Observations from UPENN's "The Science, Ethics and Politics of Vaccine Mandates"

Fox News Airs Segment Asking about "Vaccine Autism Correlation Coverup?"

Thank you to Rebecca Estepp and SafeMinds for coordinating this media coverage of the state of the Autism Vaccine coverage.  Mary Holland speaks to Fox News.  If the embed does not work for you, go to Media Matters HERE.

Fox asks: "Autism Correlation Coverup? Vaccine claims rarely compensated by gov't"


Ross Coe

I spend time on a website called Topix which offers a large number of forums, including ADHD, autism and more. There is the usual confusion, anger and misinformation being thrown about. Some new contributers would be helpful.

Kathleen Seravalli

I picture this scenario so often in my mind..A 100 years from a young child and his mother are sitting together, and the child turns and says "Mom did they really put poison in baby vaccines? How could they hurt all those kids? The mom turns and says "yes I'm afraid that is true, but they will never get away with that again!!!
Thank you Mary Holland and Dana Hall, and all others like you that have the courage to bring this to light.


ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance - This is a major media campaign to get funding for reearch on ME/CFS and the newly discovered family of retroviruses. This retrovirus family may cause CFS, Autism, MS, other diseases and cancers. Federal funding must be forthcoming quickly as researchers DO NOT KNOW what this newly discovered retrovirus family may cause. It is believed that this retrovirus has been in the nation's blood supply for over 30 years and now 7% or 20 million Americans are carriers of this retrovirus. Funding for research must be gotten NOW before millions more become ill with possible disabling and/or deadly diseases and cancers.

http://www.wpinstitute.org/xmrv/index.html The spectrum of neuro-immune diseases including: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS), Atypical MS, Fibromyalgia and Gulf War Syndrome, share common abnormalities in the innate immune response, which result in chronic immune activation and immune deficiency.
We have detected the retroviral infection XMRV in greater than 95% of the more than 200 ME/CFS, Fibromylagia, Atypical MS patients tested. The current working hypothesis is that XMRV infection of B, T, NK and other cells of the innate immune response causes chronic inflammation and immune deficiency resulting in an inability to mount an effective immune response to opportunistic infections. (See XMRV paper in Science.)
This discovery opens an entirely new avenue of Neuro-Immune Disease related research and our discovery has brought to this field world-renowned immunologists and retrovirologists building our team of collaborators to translate our discoveries into new treatments as soon as possible.
Because retroviruses are known to cause inflammatory diseases, neurological disease, immune deficiency and cancer, the discovery of XMRV has far reaching implications for the prevention and treatment of not only lymphoma, one of the potentially devastating complications of ME/CFS, but prostate cancer and perhaps many others.


And Polliwog;
Hmmmm the reason there is a vaccine compensation court was to stop in sueing of the medical personal that administer vaccines as well as the manufacturers of vaccines.

Sueing a doctor for a Mis-dignosis of autism???

A new angle for sure, for me, but I am sure that is all tied up into a neat little bow like all the rest of the stuff the vaccine court has touched.


I think that another avenue to prevent further mistreatment of these children is to sue the doctors and other specialists who have labeled children with autism. It is a misdiagnosis that sends children down a path of treatment denial...., either on purpose or naively they are being negligent in using the word. I know that sounds harsh... but it will stop the cycle of labels being attached to children without proper medical assessment for medical ailments

Teresa Conrick

Mary and Dana,

Thanks so much for being on air and representing our journey so eloquently! We are blazing trails here and faith with much hope needs to keep us going. This was a wonderful way to keep that momentum going.

FOX news and Ms Camarata have many new supporters. Reporting on truth and the need for justice is just so atypical these days - Bravo to them!

PS- Thanks Becky, Lyn and SafeMinds.


Here is the 'thing'...plain and simple...black and white...

Its OBVIOUS that cases that DO NOT use the words/phrases/intent that "VAccines cause AUTISM"...well, they ARE awarded damages...

Look at all of the cases that have been awarded damages...including the Polings..its all about symantics and THAT is just plain HORRIBLE!

All of the cases that we have all read that were awarded damages used different phrases/words/etc..some used "PDD-NOS", some just used enceph., some used other 'words'...BUT ALL DESCRIBE the outcome as what the definition of AUTISM IS.

All of us parents in the Omni-bus have to get out and pursue 'table' injuries, with the medical records we have to back it up...forget using the word "Autism"...play their 'game' and low and behold we will start to finally get the damages our kids so rightly deserve. Count on it...between the Polings case as a precedent, Baily Banks, and others...find which case is the mirror of yours and file outside of the omnibus..plain and simple...

Very clearly, we all know that there is a case that MATCHES each of our kids cases that HAVE been compensated for damages, just those cases never used the word AUTISM, just used the combos/names of the table injuries that led to/made worse things that eventually caused 'Autism'...but knowing those cases are out there and already compensated, we need to all go find our 'match'and instead of saying bluntly, 'this vaccine caused autism'...we play their game and use their terms/etc...and then when they start paying all of us...because surely they will have too since they have already compensated others like ours...THEN we can all stand together and say "SEE, its all just a GAME, because in order to get compensated we had to playaround with words...eliminate the 'word' Autism, and THEN we get compensated....so whatever way you want to look at it...whether you say "VAccine caused Autism" ...OR ...it seems the more 'compensatable' or 'winnable' term would be "the table injury which was from this vaccine led to a diagnosis of Autism"....which, certainaly couldnt ever possibly MEAN THE VERY SAME THING RIGHT>!?!?!?

We need to stop fighting them and play by their black and white rules, forget using the word 'autism' and go from there...

At least that is what I am doing right now...as soon as I got my letters for my boys last week, I started to prepare my withdrawl from the omnibus papers along with the copies and clear outlines to their medical histories, one mirrors one already compensated case,and my other son matches another case...

its not 'hard'...just look at what has been compensated and findwhich one is exactly like your childs journey...

To me, it seems that the more complicated they want us to think this whole process is, we just need to beat them at their own game...because certainly the courts have already AGREED and compensated cases whose "person suffered a table injury from a vaccine which led to further developmental disorders/delays/regressions, or to even use the terminology of pdd-nos"...NOT that "Vaccine caused autism"...even IF Autism was the dx later on, the 'injury' . ...all of ours can easily be attributed to a table injury...just by finding a case whose like our individual case...

Then, after we all get what our kids rightly and honestly deserve from the VICP, then and only then I think will we be able to stand up and SHOUT TOGETHER..."SEE...SEE EVERYONE, its all been a matter of wordplay"...and WHO CARES the order of events..plain and simple...if we didnt get the vaccine that caused the table injury it wouldnt have led to a dx of Autism...

sounds so simple doesnt it?



Rhonda Spellman

Bravo Rebecca Estepp and SafeMinds and Mary Holland!!!
Normally I would NOT listen to anything that originated with Fox News but THIS is awesome!
My son was vaccine injured and the subject matter of my 3rd book 'The Journey Home from Autism'.
Recommended reading: Deadly Immunity by Robert F. Kennedy - just type this in your browser.
We AL need to stand up and fight for truth and for our kids!

david burd

Kathy Blanco, Your comment on HIV-infants/kids having brain damage and assorted other terribly serious health issues is missing the most critical factor.

Starting day of birth and continuing every day for 6 weeks, a suspected HIV-baby is given the chemotherapy drug called zidovudine (otherwise known as AZT, short for azidothymidine, also brandname Retrovir) in doses that unfailingly bring damage to mitochondria, neurological systems, gut tissues, cause anemia, bone marrow damage, etc.

Zidovudine in fact was a failed cancer drug because it was too toxic in every which way (and has now been stopped for adult "HIV" patients after its certain lethality could not be ignored any longer).

More horrifying, after 6 weeks of constant zidovudine, if an infant still tests indeterminate or "positive" for HIV, then the zidovudine is continued indefinitely, and at higher doses. Sometimes, other similar "antiviral" DNA chain-terminator drugs may be substituted in lieu of zidovudine.

Thus, it is inevitable and certain the infant will be constantly poisoned until he/she dies or is taken off this insane treatment. Perhaps this is useful, since you brought up the topic of HIV.


A recap of the links I provided earlier, for those who do not have time to read all:

“There is a striking correlation between neurodevelopmental symptoms found in children infected with HIV retrovirus and those children diagnosed with idiopathic Autism Spectrum Disorders (of still unknown aetiology). Furthermore, the underlying biomedical pathologies found in HIV-positive children are in many ways identical to biomedical pathologies found in children diagnosed with ‘common’ idiopathic autism. … The mechanisms of HIV-injury on host cellular systems have been identified in recent years and these pathologies often very closely match those found in autism, such as mitochondrial chronic microglial activation, cellular calcium overload, oxidative stress, vasoconstriction, glutathione depletion, chronic inflammation of gastrointestinal and central and peripheral nervous systems etc.

Latent retrovirus can be reactivated by vaccinations. In addition to this, live virus vaccines, especially MMR, often come with a warning for HIV infected individuals with low CD4+ counts – inability to mount appropriate immune responses results in vaccine virus persistence. For example polio vaccine strain has been found in gastrointestinal tract of vaccinated individuals. No antibody production to Dtp or measles live virus vaccine. These findings have lead to proposals that both immunotherapy and vaccination of HIV-infected individuals should be accompanied by administration of an antiviral drug(s). In addition, it is suspected that exposure to antigenic stimulation through vaccinations may enhance the susceptibility of uninfected subjects to HIV-1. (reactivation of endogenous retroviruses by external stressors, including vaccinations, has been proposed as causal in other autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis)…”

As Kathy mentioned, a newly-discovered human retrovirus, XMRV, is being found in over 80% of autistic children.

XMRV is closely related to polytropic murine gammaretrovirus, which causes immune suppression (low-grade AIDS) and NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE in infected animals, including chronic microglial activation, restricted blood flow to the brain, mitochondrial dysfunction, seizures etc. Of course it has not been proven YET that the same thing happens in humans, and the only way a disease correlation can ever be proven for XMRV in humans is through clinical trials (i.e. amelioration of symptoms through use of agents that block the infection). This was how HIV-AIDS link was established btw.

If a vaccine-court families can show their children are infected with XMRV, a good lawyer could easily make a strong case for the scenario.


What Kathy said!

Please support the WPI, every little counts :) http://www.wpinstitute.org/xmrv/index.html

on HIV in children and our kids' "autism":



Wow, this is really amazing. And it shouldn't be amazing! This should just be the norm for news coverage! We've been asking for years, where are the reporters asking good questions?!? Honestly, I'm no fan of Fox News, but as of now Alisyn Camerota is my hero. Two good stories in a row! And Mary Holland who was already my hero -- so poised, articulate, on point! And Dana did great too -- thank you Dana for sharing your letter! And thank you to everyone who orchestrated this!


What do the "special basters" use for evidence to drop 5000 cases ???

Epidemiology from the missing Dr. Thorsen ???

Material from a doctor who has had his vaccines pulled off the market ???

Hang in there....

LJ Goes

Mary and Dana...RAH YOU!!!

Louise Kuo Habakus

Brava, Mary and Dana. All: please contact Fox and tell them you want more! They get great ratings... and let's see what happens when we shine a little light on these stories. (Big thanks to Becky and Lyn)

Theresa Cedillo

Great job Dana and Mary! Thank you!

Kim Mack Rosenberg

Great job both Mary and Dana. And much thanks to Becky Estepp and Safe Minds for helping to make this happen.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Friends, Dont fall into their trap: It has been clear for years that the senior public health officials know what causes autism. They simply do their best to mislead the public in order to buy more time before the ax falls. They really could not get away with that with the Polings , for a variety of reasons but for the average autism family, the big, grinning cat is purring "Yes, dear litigant, oh, wouldnt you like to go out and find some new hypothesis so that you can assist us in confusing and distracting the public for some more years?, "


So how does it work exactly? The parents and medical records say that the child was developing normally until he received one or more vaccines after which he screamed for days on end, had seizures, lost motor skills, language and eye contact, developed obsessive behaviors, echolalia, explosive diarrhea, etc. and the epidemiologists come in and say, "Our studies show no link." Is that how it works?

By the way, has anyone seen Poul Thorsen lately? Here's an interesting article addressing the interconnectedness of the authors of some of these supposedly independent studies. (Check out Thorsen's centrality):


Louis Conte

Mary was terrific. Sincere and on point; The NVICP is not a Court. It is not even "a compensation program."

Indeed it will not be long before people regard what happened in AOP as one of America's most shameful days; when the government and the corporate intrests fused, injured children and denied responsibility.

But a new order of justice may be here before too long.

How long? Not long.


Kathy Blanco - You crack me up re:fox news. You're right - I hated Fox News - hmmmm. Now, I'm going to have to reconsider my position. :)

Mary Holland & Dana Hall - You rock. Thank you.

Jennifer Keefe

Kudos to you, Mary, for a job well done.


Nice work Mary & Dana.


Again....... the word Autism is preventing hundreds of thousands of children from getting proper medical treatment and care. Why aren't these lawyers doing a better job? Why is everyone so married to the word Autism... like it is a badge of honor or something? Most of these children are not autistic, but rather have vaccine injuries and/or other environmental injuries that "resulted in autistic like symptoms". Autism, according to the government is a nontreatable neurological disorder that is caused by bad genes that are yet to be discovered. Unless the definition changes, the courts will continue to deny claims. Parents need to demand that their children are properly assessed amd diagnosed with medical ailments... mercury poisoning, GI disorder, immune dysfunction, vitamin deficiencies, metabolic disorders, etc.... Dump the A word. It is being used to deny insurance coverage, court damages, and appropriate medical testing and diagnosis. It is a sham and a shame that so many lawyers are not thinking outside the box on this in regards to these court procediings. It makes me wonder if they are not the problem.

Kathy Blanco

to all you Fox news haters, maybe it's time we write them, and thank them for being above board? That said, I think the new angle to sue is this? What if, my son (who has XMRV), had an underlying retrovirus reservoring in his B and T Cell lymphocytes, and when vaccinated, it allowed the retrovirus to replicate at a faster more evil and damaging rate, which would damage the brain like those seen in HIV children (many simularities between an HIV infected child, gut problems, brain problems, immune dysfunction)? HINT HINT autism america...this is probably why our kids have damaged BBB's, and inability to detox, because they had huge oxidative stress from the GET GO, thereby, allowing mitochondrial dysfunction, microglial activation and disruption of key developmental timings of pruning and maturation of the brain, both in utero and after a series of vaccines. Mercury makes things worse. Or allows such pathogens to have entry into the brain. New angle folks, new angle. I am sure all the environmental toxicants also take advantage in the body with a retrovirus on board. Many with HIV Aids are highly infected with co pathogens like HHV6, Lyme, Syphillis, CMV, EBV...just like our kids they have gut problems, bacterial and fungal problems (which sometimes kill before the "hiv" does)....so...there you go...there's your new angle.


We should deconstruct the concept and analyze their motive.

"Flu Shot Prevents Heart Attacks..."

The vaccine industrialists are not fools.

The vaccine industrialists are VERY vulnerable as to whether mass inoculation of the public with "flu" shots potentiates, predisposes, triggers, or causes heart attacks.





So Hannah Poling's parents are medical and legal professionals - a neurologist and a nurse/lawyer - and they WIN in Vaccine Court where vaccines "RESULTED" in their child's autism.

This tells the world that a family pedigree in Medicine and Law gives that family an advantage in the vaccines-caused-my-kids-autism court. The theories and medical expertise, connections and savvy legal maneuvers come easily with this background. And hence they won a large settlement in vaccine-induced-autism court.

So that's 1 family with an autistic child with a win in vaccine court. And now the 5,000 other families who likely have no medical or legal background are outright dismissed and asked to put forth new causation theories and provide new medical evidence....

....seriously...lay people come forth with your next best theory and some medical professional to back it...this court is a disfunctional, yes, administrative joke dishing out nothing remotely close to equality, justice and fairness for all.

In a jury of peers, the eye-witness accounts of family, friends and care providers of children who were normal on Tuesday, got shots on Wednesday and were totally different kids on Thursday would be sufficient to win in a regular court.

Time for change. Time to End the Age of Autism.

John Stone

Unlike Dan & Mark's Imus interview I was able to view this one.

Becky Estepp

"I believe at the end of the day, we will look back at these proceedings in shame."

Thank you Mary Holland for stating this on LIVE national television.

And thank you Dana for sharing your letter with America. You both did a fantastic job.


Flu Shot Prevents Heart Attacks...


The "picture of health" doctor in this clip states that the flu shot prevents heart attacks by causing "inflamation of the heart arteries."

Could the flu shot cause other inflamation elsewhere ??? (such as the brain of infants and toddlers)

The doctor seems to weigh about 10 times more than an American toddler who is expected to take a double dose of flu vaccine.

The clip states there are about 160 million doses of flu vaccine available, which amounts to about a 4.8 trillon dollar revenue for pharma.

...from this, about 120 million dollars will be provided to the vaccine injury fund, about enough to cover the damage to six children.


It sure brought out the pharma concern trolls over at Media Matters


Holy Cow indeed!
It has been so long (1987) that I never dreamed I would hear a law professor remind the vaccine court what they really were - an administration type deal not a court.

Camarota must be doing a segment on this every weekend.

I for sure will be tuning in every weekend now.

I think, and I may be wrong but this all goes back to poor Jett Travolta.
Wether the Travolta's wanted to be involved with this issure or not they still produced a poster child that got Foxs News attention.

Did anyone notice the second night after his death the change in attitude that a lot of news casters on the Fox's New seem to have.

I know I went to bed that first night after some of the reporters were saying but what does Kawasaki's have to do with epilepesy. Then they mentioned autism and once again what does Kawasaki's have to do with autism or epilepsy. I know I got up in the middle of the night and emailed them every one.

Apparently so did every one else because the next day there was a look in their eyes. So good job to every one that emailed in.

Maurine Meleck

I saw the letter too--up close and personal. Thanks, Mary--you did a great job of explaining it.


Mary Holland did a great job . . .


Great clip! When I first saw part of the clip over the weekend, I didn’t even have my first cup of coffee on board, missed about half of it, but I heard enough of it to know that it was important. Thanks to those responsible for the interview. Thanks to FOX news and Ms Camarata for being out in front of the MSM on this extremely important topic.

Couple of questions come to mind. Is the vaccine court the best venue for the NEXT test cases? How will the upcoming Supreme Court ruling impact future test cases? We should consider each possible Supreme Court ruling in the alternative, and analyze how that will change the current legal landscape with respect to vaccines.

I still believe that the 500 pound gorilla is still out there. The science MUST go forward. It is probably neither cost effective nor time effective to analyze each and every individual vaccine for each and every toxin for causing injury, when none of them are safe, and they all cause injury.

It’s been said many times before, but it bears repetition: we need a prospective double-blinded, placebo-controlled, comparison of fully vaccinated versus unvaccinated, looking at the entire vaccine schedule. These studies MUST be done. It is unethical to force the vaccine schedules on the unsuspecting public. It is unethical not to have done these studies. They can be done with proper informed consent and full adherence to the Nuremberg Code and Articles of Helinski, first in non-human primates, then in humans. The conduct of such studies has to be completely transparent and unbiased, i.e., completely free of pharma's influence.

One of our leaders should stand up NOW and champion such a cause. How about our President? Such courage would restore my faith in government.

dan olmsted

Holy cow.


The Polings did it right: gave the government a (cheesie) way out. Would a theory of triggering a retrovirus also give the government a same way out?

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