The Nightmare and the Dream: A Review of "The Age of Autism"
Autism Speaks's Dr. Daniel Geschwind Declares Paul Offit “A Brave and Articulate Champion of Truth!”

My Dog Ate Our Book!

Dog aofa By Dan Olmsted

I know many of you are awaiting next Tuesday's release of "The Age of Autism" but I have to tell you ... the dog ate it.

Yes, our 10-pound Havenese, Rida, managed to get ahold of the PDF and start biting. I feel terrible -- almost as bad as the loss of one of my favorite episodes of Columbo: The Complete Season 2 that met the same fate. Why is it the only things I really care about are somehow irresistible to the dog?

Fortunately, the book itself is already waiting to go on display at bookstores nationwide. It's too late for man or beast to stop it. And thank the Lord, that's the last time an attack dog will tear into our book without having read or understood it.

Or am I being naive?



Mommy RN

Gotta love that Rida! I too, will be devouring your book soon! Much love to AoA!

Tired of nitwit knowitalls

Reading the comments that appeared to support the recent pro-vaccine article which claimed the debate is over (again LOL), it struck me that the "hounds of Baskerville" had been called out to nip, bite, and howl at any posters who dared criticize that ridiculously transparent and poorly researched article.

I have no doubt that these same ruthless "hounds" are being readied to prowl the internet in search of any and all reviews of your upcoming book. Sooner or later, these flea-bitten phantom curs of pharma will lose their funding--as their repeated nonsense arguments just don't withstand scrutiny. Then, perhaps, the rest of the hounds, who are just rude for sport rather than pay, will be forced to roll over and bare their scruffy necks in submission to the truth, or at least slink back into whatever dark recesses of the internet they came from.

Kelli Ann Davis

LOL...I've been saying for years you and Mark are the modern day "Columbos" (anyone born after 1970 please Google ;-) and lookie here...Rida just confirmed it!

As Columbo would say..."I rest my case"....(or something like that)

Amanda Blinn

We have it pre-ordered on Amazon!



I hope this wasn't the copy I bought at the Safeminds auction a few weeks ago! I am still waiting for it......

You guys are fantastic! I will be buying many copies for our agency's lending library.

Heidi N

It's obvious that Rida was jealous of all the attention the book took away from her. Either that or she wants to do her part to be part of the autism recovery movement. Hmmm, sounds like us humans, either jealous and destructive or wanting to be part of the movement.

Maurine Meleck

I believe this new book will give a whole new meaning to The New Year which began last night. Shana Tova to all you believers.


Yup - let the spin begin!


My bet is the attack dogs will arrive a few months from now. The first militia moves on the scene will be stealth diversionary tactics. The media will be dripping with flu and flu vax stories as well as whooping cough stories and measles stories and we'll all hear about how bad these people are who don't vax their kids. Govt-supported pharma PR tactics will be a big purchase of Google and yahoo autism searches so that your book will appear on page 10 of any search that folks might do. Then in a few months the trained and paid by pharma and FDA attack dogs will be biting - and playing dirty - misrepresenting and falsifying key points in the book...imo these monster-entities are:
so. very. predictable.


When I really love a book and I get to the last page, I might have the same impulse. First I try to draw out the inevitability that I've actually completed the book, since it's usually a few months before I feel it's time to officially re-read the book cover to cover. When I hit the last page, I re-read all the notes. Then I go over the bibliography, re-read the dog-earred pages (I know-- book abuse; I don't do it to loaners but I think of this as love-bites on the books I own). Once I've combed over the introduction again and the bios, I have to admit that I've finished reading. It's a hard moment for me, but I never realized I could make like Rida and just eat the pages to be "one" with the text. Mmmm, "Age of Autism" is going to be good.


Smart dog.....knows something IS good when she tastes it! Looking forward to you coming to Chicago.

A Friend

Smart dog.... Must have been pissed by what he/she was reading... Looking forward to reading the book... :)

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