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Primates’ Progress: Disturbing Findings from a Study of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Primates

CBS Asks: Vaccines, Autism and Brain Damage: What's in a Name?

Whats-in-a-name-irrational From CBS News's Sharyl Attkisson

Vaccines have saved untold millions of lives, and the vast majority of people who get them suffer no major problems.

But there's a trade-off: occasionally, vaccines cause injury or death. Very rarely, patients are left with what's known as "encephalopathy", the medical term for brain damage.

In fact, CBS News has found nearly 1,300 cases in which vaccine-related brain damage has been compensated in court over the past 20 years.

The debate over any links between vaccines and autism - a behavior problem triggered by brain damage - couldn't be more contentious. The great majority of medical opinion holds that vaccines don't cause autism. However, many of the same experts don't dispute that vaccines can, in rare instances, cause brain damage.

Family to Receive $1.5 Million + in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award
Learning From a Previous Vaccine-Autism Case

Our examination of federal vaccine court decisions over the years reflects this. Children who end up with autistic symptoms or autism have won vaccine injury claims over the years-as long as they highlighted general, widely-accepted brain damage; not autism specifically. But when autism or autistic symptoms are alleged as the primary brain damage, the cases are lost.

That doesn't make sense to families who see autism as a specific form of encephalopathy. But it makes perfect sense to the University of Pennsylvania's Dr. Brian Strom, who has served on Institute of Medicine panels advising the government on vaccine safety. He says the prevailing medical opinion is that vaccines are scientifically linked to encephalopathy, but not scientifically linked to autism.  Read the full story and comment at CBS News


Trinity Clark

My little guy, now nine, was typical 5 1/2 month oldwith a giggly personality, curiosity, smiles, eye contact and boundless energy. After his sixth month shots( the cocktail of all shots) he ran a high fever, screamed and cried abnd regressed to a 2 month old or less. Henever spoke words until three years old, closer to four and likewise for potty training. Today he is extremely intelligent in his academics and his zest for learning about animals but socially he a moose or elk in a china shop. Four years old--mentally retarded---six years old---autism----9 years old---mal adjusted emotionally and socially by the school and autism by his doctor. I have removed my son from all so called drugs to help him deal with anxiety or psychiatric drugs.
Thats Devon's story but what no one shows is what happens to families. The divorce rate is extremely high amoung families dealing with autism. Single mothers end up living way below the poverty line because they can't get help in order to hold down a decent job. Mothers or dad's raising a child alone get no social intervention of their own and often sink into depression and ill health because of it.
The no child left behind is more of a joke than a law. Putting your child in a cubicle with an aid for the day excluded from what other children get as a reward in school such as recess, lunch with peers, socialization, art, music, gym and in some cases band. The only reason my child is operating at grade level academically is 1) he was able to learn and 2)I taught him at home each day after school, on weekends and during the summer. This year he is homeschooled because I have had enough of my son's segregation from what the school learning module represents.
The rest of the story is we have been driven to near homelessness in order to educate our child. Services that are not necessarily covered by insurance are off limits to us or programs such as Son Rise, Byonetics, Chelation or the like are out of reach. There will be no exodus to the courtroom and fuinding for our loses and imposed traumas. There will be no monetary gain to pay for treatment---there will just be another law to protect the deep pockets of the government and all the glutons that work for it. Our children on the spectrum are a menace to society and no one wants to try and help them---just shut them away in institutions or supervised housing and give the parents a sympathy social security check to retire on when they are old and can no longer work.


"For the greater good" unfortunately my daughter wasn't one of the greater good. Call it what you want its one and the same. To those who think about going to court leave out the "A" word. God bless you and keep you.


Universal immunizations are a “masterful mirage”. There is no serendipity here. It’s willful deception. We have been defrauded.

Here is some VERY compelling data which compares mortality rates in children worldwide with the number of mandated vaccinations received.

“The tables include the first 34 nations by child mortality rates. The data is sorted three ways and displayed in three separate tables. The first is by country name. The second table has the data sorted by the number of vaccinations mandated. The third shows the data ranked by mortality rates. The trend of high vaccination rates equating to high mortality rates is impressive.”

The under age 5 mortality by country appears to be linearly related to the number of vaccines mandated. It may be too early to tell, but the relationship may not be linear. The increase in mortality might actually be something more akin to exponential. Look at the precipitous rise in influenza deaths of children under age 5 after the U.S. CDC mandated flu vaccines.

See “Universal Immunization - Medical Miracle or Masterful Mirage” by Dr Raymond Obomsawin.


Excellent article. The government officials' response is despicable when asked why they aren't investigating/ tracking autism among those with acknowledged brain damage from vaccines. They just don't want to know, like the three monkeys with their hands over their eyes, ears, and mouths. "See no autism-vaccine link, hear no autism-vaccine link, speak no autism-vaccine link."


Good for CBS news to point this out and draw attention to a REAL issue (of course Sharyl was involved!).


They got away with it scott free with my family!
My son who was the most obviously vaccine damaged finally had an MRI 14 years later; two white spots on the brain finally letting me know there was actually damage that could be seen!

Finding a lawyer back 24 years ago - IMPOSSIBLE!

Do it myself, oh please! I looked at the table 24 years ago. My son met the vaccine table exactly: seizures within hours, followed by two seizures with in a year - the only thing he did not fit was the temperature. It could not be over 101. My son's temp was 103, so the peds declared it was febrile seizures.

That is how the vaccine court or the federal government does when they want to pretend they are being fair. They put everything that would make everyone that should qualify ---- qualify - and then they add a little something in to throw it all off.


"Vaccines have saved untold millions of lives, and the vast majority of people who get them suffer no major problems."

This is mythology. It has never been proven. It is entirely a creation of the pharma cartel. The concept of "Vaccine-preventable diseases" is unproven.

Here’s an article titled “Proof of Childhood Vaccinations’ Lack of Effectiveness and Dangers” by Heidi Sevenson on November 15, 2009.

“Anyone who sees this information and refuses to admit that vaccines are questionable simply doesn’t want to know the truth.” - Heidi Stevenson

KUDOS to Dr Raymond Obomsawin. These data speak for themselves.

“Mutated Polio From Vaccine Is Spreading in Africa” by Heidi Stevenson on August 15, 2009.

“Inducing Antibodies does not produce immunity”


In fact, CBS News has found nearly 1,300 cases in which vaccine-related brain damage has been compensated in court over the past 20 years.
You ain't seen nothin' yet, baby.

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