There’s a Funny Thing About Evidence: More Support for Autism-Mercury Link
The Nightmare and the Dream: A Review of "The Age of Autism"

NIEHS Workshop on Autism and the Environment: New Ideas for Advancing the Science

Aut Enviro 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Eastern

View live webcast HERE.

Workshop Goal

The goal of this workshop is to identify novel opportunities and mechanisms to accelerate research on environmental factors and autism, guided by (1) recent advances in autism research; (2) emerging tools and technologies in environmental health sciences and (3) analogy to successful approaches in other environmentally-mediated diseases. This workshop represents a joint effort between the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and Autism Speaks.

Workshop Products

The products of this workshop will include recommendations for (1) highest priority areas of research that address the contribution of environmental factors for risk and phenotypic expression of autism; (2) possible solutions for any barriers to progress identified in these areas; and (3) other resources needed for increasing the pace of this research. The workshop products will be shared with the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) and may be considered in the ongoing process for evaluating and refining the IACC Strategic Plan.

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Very informative!!

In recent times, the world is becoming cognizant about the hazardous effects of plastic bags on the environment.

Also PLA has been used to line the inside of Paper Cups in place of the oil based lining more commonly used, create Plastic ( bioplastics ) Cups, Cutlery, Carrier Bags, Food Packaging and even Nappies.


Katie Wright

Has anyone been able to listen to the whole conference or at least some of it?

Please hare with me any specifics. THANK YOU


Watching again...
Not possible to do biomontioring???? Are you kidding me? Too costly? Doesn't help you inform policy???

This is the most important area of research in my opinion and they are saying they can't or wont do it. This should be a top priortiy in autism research.

This is where they should be consulting DANs, Neuroimmunologists, endocrinologists, etc, etc on what levels they are finding abnormal in autism. And what studies to set up and measure. They act and are talking like they have no idea where to start or what to test. For crying out loud there's more than enough small trials showing correlations in ASD already in publication that could be replicated at larger scales.


I second everything Katie said!! After watching this for almost an hour I think I may loose my lunch!! Honestly we are back to "only autism diagnosis is on the rise, we don't know if prevalence is on the rise"...Genetic, genetic, genetic jargon without making any headway (meanwhile admitting we are ONLY talking about 10% of the cases of ASD), not mentioning function of genes involved and NO ONE is looking at what toxins could dysrupt those functions. Environmental discussion my ARSE! Advancement in nothing should have been the title. I'm sick by this meeting. I've always been hopefull Autism Speaks would someday end up using their resources for real advancement. But this time they have really let our kids down. This meeting is a joke and AS should be ashamed of themselves. Message...
-Autism is genetic for 10%(from deletions/duplications here and there that others without autism have and some with autism don't. Somehow this is exciting stuff.) and who gives a crap about the other 90%...
-Autism is not on the rise just diagnosis is

Have I stepped into a time warp??


Based on the intensity of the flu campaign this year, pharma's lap dogs (AKA US gov't) won't be coming down against vaccines any time soon. The new super charged flu shot for people 65 and older is so obvious. The agenda must go on.

Katie Wright

1) I am really angry. Why was no notice given to the autism community about this conference? This is the first time I am hearing any details about date, times or content?

2) Such purposeful exclusions of the parent community is a betrayal of all families. Why weren't parents of environmentally affected kids asked to participate??? Or even attend???

3) Autism Speaks is the biggest autism research organization the world. Why do they need to hide behind NIH bureaucrats to hold an environmental science workshop?

4) I have been listening to Cindy Lawler and Linda Birbaum for over 2 yrs at IACC meetings. Frankly, it has been painful. These bureaucrats move at a snail/s pace and have had a dozen years to get something done.The movement has been so minimal, new ideas so few. Why given them another platform to talk, talk, talk and describe, describe and describe what we already know.

5) Both of these women are dead set against all vaccine research and have voted to censor such science at IACC. They have no idea what is causing autism but they "know" for sure it cannot ever be over vaccination.

6) With the exception of Pessah where are the REAL environmental scientists?

Where are:

Sallie Bernard
Hertz- Pinchero
The Environmental Working Group

Our children and our families deserve so much better than this


Okay it is not the vaccines that is triggering autism. There!

Now can we get on with at least looking at why some people do react to the vaccines? I am sure it is all innocent and we will find that vaccines really had nothing to do with it after all. But since so many parents insist on claiming that it is vaccines; well that is at least a good place to start looking.

After all it could be a virus living inside the B immune cells or the T 4 immune cells. It is just the vaccine that makes these cells multilpe and it just shows up. Once again we have the vaccines to thank in showing us the way!


It could be the immune system is down and out at the time because of an antibiotic or tylenol when it is hit with mercury or aluminium or some other adjuvant. All we have to do is get rid of soy sauce or something, and continue to use those wonderful vaccines!

But Ohhhh - I am thinking logically.

As usaully religion is standing in the way of science!

I am so sorry, I apologize!

In this country of the United States we are to respect everyone's religion. So, we should just back off. Don't insult the environmntalists and their worship that wants all human parasites gone from Mother Earth, and please stop insulting the religon of vaccines - with saints like Edward Jenner willing to sacrifice his own son on the alter of vaccine medicine!

It just can't be the vaccines!
That is like insulting Christ to a Christian.

Autism Speaks not even pretending to research vaccines

Autism Speaks is co-sponsoring this meeting with NIEHS. There is not one mention of vaccines as a potential environmental trigger for autism in any of the Autism and the Environment materials.

No mention of vaccines in the agenda, no mention of vaccines on the 29 slides describing the meeting, no mention of vaccines anywhere.

Remember this when CAA is up for reauthorization.

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