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The Age of Autism Book Tour Kicks Off: Wrentham, Imus, Gary Null & Providence

Mark Dan Cheryl The Age of Autism Book The Age of Autism book tour Tour kicked off Monday in Wrentham, Mass., where we were hosted by the TACA Chapter led by Cheryl Gaudino (left). We signed books, premiered our presentation, and really enjoyed the lively discussion afterward. Thanks for getting us off to a great start. We were especially pleased to meet Kim's parents, Richard and Elena Rossi, who live nearby (below). They've gotten an early read of Kim's upcoming book  and are still talking to her -- and laughing! Tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 22, we'll be on Imus at 8:30 a.m., simulcast on radio and the Fox Business Channel. Friday from 12:30 to 1 p.m., we'll be on Gary Null's radio show. On Friday at 6 p.m., we'll be at the Brown University Book Store courtesy of the NAA. Click HERE or on the book image at left for details.  Meanwhile, speaking of the book, check out a post by Ginger Taylor over at Mark Dan Rossis Adventures in Autism -- the artwork is priceless. Hope to see you soon. -- Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill


Nancy Mullan, MD

Thoughts on The Age of Autism by erstwhile psychoanalyst, Nancy Mullan, MD

Olmsted and Blaxill's book presents compelling and well documented arguments that mercury is the cause of various well described eighteenth and nineteenth century syndromes, most notably hysteria. Among other things, they assert that several of Freud's famous case studies, the conclusions from which form the foundation for psychoanalysis, were actually mercury poisoning. And I think they are correct. The visual hallucinations experienced by Freud's patients have been routinely associated in psychiatry with toxic as opposed to psychogenic factors. And they all had copious exposure to mercury, one of the few antibacterials known in the nineteenth century.

It's not actually such a surprise that work done 100 years ago can be shown to be incorrect. What is noteworthy is that attributing any serious problem to the medicinal use of mercury is still such a politically incorrect, touchy subject. The mainstream has never wanted to face up to the toxicity of mercury. It has unusual chemical characteristics, as anyone who ever broke a mercury thermometer can attest, that lend themselves to many uses. The serious issue is that humans do not seem to be able to restrain themselves from mining it, bringing it to the surface of the earth, and using it in ways that release it into the environment.

While mercury has useful effects, like being bactericidal, it also is seriously toxic to living organisms in very low doses. This is an inconvenient truth. And once mercury is in the environment, it is well conserved. It shows up in the water, the organisms grown in that water, the organisms feeding on the organisms grown in that water, in the excretory products of the organisms feeding on organisms exposed to it, and back into the water again.

Mercury is the second most toxic element in the periodic table. Only plutonium exceeds its toxicity, yet the use of mercury enjoys significant political protection. The authors attest that, “…Autism is only the latest ‘mystery illness’ with a not-so-mysterious link to mercury, …[yet] mainstream medical groups and public health officials remain resolutely baffled….” We need to help both mainstream medical personnel and the powerful corporate interests behind them with their thinking until they can see beyond the profit motive to the wellbeing of life on the planet.

Or maybe it stands for Now Puking Regularly

NPR: National Pharmaceutical Registry

They received the galley copy of Age of Autism - the book - and then proceeded to rip off the story of Donald, minus the mercury exposure. (Good catch, Ginger.)

Try as they might, they will never bury the truth.


Great job TACA MA & CHERYL!
Love the Dan & Mark boys too!

Maurine Meleck

Actually I'd like to build an empire without mercury, GMO foods, aspartame and Paul Offit and fill it with our children and our families only.
Ginger's post is fantastic.


Everyone was so kind to my Mom and Dad - thank you. My Mom would like to get involved with TACA Mass chapter. Yay Grandparent Warriors! They aren't in it for glory, awards, politics, empire building or ego - they're in it for Mia, Gianna and Bella. Period.

Lisa Thompson

It was a pleasure to attend the kickoff of the book tour in Wrentham and engage with Dan and Mark in the lively discussion that followed!

I have tremendous gratitude and appreciation for the lengthy research process and thoughtful analysis that culminated in this book, which will hopefully garner the attention of the public and the respect of the scientific community.

And it was great to meet Kim's parents! They thanked me when I gushed about your awesomeness!

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