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Government Awards Hannah Poling $1.5 Million in Vaccine Injury Case

House of cards ... vaccines didn't cause Hannah's autism -- the condition just "resulted" from the vaccines.

The totally twisted and unsustainable United States government approach to vaccines and autism was on full display today. A few months after the federal vaccine court laughed at the idea that one has anything to do with the other, tossing out more than 5,000 cases at once, CBS reports HERE "Family to Receive $1.5M in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award" that the government awarded Hannah Poling $1.5 million for regressive autism that followed vaccination. She will also receive $500K per year for life.

The government lawyers mumbled something Orwellian and incoherent about a pre-existing mitochondrial disorder and how vaccines didn't cause Hannah's autism -- the condition just "resulted" from the vaccines. Translation: The medical industry's wall of doublespeak, delay and denial is crumbling and today, at least, one child got justice. More, many more, to come. -- Dan Olmsted



I too needed to thank them.
They got out the word that it was a mitochondrial disorder Complex I and Complex III.
It let the rest of us know what they are up to- when they have made people coming to them for vaccine injuries and they make them get a muscle biospy.
It helps the rest of us put two and two together - when and if we get a dignosis for mitochondrial disorder.

This sweet couple Jon and his wife have let the cat out of the bag while The CDC, NIH has been working so hard to keep it all a secret. Not even letting us know - so we can insist were research money needs to be spent in this area; or letting us know that the Atkins of 15 carbs is the right pathway for our injuried family members.

We own them a lot!

Hot Pack

Thank you Jon and Terry, for your courage.
I am sure it would have been so much easier to accept the settlement money, but you are brave and make us all proud!


Yikes! Typo alert - "Polycationic substances, in general, are thrombogenic. They promote blood clots. They dramatically impact the colloidal stability of our flowing blood by raising the ZETA potential."

The last sentence should have read "by LOWERING the ZETA potential".

I highly recommend reading "The application of basic concepts of Zeta Potential to Cardiovascular Disease" from "Control of Colloid Stability through Zeta Potential" by Thomas M. Riddick. This concept is CRITICALLY-related to vaccine toxicity, and hence, to autism.

Joan Campbell

About time, how many more children will suffer unless they change the whole way of administering vaccines. I am not anti-vaccine I just want safe vaccines and given when the child's immune system is able to handle them.
Money is more important than life to these pharmaceutical companies and their cronies.


@ Time for change and @ Patrick -

Fluoride should be IMMEDIATELY banned from the public drinking water and toothpaste. It's a cummulative POISON.

You both make VERY interesting points about heavy metals, aluminum, cadmium, and possible utility of zinc in their removal.

Polycationic substances, in general, are thrombogenic. They promote blood clots. They dramatically impact the colloidal stability of our flowing blood by raising the ZETA potential. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY. Aluminum (3+) is a VERY BAD ACTOR in this regard. So too is Arsenic (3+) a VERY BAD ACTOR in this regard.

The FDA, ADA, and EPA are VERY WRONG by allowing these substances in our drinking water and food. Their interests are conflicted. They have sold us out. The public should demand that these POISONS be removed from drinking water and the food supply.

To  Theodora Trudorn

Theodora Trudorn I believe you. Kerbob was too hard on you! Kerbob is smart and has some wonderful things to bring to the table but sometimes we all get bent out of shape thinking -- well there are some very bad people out in this world - I know - because I have met them. They could care less what has happened to our families. But I am sure you know this as well as the rest of us. Just don't take it to heart - Okay!

Patrick: Cadium use to be in artist tube paints - the color yellow and I think yellow.

Little kids use to use them - 12 year olds and such. Well I was sort of artistic and I used them. One more heavy metal I guess to add to the growing list.

Cadmium which often combines with zinc is an interesting metal to get an idea of how heavy metals reacting with other heavy metals at high exposure cause disease. : "The exact mechanism by which cadmium is transported through intestinal mucosa is unknown although there has been some speculation that it may involve mechanisms similar to those of copper and iron transport. There now is substantial evidence that once it reaches the liver its presence stimulates the formation of an unusual protein of low molecular weight, discovered by Margoshes and Ballee (128) in 1957 and named metallothionein. It was originally found in equine kidney, but now is known to be present in the liver and kidney of many mammalian species. It usually contains about equal molar concentrations of Cd and Zn and has a molecular weight of about 10,500. It may contain as much as 5.9% Cd and also has the ability to bind mercury."
itai-itai disease- caused by cadmium poisoning is known as one of the big 4 pollution diseases of Japan.
It was the cadmium pollution combined with other heavy metals that was absorbed by the rice that had caused a small population near a mining company to become very sick (itai-itai).
There is a protective mechanism of zinc against cadmium poisoning.
I was surprised how much cadmium is in our food supply, especially seafood. "The question of a buildup in the food chain similar to that seen with mercury compounds has been raised but there are reasons to believe this is unlikely."
" of the most interesting aspects of the cadmium toxicity is the discovery by Terhaar et al. that pretreatment with very small oral doses of cadmium would protect against the effects of subsequent very large or fatal doses of cadmium chloride."
It also causes loss of calcium, amino acids, and glucose in urine.

Wikipedia def. Metallothionein (MT) is a family of cysteine-rich, low molecular weight (MW ranging from 500 to 14000 Da) proteins. MTs have the capacity to bind both physiological (such as zinc, copper, selenium) and xenobiotic (such as cadmium, mercury, silver, arsenic) heavy metals through the thiol group of its cysteine residues, which represents nearly the 30% of its amino acidic residues.[1]

MT was discovered in 1957 by Vallee and Margoshe from purification of a Cd-binding protein from horse (equine) renal cortex [2]. MTs function is not clear, but experimental data suggest MTs may provide protection against metal toxicity, be involved in regulation of physiological metals (Zn and Cu) and provide protection against oxidative stress. There are four main isoforms expressed in humans. In the human body, large quantities are synthesised primarily in the liver and kidneys. Their production is dependent on availability of the dietary minerals, as zinc, copper and selenium, and the amino acids histidine and cysteine.


David Holtzman, MD, PhD, a Pediatric Neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA, notes, “Mitochondrial Disease may present with the clinical features of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Several recent studies have documented biochemical evidence of abnormal mitochondrial functions in at least 30% of children with ASD.”

VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM independent of whether patient has mitochondrial disease. We are ALL susceptible to vaccine-induced diseases.


This report is now #2 on CBS news' Most Popular list.

Theodora Trudorn

kerbob1, I have Asperger's Syndrome. I am not self diganosed but was diagnosed by a very well known nueroligist who specialized in treating those with autism.

Asperger's can be debilitating. So please don't group us all in with those who use this diganoses for thier own ends.



A very important point not mentioned in the CBS article or posted comments is that the Polling case was most likely conceded by HHS, the respondent, before a hearing because Hannah's father is a neurologist who had several expert witnesses (Dr.'s) from John Hopkins who confirmed his daughter's case. Several experts from John Hopkins also testified for HHS on the test cases against petitioners. So essentially HHS was in a catch 22 situation where they would look ridiculous trashing their own experts. But I suppose the problem now lies in the fact that the other 4800 petitioners and 1000's of other non represented injured do not have the benefit of this dr.'s relationships who extended professional courtesy with other dr.'s at John Hopkins.


Benedetta - you asked about brain "cysts". Well, on MRI brain or head CT, quite often small cysts appear similar to small infarcts, e.g. lacunar infarcts.

I just did a mini-search on neurologic manifestations of snake bites, brain infarcts, and brain cysts. I don’t know how many kids with ASD have had brain MRI, but it might yield some useful information. Similarly, adults with neurologic disease of any kind, might yield interesting information on brain MRI.

Over the years, I’ve seen MANY brain MRI reports with so-called nonspecific small vessel ischemic changes and/or small lacunar infarctions. I’ve always wondered how these changes might have been acquired. Could some of them have been related to the vaccine schedules? Some of the neurologic manifestations of snake bites are similar to some of the neurologic findings in ASD kids.

Could these neurologic manifestations in both snake bite victims and ASD kids be related to hyperstimulation of the immune system and colloidal instability of microscopic blood flow, leading to microvascular ischemia and hypoxic tissue damage throughout the body? If so, this would tend to support Dr Moulden’s theory of anoxia spectrum syndromes in relation to ASD.

“Neurological manifestations of snake bite in Sri Lanka”

“Acute ischemic strokes due to bites by Dabola russell in Sri Lanka - first authenticated case series”

“Cerebral ischemia and stroke”

“Ischemic lesions in the preterm brain”

“Incidental Findings on Brain MRI in the General Population”

“Cerebral small-vessel disease and decline in information processing speed, executive function and memory”

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Megan O'Malley, Please tell us more about mito disorders. I have also read that mito disorders are not rare, but whatever those disorders are, I very much doubt that they cause much of a problem to their owners in the absence of toxins such as mercury. According to what we understand in evolution, any disorder that would decrease, even to a small degree the ability of a person to reproduce, would soon disappear from the gene pool. Maybe these are not actually disorders, but variations which may in fact carry some advantages. To give an analogy- My husband has 6GPDeficiency and he has never contracted malaria, but myself and my children have. This is the advantage of this deficiency (but there are some disadvantages too) This is just speculation, of course, but I would say that if I had to bet today, I would bet that the mito disorders of autistic people are caused by mercury or other toxins. Please correct me if wrong.


Regarding aluminum in vaccines--recent studies reveal that zinc prevents the uptake of aluminum into the brain. Don't know the references offhand--does anyone else here have them.

For what's its worth, when my son was about 21 months and in the throes of autism, I had a dream one night. In my dream, my son and I travelled to see a healer. There were other people there as well and when it was our turn, the healer looked at my son and then at me and said, "Give him zinc". The next day I started researching zinc and autism (a big issue as many of you know) and started giving it to my son in the right amount for his body weight (as well as continuing my daily research on all of the biomedical interventions). Shortly thereafter we had his blood tested and his copper/zinc ratio was indeed way off and he was significantly defecient in zinc. Daily zinc along with the gf/cf/sf diet and other biomedical interventions(probiotics, purified fish oil, etc.) and he ultimately recovered completely and regained over 50 IQ points--diagnosis officially removed. (After 2 plus years of daily zinc--even in a conservative amount for his body wt.--he tested a little high for it, coincidentally after his gut had healed. So you do have to be careful as zinc is toxic if too much is given/absorbed.)

Something to think about. That said, he also had a detectable level mercury in his blood long after his final shots at 15 months. I think both mercury and aluminum were significant in his injury--and certainly protecting him from further injury from metal toxicity was critical for his recovery.


Interestingly some of the experiments included light bulbs in releasing the bacteria.


Anonymous, thanks- you are right, and I had remembered that much long after I had posted. Somewhere in the past I thought I had read that the Poling's case centered around 3 points, 2 of which the government conceded and the third (which was that thimerosal caused the mito disorder?) was dropped. Not sure if that is based on actual fact but perhaps that was what I was thinking of when I stated that the Polings took the deal.


I suspect the DPT of playing a major role in my son's vaccine damage.
Also when my Aunt and Mother were sprayed with cadmium, in an army experiment in Minnesota during the cold war, while they were in grade school most probably had an effect.
There's also the fact that my Aunt had one son in the 60's that was autism-like and one Down's son and one ADD (oldest to youngest). Most of her classmates were unable to re-produce or have reproduction problems.
My mother and her both suffer from COPD; a common outcome of those who were sprayed.
I wonder if mitochondrial disorder can be healed, as my son was extremely weak until recovery. He also has a cyst on his brain amongst other brain anomalies common with army personnel.
I can imagine the Polings would not be a good public test case as the parents were overly vaccinated.
My Aunt's story was to air the day O.J. was speeding down the highway. Isn't it ironic.
Coincidentally I have a thyroid disorder after I got a flu shot during pregnancy and I went to school in medicine. And my son is a red-head.


Thank you for the answer, and


Right now I would settle for help paying for my son's seizure medicine.

His health insurance runs out in Jan. I have been asking around at Wal Mart and the local pharma --- 300 dollars a month.
It is going to be very hard to swing - not even considering what health insurance is going to cost us.

He also like to take time released Adderol when he drives. That will soon be out of the question too.

But it is what it is.

Theresa Cedillo

Kerbob1 -

Everyone here needs to stop for a second and realize how the process works. The Polings didn't back out of anything. Don't you realize the HHS - The Respondent in the case- CONCEDED the case BEFORE it could be a test case with a hearing like the others. Once the case is conceded, there is not need for a hearing. Once this took place, it was less likely that any of the information on what happened to Hannah would become available because it never reached a hearing.

As far as any payout, or payoff, please remember that Hannah is permanently injured, just like so many of our precious children.

The one who wins should not equal the one who gets criticized.

Again, the Polings should be commended, not judged.

Theresa Cedillo


So happy for the Polings. So sad that HHS culled them from the herd of other test cases in a bid to ensure they did not set a legal precedent for the thousands upon thousands of other Hannahs. I honestly don't know how they can live with themselves.


Cherry Sperlin Misra - “I could be wrong here, but I think it is a possibility that her mito-disorder was mercury-induced.”

I agree! But VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM independent of whether mercury is present. Aluminum adjuvants and the squalene and saponin-based “super adjuvants” MAY prove to be associated with more ASD than mercury. Aluminum adjuvants have been in the vaccine schedules for about the last 70 years. Dr David Ayoub apparently believes aluminum may be far more toxic than thimerosal in vaccines.

Here’s the link to a VERY interesting interview of Dr David Ayoub by Dr Joseph Mercola in March 2010, titled: “New Warning About Everyday Poison Linked to Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and Autism”.

“Lung Uptake of 99mTc-Sulfur Colloid in Patient Exhibiting Presence of Al 3+ in Plasma” by Darrell D. Bobinet, et al.

Have you ever wondered why last year's "pandemic" flu seemed to show a somewhat greater than usual predisposition for pneumonias, some of which were hemorrhagic, e.g., the Ukrainian pneumonic plague? Hmmmmm. We are getting "bombarded" with aluminum from multiple environmental sources, but especially from the vaccine schedules.

It’s possible that mercury-induced mitochondrial dysfunction is a sufficient condition for ASD, but mercury-induced mitochondrial dysfunction may not be a necessary condition for ASD. Similarly, it’s possible that aluminum-induced mitochondrial dysfunction is a sufficient condition for ASD, but may not a necessary condition for ASD.

Based on Dr Moulden’s theory, if I’m interpreting his theory correctly, the only necessary condition for ASD is microvascular ischemia - insufficient blood flow on a microvascular level, and cellular hypoxia. In principle, microvascular ischemia is reversible, if it can be reversed prior to cellular anoxia and infarction (cell death).

If I understand Dr Moulden’s theory correctly, vaccines, first, cause hyperstimulation of the immune system and colloidal instability of microscopic blood flow. This results in impaired blood flow (ischemia) which results in hypoxic and/or anoxic tissue damage, in the brain and throughout the body.

The mechanism of mercury-induced mitochondrial dysfunction may be ischemic in etiology, although other etiologies can be considered, e.g., by direct inhibition of DNA methyl transferases or methionine synthase. Further, like Dr Moulden, I believe that the mechanism of vaccine-induced ASD is ischemic in etiology.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe that it’s been shown that mitochondrial dysfunction is causally-related (induces) to ASD or a necessary prerequisite to ASD.


Samaxtics - It wasn't an issue of the Polings taking a stand or not. Their case was conceded by HHS. Once it is conceded the process is completed. It ends right there. There is not 'court case' after that.


Benedetta - Hannah and her family are getting approximately $20 Million. The $1.5 mil is for the first year only. $500K every year there after. It is in the updated story at this link:;contentBody

And Twyla is correct. The Hannah's case was conceded by the HHS (the respondent) BEFORE it could ever get to the stage of being heard as a test case.

The Poling family is to be commended for their willingness to speak out about their daughter's injuries and for fighting for her rights and compensation.


Oh and Twyla:
Hannah is not getting 500,000 every year is she?

She is just getting 1.5 million period, right??????

Am I understanding that right?


My son has two white spots on his brian about the size of a small nickel. Shows up in the MRI. the doctors say it looks ischemic like.

Damage from ischemia will heal around that area, but the damage is there to stay.

My son also has a cyst in his brain too!

I am not sure what a "cyst" is.
My daughter keeps getting gangalion cyst in her wrist or hands. As a matter of fact she cut that out along with the imaginary bot worms this spring in her psychoitic state this spring.

She cut almost all the way through her hand, and stuffed lots of strips of cotton in it.

Some one that had Kawasaki disease told me that thier liver during that time became swollen and lots of cyst in it.

As a matter of fact my daughter had a swollen spleen during Kawasaki's and a the surgeon that wanted to cut it out of her said it had cyst in it???? It did not operate on her though because all the doctors on the ped floor told him, NO!

Mr T

The vaccine court worked like it was intended for the Poling family. A damaged person can present their evidence in a non confrontational manner. The DOJ decided to screw the other participants.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Patrons 99, If you look back you will find that Dr. Poling simply said that his daughter "did not show any signs of mitochondrial disorder BEFORE the vaccines. Many people know that mercury can cause mitochondrial damage, but Hey!, if it saves face for the govt and gets Hannah Poling her rightful compensation we just wont talk about that. (I could be wrong here, but I think it is a possibility that her mito-disorder was mercury-induced)

Cherry Sperlin Misra

The liability for all the vaccine injured kids might be just the tip of the iceberg- When people really get smart about mercury, there may be lawsuits of many different types; Sensible people will stop eating fish more than once a month; use of coal will be an exceedingly complex issue. What happens to people who live near a crematorium? Does their house value plummet? What happens when people notice that there is too much mercury in their water supply? Dental issues? another can of worms. And OH MY GOD people are going to stop accepting flu vaccines with mercury!!!!!! Im sure this just scratches the surface.


The vaccine industry’s house of cards is starting to come crashing down. It’s about time. It’s long overdue. To me, there’s now a 500 pound gorilla in the Vaccine Courts. The latest ruling implicates ALL of the suspect vaccines, not just one of them.

“Mercury cannot be the cause of autism spectrum if the infectious diseases were causing similar damages in the pre-vaccine era. mercury and heavy metals are “fuel to the fire” and can induce the ischemic damages on theor own. However, removing mercury from vaccinations will not eradicate the core problme from immune system hyperstimulation and deraailments of the colloidal (negative charge) instability of microscopic blood flow. Colloids are substancdes carried in suspension in the blood by negative charge. Drop the negative charge, and blood substances start to “sludge”, agglonmerate, flocculate, and stick together. This impairs blood flow and causes ischemic (impaired blood flow) hypoxic (low oxygen) and anoxic (no oxygen) tissue daamges – brain and body.”

“All vaccines induce ischemia, palsies, brain damages..autism spectrum.”

BTW - mitochondrial function is highly dependant upon blood flow, that is, perfusion. Disrupt the blood flow, anywhere in the body, and you disrupt mitochondrial function.

“Effect of mitochondrial viability and metabolism on technetium 99m-sestamibi myocardial retention” by Cesare Orlandi, et al.

“Neonatal Administration of Thimerosal Causes Persistent Changes in Mu Opioid Receptors in the Rat Brain” by M.D. Majewska, et al.

I was struck by a word used by these authors in three separate places in their article: “ischemic-like” degeneration [or degenerating] of neurons. Ischemia is a disruption in blood supply.

Despite his having been villified and marginalized by the mainstream medical establishment, I personally do not belief that Andrew Moulden’s theory of Anoxia Spectrum Syndromes - ischemic disorders - has in any way been discredited. Moreover, I maintain the belief that the technology now exists to validate his theory. Finally, I believe that the attorneys involved in these test cases would do well to make sure that they are cognizant of his theory. Herein lies the means by which ALL vaccine-induced injuries can be “proven”. The proof lies in the blood and blood flows. Why not systematically study the temporal changes in perfusion over the entire body comparing fully vaccinated versus unvaccinated? Whole body PET and SPECT studies can be done using positron and single photon emitting tracers to measure both perfusion and tissue viability.


Did not see anything of the Poling judgement on the TV news... it is all about hiding information from the public...

...the government settled the Poling case before trial and had it sealed...

...the government cannot locate or gave away their CDC vaccine injury database...

...Dr. Verstraeten, was hired on the 2nd day of the Simpsonwood meeting by the vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline and is now out of the country...

...Autism researcher Poul Thorsen, MD and a few million dollars, cannot be located...


Some guesstimation: if in a few years it emerges there are 3 million low functioning autistics due to vaccine damage, to give the same compensation would cost $4.5 trillion, plus $1.5 trillion per year.

Add on compensation for the high functioning, the diabetics, the asthma sufferers etc., add on treatment costs to compensation, and you can begin to understand the government cover up.


My impression is not that the Polings backed out, but that the government conceded their case, based on the medical review without going before the judges. If I had filed a claim and someone offered to concede the case, I would certainly prefer that to going before a judge with uncertain outcome! And regardless, the concession is a major victory. I commend the Polings for their fight and for going public. I hope they will remain involved in research and advocacy. I wish their family all the very best.

Nothing, no amount of money, can change or make up for what Hannah and her family have lost.

At the same time, the size of the award surprises me. $500,000 per year is necessary to take care of a child/teen/adult with autism? How do the rest of us survive? I am truly happy for them - and sad too for all the stresses in their lives.

It is bizarre that so far almost all the other vaccine injured kids with autism have received nothing.


I'm pretty willing to bet that the majority of families would have taken the Poling's deal. In a perfect world they could have taken a stand and went through with the court case with the odds in their favour but as you may have noticed, this world is far from perfect. What parent would have gambled away the chance to secure the future of their child under present day circumstances?


I do appreciate that the Poling family went public with the concession. When someone argues that the "vaccine court" ruled against all three test cases that were to “help establish how to proceed” with the remaining 5000, we need to remind them that one of the original test cases was conceded without even entering the hearing phase and the government wanted to seal the case from public record.



I do not oppose quirky people who claim to be autistic even though their pretense is often counter-productive for our children, and it is also a factor in why we parents are STILL so misunderstood.

You may or may not be among those frequently self-diagnosed people who assume they know all there is to know about autism, and can not overcome the need to draw away focus onto themselves.

I think you will agree the battle of semantics is frankly not easily won, but it is a battle parents of autistic children must continue to fight.

Unfortunately, there are those that have no idea whatsoever what autism is thanks largely in part to efforts to marginalize the extremely significant and life-long disability using people led to believe that they are autistic as mouthpieces.

As typical, I have no qualms with utilizing free speech. I do, however, find it offensive, particularly in those who claim to be autistic, when they simply have no ability to use their communication skills for anything other than their self-deification.

Frankly, those who claim to be autistic really need to shut their mouths and not say anything unless it is to the benefit of our children.

I realize this is an impossibility, but thought it a novel idea for the neurodiverse crowd to be something greater than a self-advocate.

Perhaps you are actually an authentically diagnosed autistic. Why not act selflessly for a change? What can you say or do to help children neurologically akin to autism as a result of the same parameters which caused Hannah Poling's regression?

I assure you my son and the thousands of vaccine-induced autistic children need lots of voices, but they also need deeds above words.

Mr T

I thought the government pulled the case because they did not like it. I am still trying figure why Dr. Zimmerman testified for Hannah and testified against the other children. I am happy for Hannah but sad for the other children.


Kerbob1: Autistics do have a voice and we can speak for ourselves. It's just that some people happen to ignore or dismiss our points of view. I have Asperger's and am certainly capable of articulating my thoughts and emotions.


Mary: Not enough money? I wish I had that much money at my fingertips. If they're at any time not satisfied with the money, I'd love to be beneficiary.

Bob Moffitt

Kerbob posted:

"What most fail to find significant is the fact that the Polings were scheduled to be one of the first "test" cases, but they for some reason backed out.

Personally, that decision seems to have paid off in a big way, but thousands of children could also have been aided by the science Dr. Poling brought to the table."

The Poling's were not the only ones who "backed out" .. which is not surprising .. considering Sun Tzu's "Art of War" .. highly recommends "divide and conquer" to weaken your enemy.


Anne Dachel,

The desired psychological effect of the Poling case parallels something out of the cold war feature "Bamboo Prison", where the "collaborating" lead character played by the late Robert Francis, was given the run of the camp.

The movie did a great job of exposing brain-washing "thought reform" and "coercive persuasion" techniques used by the Chinese communist captors back then, and the same influencing moves are evidenced all over the place in the several year long Poling saga.

However, it's highly doubtful Jon Poling M.D. will ever be characterized as a guy like the character of Master Sargent John A. Rand, one capable of producing documentation proving brutal atrocities i.e in the real world vaccine-induced Autism.



What most fail to find significant is the fact that the Polings were scheduled to be one of the first "test" cases, but they for some reason backed out.

Personally, that decision seems to have paid off in a big way, but thousands of children could also have been aided by the science Dr. Poling brought to the table.

Yes I did notice that, originally, CBS NEWS failed to correctly characterize the Poling settlement. Indeed, this is the most important part.

If America is forced to pay for the care and rehabilitation of each and every vaccine-induced Autistic child/person the health care marketability of cost-effective mass vaccination is exposed as the Spruce Goose.

Wisdom means you move beyond the promises of "bargain basement" health care items like mass vaccination to the reality of the moral and ethical abandonment of vaccine-affected children. The ones that have no voice and have no advocacy to speak for them.

For every "Baby Doe" happy-happy joy-joy ending there are ten thousand parents that will never know what hit their child.


Not enough money. But, money can never replace what this little girl lost. Her life was destroyed.

Theodore Van Oosbree

What also stinks is that the case records have been sealed as part of the settlement. That needs to be undone ASAP!


Sorry for the third time let me try it again


I apologies that was not the right document - that I first posted, tooooo short!

Here it is:

My husband became sick after a second reaction to a tetanus shot when he was 34 years old. His first reaction happened at age 28. He had many tetanus shots before that one almost every two years. I wonder often was it an allergric reaction that was building, or was there something in the last two vaccines that had not been there before.

The DPT shots caused stroke and Kawasakis disease in my children.

Hep B caused great problems recently in my daughter with a return of High SED RATES and bipolar.

All of my three sweet family members do have low L carnitine levels.


Hard to know what is going on that is for sure.

What I do know for sure that is going on in my family is my husband has acquired mitrochondria disorder. It is not inherited. He came on after a second reaction to a tetanus shot.

what is interferring with the Krebs cycle???

When you interfer with the Krebs cycle it is more or less where the blood flow takes the poison or the virus and where what ever it is lands.

One quick way that might be a screen for a mitochondria disease is to test for L carnitnine levels. If they are low and you are not a strick veggie - that might be an indication.

A very good web site to go to is adult mitochondria cyopathy - this is a very good site.

It took four years for my husband to get his dignosis. HE even went all the way down to the Emory clinic with Dr. Shoffner who lead the way on this disease. Dr. Shoffner then went to Cleveland Clinic and worked with Dr. Cohen.

Pattrons 99 it talks about your eye trouble here too by the way, as well as seizures, heart trouble, back of leg pain, what ever parents of vaccine damaged children complain about --- it is here.

So what is interferring with the energy cycle?

Autism Grandma

"science already knows that mercury intoxication causes mitochondrial disorder." [Posted by kerbob1]

So which came first, the chicken or the egg? If the chicken is Mercury and the egg is mitochondrial disorder, the damn chicken CAME FIRST. The massive multiple vaccine schedule with all that neurotoxic MERCURY caused the mito disorder to begin with. Mercury is known to produce DNA damage, but these monsters in charge of the vaccine court pretend that they don't know this. The Special Masters are being paid to protect the almighty vaccine industry and if they want to keep their job they are going to do what they are told, and lie cheat and steal to make it happen. But who knows, maybe one of them will get a conscience and blow the whistle on this whole big scam. We can only hope...

My grandson got the same exact vaccine coctail of nine doses that Hannah did and ended up with the same results so I guess this means the vaccine court is going to award us $1,500,000 plus $500,000 every year? YEAH RIGHT.

It's a miracle that the Polings received this award and God Bless them for all they've endured, especially Hannah. But it will take an even bigger miracle if anyone else receives compensation now. They have made the decision to throw autism under the train and they will not back down on this unless they are forced to by the courts and or congress.


I'm so happy for the Poling family. This is a stunning victory.

I hope that the attorneys are paying close attention to all three legal rulings (Fletcher, Cedillo, Poling). I'd like to track down a copy of the Vaccine Court's ruling. Does it set legal precedent? Is so, for which vaccine? ALL of them?

Two short points:

From my non-attorney perspective, it seems like this ruling implicates ALL of the vaccines involved, not just any one of them. Hence, consideration of the victims' entire vaccination history should be relevant, not just any one inoculation.

If you look carefully at the picture of Hannah Poling in the article by Sharyl Attkisson, it appears, to me at least, that she has a cranial nerve palsy. This lends credibility to an ischemic etiology, such as is seen in stroke victims. Andrew Moulden has championed a microvascular ischemia viewpoint for quite a while now.

Personally, I doubt that mitochondrial dysfunction explains ALL vaccine-induced disease. It may play a role in some. It could be related, but in a non-causal manner.


So I'm guessing you guys have noticed, that after being chided by a reader in the comments at CBS for not reading the whole 21 page decision, CBS has rewritten the story. The Polings will get, in addition to the $1.5 million, $500,000 a year for the rest of Hannah's life. A little different story there!


The fact that this case was settled based exclusively on a study of a single child and the subject's father was the lead author of the single case study seems queer since science already knows that mercury intoxication causes mitochondrial disorder.

Imagine the publishing advantage.

What's particularly sloppy is the fact the child's mother is/was a nurse meaning she (the mother) undoubtedly was injected with enough ethyl-mercury in her professional health career to deem her certain mitochondrial disorder positive.

It would appear that through the use of tunnel vision, vaccine court sees only a hereditary connect, and not the bold causal role Thimerosal has played in disabling this child and thousands and thousands of other children.

In essence, the conclusion of the Poling case loudly reveals unacceptable prejudice.

That stinks!


With 9-11 Saturday and the other unfortunate "burning things" in the news...

will this story make the TV newscasts, the papers, or does someone just have to find it on the net ???

Megan O'Malley

Parents need to realize that mitochondrial disorders are NOT RARE - they are hard for most medical professionals to recognize and diagnose because they can manifest in many ways. So much more research is needed! If your child has had an adverse reaction to vaccines, illnesses, medications, toxins... it may be worth screening them. See:


Reminds me of when babies were dying because the nursing mothers were given tylenol 3. Instead of saying that maybe there was a problem with tylenol 3, the mothers were blamed for being "ultra-rapid metabolizers" of the drug.

Craig Willoughby

It's hilarious that the pseudo-skeptics and false scientists out on the interwebz are all saying that Hannah does not have autism.

Which is completely preposterous. Her father has said that she has a diagnosis of autism. Right...I'm supposed to believe the false scientists and pseudo-skeptics over her father.

They try to claim that she only has the "features of autism."

Which is hilarious because autism is diagnosed by behaviors and features. You meet x number of behavioral criteria, then you are given a diagnosis of autism. She has met those criteria, so guess what? She has autism. This is why you can have children with fragile-x and down's syndrome who also have a diagnosis of autism.

Sarah A'Court

(originally posted by a Jenny Webster): "re·sult (r-zlt)
intr.v. re·sult·ed, re·sult·ing, re·sults
1. To come about as a consequence.

cause (kôz)
a. The producer of an effect, result, or consequence."......

Bob Moffitt

While I wholeheartedly agree with Dan that "today, at least, one child got justice" .. I disagree .. "the medical industry's wall of doublespeak, delay and denial is crumbling".

Absolutely NOTHING will penetrate the medical industry's wall of doublespeak, delay and denial .. until mainstream media FINALLY decides to do so.

Until then .. the medical industry will continue spewing their "plausible denials" by "pratting doublespeak" .. such as .. "we don't know the cause of autism .. but .. we know it is not vaccines".

After all, common sense suggests it would have been impossible for the medical industry to be so successful in their "delay, deny" tactics .. over decades .. without a willing, compliant media.

A pox on both their houses......

Jim Thompson

“Significant aggravation of pre-existing mitochondrial disorder,” as it is described by Special Master Cambell-Smith, is Orwellian Newspeak for “autism caused by vaccine injuries.”

“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end, we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.” George Orwell, 1984, p.55.



The Vaccine Court Weasel Word Dictionary is getting denser all the time...

Jenny Webster

re·sult (r-zlt)
intr.v. re·sult·ed, re·sult·ing, re·sults
1. To come about as a consequence.

cause (kôz)
a. The producer of an effect, result, or consequence.

If I had any faith left in the human species... it would have all packed up and left this evening.


...Then, in July 2000, she was vaccinated against nine diseases in one doctor's visit: measles, mumps, rubella, polio, varicella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and Haemophilus influenzae...

Is that a total of 75 micrograms of mercury at that visit ???

Sally Miller

Thank you Hannah and the Polings

Katie Wright

Congratulations and huge thank you to Jon and Terri Polings.

We are all so grateful for their courage and willingness to come forward.

I can only imagine how much easier it would have been to accept a big settlement right after the ruling by signing a gag order.

Thankfully for us the Polings' silence could not be bought. They have more integrity than every single person in the CDC put together.

If my son could talk he would say thank you Hannah.

Maurine Meleck

And I lift my glass of champagne,(again today) and say Shana Tova to all of our families who have suffered so much and deserve better times.
Happy New Year and let the bells ring out
for change.



I asked a question about this on Yahoo Answers (where Big Pharma has a presence) if anyone cares to answer.;_ylt=AjjkybzzJgn_oy.YE95Lwkvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100909143213AApjwO2

Maybe the tide is turning...

Daniel Park

I didn't know that it wasn't the vaccines fault after all, but my very faulty
child who happened to inherit an unknown mitochondrial disorder. My bad!

KFuller Yuba City,ca.

I have sent this info to all of our local news outlets both print and TV.

Anne McElroy Dachel

What the public sees and remembers in both the Fletcher case and the Poling case-----two normally developing kids---left permanently injured by their routine vaccines.

And could that also happen to your baby? -----Sure.

Anne Dachel Media

Julie Obradovic

And only 1 in 4 parents believe vaccines can cause...oh, I'm sorry "result" in... Autism? They just made it 4 out of 4. What else could it be?

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