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Establishment Journal Nature Refuses Discussion on Autism Gene Project Failure



You would think that the two of you were groomed for a T.V. audience. You said exactly what needed to be said with an economy of words. Your voice and tone were perfect. It seemed effortless. Very well done! Kudos also to Don for inviting you.


Interesting about the elementary school visit. My son is 14 and his preschool class was similar to yours. The children were not very verbal. I watched a child on TV the other day DX'd with autism and I thought it was a very mild case. Perhaps the reason autism is still on the rise even after the thimerosal was removed is because the criteria/diagnoses have changed dramatically.


Don, thanks for getting the word out about the man created disaster of autism. I disagree with your opinion that this is a battle that cannot be won. We will "win" the game when we make sure that vaccine safety is wholly separated from vaccine development and when those who work for and have ties to the vaccine manufacturers are no longer allowed to research or test the safety of vaccines. That is what I call the "end game." Truly objective research will only support the truth...vaccines cause autism!!!


Imus ignored one point.,,he stated that Autism rates are continuing to rise with the removal of Thimerosal?

Well, isn't the "latest" figure based on Autism rates way back in 2004?

That's because the U.S. Senate, a non-medical entity, told the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Invention to stop counting Autism. The CDC then cheerfully cut off all Autism casualty counts.

Go back to the Combating Autism Act, a bill Don Imus fully supported, and it clearly states the will on Congress is for the CDC to stop counting cases of Autism. We think it strange since this Congressional order came right in the middle of the American Autism epidemic and not long after the CDC started creating their numerous influenza scamdemics to pitch Thimerosal-containing vaccines on America's pregnant women, infants, and toddlers for the first time.

Imus also forgets he knows the CDC was tracking Autism through the use of the VSD, Vaccine Safety Datalink, the sophisticated database which the federal government now pays a private holder $300,000,000.00 to hide from public research.

So just erase the notion that rates continue to climb. This is essentially unproven, and seemingly contradicted by what special education facilities across the country are seeing eye to eye.

Teresa Conrick

Excellent answers from Mark and Dan! That's right- the evidence shows what happened and there can be hope for all of the kids.

Good for Imus to have you on!


This link will take you to the clips.


If anyone wants to see the segment just go to and click on the video tab. They are up at # 9 and 10 right now.


Great job on your Imus appearance! I just finished the book, Age of Autism, with mixed feelings. While it was great to see in black and white why it is so stupid to mix mercury and medicine, it is depressing to realize that the medical field and big pharma don't seem to want to do anything about it. By increasing flu shot coverage while decreasing the mercury in other shots, they have neatly done a switch which is obviously meant to trick and deceive us ignorant consumers. My son is now 15 years old, and his adult years are looming ever closer. He reacted to his 15 month vaccinations, and never had a "normal" eval again. I wish our story was rare instead of common. I can only hope and pray that the great books coming out, like Age of Autism, Callous Disregard and Evidence of Harm, will truly change the course of medical history. Regardless of whether mercury is the only link to autism, there is no way to justify it being used in the manufacture of vaccines or as one of the ingredients of vaccines. Obviously, pharma knows if they take it ALL out and there are significant health improvements in the population, it will be easier for litigants to prove liability. So, hey, lets just keep poisoning people for all time! So, on that cheerful note, many thanks to the courageous authors who are attempting to stop the madness; may God bless you.


What time is it on in California?
I can't find it... the TV's TV guide just says Fox Business all the way across on my TV. No shows after Varney???


Such a great interview. I believe Imus has roughly a .3% share of tv households which amounts to somewhere around 200,000 mostly men watching this morning.

Well done guys!


Fabulous job, Dan and Mark! How great to have a host give a sufficient amount of time to actually explore the rational perspective of the autism epidemic. Silent Eyes Applaud You!!


I'll listen to Imus for them.

Just wanted to add that yesterday I was at my local elementary school's office when the preschool special education children came in for their 1 hour a week of speech therapy. Wow, not the same scene as when my 11 year old was in preschool. All the children were verbal and not autistic. I only noticed some immature language development.
7 years ago when my son was doing this speech therapy the scene looked something like this - 1 child was running up and down the hall eyes glued to the bricks with only echolalia, one child jumped up and down flapping his hands and screeching, one child flicked his fingers in front of his ears and eyes then licked them, last child was only concerned with trying to take his clothes off. I remember looking at the secretary who had a look of horror on her face. So, not the same scene as yesterday thank GOD!!!!

Jake Crosby

Imus: you are the best!


Ordering up a Swine Flu scamdemic just to inject America's pregnant women, infants, and toddlers with Thimerosal-laced influenza vaccines should be a dead give-away.

We'll see how the wind blows, but odds are Imus is assigned to play stupid and that means somebody ignorant like the Penn and Teller stooge will appear with his horns and pointy tail again.

Boring. Boring. Boring.

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