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The MMR Causes Brain Damage, Just Not of the Autism Kind

Whats in a name By J.B. Handley
I often think about how people will judge this moment in time, the time right before the whole Autism lie came cascading down, and I’m continually struck by how remarkably silly and transparent some of the other side’s arguments are when brought out into the light of day.
As a simple example, look at all the epidemic-deniers, many of whom are still practicing, trying to peddle this idea that “autism has always been with us” to anyone who will listen. It doesn’t matter how many times, with compelling data, this absurd position is repudiated, they just keep on talking. Here’s Michael Merzenich, Ph.D., a neuroscientist from UCSF:
"It irritates me to no end that we still argue over whether there is an increase in incidence [of autism]. I think there is lots of evidence for increased incidence. Overwhelmingly it supports that there are things in the environment that are contributing to the rate of incidence. But people still argue."
Another simple example concerns autism and the environment’s role in causing it. Again, using the weakest interpretation of all available data, there are “experts” willing to assert that autism’s cause is solely genetic, even as our own Senate holds a hearing making it clear as day that scientists have moved on to looking for an environmental cause of autism. From a recent Huffington Post article:
“Dr. Isaac Pessah, Director of the UC Davis Center for Children's Environmental Health, testified [before the Senate last week] that many of the molecular and cellular systems associated with autism are the same ones that are the target of environmental chemicals currently of concern to human health because of their widespread use. He spoke of a critical need to identify which chemicals in the environment influence the same biological pathways that are effected in autism. Dr. Pessah said that limiting exposure to these chemicals is the only way to mitigate or prevent autism in susceptible individuals.”
Yet, of all the silliness, the deniers save their most tenuous and pathetic arguments when discussing vaccine injury. As we all know by now, Jackie Fletcher’s son Robert saw a whiff of justice after her Sisyphean task finally reached its culmination. Ten cheers for Jackie, her husband, their beautiful son and, hopefully, a domino-like reaction out of the UK for many more to seek their own justice.

Having said that, Jackie Fletcher had to fight for 15 years to prove her son had a reaction to the MMR that the damn MMR packaging insert says is a potential side-effect: brain injury! Here’s the packaging insert for one of Merck’s MMR vaccines:
The following adverse reactions are listed:

Encephalitis; encephalopathy; measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE) (see CONTRAINDICATIONS); subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE); Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS); febrile convulsions; afebrile convulsions or seizures; ataxia; polyneuritis; polyneuropathy; ocular palsies; paresthesia.
To help clarify the above list, here are 2 definitions pulled from the internet:
- Encephalitis: Encephalitis is an acute inflammation of the brain. Symptoms include headache, fever, confusion, drowsiness, and fatigue. More advanced, and serious, symptoms include seizures/convulsions, tremors, hallucinations, and memory problems.

- Encephalopathy: Encephalopathy literally means disorder or disease of the brain. In modern usage, encephalopathy does not refer to a single disease, but rather to a syndrome of global brain dysfunction; this syndrome can be caused by many different illnesses.
To repeat, the Fletcher’s had to fight for 15 years to get compensation for their son for an adverse event that the packaging insert of the MMR vaccine says is a possible risk. God save us from the judgment of future generations!
Which brings us, as we all know, to the stupidest of the stupid, the explanation that will keep future generations up late theorizing about what in the hell we humans were thinking when we allowed people to say this and it goes something like this (my paraphrasing):
“OK, fine, MMR can cause brain injury in certain susceptible children, that’s indeed true.

But, it doesn’t cause autism. Ever.”

Why? How? Who? What the hell? It’s a world, or at least a person, gone mad.
I guess we need to start at the beginning. Do you have a child with autism? If you do, do you think they have a healthy brain? A brain that in many cases can’t form words, complex ideas, the capacity to socialize, and so many other missing things? Did I just describe some aspect of your child?
Does this definition, the one for “encephalopathy” from above, describe your child:
“a syndrome of global brain dysfunction.”
We can take some comfort here. The crazy statements, the illogic, the assertions that autism has always been with us, that it’s genetic in origin, they’re all coming to an end. Even MMR, with billions behind it, will lose at some point. The liars will come out of the shadows, the truth spelled out ever more clearly. Robert Fletcher, millions of other kids, hundreds of thousands of families, you just can’t bottle the truth when so many lives have been ruined, and so many of us are here to always fight.
The MMR causes brain injury in some children. Sometimes, it manifests as something we call autism. As Jim Moody told me, it’s really not a question of “if,” it’s a question of “how many?”

J.B. Handley is Co-Founder of Generation Rescue.



I am so sorry for all your Children, and you as parents as well. I have not read all the comments, but just wanted to make a note about myself and the MMR vaccine. I got the vaccine when I was a Child I Think, but did not get ill. When I was an adult I Went abroad to study and was forced to take the vaccine as an international student. Since I had no clue how dangerous it was I stupid..About two months after vaccination I suddenly got bedridden, with many different symptoms. I could no longer understand a simple tv show or read more than a sentence in a row and I was also acutely aware of all my problems. So even if I was now in a way demented I was very aware about it, so not like a usual dementia. I was in extreme pain, migraines, neck and back pain and much more. I now have a lyme diagnosis, but I Believe it was the MMR that triggered Everything. I am Writing this because I Think it is unusual that adults take the vaccine, but we can get very ill too even though the symptoms are different. I have been bedridden for many many years after the vaccine. I hope you all find a cure soon and that your Children get well. Perhaps check out Andreas Kalcker who has helped 300 kids now. Dr Klinghardt also helps Children. Look up the interview with a vaccine researcher with Jon Rappoport. Bless you.


barbara melanson
I am so sorry!

Is this just recent for your 15 year old?

I don't know what can be done, it seems to take great numbers of angry parents.

But that means great numbers of damaged children and great numbers of broken hearts.

I am hoping in the end to get it to stop, and icing on the cake would be to see some people that are responsible for this to have thier carreers ruined, finances ruined, even jail time.

barbara melanson

I have had 3 children who have all been affected by the MMR. My 2 little girls 7 and 5 are both autistic and just recently my 15 year old son went in for his yearly physical.the Dr said he was healthy my son was a healthy athletic kid. a few days after the shot he was a totally different person! Now hes in an institution! This shot has destroyed my family! Three of my children have been hurt by it! something has to be done!!!


Bill Gates needs to stick to things he really knows about, like how to steal computer technology from IBM!


@ stagmom - “God, I can still see his Lucifer like face - the dark hair, the beard and mustache, the darting eyes - as he slunk around...”

In another recent AoA thread, the comment was made that "Families are fighting the devil himself now." Amen to that!

Spiritual warfare is getting more intense. It feels as though there is blood dripping from the skies. We need Prayer, now more than ever.

Here’s an example of one of Satan’s more shameless minions. There are many such examples.

“If we do a really great job on new vaccines...we could lower [the population] by 10 or 15 percent”. – Bill Gates

"First we've got population. Now, the world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent, but there we see an increase of about 1.3."

“Was this a Freudian slip? Did he just admit these things are all about LOWERING population levels? Does he think the population is too dumb to understand what he was saying?”

Here’s an article titled “Bill Gates talks about ‘vaccines to reduce population’” by F. William Engdahl on March 6, 2010.


"I've spoken to people on the spectrum, ranging from age 16 to age 26. All had Asperger's except for one who was classified as PDD NOS. All were in the high functioning category. " stated Aspie

Did you speak to the 50% of all those with autism that are basically non-verbal?

Seventy-five to 80 percent of people with autism are cognitively impaired to some extent. Fifteen to 20 percent are considered severely affected, with IQs below 35.

But autism does not necessarily correspond with mental impairment. More than 10 percent of people with autism have an average or above average IQ. A few show exceptional intelligence. Count your luck stars Mr. Aspie.


Not an MD: I have read that 75% of autistics are classified as high functioning. I can turn your words around and use them against you. Where are your statistics stating most autistics are low functioning? If you can use your experiences for the purpose of debate, so can I. I've spoken to people on the spectrum, ranging from age 16 to age 26. All had Asperger's except for one who was classified as PDD NOS. All were in the high functioning category.


@ david burd September 2, 2 PM -

Please allow me to go off-topic, briefly, to inject...errr uhhhm...I mean, to bring up the topic of vaccine mandates. : > )

Here is the link to a particularly loathsome article at MedPage Today titled “Tie Healthcare Jobs to Flu Vaccination, Groups Say” on September 1, 2010. I’m sure this pharma-endorsed BILGE is timed to coincide with the upcoming pandemic flu fraud and hysteria of 2010. This article represents extortion of healthcare providers by the pharma cartel. It’s time that healthcare providers stood up and told pharma what they can do with their poisons. Prediction: this could get ugly. There is the distinct possibility of another “test case” in the near future. Why should pharma stop with mandating flu inoculations? Why don’t they just seek to mandate every friggin’ vaccine known to man? THEIR liability is virtually nil. What do THEY have to loose?

Here’s the link article by Mike Adams on September 2, 2010, titled “Evidence-based vaccinations: A scientific look at the missing science behind flu season vaccines”.

We should ask Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH for his opinion on tying healthcare employment to flu vaccination. Healthcare providers have God-given rights, too. Healthcare providers have personal religious convictions, too. Should ANYONE loose their job because of their religious convictions? The vaccine schedules, including the flu vaccinations, are both immoral and sacrilegious. This is my firm conscientious belief, not medical or legal advice.


Another Fan-Freakin-tastic Article!
Isnt it funny when 1 + 1 really DOES equal 2?

JenB: "We are now seeing our children afflicted with a disabling condition at a rate of 50 times that of "the polio epidemic"

It makes me FURIOUS when I hear any of the 'experts' on tv/online/print say things like "well we surely dont want to go back to the days of the measles, polio, etc do we? I remember those days and (insert stupid fearmongering statement)"...."and that is what will happen if we dont continue fully vaccinating our newborns/babies/kids!"

Come on, I would take ANY of those diseases/illnesses at these times in medicine compared to the brain injuries two of our sons had from their vaccine (commonly called Autism)...I mean Measles ..come a hearbeat I would trade...even Polio, and if there was a physical life long injury as a result of Polio, I would take it, take it in a HEARTBEAT!!!

Seriously, THIS whole Vaccine/CDC/NIH/Big Pharma/lack of any regulation/testing/etc IS the NEXT BIG US EMBARASSMENT to unfold...long ago it was Big tobacco, then more recently Wall STreet, then Big Oil...and this...I really believe that in short order we will be cheering from the rooftops that we will finally get our say, the TRUTH will become common knowledge....hopefully it becomes common knowledge much earlier with the information finally coming out....much sooner than it would become common knowledge IF SO MANY MORE KIDS AND FAMILIES enter our club....

THANK GOD for AoA and for all of the parents and professionals that have come before us, let us be the FINAL 'class' of our club...I know we can do it, as the can of worms has already been opened and there is NO stopping us, as I know I will DIE fighting...even after my kids recover, I will DIE fighting for others...and know that all of you out there will too!

We are in good company...

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


Elucidatus - "Big Pharma and their politicians underestimated the perseverance of parents that are willing to DIE fighting for their children."

Bravo Sir! You nailed it! When your back is to the wall, you've been beaten and bloodied, and there's no where to retreat, you might just decide to stand and fight. They had best not underestimate us. We must overcome our fear. They are masters at using fear, fear of "disease" and fear of "pandemics" to control us. We should not allow ourselves to be detained, tagged, or jabbed.

Not an MD

Sorry, Aspie, but three of the most wonderful friends I have in the town in which I live have children closer to the lower end of the autism spectrum. You are lucky to have the skills that you do, but where are your supporting statistics from the schools in all 50 states proving that "most" teenagers with autism aren't non-verbal and incontinent? Oops. I guess you forgot to include them and your statement is only conjecture. Just because you don't personally interact with young adults on the lower end of the spectrum does not mean that they do not exist. There is something you may not realize. They wouldn't be in your high functioning class.


Harry: Most teenagers with autism aren't nonverbal and incontinent. I find this description highly insulting. Your words only describe the lowest functioning cases. I walked at 1, was toilet trained at 2 (typical age), and was very verbose as a child. As a child I talked extensively to adults about my special interests. I had other symptoms of autism however, such as intense special interests, stimming, and poor social skills.

I'm an A student majoring in Computer Science and have Asperger's. I don't deny it's a disability, but the fact of the matter is most of us are high functioning. My difficulties mainly lie in the social realm.


The incidence of autism isn't rising as much as it's being diagnosed more. Aspies and many others with HFA would have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, manic depression, or other mental illnesses. Most classical autists would have been diagnosed with mental retardation.


Who do you trust? Simon Singh, vaccine and hair style expert, tells us that MMR is a really good thing. A really, really good thing.

"Wired: Do you think that this is part of a broader trend? Is science under assault?

Simon Singh: What shocks me is people who have no expertise championing a view that runs counter to the mainstream scientific consensus. For example, we have a consensus amongst the best medical researchers in the world—the leading authorities and the World Health Organization—that vaccines are a good thing, and that MMR, the triple vaccine, is a really good thing. And yet there are people who are quite willing to challenge that consensus—film stars, celebrities, columnists—all of whom rely solely on the tiny little bit of science that seems to back up their view."


From "across the pond":-

@ Carol, From about five(?) years ago, I remember reading an article about a study where an American doctor carried out post-mortem investigations on child and adult autists who had died in road traffic accidents or drownings, i.e. not of medical illnesses.

He found "demyelination of the nerve sheath" in a high proportion of the brains of the people he examined.

Sorry, I can't remember who it was - can anyone help us source this information?


It just occurred to me that for those of us who are getting older, we could possibly set up a living legacy for our survivors. I'm seriously thinking about having postmortem immunohistopathology, and analysis for heavy metals, done on my brain, gut, and lymph nodes. Up until 2009, I was fully-vaccinated per the schedules, and then some. NEVER AGAIN.

On further reflection, if I opted for detoxification NOW, I would potentially defeat the purpose of the postmortem studies. What we really need is a validated sensitive, specific biomarker for in vivo assessment of environmental toxin exposure. Actually, maybe there is just such a biomarker.


Is it possible that even though they presumably no longer use rabbit spinal cords they don't have this autoimmunity thing completely worked out yet?

"Pasteur's rabies vaccine came with a price. As his vaccine was injected into more and more people, Pasteur found something he hadn't anticipated: some people--as many as every two hundred who used it--became paralyzed and died. At first, Pasteur thought that people were dying of rabies. But they were dying of a reaction to his vaccine.

Today we understand the problem with Louis Pasteur's rabies vaccine. Cells from the brain and spinal cord contain a substance called myelin basic protein. This protein forms a sheath around nerves, like the rubber insulation that surrounds an electrical wire. Some people inoculated with myelin basic protein occasionally have an immune response against their own nervous systems: autoimmunity. Pasteur's vaccine, made from rabbit spinal cords that contained myelin basic protein, caused autoimmunity." from _Vaccinated_ by Paul Offit, p.36, paperback.

Tracy McDermott

Bob Moffitt -
I too am appalled at the Hematologist for not correlating the vaccine reaction in my NT son (who might I add had casein intolerance, chronic ear infections, bronchilitis within 7 days of every vaccine from age 4 mos. to 2.5 yrs - documented in his ped. records I later investigated, explosive BM's, didn't sleep, head banged, sensory dysfunction... however, had no delayed cognitive symptoms!). There are 8 yrs btwn my NT and ASD son (with an NT daughter in btwn). Hindsight is 20/20 and had I known in 2002 what HAD already occurred from 1994-1996 ALL of my choices for my 3rd child would have been different, and most assuredly his outcome!
Ironically, treatment for ITP was a hospital stay and IVIG!!! That was my Ah-ha moment 6 yrs later, newly into biomed research for my regressed 15 mos. old toddler and a yahoo post on IVIG... where had I heard that term before??? And then it all made sense, and I was pissed!


God, I can still see his Lucifer like face - the dark hair, the beard and mustache, the darting eyes - as he slunk around the ped neuro floor when Mia was admitted for seizures in 2001. I have some very choice words for University Hospitals of Cleveland and their ped neuro department in my book - including a reprint of the email I sent the ped neuro begging for help. We got none.


Janet Sheehan

someone in the know: Max Wiznitzer, Pediatric Neurologist in OH. part of Brighton Collaboration...trying to put "labels" on what the MMR was doing to children as an adverse neurological effect...brought up the term "MINAS": "Measles Induced Neural Autism Syndrome". funny that term never left the round table, media and mainstream medicine aren't aware of it, and funny how DR Max is considered the "autism expert" during testimony in court...against MMR causing autism, that is. But he damn well knows it can, and does.


Mr. T - Thanks for calling our attention to the article in Science. I guess no one really worried that live virus vaccines would use human hosts as a vector for disease where the portal of entry is the inoculation itself. In essence, the Salks predicated over three decades ago that the vaccine schedules of today would be portals of vaccine-associated diseases. The inoculated vectors are responsible for vaccine-induced “herd-suseptibility” and new outbreaks of disease.

I have a personal concern that one of my brothers was injured by a live virus vaccine. He was born with congenital Rubella syndrome. His life was basically ruined, as were the lives of my parents who have had to care for him. We were raised in a heavily-vaccinated military family.

Let’s not forget about Simian Virus 40 and the polio vaccines.

“Soon after its discovery, SV40 was identified in the injected form of the polio vaccine produced between 1955 and 1961. This is believed to be due to kidney cells from infected monkeys being used to amplify the vaccine virus during production. Both the Sabin vaccine (oral, live virus) and the Salk vaccine (injectable, killed virus) were affected; the technique used to inactivate the polio virus in the Salk vaccine, by means of formaldehyde, did not reliably kill SV40.” - Wikipedia

Let’s not forget about RotaTeq and Porcine Circovirus Type 2 which is considered by most to be the etiologic agent of postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS).

How about trying to find out how PCV2 viruses ended up in the lymph glands and thymus of the lab mice?

"A mouse model to study infection against porcine circovirus type 2: viral distribution and lesions in mouse"

Is there any PCV2 virus in the lymph glands of the 256 million children who have been vaccinated? Is there any risk of these children developing a multi-systemic wasting disease? Real questions.


I have never said that vaccines caused my son's autism. He received a brain injury from the vaccines, the autism, or autism like characteristics he presents with are the result of the brain injury.

That's my position with the Vaccine Court and yet the DOJ keeps saying autism and I keep saying it's a brain injury.

I'm not playing a game of semantics, it's the truth.

I read the label on the MMRV ProQuad my son got. I know what happened to him after. I know he suffered seizures, I know his brain was swelling, I know he had fevers, I know he regressed immediately. I know he has been diagnosed on four separate occasions as having autism and each time I tried to argue the diagnosis. How can this be? How can this be possible? He's an inch away from being whole, why? What the hell happened? Genes? Bug spray? Coal ash? Vinyl flooring? PCB's? Too much TV? Rainy weather? A curse from God?

Nope, he was overdosed with a deadly cocktail of neurological toxins injected into his body by a street peddler that will never have to worry about being held accountable and a trafficker that is immune from prosecution. How hard is that to see?

Now you see him, now you don't. The invisidisability.

Beth Lambert

Excellent Essay, Mr. Handley.

I believe that we are hitting a critical mass--that the epidemic can no longer be denied. If you need documentation (to convince those who don't believe) that this is an epidemic, please see my new book: A Compromised Generation: The Epidemic of Chronic Illness in America's Children ( It is all in there--including the role played by vaccines. Please join me in my efforts to raise awareness--visit Epidemic Answers at


I wonder if there will be someone who is knee deep in this cover up who will come forward and talk. I'm not holding my breath but it is a possible way for this whole house of cards to come tumbling down...

Mr. T

In an article in Science, March 4,1977, Jonas and Darrell Salk warn that,"Live virus vaccines against influenza or poliomyelitis may in each instance produce the disease it intended to prevent... the live virus against measles and mumps may produce such side effects as encephalitus (brain damage)."

Christina Liberatore

What about MMRV? And I consider my son's autism "brain damage" most definitely, whatever the cause.

Theodora Trudorn

That's very strange. I have AS and I actually have a smaller head than most. Weird. I guess that just goes to show it affects us all differently.

Jeff C.

JB - great article as usual. One point of contention, I think it cheapens our argument to call those on the other side "deniers". I'm sure it's not intentional, but it could be construed that we equate them with holocaust deniers as that is where the term "denier" originated. We don't want to go down that road. There are plenty of other words available to pin on them.


david burd - "People must revolt against the mindless U.S. CDC and their Industry Partners that champion such vaccine carnage, with zero attention to nutrition."

I share your concern. This is shaping up to be a replay of the 2009 flu season. We need to try to obtain a copy of the package insert for the new 2010 flu vaccine. I had reason to believe that it was trivalent this year, to cover both seasonal and H1N1 strains. Do the multidose vials have thimerosal? What is the adjuvant this year? Is it one of the new squalene-related "super adjuvants", such as Novartis' MF59 or GSK's ASO3? The Australian's had a dreadful experience (high fevers, convulsions, siezures, and renal failure) with their flu vaccines this year.

This year's flu hysteria and the drumbeat to be "immunized" is already revving-up. It's all orchestrated by Pharma.


We are now seeing our children afflicted with a disabling condition at a rate of 50 times that of "the polio epidemic" (whatever it may have been caused by). The denial, sometimes deliberate, is perhaps the most frightening aspect of all this, and it is what has allowed events to come to this point: children harmed by those who supposedly vowed "to do no harm" and then denied and hindered access to care and healing by those same who have claimed the mission to provide it. I don't believe mainstream medicine will ever recover from the final outcome of all this.

david burd

Jake, Really good stuff, thanks.

A wee bit off MMR topic and its damage, but I now see posters at all Pharma Counters and posters at grocery store front doors promoting a Flu Vaccine Shots RIGHT NOW for the upcoming Winter Season!

Numerous articles (not just mine, based on many I refer to) cite the depletion of Vitamin D after dark months of November/December, thus allowing onset of various illnesses/colds.

All the U.S. CDC propaganda promotes Flu shots yet never mentioning Vitamin D/nutrition.

So, already at the end of August, 2010, the Fear Campaign to get toxic flu shots, virtually all with 25 micrograms of Thimerosal (and all the other toxic ingredients), homing like heat-seeking missiles on infants' fragile systems, is up to full steam.

People must revolt against the mindless U.S. CDC and their Industry Partners that champion such vaccine carnage, with zero attention to nutrition.


The obvious can never be stated enough and it still resounds and shakes the earth when it's stated brilliantly. Thank you, JB.

Donna K

You're right Mr. Handley. They've just been delaying the inevitable by playing the semantics game.

I think I can speak from a unique perspective on brain injury and regressive autism specifically. My daughter suffered a stroke after her 4-month vacs, I'm guessing as a result of excessive inflammation. It obliterated her right cortex (as shown on an MRI).

Hard, physical evidence that damage occurred.

Still, she did not develop any symptoms of autism. In fact, the only overt symptom of brain injury at that time was paralysis. She was socially neurotypical. Her language was intact; as well, she had demonstrated early verbal skills according to my diary at about 5-6 months. She was ahead of her brothers developmentally at 12 months (triplet birth). At her 15-month studio baby pictures, her eyes are not focusing together. These pictures were taken two weeks after she received her MMR + Hib vacs. Over the following year, she descended into autism with complete loss of language, eye contact, etc. She was obviously suffering from “a syndrome of global brain dysfunction.” A regressive form. But, no blood or urine test, no MRI or other hard evidence that could point to a specific mechanism of damage was available or accessed. Unfortunately, her condition was diagnosed/labeled autism. Now flagged as the politically correct way to not recognize vaccine damage, securing the facade of safety for the vaccine program. A facade that relied on the lack of technology and scientific proof of bench science, until more recently.

The insidious immune and brain dysfunction labeled as autism has taken advantage of the gaps in scientific knowledge, including the heretofore lack of methods and instruments that could identify and measure the damage. This campaign of semantics has lost its cover because technology and knowledge have caught up and brought that which was in darkness into the light.

I can attest that the brain can withstand significant structural damage from vaccination and still not manifest the unique symptoms that characterize the type of brain dysfunction (aka autism) that my daughter, and others like her, suffer from.


From Dr. Issac Pessah's testimony before the Senate Committee Hearing of Aug 3, 2010, his response to Sen. Klobucher that "immune dysregulations stand out" as a unique autism marker in research findings was a huge insight. He elaborated that this included a hyper-immune response that identified "pro-inflammatory behavior of immune cells directed at the brain." To me, this explanation makes sense of why the anti-inflammatory minocycline + B6 treatment (Johns Hopkins) would reap an amelioration of autistic symtoms for some and why my daughter's symptoms improve when she is on certain antibiotics that provide a calming effect on her immune response. A simple strep infection nudges (up-regulates) her immune system into a higher inflammatory response. It's been trained to do that through repeated immunization. Of the several components in the vaccines and the environment that are able to cause a breach of the BBB and contort the immune system, why shouldn't the vaccination program be a prime suspect in "a syndrome of global brain dysfunction" as a result of a neuronal hyper-immune response. A hyper-immune response that also affects the gut (the second brain) I might add.

Bob Moffitt

Tracy McDermott posted:

"My oldest son (NT) was hospitalized with Thrombocytopenia (MMR adverse reaction) 2 wks. after getting this vaccine and not even the top Hematologist at Miami Children's Hosp. made the correlation, but noted he was seeing about 1 child a month being dx. with ITP (that was in 1996!)
The denial is astounding, but I have to hope it cannot go on forever!!!"

I am in my seventies now .. but .. when my oldest daughter was about 4 years of age .. 40 YEARS AGO ..she was diagnosed with ITP .. which required the surgical removal of her spleen. No one .. NOT ONE DOCTOR OF THE MANY WE SAW .. EVER MENTIONED HER ITP MAY HAVE BEEN CAUSED BY A VACCINE.

Instead .. we were left with a one word explanation for what happened to her .. that word was "bizarre".

It was only AFTER my grandson "regressed" eight years ago .. that I learned one of the many maladies of Gulf War Veterans is Thrombocytopenia (Apparently it is no longer considered Idiopathic) which may be caused by the numerous vaccines they were given just prior to deployment to the Gulf area.

I cannot help but think .. had we been told 40 years ago .. that a vaccine may have injured our child .. WE WOULD HAVE HAD OPPORTUNITY TO WARN OUR CHLDREN WHEN THEY BECAME PARENTS .. TO BE VERY WARY OF ANY VACCINES GIVEN THEM.

So .. the DENIALS have gone on for DECADES.

I will never forgive those many doctors who failed to inform us of a possible cause for my daughter's ITP. I consider them JUST AS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY GRANDSON AS THOSE DOCTORS WHO ACTUALLY GAVE HIM THE VACCINE THAT DAMAGED HIM.

Jake Crosby

And to think, three years ago back when the decision was pending, the Mail said Fletcher's son developed autism after vaccination:

"Fighting for justice: Jackie Fletcher and her son Robert, who developed autism after being given the MMR jab as a toddler"

Read more:

Then he gets compensated, and all of the sudden he no longer has autism, he has "brain-damage." It's a James Randi magic trick!


Hi JB,

The Great Awakening will be in our lifetime and the revolution for our children's recovery will be long and arduous because of our backrupt and corrupt healthcare system. However, Big Pharma and their politicians underestimated the perseverance of parents that are willing to DIE fighting for their children.



I have spent hours (like you) thinking about this. I don't know why anyone could ignore the numbers. These kids & families are going to need a ton of help.

The argument that continues to come up: were these babies already damaged at birth? The vaccines are not the cause - the kids were already damaged. (I don't agree with this argument.)

This concept will require more science and parents rising up to demonstrate their babies experienced a normal period of development. The biggest issue since many of the children with autism regressed at a very young age (6 mos-24 mos is the average) we have to spend more time sharing videos, photos, baby well check records and milestone charts.

Thankfully this website/news source exists to help drive change.


Zed, what a fabulous thank you. May God continue to bless your life and those lucky enough to find you for help and guidance.

As repayment of my debt to phenomenally forward-thinking parents, I now spend my days as a clinician, caring for vaccine-injured children, trying to clean up the mess that's been made. My heart goes out to all you parents who found out too late, and I will assist in your fight until my last breath.

Maurine Meleck



Elaine HIckey

I love your articles, JB!
My daughter is 17 and I reached the conclusion many years ago that her autism IS brain damage!


This essay deserves an A++.

Anne McElroy Dachel

I'm drinking my morning coffee as I read this and I raise my cup to you!

I'm so glad so many people have documented everything that vaccine promoters
have told us over the years as the autism numbers shot out of sight.

There will be lots of questions when the true extent of the damage is recognized:

Why did we pretend that this was just about the science?
Why did we allow the people with everything at stake in this to do the safety studies?
Why did no one talk about the countless financial ties between the vaccine makers and our federal health officials?
How could a nation just accept that it was normal to have one percent of children disabled with a disorder no one ever heard about 25 years ago?
Why did members the press willingly become mouthpieces for the agencies and organizations lying to us about vaccine safety?
How could so many people not care about the suffering of a generation of children?

It all boils down to ONE QUESTION:
What did they know, when did they know it, and what did they do to cover it up?

Thanks J.B.

Anne Dachel


"to the stupidest of the stupid"

Our kids have the brain injury - so what is some of these people's excuse.

They have been so dumb about it, even when in positions that could only be obtained only if they had intellegence that consiparcy theories abound--- and for good reason - how could they be so dumb.

Unfortunatelly they really are!
Even Offit I believe is just really slow! OR perhaps he is just a man of great fatih?, really - well perhaps this is what happens when you replace a religuous belief in God with science. It is really the worship of man and all he has accomplished.

Tracy McDermott

As my mother always says, "you can have anything, but not everything." So yes, you can have your encephalopathy adverse reaction, but you can't blame your Autism on it! Just ludicrous!
My son didn't get the MMR (if you can believe, the Pediatrician was actually out of it on his "reaction visit"), but unfortunately encephalopathy, demyelination of the CNS, and a host of other adverse reactions from the vaccines he did get that day took him down anyway.
My oldest son (NT) was hospitalized with Thrombocytopenia (MMR adverse reaction) 2 wks. after getting this vaccine and not even the top Hematologist at Miami Children's Hosp. made the correlation, but noted he was seeing about 1 child a month being dx. with ITP (that was in 1996!)
The denial is astounding, but I have to hope it cannot go on forever!!!


Head size: I questioned my ped when Mia was 6 months old - her head shaped CHANGED. It's in my book as the first sign that was utterly ignored by our doc - and it was a MEDICAL sign. A sub doc noticed it and made notes in her chart - but never ordered an MRI or professed concern. Her mistreatment started early....

Deb in IL

Someone on one of the yahoo groups or FB pointed out the head size of our kids is larger than others. It's also larger compared to our kids' own bodies, ie, body is 75 percentile, head is 98 percentile. Sounds like some acute inflammation turning into chronic inflammation because it's untreated, misdiagnosed, ignored, denied...denied seems most appropriate.

Harry H.

"Do you have a child with autism? If you do, do you think they have a healthy brain? A brain that in many cases can’t form words, complex ideas, the capacity to socialize, and so many other missing things? Did I just describe some aspect of your child?"

This describes my son today. But, he didn't start out like this, in fact he started out normally, just like his older sisters. I'm still waiting for some idiotic autism denier to identify the genes that turn normally developing babies, who talk and laugh and run and play into non-verbal incontinent arm flapping teeneagers.

Thanks, J.B.


I hope you're right, JB, about the potential for a logical 'tipping point' in the near future. Not to be pessimistic, but my parents, quite consciously, opted myself and my siblings OUT of polio and smallpox vaccines in the 50's because they knew THEN the potential problems associated with vaccinosis. I'm now almost 60, and have hoped for the hundredth-monkey consciousness to prevail on this all my life. In the meantime, the evidence has become even more glaring...yet, we still struggle to break folks out of their hypnotic trance that vaccines are "the greatest medical advancement in history." Just proves which corporations can afford to hire the most talented ad agencies.

As repayment of my debt to phenomenally forward-thinking parents, I now spend my days as a clinician, caring for vaccine-injured children, trying to clean up the mess that's been made. My heart goes out to all you parents who found out too late, and I will assist in your fight until my last breath.

Kent Heckenlively


I always enjoy reading your posts as you state the issues very clearly. How can people be comfortable with the idea that MMR causes brain damage in some people and not also want to know how that damage is caused? It's a denial of even a basic interest in science. Keep giving them hell, JB!

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively

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