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Book Review Autism: The Diagnosis, Treatment & Etiology of the Undeniable Epidemic

Autism diagnosis book By Anne Dachel
I don’t know how much longer health officials, doctors, and the media can trivialize and dismiss autism and the controversy swirling around this disorder and the vaccine program.  The numbers continue to mount and the science now adds up to volumes of published studies.
Two experts, John W. Oller Jr., PhD, Dept. of Communication Disorders at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and his son, Stephen D. Oller, PhD, Dept. Biological and Health Sciences at Texas A&M in Kingsville, TX, have published a book on autism that is a breath of fresh air :  AUTISM—The Diagnosis, Treatment, & Etiology of The Undeniable Epidemic (on Amazon HERE.)

After about eight years of researching autism, I thought I was pretty welled versed on the disorder and the link to vaccines, yet I learned a lot from this book.
I remember when David Kirby’s Evidence of Harm came out in 2005. HERE It was about the use of mercury in vaccines and the mounting clamor that this unregulated neurotoxin was behind the explosion in autism.  The Ollers’ book, AUTISM, is another incredible expose about how an unchecked, unsafe vaccine program has impacted this nation. 
When I started to write about this book, I planned to use it to prove two things:
First, autism is a very real epidemic overwhelming a generation of children.  It’s not better diagnosing or any other implausible line that officials use to excuse the jaw dropping rate. We’ve never seen anything like it and we’re unprepared for what autism will do to this country.
Second, autism is not simply a genetic disorder some kids are just unlucky enough to be born with.  It’s caused by toxins in the environment—something we’re doing to ourselves: the vaccines, the air, the food, the medicine, even the fillings in our teeth.     
Then on Aug 3, 2010, experts testifying before a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing on autism and the environment made it clear: Environmental toxins are behind the explosion in autism among our children.  Hundreds of thousands of kids who would have been healthy, normal children are now being diagnosed with autism. HERE
Because of that Aug 3 hearing, I shouldn’t have to convince readers that we’re in a new age: The Age of Autism.  Doctors have no right to continue to take credit for this disaster; they didn’t suddenly start to recognize a disorder that’s always been around.  We’re in the midst of a real manmade epidemic.
The Senate hearing couldn’t tell us specifically where all the autism is coming from.  Experts threw up their hands and declared that autism’s cause may be due to any of the 80,000 unregulated chemicals kids are exposed to.  They could only point to long term studies that may give us answers years in the future.
To any sane person, this do-nothing-but-watch-children-grow attitude isn’t a practical way to stop an epidemic.  The Ollers’ book is the voice of reason.  It has answers.  It gives us the background on vaccines like Evidence of Harm did plus it updates events from the past five years. 
Seriously, the uninitiated could open AUTISM and within a short time, they’d understand what’s been happening to our children.  They’d learn that health officials have been asleep at the switch for a long time.  Children have been the human guinea pigs.  After convincing parents that their child’s survival depended on the vaccines that they receive, it was easy to add dozens to the childhood schedule. HERE

Because this book is about the cause of autism, it’s also about the controversy.  You can’t have one without the other.  We’ve had two decades of denials about autism along with a façade of vaccine safety studies.   No one knows anything for sure---except that the federally approved, mandated, and vigorously promoted vaccine schedule isn’t related to the explosion in autism.  They continue to pretend that it’s all about the science, seemingly oblivious to the overriding influence of the pharmaceutical industry and the desperate need for deniability for those charged with oversight.
The Ollers give us all the appalling details-- things like: the Eli Lilly Rider in the Homeland Security Act, the Merck Memo, the Simpsonwood Conference, and the Institute of Medicine Report.  Some may label the authors as conspiracy mongers, but examining the government’s actions, intent on keeping information from the public, reveals nothing but the lowest form of underhanded corruption.  
All one has to do is read what was said by top health officials meeting at
Simpsonwood, a secluded conference and retreat center in Norcross GA in June 2000 to understand that self-protection is a powerful motive behind what the government does. 
(Obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.)
Dr. Thomas Verstraeten, a CDC employee who later went to work for GlaxoSmithKline in Belgium, revealed that his research showed the direct correlation between the increase in mercury-containing vaccines and the dramatic rise in autism.  The response from officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made it clear—the public was not to hear about this.
Dr. Roger Bernier, the Associate Director for Science at the CDC National Immunization Program (NIP):

“[L]et me just reemphasize, if I could, the importance of trying to protect the information that we have been talking about. . . . We have asked you to keep this information confidential. We do have a plan for discussing these data at the upcoming meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices [ACIP] on June 21 and June 22.”
Dr. Robert Chen, Chief of Vaccine Safety and Development at the CDC:

"We have been privileged so far that given the sensitivity of information, we have been able to manage to keep it out of, let's say, less responsible hands."
Dr. John Clements of the World Health Organization was also at Simpsonwood.  He had this to say about Verstraeten’s study:

“[T]his study should not have been done at all, because the outcome of it could have, to some extent, been predicted [i.e., there was plenty of evidence already known from the toxicology research] and we have all reached this point now where we are left hanging, even though I hear the majority of the consultants say to the Board that they are not convinced there is a causality direct link between thimerosal and various neurological outcomes. . . . How we handle it from here is extremely problematic. . . . there is now the point at which the research results have to be handled, and even if this committee decides that there is no association and that information gets out, the work has been done; and through Freedom of Information, that will be taken by others and will be used in other ways beyond the control of this group. And I am very concerned about that as I suspect it is already too late . . .” (p. 248)
“My mandate as I sit here in this group is to make sure at the end of the day that 100,000,000 are immunized with DTP, hepatitis B and if possible Hib, this year, next year, and for many years to come, and that will have to be with thimerosal-containing vaccines. (Simpsonwood Conference, 2000, p. 248)”
These remarks, made behind closed doors, are included in the Ollers’ book and they should never be forgotten. 

The government has endless research to back their safety claims but none of it’s really independent.  Officials have a hard job that will only get more difficult.  As the Ollers’ book tells us, “All the organizations involved in promoting the use of mercury containing products (FDA, CDC, AAP, and ADA) locked arms and began the common refrain that there is higher exposure to mercury in fish sandwiches than in medical procedures.”
However, as John and Stephen Oller show us, it’s impossible to pretend that mercury can be both safe and toxic at the same time. 
The Ollers’ book is a complete reference book on autism.  It’s about the history of the disorder, the exponential increase, and the actions of all of those who should have been first responders to the epidemic.
In chaper 3, I found an interesting comment made by the authors:

“As soon as the mercury hypothesis was plainly stated, individuals trained in medicine, toxicology, and many other fields of research began to take a closer look at autism. We count ourselves among those researchers. On the basis of solid research and irrefutable logic, we believe the research discussed here and in subsequent chapters has identified key factors that are causing the autism epidemic. The surprise is that many of the causal factors were hiding in plain sight.”
This in direct contrast to the findings of CDC officials who’ve looked and looked and looked for years, but have never been able to find any evidence.
The book AUTISM is also a source for understanding the concomitant health issues that accompany autism.  Oxidative stress, GI dysfunction, mitochrondria disorders and other things are included.  This book teaches about how autism impacts the total health of a child.

AUTISM has pages listing the scientific sources on autism, vaccines, and treatments.  This is the same research that the government has refused to recognize.
In addition, AUTISM reports on those who have made this a controversy—the people who’ve spoken out and written about the epidemic.  The parents who became detectives, the advocates, and the doctors who’ve taken on the medical establishment are named.  Children of people like Lisa Sykes, Jon Poling and Stan Kurtz are included as well as long-time activists and researchers Lyn Redwood,  David Kirby, Andrew Wakefield, Mark and David Grier--to name only a few.
Officials who have no answers and show even less concern about autism, need to read this book.  Anyone at the CDC or the American Academy of Pediatrics who continues to vouch for the safety of vaccines should be made to respond to what the Ollers have written. 
Now that members of the U.S. Senate have heard that toxins have caused hundreds of thousands of our children to be disabled, I want there to be a demand for answers.  I want people to point to the books exposing the truth—books by the Ollers, by David Kirby and, just released, “The Age of Autism” by Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted. HERE  The facts are out there.  They can’t be denied.
Finally, I want the suffering to stop.  I don’t want to hear about any new autistic children and I want to see affected children get help and recover.
I can only echo the words of Katie Wright, mother of a vaccine damaged son, included in this book:
“I do not want to speak to more parents who have ill, malnourished children, mentally and physically destroyed by autism.  No parents should be mopping blood from their toddler’s backside for two years.  Parents should not be told it is normal for their autistic child to say awake all night, every night.” 
AUTISM by John and Stephen Oller is the textbook on autism.  It leaves nothing out.
(Any profits from the sale of the Ollers’ book will be donated to Thoughtful House, center for care of children with developmental disorders.)
Anne Dachel is Editor of Age of Autism.



I too wondered about that Austism Grandma.
The VA surely does not have this and trying it on veterans first?

But then again I have been floored this week when my husband told me he had had tick shots along with his tetanus shots from the US Forest service in the 70s and I can find out nothing about them?????

I sure hope you meant Hep B or even Hib - they have soooo many any more it gets confussing.

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

There is no HIV vaccine. Do you mean HepB vaccine?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

That's the way to go Ann ; Get those names in print over and over: Robert Chen, Stephen Clements, Rodger Bernier AND all the others who have been partners in harming the children. Let other young doctors and public health officials know that the payment for dereliction of duty is disgrace. The combined forces of the medical bodies and the public health organisations could have saved the little ones so easily but they preferred arrogance over truth and science.
We can forgive the younger people who were given wrong data by the senior officials, but how can we forgive those who ignored the real science that lay on the desks before them

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Sarah, My impression is, and please anyone correct me and add on- that when people have a heart operation they pick up aluminum from the equipment and this could certainly be the cause of kidney problem. My friends father died after a heart operation from the candida which destroyed his intestines. I believe that this can also be related to aluminum. My daughter tells me that the effects of and problem of aluminum is getting new attention in the field of neonatology. The premature babies pick up Al from some aspect of their treatment.
Any comments? Please add on here !


If anyone has read this book what was their opinion on the treatment part of the book.
Anything new?
Was it pretty good advice?
Was there much in natural chelation of mercury?

Autism Grandma

"The Senate hearing couldn’t tell us specifically where all the autism is coming from. Experts threw up their hands and declared that autism’s cause may be due to any of the 80,000 unregulated chemicals kids are exposed to."

20 years ago when I bit the dust due to a toxic chemical exposure, there were over 60,000 untested unregulated chemicals. So in the last 20 years the chemicals have increased by approximately 20,000 or 25%. If these chemicals are the major cause of autism then the autism rate would have increased with the correlation of chemicals at 25%. However, this is not the case, but instead the increase from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 67 (according to public school 2007 records) is a hell of alot more than 25%. What DID increase dramatically was the vaccine schedule which has skyrocketed to 49 doses by age 6 and another 20 after that. Why do Scandanavian countries have the same low autism rate of 1 in 10,000 that America had BEFORE the vaccine schedule quadrupled? Because they have the same 12 dose schedule that we had here prior to the autism epidemic. Why is autism unheard of in the Amish community? Because they DO NOT VACCINATE. So why then is the OBVIOUS IGNORED? Because the vaccine industry puts the Almighty Dollar ahead of people's lives.

With all of the EVIDENCE pointing directly to the vaccines and hundreds of thousands of PARENTS witnessing vaccines take their children down into autism, I just want to S-C-R-E-A-M every time I hear this same old tired excuse: "We don't know what is causing this autism epidemic, but we do know it's NOT the vaccines." This is a real conspiracy of epic proportions and books like this one, and Evidence of Harm, and Callous Disregard and The Age of Autism are exposing the truth.

More and more people are suffering the consequences of vaccines so this insanity cannot go on indefinitely because too many people have either experienced vaccine injuries themselves, or personally know friends or family who have. And it's not just the children, but many adults as well. A woman who works at Home Depot told me that her best friend's son was a healthy 19 year old Marine Corp soldier until he got the swine flu vaccine. He immediately had a stroke and went into a coma. His Marine friends tried to get his story published in the military newspapers but they wouldn't print it. Another woman I met while handing out vaccine flyers has a 14 year old daughter who lost all of her hair and her skin peeled off her entire body immediately after receiving the Gardisil vaccine. My ex-husband was admitted to the VA hospital for a severe diabetic foot ulceration and infection and they refused to treat him without giving him the HIV vaccine since that hospital had been treating patients in the dental clinic with improperly sterilized equipment. Even though he was never treated in their dental clinic, they FORCED him by blackmail to recieve this HIV vaccine in order for him to receive medical care. He finally agreed because he was desperate, and within two days he went into a stroke.

"No one knows anything for sure---except that the federally approved, mandated, and vigorously promoted vaccine schedule isn’t related to the explosion in autism."


michael framson

Maurine, I'm a little confused. Are we rubbing feces into their faces? That's what I feel like doing! My only concern is that there is not enough feces to go to every one who deserves a feces facial.


The medical industrial complex is far, far bigger than the military industrial complex.

The military complex does a pretty good job and would take responsibility for any faulty products.

Not so with white collar/ white coat fraud and crime, which is far more costly than what any of the common criminals in prisons could ever dream up.

Adam M

The piece these authors bring to my understanding is how communication should develop in infancy. It gives definition to a lot of what I've seen in my son. It's covered in chapter2 pgs. 36 - 41. Book comes w/ a DVD of materials including the famous Hg brain neuron degeneration film by University of Calgary. I've used that film with many of my friends, coworkers & relatives to get my point across. Usually their body language ( their jaw drops and hand flies up over their mouth) communicates to me they get the message.

Teresa Binstock

Acronym revisions:

CDC = Centers for Drug Companies

ACIP = Advisory Cartel for Immunization Profits


I don't understand that since we have a record of Simpsonwood there is no class action request to put these people in the hot seat and make them answer for their doings. I am pretty sure they are protected from actual law suits,,, but surely a demand for them to be questioned is doable when minds meet and find a common force... These people should be on America's Most Wanted.


I have to get my hands on this book. I have always wondered if the vaccinations are a link to autism after all it's the environmental thing every child has in common.

Maurine Meleck

This is great, Anne. I am still reading AOA and now it's hard for me to sleep at night. Yesterday I mailed out dozens of information sheets on AOA-the book--to many doctors in my area-ped, in particular. We have got to put it in their faces and rub it in like the feces so many of our kids have plastered our walls with. I feel hyped more than ever with these 2 books out.


The US Senate testimony given by those Senior Scientists from EPA and HHS was huge validation that autism is a national health crisis, it's environmental and not due to bad genes.

Toxins in the environment are making us sick if not killing us.

It's not just autism and it's not just the vaccines we should worry about. The human immune system is under attack. Look around an you'll see increases many diseases.. MS, Asthma, diabetes, Cancer, Brain Tumors..
Just Google any of these diseases and the word "increase" and you'll see.

We are being made sick via poorly regulated imported produce loaded with pesticides.

My new rule of survival: buy homegrown, organic food and stay the hell away from the flu shot and all vaccines. In fact beware of medicines in general.

My own father died from the radiation treatment he recieved in the hospital not the lung disease he was being treated for.

My Aunt, who just had open heart surgery is now having stomach and kidney problems and they can't figure out the cause. She's back in the ICU.


I'm not trying to be paranoid but I think way too many people are getting sick these days. I think we need to protect ourselves.


I found this timeline on Mother Jones. The timeline only goes through 2004, but it's still interesting. I excerpt the portion on Verstraeten below:

"February, 2000: CDC researcher Thomas Verstraeten's analysis of CDC Vaccine Safety Datalink records finds a relative risk of 2.48 for autism in children who receive thimerosal-containing vaccines (TCVs).

June, 2000: Verstraeten discloses his analysis to vaccine advisory committee members at a meeting outside Atlanta. The relative-risk figure has dropped from 2.48 to 1.69. Later that month, the advisory committee decides against stating a preference against TCVs. "

Adam M

I've had the book for about a month now. Very thorough. I was hoping someone would do a follow-up on EOH by Kirby. Between Age of Autism and this book I think we have it covered.

P.S. Another great book on Hg poisoning in medicine is Quicksilver by Swiderski.

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