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Dr. Peter Bearman, Autism and the House of Nonsense

House-of-nonsense Bearman answers: “genes, old parents and possibly a virus.” This is the best he has got? The NIH gave this guy millions to come up with that?

By Katie Wright

Dr. Peter Bearman, a professor of sociology at Columbia University, recently released a research paper alleging that half of the meteoric rise in ASD cases is an artifact. You know- “better diagnosis” and “greater awareness.” A blind, non-medical professional, could have diagnosed my son. Nevertheless in the case of HF ASD and aspergers (which comprise a small % of overall ASD) certainly greater awareness has played a role in the increasing number of those diagnoses. Still- 50%? Ridiculous.

After reading Bearman’s strange paper I was thinking, “who is this guy anyway?” A friend sent me 2 very interesting videos. The first video involves Bearman being interviewed by Dr. Tom Insel, NIMH director. Insel comes across as a super progressive, environmentally friendly scientist compared to this guy. Believe me, you have to see this. It is Insel the whole time pushing the discussion of the environment. After Dr. Bearman concludes that 50% of the increase cannot be attributed to greater awareness Insel asks what Bearman believes is driving the other 50%. Bearman answers: “genes, old parents and possibly a virus.” This is the best he has got? The NIH gave this guy millions to come with that?

OK, I want to know more about this mystery virus. Is it infectious, sexually transmitted, native grown or foreign born? Did this virus travel from Europe of Africa? Does this virus involve the use of drugs or alcohol? I am fascinated. Yes, Bearman does acknowledge the possible role of some kind of toxin. Bearman is not sure what that toxin is but he is sure what it isn’t. Take a guess.

In the second video clip Bearman is seen lecturing a friendly crowd. Now things get really strange. Bearman hypothesizes that proximity to autism organizations, of all varieties, is directly correlated with vaccine refusal. He even takes this wacky argument a step further stating that autism organizations are needlessly frightening people (and/or brainwashing?) about both autism and vaccines. Then unbelievably Bearman says: “it isn’t autism that parents are worried about. They know they can deal with that, they know they can help their child, (and he would know this a non parent of an ASD child?) but it is autism organizations scaring parents!” I had no idea that a bunch of stay at home Moms with no money, no federal backing, no million dollar grants- who are already busy parenting autistic kids- have this kind of extraordinary power! Wow, what’s next for us? Ending the recession, solving the mortgage crisis, creating electric cars?

Does Bearman live on Mars? What is he talking about; parents aren’t scared of autism? Everywhere I go parents are terrified of autism- pregnant Moms, parents of toddlers, grandparents…It really and truly does not seem like parents feel they will “know how to help their kids (if they get autism).” What an asinine thing to say. As if all we have to do is flip a switch or fill a prescription? Does this man have any inkling how hard it is to be a kid with autism and how challenging, emotionally, financially and sometimes physically it is to care for an ASD child? Apparently not.

Is Bearman aware that traditional treatment interventions are basically the same since 1987: ABA, speech OT. So parents sign up for these interventions and problem solved? Nevermind the fact that one parent usually has to quit her/his job to take the child to a 100 appointments, run a home school or sue the local school board for an appropriate education after they offer (usually) an unacceptable placement. Does Bearman even know that those of us with medically affected child often have NO idea “how to help our children” and usually have to figure this all out on our own. I wonder how this guy would handle 5 yrs of sleepless nights? Maybe Bearman would know better “how to help these children.” Does Bearman have any idea how long waiting lists are for therapists, pediatric GIs, schools….? The friend who sent me these you tube clips wrote 1 word on the subject line and it wasn't polite. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

The whole line of blame the families/ and or autism organizations for ASD clusters is crazy. Bearman’s argument that autism clusters spring up around autism organizations is nonsensical. Autism organizations usually form where there are already significant pockets of autism- not vice versa. Senior citizens like to retire in sunny climates. Does that mean the state of Florida is making people old? Of course not.

As far as blaming the parents for the national crisis of confidence in vaccine safety- grow up Dr. Bearman. The problem is the problem- not people talking about the problem.
The medical community needs to fix the problems not blame parents for noticing the problems. Jenny McCarthy asked why is it the consumers’ fault that they don’t want to buy a product they fear is unsafe? Instead of bullying families why not listen to them?
Did I mention that Bearman has written a book? The book is titled “Doormen.” He is a sociologist after all.

I think Bearman needs to leave autism to the real experts and go back to what he knows best- writing: “Doormen Part II.”

Katie Wright is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



I think you are reading into these videos a whole bunch of stuff that just isn't there. Bearman's arguments seem pretty logical from what I see here. I don't think you can expect him to present in two short videos all the evidence he has and it would make more sense instead of personally attacking him to look at the evidence yourself and then determine if he's got a point or not.


Bob- "This is environmental damage affecting expression of genes, which does not involve mutations of the genes."

Darwin, himself, could not have anticipated that his theory of evolution would completely sputter-out and be replaced by transgenerational intoxication by pharma's chemicals and biologicals. This gives the phrase "genetic drift" an entirely new meaning. The time frame for spontaneous mutation of genes becomes much less relevant when the vaccine schedules regularly transfect us with non-human DNA, retroviruses, reverse transcriptases, chemical and heavy metal toxins. This is entirely a man-made phenomenon. Survival of the fittest has been replaced by social Darwinism. Pharma's genetic engineering endangers us all.

If we do not soon stem the rising tide of chemical and biologic intoxicants by pharma, extinction of the species is a distinct possibility.

Theodore Van Oosbree

Perhaps Dr. Bearman is actually an example of Dr. Fox in action:

michael framson

Anne, Your "What ifs and Wouldn't? are the story the silent media will not tell. You and Katie put the media and science to shame.


First, his comment that parental age is a significant factor in the increased prevalence of ASD – he needs to *show* that the increase in ASD is seen ONLY in children of older parents and not in children of younger parents. Instead, he appears to just make a naked assertion that ASD has increased at the same time that there has been a demographic shift in average parental age. Moreover, his estimate that parental age accounts for 11 percent of the increase appears to be completely made up. He gives NO explanation whatsoever how he arrives at the figure of 11 percent.

I will give him props for the discussion of the spatial clustering in California, which he speculates may be environmental (perhaps an unknown virus). Frankly, an “Autism virus” should not be a laughing matter! We all know that simian viruses contaminate several human vaccines. Perhaps one of those “harmless” monkey viruses is triggering an immune response in human children that triggers Autism. Don’t rule it out – that is a plausible theory!!! And it correlates nicely with the vaccine-theory of pathogenesis. Maybe it’s a simian virus or other stealth virus in the vaccine in combination with the aluminum adjuvants or mercury preservatives. (Although the thimerosal would probably kill off any simian virus contaminants in any Hg-containing vaccines). Another closely-related theory is “prions”. Like mad-cow disease. Prions could lurk in any vaccine, from the same sort of source – green monkey kidney or something – and what is more, prions would not be “killed” by Thimerosal!!!) Again, don’t laugh off this possibility.

And I also give him props for acknowledging (by implication or negative-pregnant) that at least 50 percent of the increased prevalence is NOT explainable by diagnostic substitution or other DSM-IV “artifacts.” That’s important – because it is essentially an ADMISSION by the other side that 50 percent or more of ASD’s increased prevalence is ENVIRONMENTAL! That’s HUGE!!!

He also concedes that a “small effect” a couple of decades ago could “cascade” into a large effect observed now through the gametes (sex cells). That fits in nicely with one theory of vaccine damage – namely, that there has been an inter-generational or multi-generational synergistic or additive effect. For instance, let’s say that two generations ago vaccines for polio, etc. merely caused a rise in IG-B allergies or hay fever, and that sort of “mild” immune dysregulating effect. Then one generation later, more vaccines, and it became an epidemic of asthma, food allergies and peanut allergies, and then ADD and ADHD emerged. Now this generation is fully expressing the multi-generational effect with 1 in 68 boys being afflicted with Autism or ASD. This, of course, is based on the emerging science of epigenetics, which posits that environmental damage can be transmitted from parents to children through genetic expression or suppression through methylation or sulfation processes at the nuclear-DNA level. This is environmental damage affecting expression of genes, which does not involve mutations of the genes.

Anyway, it was very interesting – thank you!


Charlotte Lee

This is amazing; our Tax Dollars at work!! Watching the interview between Dr. Insel and Dr. Bearman is like watching a blind man leading another blind man. I believe they have both fallen in the ditch. They are both completely clueless!! I just wish that I wasn't paying for this dishonest dribble!! I would like a refund of my tax dollars that helped pay for this nonsence. I need that money to care for my two kids who are comming off of the Autism Spectrum.


Katie--you are an excellent critic. Good call out on this guy. I think he really needs to understand that correlation does not equal causation. LOL

The fact that this character is suggesting a virus could be implicated in causing autism should be an indication to everyone to BE WARY and critically cautious of all such hypotheses.

I suggest everyone read "The Virus and The Vaccine," "Fear of the Invisible", and "Vaccine A" to learn a little about how modern medical "research" is sometimes accomplished--and exactly how certain medical "knowledge" has become the "prevailing knowledge."

It seems all too convenient imo. Blame autism on something no one can see, that can only be detected using tests that have been newly developed, and which very, very, very few labs or individual scientists will have ANY ability to scrutinize, and even fewer who will have the ability, the funds, AND the desire to scrutinize and question. It appears one can go much farther in medical science research today by following the chosen "leaders" and the well-funded herd than by asking unwanted questions that veer off the well-beaten "desired" path.

And what path could be more desirable to the powers that be than one that eventually leads to a pharmaceutical "treatment," or even better, a "cocktail" of treatments--and away from further investigation (and implication) of pollution, vaccine adjuvants, food additives, antipyretics with dangerous side-effects, etc. No doubt vitamin and mineral supplementation and chelation of heavy metals will be shown to be ineffective in treating the "viral" cause of autism.

And if you don't want to contract this strange new virus (retrovirus)? Well, whatever you do, stay away from the parents of kids diagnosed with autism--they are possible carriers, you know, (of viral ideas, certainly).

Yes sirre, I think perhaps I can already see the future of autism science shaping up here.


The fact that a guy who CLEARLY makes things up of the top of his head actually has an audience proves that people are seeking someone with palatable angles rather than actually seeking information.

It's good to know the money paid for that $8 cotton ball is going toward paying staff to attend this mindless circle jerk.

Paul Shapiro

Dr. Peter Bearman, comes across that he is full of himself. He’s the kinda’ of guy who could milk any problem given to him, spending a lifetime asking questions forever, as opposed to coming up with answers.
Listening to him makes me sick!


PLEASE go to Interesting information about low vitamin D levels and autism. Dr Cannell has a vitamin D theory.We have been told to stay out of the sun and to wear sunscreen, but at what cost!!! READ ABOUT IT FOR YOURSELF, YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH SENSE IT MAKES. It explains the vaccine theory too. It talks about gestational vitamin d defiency. Many have tried Vitamin D but when used with Vitamin A its absorption is read on. hope this is helpful.


Live Streaming of World Autism & Asperger Conference

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Jeff C.

I used to think the “older parent” hypothesis might be credible. After all, the typical couple starts a family later in life today than they did fifty years ago. It seemed to make sense, but there was one glaring exception.

I grew up in a big, ethnic, Catholic family. We all did 12 years of Catholic schools and my family was very involved in church functions. We came in contact with many older parents back then, the difference being that the child they had after 35 was not their first, but their fourth of fifth. It happened all the time, often as quite a surprise to mom and dad. Was there an epidemic of ASD among these kids that were the baby of the family? Not that I remember, and in my research I can find no mention of it.

Unless they can explain the mechanism that causes this discrepancy, they have no credibility. This is just another attempt to deflect attention and blame.

david burd

mary and patrons99, I appreciate your comments regarding my warning that retroviruses are being set up as a phony "fall guy" by Fort Establishment Insel/Bearman. If not retroviruses to divert focus, they have many other phony arrows in their quiver as espoused by Bearman.

natasa, are you the recipient of an NIH grant, or some such, for studying retroviruses? Your vehement position differs 180 degrees from the best virologists in the world, their position being retroviruses have no capacity for harm. Good luck, and good night.


what an asshole...thank you katie for calling him out

E. Hickey

Thanks, Katie!

Meg Naughton

Sorry to tell this dipshit, but I was 24 when I gave birth to my first child with Autism and 27 when I gave birth to my second child with Autism...I don't think that makes me an old parent!


If autistics are more commonly the children of older parents (or an older parent), perhaps it's because older people are more likely to have jobs with good health insurance. I don't know where people go to get free vaccinations, but they'd probably have to troop off to a clinic somewhere.

Adam M

the wisdom of the wise will perish, the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish. Woe to those who go to great depths to hide their plans from the Lord, who do their work in darkness and think "who sees us? "Who will know?"
Isaiah 29:14-15

Couldn't help but think of that.

Adam M

Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.......

Maurine Meleck

I cannot bear listening to this man--and i couldn't express myself better than Harry H
or Claudine did so I am just briefly going to say " Go screw yourself, big Bear Man."

Thanks Katie. Notice I separated you from the Bearman.

Anne McElroy Dachel

This Generation Rescue ad said it all.....
"If you caused a 6,000% increase in autism wouldn't you try to cover it up too?"
April 6, 2006, USA Today
The ad heard around the world? This ad caused the CDC to hold an emergency press conference. It featured the announcement of a new website, that provided an explanation of how the CDC is covering-up the autism epidemic, including many emails captured through FOIA lawsuits.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Friend, Tho what you say may be correct, we have partly brought this on ourselves with all the cute photos of autistic kids.
A much read weekly magazine of India carried an ad about the signs of autism - Yes, you guessed it- Early diagnosis makes everything alright. Now this ad had about 15 tiny pictures to explain the symptoms. I knew there was something wrong, but I could not just put my finger on it. The wording seemed to be ok. Finally I got it- In all the little cartoon pics the kid with autism was looking so happy ! Naturally the ad had been provided by an organisation that is still telling us that autism is "Just another way to be" - no big deal .
We need to work on changing the perception. The world is full of Bearmans


Katie, thank you for screening Bearman's work, BTW, so WE DON'T HAVE TO listen to ALL THIS DRIVEL OURSELVES! There is only so much we parents can take.

Harry H.

Listening to this guy I had the distinct impression he was making some of this crap up as he went along because he really didn't have a clue what his "data" was all about. A Zip Code cluster? Yeah, it's called Brick Township in New Jersey. Old parents are responsible for what? Tell that to the 20 somethings whose kids was just diagnosed. And blaming the autism groups is beyond the pale. This guy's a dumb fuck.


Surely the people in the audience of Bearman's lecture must have been saying to themselves- WTF? This doesn't even make sense?? Support groups cause exemptions? Parents don't fear autism? The rates are going up because the parents are diagnosing each other's children?

And in the first video, the ridiculous phony interview format- nudging and winking at each other- with Bearman making up absurdly precise statistics (would like to see those sources), even as his eyes dart around- obviously lying- you just can't make this shit up! Well, some of us do.



To say parents aren't terrified of autism is absurd. We're still terrified and we are dealing with it and we're lucky to have insurance coverage for some ABA. What about those that don't?
I don't understand how a sociologist can conclude that some of autism related cases are virus linked. It's about time we stop handing govt funding to these idiots who are simply pondering this and running numbers. Give the money to researchers who say "we know there are biological differences in kids with ASD vs those without and we're going to define what those are and the mechanisms for those processes, and therefore determine risk factors and triggers". We need scientists, real scientists, not wafflers.
Sorry to any useful sociologists out there, but this is a medical, biological problem that needs to be understood, and now.


Surely the people in the audience of Bearman's lecture must have been saying to themselves- WTF? This doesn't even make sense?? Support groups cause exemptions? Parents don't fear autism? The rates are going up because the parents are diagnosing each other's children?

And in the first video, the ridiculous phony interview format- nudging and winking at each other- with Bearman making up absurdly precise statistics (would like to see those sources), even as his eyes dart around- obviously lying- you just can't make this shit up! Well, some of us do.



And Bearman needs to be labeled as acting with negligence and malice towards children who are in need a proper medical assessments and treatment. People like him are just talking out their butts with ego and without any regard to the medical needs of children who have been hurt.
Has anyone ever asked him why so many of these children have mercury poisoning?


Katie, Thank you for a great article.

Claudine - I think I love you! Your response made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that!


I'm guessing there ARE "clusters" of older moms like me who were hyper-responsible and all vaccinated their children FULLY and according to the CDC's SCHEDULE.


Diane W Farr

Is there an address where we can mail Bearman a token of our disgust. This is crap and we need to send it back!


It's the A word... dump the A word and sue any doctor who has given your child a label for an untreatable neurological disorder before testing your child for metals, Gi, immune dysfunction, metabolic disorder,,, the list goes on and on. Honestly, the negligence comes from the label. I agree though.. this man is ignorant to the world around him. How sad it must be to be so tiny in your mind that you have to make grand assumptions you have no clue about.


david burd - "It is a huge mistake for the autism community to be led down the phony trail of a virus or retrovirus (XMRV for instance) being a cause of anything pathogenic. These 'retroviruses' have been with humans since time immemorial. What is new is they can be identified by new technologies and there are literally tens of thousands distinct retroviruses inherent to the human makeup."

You are NOT ALONE in this view. Do not be dissuaded from sharing your opinion with us.

Here's a recent comment from Cal Crilly on September 26th, at another AoA thread (see link below):

"The animals in question are exposed to retroviruses that shouldn't have been extracted in the first place and then they expose the wrong organs to retroviruses from different organs. Retroviruses are essential for new growth. They signal to cytokines which are growth hormones to start new cell growth. They also dismantle dying cells. If put into the wrong place they are simply doing the wrong thing to cells who see them and think they should shut up shop. And hypomethylation of cells is the cause of retroviral expression which causes the cell death. This is what we see in Lupus which is a disease characterised by high retroviral loads. Expand+DNA hypomethylation is crucial for apoptotic DNA to induce systemic lupus erythematosus-like autoimmune disease in SLE-non-susceptible mice."


Just a little reminder about why we don't (and shouldn't) trust drug companies:

"Now comes this troubling look at the extent to which GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Avandia, covered up the life-threatening side effects of its diabetes medication. Paul Thacker, who was the leading investigator for Sen. Chuck Grassley’s Finance Committee, writes in Mother Jones what he learned during his three-year investigation:

'During that time, my colleagues and I combed through over 250,000 pages of internal GSK documents and interviewed dozens of witnesses and whistleblowers. What emerged was a troubling picture of a company that had placed corporate profits over patient safety. While suppressing inconvenient evidence about the risks of its top-selling drug, the company even began to develop another drug to treat the very side effect Avandia has been linked to.'

Yes, you read that right — Instead of recalling Avandia, which was linked to causing heart attacks in patients, GlaxoSmithKline decided the better thing to do was to develop another drug that could treat the condition caused by Avandia."

Claudine Liss

I guess the kids from Somalia caught “the virus” on the plane ride to America, or maybe their parents are ancient or maybe that cluster just got shitty genes? I am so glad that the mystery has been narrowed down. Anne Dachel was so kind to point out to a group of us yesterday that ADD/ADHD is genetic too. I am so relieved. I’ll be even more relieved when the all of these geniuses find that the increase in food allergies, asthma, all around allergies, failure to thrive, diabetes, childhood cancer etc…are all just a virus, shitty genes, older parents or better diagnosis. Doctors today are just so smart. To think of all the food allergy kids they missed when I was in school. That’s right there’s no increase, the kids have been there all along…dropping dead from peanuts…who knew? Guess those kids attended a different school system than me.
Boy so many shitty genes out there these days, and to think of all the money my husband and I wasted detoxing our severely asthmatic son WHO IS NO LONGER ASTHMATIC!!! Guess if we waited long enough we could have just chalked it up to shitty genes (his side), a virus or that I had him when I was 32. Dear Geniuses, Do I fall into the older parenting category? (Just curious.) I guess all of the heavy metals found in his body was just a coincidence, as was the fact that within hours of starting a targeted detox he did a 180….my husband and I are so stupid. I mean we should just wipe our butts with our degrees in law, accounting, and statistics and forget the full fledged actuarial certificate that my husband obtained after taking 14 tests. If we would just listen to the geniuses. Can you believe that we blamed our son’s condition on toxins!?
Since autism and ADD are really not caused by toxins (and I am positive that the geniuses will find that the rest of the illnesses/epidemics/plagues hitting our kids are just due to shitty genes, older parents and “a virus”) I am going to celebrate by treating my family and our whole extended family to a flu shot WITH MERCURY at Walgreens. Maybe we’ll get free T-shirts “Got my flu shot – hug me!” Then I am going to head to a doctor’s off ice to get every adult vaccine on the market (Eddy Breznitz would be proud)!!! Then I am going to head to the Supermarket to buy tons of non-organic fruits and vegetables, non-organic meats, and every product that I can find with high fructose corn syrup and aspartame and I am going to throw a huge party. Then I am going to call all of the people I know with (really healthy) unvaccinated kids and I am going to tell them to schedule the shots (all at the same time because that’s safe per Dr. Offit)…IT’S probably NOT THE TOXINS!!!!!
Now I can sleep, join the Junior League (I think I might be too old to join), throw parties and shop til I drop! To all the sick kids out there and your struggling broke stressed out families…. ”Sorry, but you most likely got old fart parents or a virus or shitty genes”, oh well, carry on (with a smile please).
So glad to see our tax dollars going to such good use too!!!
Great article Katie!

Claudine Liss


Speaking of (no) Science

The sociologist is certainly an "Autism zip code" expert, but one can clearly see in the second clip that he is on Coke.

What parent is going to believe this "psycho babble" over what another parent (or thousands of parents) say happened to their children ???

Dr. Insel of the IACC is once again charming and worthless. I would suppose it took two days of travel and one day for the interview as he searches for the "cause and cure" for ASD's.

They still cannot decide if the Autism numbers are really up.. 30 times more common than polio, up by a factor of 100 since 1990 in fifty states....

All since they increased the vaccine schedule from 10 to 36 vaccines and giving infants & toddlers 25x to 75x doses of mercury every few months during the 90's and beyond, and still today with the damn flu shots.

I don't suppose Dr. Bearman meets with any spinning, head banging Autistic children, if he did, his first question would be:

"What is your zip code ???"


"Have you thought about moving to another zip code with lower rates ???"

Kristin B

Not afraid of autism? Really? Talk about out of touch!


WTF??!!, more statistical sleight of hand. I remember statistics questions that played with this idea of cause and effect. That guy is an idiot and it doesn't take a statistical background to see that. I was talking to a friend the other day and I really had to let her hear that MANY of today's kids are not normal. So many of my friends, family have a child with severe ADHD, allergies, learning problems that it really should be freaking everyone out. Go visit some schools, talk to some teachers (especially some older ones (mid forties and older).


The way Bearman puts it in the video is that vaccine exemptions are geographically clustered around autism organizations. If I google "autism" and the name of my town, there's one learning center I've never heard of in a suite somewhere and a different one 20 miles away. And there's one ASD support group. (No mention of vaccines on their website.) It's not like any of these guys are putting up billboards or dropping leaflets from airplanes.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Thank you Katie for writing about this. This past spring, I also learned about the thinking of Peter Bearman.

Watching this ridiculous exchange between Thomas Insel and Bearman makes it clear
that no one will ever admit anything about autism.

The two "experts" babble about the numbers.
Has there been an increase in autism?
How much is a true increase?
What other factors might be at play here?

Bearman fantasizes about older parents, viruses, where kids live, genetics, changes in diagnosing,
expanded spectrum. Bearman tosses out meaningless and pompous phrases like,
"non-overlapping components" and "amplification," as he stumbles around trying to explain
why so many kids have autism.

He ends with a consolatory comment for parents: "It's just enormously difficult to have a child with autism"
and cautions us not to look for a "quick and dirty solution." (I.e. the idea that vaccines cause autism.)

As soon as he makes this statement, Insel, grinning like a resident of the primate exhibit at the zoo,
thanks him for stopping in at NIMH for the chat.


Right now, as long as someone with a PhD from a big name university looks like they're hard at work
unraveling the "mystery of autism," we're content. Someone somewhere is doing something. It's only a matter of time
and we'll understand what's happening here.

WHAT IF .....experts know what's driving this?
What if they've known all along?
What if officials have everything at stake in covering this up?
What if admitting even the possibility that this is a doctor-made epidemic would unleash a floodgate of anger and
What if thousands of careers hang in the balance here?
What if admitting the truth jeopardized the economical stability of our country?
Wouldn't officials be desperate to look anywhere else?
Wouldn't covering this up be the top priority?
Wouldn't they look for an "expert" who memorizes well, but doesn't think for himself, pay him millions to study some ridiculous hypothesis, and then announce the findings
as cutting-edge science?

Wouldn't they do all these things? .....Aren't they doing all these things?

Anne Dachel


Yes the many viral contaminates or RNA fractions in vaccines that are mixed with known mutagenic additives


I second what David Burd said. They keep talking about a virus so they can make a vaccine. These people are all paid liars.
I didn't watch the video, who has time for more of their crap. Like a smart mom told me a long time ago "they'll never admit what they've done."


You mean this was a choice for us? Well thank you Mr. Doorman for letting me know that. Does that mean I can then choose to leave as well? If this wasn't so comical it would be heartbreaking and insulting. I'm tired of "experts" shiftng blame and getting no where with all the wasted millions. Please set up support resouce centers for families trying to just survive each day, come in then and visit at those and see we are not parent sipping toddies and discussing which Ivy league schools are children will be attending. No we are the ones that barely have time to shower, throw on clean clothes, make-up I think mines all expired since its last use.
Wake up NIH and see what is before your eyes. You don't want to create what is needed because then we will come for support in droves because this is an elite club you're preventing us from leaving. Mr. Doorman, get a position as one....don't waste our tax dollars on your fantasy.


Clearly Mr. Bearman needs to concentrate his efforts on sociology and not something he is totally ignorant about-the autism epidemic. We are in the midst of a crisis and this guy has nothing to contribute to science except nonsense. We need help and not pathetic comments directed at families struggling with the greatest health crisis affecting our kids since polio!


These people have no shame!

(+ unrelated note to David Burd: you really haven't a faintest clue of of what you are talking about. It would be fabulous if you cared to educated yourself on the subject of endogenous versus exogenous retroviruses before EVER commenting again. please!)


Yale pulls that "blame the orgs" crap too. Fred Volkmar from the Yuseless Child Study - who I talk about in my book. It's laughable if they weren't getting grant dollars to spout that crap.

Sure, we all decided our kids had autism when Autism Speaks came online nationally - that's right. I have my issues with AS, but really, I don't think they are behind the epidemic, though they may stand in the way of progress to end it.


Clusters of autism around autism support groups is as idiotic as the old "refridgerator mother" theory. Which came first, the child who didn't like being held and cuddled or the broken hearted mother who was simply trying to keep her child happy and comfortable.


If Bearman is talking about altered viruses administered via vaccines, then I'd say I'm with him on viruses being related to autism. 'Weakened' live virus injections of measles comes to mind.


What local autism organizations? I live in one of those two California areas and I have no clue what he's talking about. I'm only aware of autism organizations on the internet. Does anybody have an idea which organizations he means?

What scared me about autism was walking into a kindergarten class and seeing the autistic kids there. And the boy who paced the school library moaning and drooling.

david burd

Katie, Bearman (among others) mentions a "virus" may be implicated in the ASD increase the last 25 years or so.

Also, Bearman and Insel's diagnostic increase is sooo misleading; it has been a colossal "orders of magnitude" explosion,100 times or more!

So, separate false factors are being employed to build the phony foundation for the Official Autism Edifice, while totally ignoring vaccines' toxic ingredients injected into infants, beginning at birth and by 18 months totaling 39 vaccine doses (including flu vaccines)!

It is a huge mistake for the autism community to be led down the phony trail of a virus or retrovirus (XMRV for instance) being a cause of anything pathogenic. These 'retroviruses' have been with humans since time immemorial. What is new is they can be identified by new technologies and there are literally tens of thousands distinct retroviruses inherent to the human makeup.

To be naively led into this Bearman/Insel retrovirus trap will only cause $billions of dollars to be wasted, and a huge attention diversion from the urgently required reevaluation of all the vaccines toxicities.

Insel, Offit, et al. have been expert at diverting scrutiny from the clear dangers and toxicities of vaccines, let's not be fooled by all the diversions they will keep creating.

Alison MacNeil

Wow...I never knew I was so powerful! All this time I've been walking around feeling helpless, frightened, and sad. Lo and behold, according to Bearman, as a scary Autism mommy I'm capable of increasing Autism rates and decreasing vaccination compliance. Talk about multi-tasking! Does he know that like Ginger Rogers I'm also doing that while dancing backwards, wearing heels and probably cleaning up poop!

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