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“If we do not soon stem the rising tide of chemical and biologic intoxicants by pharma, extinction of the species is a distinct possibility.”

Cloned beef and Frankenfish, e.g. GM salmon, are just the tip of the iceberg. We have been completely abandoned by our FDA, ADA, EPA, USDA, CDC, and WHO.



“Extinction is not an unusual result of humanity's mishandling of the planet, but even for us, this will be an unusual way of achieving it.”


Cherry Sperlin Misra,

Do you work/live in India? The son of a friend of mine is seeking a Fullbright scholarship to work with children with autism in India. He has read the story of my son's recovery from autism and his mother knows all about it as well (and is very supportive). It would be wonderful if he could correspond with you. Would that be possible?


I know that Patron and I agree with you but they can't weasel out with the word "trigger" like they can with the word "cause".. that's my point.. the Drug companies are experts at twisting the truth, using half truths, misleading and using weasle wording. It's a propaganda technique. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.


Cherry Sperlin Misra - "I believe that its never too late to remove mercury and give the body a chance to heal."

Very true. Our bodies are so polluted with pharma's xenobiotics that we might wish to consider regular detoxification, not just from mercury. We need to get rid of fluoride, cadmium, arsenic, lead, and aluminum, too.

“Male fish now exhibiting female traits due to toxic chemicals and pharma runoff” by David Gutierrez on NaturalNews on September 12, 2010.


Fluoride should be IMMEDIATELY banned from the public drinking water and toothpaste. It's a cummulative POISON.



Thanks Cherry;
I have been looking around to on the internet to see what would have been this tick shot. So far all I can find is a type of tick encephalitis vaccine, but it is confined to Europe, nothing in the United States. Really makes me wonder what in the heck they gave him.

He has been tested several times for heavy metals. Nothing shows up, but then I have been told that mercury or what ever has to be provoked because it is so tightly bound up in the cells because it is ethyl or methyl mercury.

gamma globullin I thought that was after someone got a disease, not something that was used as a prevention - like a vaccine. I will look that up and see.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Benedetta, My guess is that the "tick shots" could have been gamma globullin - plenty of mercury there. If your husband is now suffering because of mercury, take a look at the Andy Cutler protocol for removing mercury . I believe that its never too late to remove mercury and give the body a chance to heal.


The notion of a subset of the population who are susceptible to autism is HOGWASH. We are ALL susceptible to vaccine-induced autism. VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM, plain and simple.


Sarah - sorry to differ, but I favor staying with VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM.

Use of the word "trigger" implies, to me at least, that something more than the vaccines is needed for vaccines to cause autism. To date, no other factor has been shown to be a prerequisite. Mitochondrial dysfunction has not been shown to be a prerequisite to autism.

No amount of politically-expedient sophistry or parsing by the vaccine court will change the fact that VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM.


cause vs trigger...

The technically correct word here is "trigger"...we should be saying vaccines trigger the onset of autism...it's true.

Technically they can argue against the statement vaccines cause autism but they can't argue against the statement that vaccines trigger the onset of autism.

R Prasad

If Vaccines don't cause Autism, then Vioxx drug also didn't kill anybody. Vioxx caused a biochemical change in the body which indirectly affected the heart. Then they (patients) developed heart attacks. So, Vioxx didn't cause heart attacks.

Dr.  Jordan

patrons 99 is right on! We do not understand that our immune systems are reactionary and react to the immune challenges presented to us and respond .....often with autoimmune disease, mitochondrial disorders, cancer...and the abnormal, unatural, alien vaccine injected into us, bypassing the way our immune system has evolved over many years to work..via the mucosal system and with cell mediated immune response we have shifted away our helathy TH1 cell mediated immune system and unaturally lifted the TH2 unhealthy humoral immune system and thefore ruined a health Th1 bias and replaced with a very chronic inflammatory Th2 humoral inversion........mans hubric and unintelligent intrusion into our genome by infecting vaccines is the root cause of these now transgenerational diseases, genetic diseases.........because it is only MEDICAL ASSUMPTION that the vaccines are the same as a natural immune challenge which they are NOT and it is assumed that the vaccine results in immunity which it does not.....antibodies are not synonomous with immunity, many of the immungolobulins produced from vaccines are actually pathological or junk!This junk wastes the bodies resources and severly taxes the kidneys and liver which must deal with this junk, this trash whih man ASSUMES is better than a properly functioning evolved immune system! There does not exist one admitted vaccine safety study or efficacy study for that matter that shows vaccines are environmentally, epidemiologically necessary to offset level of infectious disease!!!!! This is all medical assumption! Only now in March of 2010 has the NIH admitted to finally although too little and much too late is funding via R21 gene impact studies on any vaccines!All of the vaccine court cases should be refiled and put the burden of proof onto the drug companies to proove these vaccines ANY OF THEM are not gene impacting in anyone to then result in the expression of disease from these vaccines which is the gene impact! The profile of gene expression comes as a REACTION to the vaccine challenge....all of the vaccine induced disease is actually iatrogenic, imposed upon the individual by the vaccine! Now, once again, since herd immunity is a 1900 CONCEPT, again medical ASSUMPTION and only challenge studies can show a greater standard of efficacy, because eveyone and everything vacccinated is now compromised from the infections viruses are now inside our normally pristine internal bloodstream and now genetic disease has been injected, inserted into the genome.......of course the drug companies knew what they were doing.....they make most of the very same drugs licensed to then treat the vaccine induced disease and they are raking it in for chronic VIDS management! Why else would they have demanded full indemnification? Why else would they have found a way to have vaccine damage awards not paid out of their pockets?????? Our government is essentially supporting the harmaceutical agenda and if not ..........if we were really free to sue for damages, there would be no vaccine industry, for that matter much less disease and chronic disease management for which the medical industry is entrenched in for their survival.....this is a RACKET. Read more about this racket in MARK OF THE BEAST HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT available on Amazon.com I have witnessed the vaccine induced diseases first hand for the past 25 years of medical practice and spent the last 3 years researching out the scientific studies that proove this damage is eminating from the adminstration of vaccines.Once this information is a part of the evidentiary case file the vaccines will no longer be wining in the government sponsored vaccine court......not without obvious collusion and failure to allow the facts into evidence.


My family always give me surprises almost daily!

Yesterday my husband told me that he not only took lots of tetanus shots but also tick shots - every year. He worked his way through college (always worked for the forest service) worked during the school year (esp fall and winter) fighting forest fires (professors were very understanding) and during the summers full time carrying surveyors equipment, and making hiking trials.

These were not shots for Lyme because this was pre- lyme knowledge time??? This was in the late 70's

What were these tick vaccines for???

One more thing to add to the reason that autism seemed to first appeared around the foretry industry????????


Aspergio the Magnificent

Not all mitrochondrial disesaes are genetic.

I know this from personal experience.

My husband was fine untill a second reaction to a tetanus shot at age 34.

It took four years and a big long trip down to the Emory Clinic to get a second muscle biospy because Louisville, Ky messed up the first biospy.

Dr. Shoffner at the Emory clinic was in the fore front of mitochondrial research and studies AND HE said it was not genetic. He requested that my husband come back down and see what was causing his "required" mitochondrial disorder. However, my husband was still able to work at the time, still ambious, still doing very well in his job - he could not nor would not take the time off. Besides we knew what had caused it. It was the vaccine but we did not tell anyone that, because we saw how far we got from complaining about what the vaccines had done to our children.

We just hoped he could get over it. He is now 54 - a life time. He did not get over it.
But he had ACQUIRED mitochondrial cytopathy.


ElizaCassandra, you may be thinking of this study done by Geraldine Dawson when she was at the University of Washington. (She is now Chief Science Officer for Autism Speakse.) I don't have a link to the study, but here are a couple of articles about it:


Home Videos Show Autism Starts Later in Some

Home videos of children's birthday parties may validate what many parents of autistic children have suspected in retrospect: Children who seemed normal in their first year of life may regress and develop symptoms of autism by their second birthday.

A new study analyzed home videos of first- and second-year birthday parties and showed that some autistic children began displaying symptoms of the disorder by their first birthday, such as less frequent use of words or babbling.

Meanwhile, other autistic children who behaved normally at age 1 appeared to regress and showed typical symptoms of autism by age 2.

Researchers say it's the first objective evidence of autistic regression, a form of autism that accounts for about 25 percent of all autism cases in the U.S.

"Once again, this study provides an important lesson that parents are good reporters on what is happening with their children," says researcher Geraldine Dawson, PhD, director of the University of Washington's Autism Center, in a news release.


New UW study documents autistic regression


Wow, it sure is great to see a mainstream reporter asking such good questions!!

Aspergio the Magnificent

"Question: Do the vaccines actually cause the mito disorder in the first place?"

Mitochondrial disorders are genetic and cannot be caused by vaccines, much like autism in general.


Perhaps some additional positive news--The original CBS report on the Poling award is #1 on the CBS news Most Popular list right now, and reading through some of the commentary, it feels like there is a greater recognition that there are problems with vaccination or a need for a more reasonable approach.


Here’s the interview conducted by medical historian Dr Edward Shorter of the late Dr Maurice Hilleman of Merck.


“I think that vaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th century.”

After this 20 million dollar judgment, Dr Hilleman may have been just a bit off-target, at least, with respect to the 21st century.

Linda Weinmaster

Alisyn Camerota is the reporter from Fox News. She is the mother of twins that are about 3 years old.

Cindy Keenan

Jen, I saw that article too. Coincidence that the CDC just happened to release this study immediately after the Poling settlement? NOT A CHANCE! One more attempt to muddy the waters for parents who are on the fence about vaccines. Sadly, it's the children who pay the price for the CDC's chicanery.


jen- I just saw that article myself. I completely agree about the timing. Talk about talking out both sides of your mouth...

Heidi N

Did he say his child has autism? If so, I wonder if he has looked into recovering him. When you see which efforts are needed to recover your child, you really start to see the effects of vaccines because they include treating for pathogens and toxins found in vaccines.


Anyone else think its weird that this was released right after the comp was rewarded?

it's on yahoo's home page


From "across the pond":- Sorry I can't be more specific but, several(?) years ago, an East Coast(?) American University studied first and second birthday party videos. Their findings were that there were some children who were O.K. at the first but "different" by the second party. Does anyone out there have the precise reference? If so, thanks.


The more loaded our bodies become with mercury, aluminum, fluoride, hypomethylated DNA, and dysfunctional mitochondria, the more susceptible we become to infectious, neoplastic, and autoimmune diseases. Vaccines provide the portal for vaccine-induced diseases and susceptibility to diseases. As a species, how much is left of our immune reserve-capacity to prevent diseases? As a species, how much is left of our genetic reserve-capacity to tolerate environmental stress?

We should carefully study how species become extinct. If we do not soon stem the rising tide of chemical and biologic intoxicants by pharma, extinction of the species is a distinct possibility. Vaccine-induced diseases and susceptibility to diseases are now transgenerational. Reproductive capacity and successive generations are no longer a certainty.


Either vaccines trigger the mito dysfunction that results the autistic symptoms or they are toxic to the mitochondria causing them to dysfunction...w/o the trigger likely our kids would be fine.

I find it hard to believe the drug companies with their vast research budgets wouldn't know this...then again it's never really been about protecting the kids


"I got suspicious at the age of two, but prior to that, when he was a year old, he acted like a normal baby..."

I wonder what could have occurred between the ages of one and two... oh, yes, the MMR/Varicella. My money says Alvarez knows it was the vaccines that injured his child but he doesn't want to become another martyr in the manner of Wakefield.


Does anyone know who the woman from Fox News was? She certainly has a lot of common sense.


Fox News is normally DEPLORABLE on most subjects. I usually only turn it on to laugh at it. I'm sure this woman will be berated by her bosses and shown the door the next time she tries to address this issue in an even-handed way. Fox is just as dependent as the other networks on good-ol' pharma for its ad revenue.


Sure are getting to be so many stupid comments and saying surrounding autism that I am going to have to start making a list.

Because in the future I may have to throw this list up into some people's faces.

"didn't cause it, it resulted in it",

----so it did not cause it but never the less Hannah got autism from the result of taking a vaccine. Is this the reason that she won, we are not really blaming the vaccines? If so the judges must really think the public is just really dumb, or maybe trusting since it came right out of Federal Vaccine Court!

Then how come my husband had lots and lots of tetanus shots but just the last two resulted in ----- an acquired mitochondrial disease?

Yeap! Going to add that to the growing list right along with:

"Genetics is the gun and the environment pulled the trigger"
--- There is another mind bender like which came first the chicken or the egg.

"Autism" now why do we have a name like that for brain injury with immune problems? Autism is that like autistics like in artistics? Artistic now that is a good thing, right? No wonder the majority of the public don't get it. Another stupid moment,and another stupid word.

"Aspergers, or PDD-NOS" two more stupid descripitons. Let's see - what is the difference here??? Both brain injuried but one is talking since birth and the other starts talking a lot later???

And what do they mean Pervasive Developmentally Delayed - Not otherwise specified. I asked that question at least six times the first time I heard it.
And I must say, the answer only furhter confused me.

Deep thinking here? or messed up thinking?


Dr Alvarez had better start getting a clue.
He must have the little woman at home with his son while he is busy with his doctoring career and TV career. Staying home a little bit and seeing an occasional unexplained fever, fit, stimming sometimes sometimes helps if he is not a hopelessly stupid deep thinker to a more clearer thinker.


RN mommy - "Do the vaccines actually cause the mito disorder in the first place?"

David Holtzman, MD, PhD, a Pediatric Neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA, notes, “Mitochondrial Disease may present with the clinical features of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Several recent studies have documented biochemical evidence of abnormal mitochondrial functions in at least 30% of children with ASD.”


VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM independent of whether patient has mitochondrial disease. We are ALL susceptible to vaccine-induced diseases.


interesting interview w/ Dr Dykens on:

Drug-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction:
An Emerging Model for Idiosyncratic Drug
Toxicity -

James A. Dykens
Pfizer Drug Safety Research & Development,
Sandwich, England






A related story...

Large Reservoir Of Mitochondrial DNA Mutations Identified In Humans

ScienceDaily (Aug. 12, 2008) — "Researchers at the University of Newcastle, England, and the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech in the United States have revealed a large reservoir of mitochondrial DNA mutations present in the general population. Clinical analysis of blood samples from almost 3,000 infants born in north Cumbria, England, showed that at least 1 in 200 individuals in the general public harbor mitochondrial DNA mutations that may lead to disease."




I would like to know what Dr Alvarez real point of view is. He seemed very uncomfortable with the conversation. Once the topic changed, he was much more direct and confident in his tone.

Still, good job Fox news for having a reporter who doesn't seem afraid to ask the tough questions and call the pharma industry out on this topic.

RN Mommy

Way to go Fox news!!
Question: Do the vaccines actually cause the mito disorder in the first place?
Sorry, in need of some education here.


Anne Dachel - " I wonder if he'll check to see if his son has the same thing Hannah Poling does that made her susceptible to vaccines."

We are ALL susceptible. The "susceptibility factor" is the vaccine schedules. It only takes one vaccination to put you down, sometimes permanently.

The vaccine schedules are responsible for vaccine-induced susceptibility to diseases. The vaccine schedules are responsible for the epidemic of vaccine-associated diseases.



I thought the last stats from Kennedy Kreiger were that 38% of their autistic patients had underlying mitochondrial disease?
If it's only 7% it would be even more rare. Is this among only autistic patients? Would that number account for the rate that held for so many years, 1 in 10,000 victims as opposed to 1 in 100? Certainly not much of an explanation for this epidemic?
If, "something" were to mimic genetic mitochondrial disease in the body, and the shots were added, it may well be the explanation. Yet there would be no test for a more transient induced mit disease. Sorry, going in circles:(

Jennifer Hutchinson

Here's what I don't get. Why don't the words "Federal Vaccine Court" scare the bejesus out of people? Would they be nervous if there was such a thing as a "Federal Zoloft Court" or a "Federal Lipitor Court"? No. Wait. How about a "Federal Viagra Court"?


good piece by Fox news..the points the reporter made about how many more kids may have an underlying mito disorder and the fishy legal language were right on.

In an open letter to Dr. Novella, Dr. Jon Poling said:

"The best estimate to date of the prevalence of mitochondrial dysfunction in autistic patients comes from Oliviera et al. in a population of 120, 5 of 69 (or 7.2%) showed mitochondrial dysfunction. If this is generalized to the US estimate of 1 million patients with ASDs, then the number of kids like Hannah could be 72,000! Isn’t this worth further study?"

Source: http://www.ageofautism.com/2008/03/dr-jon-poling-o.html

In addition to autism, mitochondrial dysfuncton has been linked to many neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders incl. Parkinsons, MS, ALS, epilepsy, Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and Alzheimers.

Mito dysfunction is not rare despite the CDC's claims.

Perhaps we should have our kids screened for a mito dysfunction and push the FDA to require toxicological testing on the effects of multiple vaccines on a young child's mitochondria. Perhaps then we'll know why the autism rate is skyrocketing.

Anne Dachel

I'm impressed with FOX NEWS. They had a reporter attacking the ridiculous claim made by officials, not dismissing it. Dr. Alvarez, father of an autistic son, is rather light-hearted about it all, but he points out the truth. Alvarez's son regressed at age two. I wonder if he'll check to see if his son has the same thing Hannah Poling does that made her susceptible to vaccines.

Reporter: "Did not cause her autism, but resulted in it."

"But no one knows how many other kids have that underlying mitochondrial ...."

Dr. Manny Alvarez: "Yes, that is true. And again it goes into the fundamentals..of you know...autism for a lot of parents ...you know...they don't even know when it comes on.

"My son has autism and I got suspicious at the age of two, but prior to that, when he was a year old, he acted like a normal baby. So this is important. I think that this is going to bring out a lot of interest because ...perhaps it's going to create scenarios where now we have to test children a little bit more careful before we start giving them so many vaccines or exposing them to some types of diets. But it's interesting. The funny thing is no one is saying the vaccines really created the autism.

Reporter: "...They use this very fishy legal language, it didn't cause it, it resulted in it, whatever the distinction whatever the distinction there is."

Alvarez: "Right because they don't want an avalanche of other people ....many many cases have been dismissed by the way...."

Reporter: "We'll see if this sets a precedent."

THE MESSAGE TO PARENTS----This could happen to your son/daughter too if you keep on vaccinating, vaccinating, ....
Anne Dachel

Bob Moffitt

Webster's defines "fishy legal language" as "sophistry .. misleading but clever reasoning".

That vaccines "did not cause Hannah's autism .. but .. resulted in it" .. is a distinction without a difference.

That is classic legal SOPHISTRY .. masquerading as SCIENCE.


Just one more reason to love FOX news!

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