR .. while producing a generation where 1 in every 6 American children now suffers some type of childhood development disorder .. most of them chronic autoimmune diseases .. such as .. autism, asthma, allergies, juvenile type 1 diabetes, ADD, ADHD, etc.

Common sense suggests .. were it just "incredible stupidity" or mere "recklessness .. this MADDNESS WOULD HAVE ENDED YEARS AGO.

TannersDad Tim Welsh

Great Job Anne. I am on my third reading and still gathering notes. This book is a game changer. It is sad though that this is not a game. My Prayers for all families impacted. When we arrive in heaven we can say Lord... Mark & Dan spelled it out for them.

Jim Thompson

Thank you Anne, for the review and for all of your hard work.

And thank you Dan and Mark. This sounds like history repeated, only on a much more massive scale.

"On the basis of experience obtained so far we should like to say that there is no evidence that Contergan [Thalidomide] passes the placental barrier to the fetuses." (statement by Dr. Werner and Dr. Sievers, employees of the manufacturer of Thalidomide in 1961, Thalidomide and the Power of the Drug Companies (1971), p. 96.

david burd

Anne, Our U.S. CDC is at the top of the list of those pushing mercury injection on a massive scale to American infants and children.

The current CDC website recommends(!) two (2) flu shots within four (4) weeks for a baby starting at six (6) months old.

Flu shots with a "trace" of mercury are indeed now available if a parent insists. However, shots containing 25 micrograms of mercury have been regularly given for years, year after year - if a naive parent never insisted on a mercury-trace dose.

Most parents didn't realize the flu shot (for decades) contained the mercury, and I wonder whether the typical pediatrician now counsels them on the now available "trace" dose; also what year did he/she (the pediatrician/doctor) get up-to-speed? - if they have. The CDC quote:

"Children aged 6 months--8 years who did not receive at least 1 dose of an influenza A (H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccine, who have never received a seasonal influenza vaccine before, or who were vaccinated for the first time with the seasonal 2009--10 seasonal vaccine but who received only 1 dose should receive 2 doses of the 2010--11 influenza vaccine formula, spaced 4 or more weeks apart."

And here is the official data from the CDC flu vaccine chart for mercury content of shots taken from the multidose vial:

"Mercury content (mcg Hg/0.5 mL dose)

25 mcg per dose for infants 6 mos and older"

Thus, with two recommended doses, we see 50 micrograms of mercury may be injected, with CDC completely mute on the dangers! Of course, all the other flu vaccines' toxic ingredients such as aluminum adjuvants and processing chemicals also wreak their havoc being directly injected into infants' fragile systems. The source:

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