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Autism Speaks Mangles the Poling Decision: NYT Blog Adds Insult

Children mangle By J.B. Handley
On the one hand, I get it. Autism Speaks treads a very delicate balance in how they address the idea that vaccines might be causing all this autism. If they are too strongly supportive of the hypothesis—poof!—away goes so much of the money that allows all the employees and researchers affiliated with Autism Speaks to put food on the table for their families.
On the other hand, Autism Speaks may well be enabling the autism epidemic to continue by parsing their words so carefully (and at times just plain lying). If our community is right, and of course I believe we are, Autism Speaks and all its researchers and employees will have to account for their complacency in a time of crisis to future generations.
Personally, I believe most of the roads of causation research end at the vaccine schedule. At some point, with hundreds of millions of dollars spent, Autism Speaks is going to need to show something for their labor. So far, they haven’t produced one shred of information that has either reduced the number of autism cases or increased the number of recovered children. It’s a track record of nothingness. Congratulations.
To their credit, Autism Speaks actually addressed the Hannah Poling court case decision through their official blog (and they also highlighted it on their home page) HERE .
The blog post provides the following background:
“Hannah was developing typically until a regressive episode at 18 months that closely followed the 9 vaccinations she received at a well-baby visit.  Further testing revealed that Hannah 1) developed autism and 2) had the metabolic signature of a mitochondrial disorder which may have made her vulnerable to injury from the vaccines themselves or the fever that commonly accompanies vaccines and many childhood illnesses.”
Then, using a Q&A approach, Autism Speaks tries to mangle and confuse the Poling decision into nothingness. My criticisms follow:
1. Nowhere is the size of the judgment, roughly $20 million, even mentioned.
It’s a form of bias to exclude information that may cause the case to seem larger than Autism Speaks would like it to be by not being comprehensive in mentioning the size of the award to the Poling family. $20 million is a lot of donuts, and someone at AS actually chose to edit that out or not mention it.
2. As with every other vaccine apologist, Autism Speaks uses Hannah’s reported “mitochondrial disorder” to try to explain away her reaction to so many vaccines.
When you hear people like Paul Offit discuss the Hannah Poling decision, they try to make it sound like she was “suffering” from some extremely rare form of genetic disorder that no other kid in America has. They have to. If Hannah’s disorder could have actually been induced by a vaccine or if it’s more common than Offit represents, the world as we know it would end, so Offit and others happily spread wild misinformation. (Yes, Amy Wallace, Paul Offit lies. He lies. He lies.)

Autism Speaks doesn’t go quite that far in their post, but they make sure the reader is left both confused and thinking that maybe Hannah’s case is exceptional:
“The field of mitochondrial medicine is relatively young, but growing in importance.  The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF), with whom Autism Speaks has partnered in an effort to learn more about mitochondrial disorders and autism, reports  “while exact numbers of children and adults suffering from mitochondrial disease are hard to determine because so many people who suffer from mitochondrial disease are frequently misdiagnosed, we now know the disease is approaching the frequency of childhood cancers.” 

Mitochondrial disorders are more broadly defined and therefore possibly more frequent than frank mitochondrial disease, which is typically defined by identifying a known causative mutation.  For more on mitochondrial disease and disorders, please see What Is Mitochondrial Disease? on the UMDF website.

Testing for mitochondrial disorders is notoriously difficult in part because the field is young and misdiagnoses are common.  However, identifying dysfunctional mitochondria in autism and mitochondrial disorders is an area where Autism Speaks has invested in a   High Risk, High Impact grant (HERE) from Autism Speaks awarded to expert clinicians and researchers investigating mitochondrial disorders at University of California at Irvine and University of California, San Diego.  Through research and partnership with the UMDF (read story about our recent joint symposium), we hope to shed more light on “mitochondrial autism,” including how it is identified and how best to treat it.”
*        *        *
Did you get all that? I didn’t. And, I’ve now read it three times. What I think I heard was something like this: mitochondrial research is in its infancy; many are misdiagnosed so no one really knows how many people have it; someone is playing word games with “mitochondrial disorders”, “mitochondrial disease” and “frank mitochondrial disease (who is Frank, anyway?)” in a way that has confused the hell out of me; and please stay tuned because Autism Speaks will figure it out at some point. That’s it.
Well, why bother scaring anyone with the truth, right? I have no doubt AS has seen a study from Portugal, published in 2007, available for you to read right HERE, a study that looked at over 300,000 Portuguese children, and reached the following conclusion:
“In this study, the prevalence of ASD in a southern European country was estimated for the first time through the survey of a large target population and direct observation of children, applying formal diagnostic instruments. In this population-based study, the frequency of medical conditions associated with ASD was determined, uncovering a high frequency of mitochondrial dysfunction in the children with autism.”
AS, in case you’re reading this, I’m going to highlight one little part of that conclusion for you, just in case you missed it:
“uncovering a high frequency of mitochondrial dysfunction in the children with autism.”
In 2008, David Kirby reported the following:
“In the recent landmark Hannah Poling case, filed in Federal "Vaccine Court," officials conceded that Hannah's underlying mitochondrial dysfunction was aggravated by her vaccines, leading to fever and an "immune stimulation that exceeded metabolic reserves."
But on March 6, CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding claimed that Hannah's case was a rare, virtually one-of-a-kind incident with little, if any relevance to the other 4,900 autism claims currently pending in the court -- or to any other case of autism for that matter.(There were conflicting accounts about whether Gerberding was on the call or not).
Since then, however, Dr. Gerberding and other CDC officials were made aware of a Portuguese study, published last October, which reported that 7.2% of children with autism had confirmed mitochondrial disorders. The authors also noted that, "a diversity of associated medical conditions was documented in 20%, with an unexpectedly high rate of mitochondrial respiratory chain disorders."
"Apparently, the Portuguese study really got their attention," one of the participants said. "It's a highly significant finding. And it's worrisome enough to definitely look into. I think the CDC people know that."
They also know that some reports estimate the rate of mitochondrial dysfunction in autism to be 20% or more. And the rate among children with the regressive sub-type of autism is likely higher still.”
*        *        *
7.2%? 20% or more? Here’s another STUDY, Autism Speaks, from Johns Hopkins’ Kennedy Kreiger institute, with that even higher number cited:
“Because our institutions serve a large number of children with developmental disabilities, we have diagnosed a number of metabolic diseases among children with autistic spectrum disorders, including disorders of organic acid, sterol, and mitochondrial metabolism. Among these, mitochondrial disease has been the most common diagnosis and may account for as many as 20% of autistic children.”
Does anyone actually believe that Autism Speaks doesn’t have access to the same studies I just cited? If they do, and they wrote what they wrote on their blog, I believe that makes Autism Speaks guilty of being completely full of shit, downplaying the court case decision and trying to confuse the hell out of parents regarding mitochondrial disease/dysfunction, and writing something that encourages parents to fully vaccinate their children through categorically false reassurances. But, that’s just one Dad’s opinion.
3. Worst of all, Autism Speaks uses the “Hungry Lie” about the research that has actually been done regarding vaccines and autism to, once again, FALSELY reassure parents.
This drives me absolutely nuts. If you spend even an hour researching this issue, you realize how remarkably stupid this really is. Let me explain:
First, Autism Speaks writes the following:
“Hannah was developing typically until a regressive episode at 18 months that closely followed the 9 vaccinations she received at a well-baby visit.”
Later, to reassure parents, they write:
“Several epidemiological studies have explored whether either the MMR vaccine or thimerosal, a preservative previously used in vaccines, are linked to autism, and these studies have not supported a link.”
Are you tracking with me yet? Hannah got 9 vaccines. One was the MMR. The other eight were not. They were all given at once. But, parents, don’t worry, studies have been done that have absolutely nothing to do with what happened to Hannah so go ahead and vaccinate. It is a 100% non-sequitor!!
Let’s try an analogy. Heath Ledger apparently died from a cocktail of many different prescription drugs all taken at one time. But, hey people, don’t worry, please feel free to take everything he took all at once, his was a rare event and both aspirin and one of the 10 drugs he took have been proven safe, so please take them all and stop your worrying!
Autism Speaks, how stupid do you think parents are? Here’s Jon Poling, Hannah’s father, discussing her case (in response to a lie from Paul Offit, because Offit lies, all the time):
“Offit is frequently cited regarding the “biologically plausible” theory that simultaneous administration of multiple vaccines is safe. His opinion is unsupported by clinical trials, much less investigations in potentially susceptible subpopulations.
Despite the high frequency of mitochondrial dysfunction in autistic children, studies have not established primary or secondary roles. To explore this question, we need an immunization database for children with metabolic disorders to establish safety guidelines and improve vaccine safety for minority subgroups of children.
I agree with the statement of Bernadine Healy, former director of the National Institutes of Health, who said, “I don't think you should ever turn your back on any scientific hypothesis because you're afraid of what it might show. . . . If you know that susceptible group, you can save those children. If you turn your back on the notion there is a susceptible group . . . what can I say?” Also commendable is the new 5-year research plan of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, which will entail the study of minority subpopulations, including patients with mitochondrial disorders. A strong, safe vaccination program is a cornerstone of public health.
Misrepresenting Hannah Poling v. HHS to the medical profession does not improve confidence in the immunization program or advance science toward an understanding of how and why regressive encephalopathy with autistic features follows vaccination in susceptible children.”
*        *        *
Autism Speaks has committed the very sin Dr. Poling mentions above by severely misrepresenting the Hannah Poling decision. I believe their blog post actively seeks to minimize its importance, falsely reassure parents to keep on vaccinating, and keep the AS fundraising machine well oiled and running. There are times when I’m hopeful Autism Speaks will do right by our kids, but times like this leave me extremely distrustful, with no hope at all that they will ever lead the way in getting us all out of this mess.
A remarkable conversation took place online regarding the Hannah Poling decision at the blog moderated by Lisa Jo Rudy. I have pulled selected comments from the blog, presented in the order they were made, for your viewing enjoyment. Although Alison Singer is no longer an Autism Speaks employee, because she was fired, she helps toe the party line that I believe Autism Speaks still partakes in regarding the Hannah Poling decision:
Alison Singer said:
Hannah Poling received 5 shots to protect against 9 diseases on a single day. She developed fever following that series of vaccines. Because she has an existing encephalopathy (presumably on the basis of a mitochondrial enzyme defect) and because worsening of an existing encephalopathy following measles-containing vaccine is a compensible injury, Hannah Poling was compensated.
Lisa Jo Rudy Responded:
Thanks for your comment, Alison, but now I’m really confused.
You say she had an existing encephalopathy that was exacerbated by the vaccines? But wouldn’t something like that have symptoms that would have been identifiable prior to the vaccinations? Or is it the case that brain injury was asymptomatic prior to the vaccines? My understanding was that the pre-existing condition was mitochondrial disorder?
Meanwhile – if the vaccines caused Hannah’s condition to deteriorate to the point where the symptoms could reasonably be diagnosed as, say, PDD-NOS – how is this different from saying “the vaccines worsened Hannah’s condition such that she was now diagnosable with an autism spectrum disorder?”
Alison Singer responded:
My understanding is that this is fairly typical for mitochondrial enzyme defects, in that she worsened during the second year of life. This would have happened independent of whether she had received vaccines that caused fever or had ear infections that caused fever or never had fever. One could argue that the stress of fever (from whatever cause) allowed her symptoms to first manifest, but they would have manifested at some time. Samuel Berkovic has similarly shown that children with sodium channel transport defects are more likely to manifest their first seizure if they got a vaccine that caused fever. But if you look at the children who did and those who didn’t have their first seizure with vaccines, there is no difference in neurological outcome.
Lisa Jo Rudy added:
Just to clarify: I haven’t changed my point of view.
That is to say, I am still quite certain that vaccines are not the cause of an epidemic of autism. In fact, the whole idea that there IS an epidemic of autism, IMO, remains highly questionable [author’s note: Lisa Jo Rudy, meet Stone Age, Stone Age, Lisa Jo Rudy]. What’s more, I certainly do not believe that the US Government has intentionally injured our children and then covered up the evidence so as to ensure a steady income from Big Pharma.
Nevertheless, I am know that some children are, in fact, injured by vaccines (hence the existence of the Vaccine Court). In this case, the vaccine court and others seem to be working awfully hard to reassure the public that vaccines couldn’t possibly have caused damage leading to symptoms diagnosable as an ASD. And so far as I can tell from information made publicly available, Hannah Poling’s symptoms are as similar to an ASD as “coughs, sneezes and related symptoms of the upper respiratory system” are to the common cold.
By carefully wording decisions to avoid the “A word,” I really do think the vaccine court and others are asking for increased public fear, uncertainty and doubt. And that, certainly, goes against the public interest.
DanK chimed in:
I asked Murphy and he said: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, only vaccines are exception. Vaccines are safe.
And, finally, Terry Poling dropped El Martillo on Alison Singer:
 “This message pertains specifically to Alison Singer. Every once in a while something is sent to me that really just burns me up.

There is NOTHING more irritating than people who pretend that they have some sort of inside information that makes what they say meaningful on a topic. You, Alison Singer, appear to be one of those people…at least when it comes to my daughter, Hannah Poling.
While you may feel that your daughter was destined to be autistic, I would never pretend to know the first thing about why your daughter has the issues that she does. And you would do well to stop acting as though you have ANY credible knowledge about my child.
Nothing makes you look more like a puppet on a string than to spill out the garbage about Hannah having an encephalopathy PRIOR to the July 19, 2000 vaccines. The ONLY person ever saying that has been PAUL OFFIT, your employer. And, this is only his wishful thinking. Paul needs to use his MD to practice medicine. I think he forgot and thinks it stands for marketing director.”


Mitochondrial Disorder

Mitochondrial Disorder is that, inside the body cells are tiny components called mitochondria or the largest number of 1,000 per cell. Mitochondria renders cells need energy to grow and do their work in the body. When mitochondria are damaged or defective cells can not perform their duties. Mitochondria may not function properly due to a genetic defect, damage caused by drugs, or damage caused by free radicals or destructive molecules.

michael framson

Autism Speaks guilty of being completely full of shit.

What a great bumper sticker!!


Robert and No Vaccines

I am willing to stake my life on the fact that vaccines caused my son's injury. I know it, I know it, I know it. I also know vaccines did not cause any noticeable injury in anyone else that I knew prior to being inducted into the world of Autism.

Am I against vaccines, no. I am against the unsafe administration of vaccines. I am against the cover-up, the conspiracy, the blind lockstep allegiance by the CDC, the FDA, and the AAP. I am rabid when it comes to that. But do I lay in front of my sister's SUV to keep her from taking her son, my nephew to get his booster shots, no, it's her decision.

I am for informed consent, and I mean INFORMED consent. Everything laid out on the table in detail. I am for a relaxed schedule, in fact Im for no schedule. One a year, it's up to the parent.

But I do believe that there are people living in horrible conditions, disease plagued wastelands that need vaccines in order to survive.

If I have another child would I vaccinate him/her? There might be one or two worth investigating. But I would certainly do my homework first.

I'm not Dr. Poling, Im just a parent, no great insight into anything scientific, in fact Im quite ignorant about science, about vaccines, about the brain, about most stuff. So I dont know why Poling isn't out there on the streets trying to shut down Merck, screaming at the top of his lungs how evil vaccines and the companies that make them are. All I know is how I feel and think about the question posed and what someone once said (JB?) Im not against vaccines any more than Id be against cars if my son received a brain injury from a car crash, a car I might add that was improperly built by the manufacturer, unsafe at any speed, had a questionable track record and yet put on the market anyway. I want the heads of the people that knew this car was unsafe and did nothing but no, I can't fault all cars and all those who drive them. We've come a long way since the invention of the car because of consumer advocacy groups, I have faith that there are those out there much smarter than I will ever be that will see to it that vaccines will get safer and people will be held accountable for their criminal acts against our kids.

Just my two cents on this Friday afternoon. Next week may be a different story.

No Vaccine!!

So,the Hannah Poling Settlement has nothing to do with Mitochondrial Disorder or AUTISM. It was just a Table Injury. Alright, Nothing to see here. Move along.

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

Thimerosal should not be used as preservative, given the known neurotoxicity of mercury. It is simply a matter of common sense. I do not believe Thimerosal is the cause of the current autism epidemic. My daughter, now 23 was one of the first babies to present with acquired autism, this after 15 months of being ahead of all the Milestones. The vaccines she received did contain Thimerosal. Since 1993, vaccines given to kids are supposed to be Thimerosal-free, yet the epidemic continues to progress. As a neurologist, I am of the opinion that this acquired autism epidemic is the result of an immunological disturbance IN PREDISPOSED KIDS. We are dealing with either an auto-immune type of reaction, or an immune complexes disorder, It so happens that this epidemic began at a time when breastfeeding became increasingly recommended by the same people who administered the vaccines, this in increasing simultaneous types of vaccines earlier and earlier when the majority of babies are breast-fed. I believe that many babies have antibodies received from Mom via breastmilk. When a vaccine, the antigen, is administered, the antibody received from Mom can form a complex Antibody-Antigen hence a possible IMMUNE COMPLEXES DISORDER ( a group of disorders with various target organs in the adults I deal with). My advice is simple: check the Babies antibody status (a simple blood test)before subjecting him or her to the corresponding vaccine.

No Vaccines!!

Q: Why is Jon & Terry Poling advocating for vaccines after her daughter was made autistic and injured by vaccines?


I ordered every year for over a decade - information on how to file from the Vaccine Court.

I have contacted over 30 lawyers.

I have spent over 1000 dollars.

I have collected all the information (from psych test, schools, doctors, hospitals) and continued to collect information and put it in a great big binder.

I wrote up summaries and foot noted where what I said could be found in the great big binder of information. Just like the Vaccine court showed me.

I finally found a lawyer that would file for me. He was reluctant, he did not understand that if I did not complain to some one my heart would never heal. My heart has healed, I am okay - I don't feel like crying all the time anymore. But I still am angry. Who do these people in power think the are to do this to a baby? To do this to a mother, a father, a sister, a family? They are going to get away with it, but at least I have it on paper somewhere stuck under somebody's nose that said I complained.


Twyla no worries. Motion to Dismiss is what happens in every case. Its the defense's job to file that. I posted this to show that this is the best the government has against a weak case like ours. They basically admitted a developmental delay after the vaccine. Well what is a developmental delay caused by? Tooth Fairy?

This is a good thing, a very good thing. The best they got is that I didnt take Ben in for an MRI or a spinal tap in time to meet the "table injury" time line when the symptoms were 1. "nothing to worry about" and 2. no worse than a flu, I mean what can a year old child say? "My head feels like it is going to explode" Nope all they can do is scream and babies scream from time to time, ear ache, gas, reflux, etc. At least we have documents of calling the doctor with our concerns.

And Merck admits in their own warning about the use of ProQuad, "Use caution when administering ProQuad to children with a history of cerebral injury or seizures or any other condition in which stress due to fever should be avoided." Ben's blood work taken that day show he was under a great deal of stress.

We dont expect to win, but we thought the government would have had a better rebuttal too so who knows.

My comment, after a long and frustrating week, was written to address Singer's "existing encephalopathy" attack.

While I am in no way questioning Dr. Poling's response to Singer's claim, I am putting my own two cents into this based on my own personal experience. Encephalopathy such as encephalitis does not always present with obvious symptoms and the CDC/Pharma/AAP's "No need to worry" rashes, fevers, even seizures are typical reactions to SOME receiving the shots.

I remember one time when Ben was having a high fever bout and the doctor asked me on the phone if Ben had a stiff neck. Ben was nonverbal at this point, I asked how to I tell and I was told to walk around in the room and see if he will turn his head to follow you. I said "My son has autism, he has no idea Im in the room." I was told to just keep an eye on him, no need to bring him to the hospital.

Stiff neck of course is a sign of Meningitis which is swelling and irritation (inflammation) of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord.

Point is no one knows anything about anything for certain. Encephalopathy? Mitochondrial disorders? What feedback is possible from a child to help with the diagnosis? Particularly prior to a year of age. The Polings better than anyone would have noticed any serious changes or difficulties their child Hannah was experiencing, if they say there is no evidence of any prior encephalopathy then there is none. How is it possible to tell if a child that young even has a headache? Singer's comments are intended to minimize the towering monument recently erected by this court settlement.


bensmyson, that is so unfair -- to say the least.


Just got a letter from the DOJ, basically a Motion to Dismiss my son's claims in Vaccine Court that vaccines caused his brain injury. They accept that there were significant developmental delays (regression) after the vaccines (One less than Hannah's, no polio) but there was not enough evidence of a brain injury to qualify for a table injury.

Symptoms of encephalitis from the Mayo Clinic:

Most people infected with viral encephalitis have only mild, often flu-like symptoms, and the illness usually doesn't last long. In some cases, people might not have any symptoms. Possible symptoms include:

* Headache
* Irritability
* Lethargy
* Fever
* Joint pain

More serious infections can cause:

* Confusion and hallucinations
* Personality changes
* Double vision
* Seizures
* Muscle weakness
* Loss of sensation or paralysis in certain areas
* Tremors
* Rash
* Loss of consciousness
* Bulging in the soft spots (fontanels) of the skull in infants

The definition of encephalopathy is:

en·ceph·a·lop·a·thy (n-sf-lp-th)
Degeneration of brain function, caused by any of various acquired disorders, including metabolic disease, organ failure, inflammation, and chronic infection. Also called cephalopathy, cerebropathy.

Would a year old child screaming at night after a regiment of vaccines, presenting with fevers, discomfort and seizures (febrile or not) be suffering from a degeneration of brain function?

Nah, it's a typical response, nothing to worry about, right?

According to the CDC:

"Seizure caused by fever (about 1 child in 1,250 who get MMRV), usually 5-12 days after the first dose. They happen less often when MMR and varicella vaccines are given at the same visit as separate shots (about 1 child in 2,500 who get these two vaccines), and rarely after a 2nd dose of MMRV."

Not according to Merck:

• Administration of ProQuad (dose 1) to children 12 to 23 months old who have not been previously vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, or varicella, nor had a history of the wild-type infections, is associated with higher rates of fever and febrile seizures at 5 to 12 days after vaccination when compared to children vaccinated with M-M-R II and VARIVAX administered separately. (5.1, 6.1, 6.3)
• Use caution when administering ProQuad to children with a history of cerebral injury or seizures or any other condition in which stress due to fever should be avoided.

So when a parent experiences these symptoms in their child and calls the pediatrician what does the pediatrician say?

"Nothing to worry about."

Why does he say that?

Because the damage is done, not much he can do. What's he going to say, bring the child in for an MRI? A lumbar puncture? Raise your hand if your doctor said that to you when you called to report a reaction to the vaccines.

One of the other things the Department of Justice claimed in their motion was that because Ben had a documented 106.5 fever a couple of months prior, that could have caused his brain injury (even though there are doctors' reports saying how advanced his language skills were after the fever, how attentive he was, videos of him mimicking songs, walking at 10 months, taking verbal directions, enjoying life compared to videos taken 2 months after the vaccines)

Well if the fever somehow caused stress then what does Merck have to say about ProQuad? Oh yeah right, "Use caution when administering ProQuad to children with a history of cerebral injury or seizures or any other condition in which stress due to fever should be avoided."

Motion to dismiss denied? Well we shall see.


I believe we all have a heart for autism. And I have heard many say they want to attribute this empathy to Autism Speaks. It's only human to believe AS will actually acknowledge it's error of being a victim of marketing, too, right?
How similar to the previous century, no?
They are history. "Let's do the time warp again" ~RHPS
Time to move on to the new paradigm without Autism Speaks.



lisa, good points. I am keeping an eye on the ESL kids (recently immigrated) and seeing what is happening to them after their indundation/vaccinations. Of course, most all other countries seem to be following suit so that all over the world kids are descending into autism sooner (Cherry Sperlin-Misra has attested to that)

John Stone


It is funny how in this pseudo war on disease truth is an even bigger casualty than in a real one. In a real war these days you even get to have proper public debates about the morality, the atrocities and the incidental damage. In the pseudo war on disease the debate is only ever allowed on the margins.


Thanks J.B.. You nailed it.

I have to say Terry Poling is AWESOME! Reading that made me want to start a fan club. LOL!

I don't expect anything out of Autism Speaks, anymore.

I wish Singer and Offit were on a deserted island somewhere with a lifetime supply of those vaccines they are so fond of. They could take turns injecting each other all day, since they are so "SAFE" and all.


and again....... I have to ask for Katie Wright to ask her parents to explain themselves regarding AS. What are their feelings on this?

Jim Moody

It would be laughable if not such sophistry. At yesterday's NVAC meeting, Geoff Evans, head of HHS/HRSA/DVIC releasted the latest vaccine injury statistical table. The table lists a "1" in cases compensated in the Omnibus Autism Proceeding, but adds two rediculous and false footnotes:
"*May include claim(s) that were originally filed and processed as an OAP claim but in which the final adjudication does not include a finding of vaccine-related autism.

**HHS has never concluded in any case that autism was caused by vaccination."

This is the worst form of denialism and sophistry. The government's policy of deliberate ignorance of chronic adverse events including autism fuels doubt that undermines the public confidence in vaccines. Worse, the Government is fialing in its legal ethical and moral duty to both minimize such events and to take care of the kids injured in the war against infection. If pre-existing mito conditions predispose children to vaccine injury, the why isn't CDC leading the fight to develop and require appropriate tests to PREVENT future Hannah's? Those in charge of our vaccine program have conspired to tolerate an unknown but possibly quite large amount of "collateral damage" in the war against infection. I am almost without words to characterize this tragedy: immoral, unethical, misguided, criminal? We don't have to trade chronic illness to prevent measles deaths; while we may never be able to obtain zero AE's, most can be prevented - and treated - if only we have the will and make the decision and commitment to do so. We've now reached the gridlock of denial -- the Government is so afraid of both a vaccine revolt and over a trillion$ in liability, not to mention personal accountability, that it can't even admit that Hannah Poling and so many others have suffered a vaccine injury. The Government can't even manage to undertake an examination of unvaccinated children to determine the true rate of adverse events, much less take the necessary steps to minimize these. Secretary Sebelius has even imposed a gag order of even discussing vaccine safety concerns. []. This is such an unspeakable tragedy! One that demands the most urgent corrective action.


"This has gone beyond well-meaning ignorance to intentional deception. One can only conclude AS has made a deal with the devil."

VERY well stated, Jeff C. Bravo!

Your conclusion is inescapable.

A Friend

I love the commentary from Terry Poling. Allison Singer and Paul (Pr)Offit need to stay out of the way and keep their mouths shut on a topic that they obviously know nothing about.

Paul (Pr)Offit is a real tool. This link from a few days ago shows just how disgusting he is. Basically, it is him sitting in front of a bookcase ("coincidentally" with books about the wonders of vaccines in back on him).... He talks about how his hospital "mandated" the flu shots for all the employees of the hospital last year (for the sake of the sick children in the hospital, of course). He goes on to say that they gave a non-paid 2 week leave for any employee who objected so that they could "think about it" some more. After that, if they still refused, the employees were terminated! According to the devil himself, the vast majority (99.9% of the employees) did get the vaccine. What a sick and twisted world we live in... Inject known neurotoxins into your body OR be fired. I imagine this is some sort of test for us... This type of strategy is likely to be coming to a hospital/school near you.

Not sure if link will go directly to the site and be viewable... May ask people to sign up... either way, trust me... it's disgusting.

Jeff C.

What a great article. This has gone beyond well-meaning ignorance to intentional deception. One can only conclude AS has made a deal with the devil.

One point you may want to fix in the article, JB states:

“Are you tracking with me yet? Hannah got 9 vaccines. One was the MMR. The other eight were not.”

Three of the nine were from the MMR. Hannah got these in one visit:

Varicella (Chicken Pox)

Still, six of the nine weren’t from the MMR.

My son regressed after getting 7 at once (all but Varicella and HIB). He’s made great progress with biomedical, I shudder to think what may have happened if he also got the other two.


Dr. Poling stated, "[W]e need an immunization database for children with metabolic disorders to establish safety guidelines and improve vaccine safety for minority subgroups of children."

Surely the American Academy of Pediatrics could support that patient-focused initiative. Right?


That was Paul Offit, patent holder- multi- millionaire, and marketing director of vaccines, behind that Singer ventriliquist doll.

"Dr. Offit reports being a co-inventor and
co-holder of a patent on the rotavirus vaccine
RotaTeq, from which he and his institution
receive royalties, as well as serving
on a scientific advisory board for Merck"

"Months later, with delays in
neurologic and psychological development,
Hannah was diagnosed
with encephalopathy caused by a
mitochondrial enzyme deficit.
Hannah’s signs included problems
with language, communication,
and behavior — all features of
autism spectrum disorder. Although
it is not unusual for children
with mitochondrial enzyme
deficiencies to develop neurologic
signs between their first and second
years of life, Hannah’s parents
believed that vaccines had
triggered her encephalopathy"

Paul Offit lies

Thank you, JB. Thank you, Terry Poling. And I couldn't agree more that

Paul Offit lies Paul Offit lies Paul Offit lies Paul Offit lies Paul Offit lies Paul Offit lies Paul Offit lies he lies he lies he lies he lies he lies...


"Misrepresenting Hannah Poling v. HHS to the medical profession does not improve confidence in the immunization program or advance science toward an understanding of how and why regressive encephalopathy with autistic features follows vaccination in susceptible children"

Money statement right there. These people are simply crazy to think that the public is buying their BS any longer. Get real.


I thought I heard or read that Hannah Poling had a genetic mito disorder,,, but that her parents did not, did not,, have that disorder... anybody outthere got a link.

Theodore M. Van Oosbree

Dev Disabil Res Rev. 2010 Jun;16(2):144-53.

Autism and mitochondrial disease.
Haas RH.

Department of Neurosciences, UCSD Mitochondrial and Metabolic Disease Center, University of California-San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093, USA.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as defined by the revised Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM IVTR criteria (American Psychiatric Association [2000] Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Publishing) as impairment before the age of 3 in language development and socialization with the development of repetitive behaviors, appears to be increased in incidence and prevalence. Similarly, mitochondrial disorders are increasingly recognized. Although overlap between these disorders is to be expected, accumulating clinical, genetic, and biochemical evidence suggests that mitochondrial dysfunction in ASD is more commonly seen than expected. Some patients with ASD phenotypes clearly have genetic-based primary mitochondrial disease. This review will examine the data linking autism and mitochondria.

Theodore M. Van Oosbree

These people are quite amateurish for medical professionals. A quick look at the medical literature would have shown them that mitochondrial disorders are common.

Theodore M. Van Oosbree

Mrs. Poling's comments were apt. The government was faced with two theories: Hannah Poling had a mitochondrial disorder exacerbated by vaccines or she had a mitochondrial disorder CAUSED by vaccines. The government chose to believe the first theory (surprise!).


That quote from Terri Poling is priceless.

And Lisa Jo Rudy needs to wake up from her slumber--"the whole idea that there even is an autism epidemic remains highly questionable"--puleeez!!


HOW did Alison Singer determine that Hannah Poling had "an existing encephalopathy" BEFORE the NINE vaccinations ???

It would seem that would be a "little difficult to prove" which is usually the elegant bullshit of any argument she makes.

I would guess Autism Speaks was basically created to raise funds to buy "Autism gene machines" from General Electric, who own NBC.


Alison Singer responded:

My understanding is that this is fairly typical for mitochondrial enzyme defects, in that she worsened during the second year of life. This would have happened independent of whether she had received vaccines that caused fever or had ear infections that caused fever or never had fever. One could argue that the stress of fever (from whatever cause) allowed her symptoms to first manifest, but they would have manifested at some time. Samuel Berkovic has similarly shown that children with sodium channel transport defects are more likely to manifest their first seizure if they got a vaccine that caused fever. But if you look at the children who did and those who didn’t have their first seizure with vaccines, there is no difference in neurological outcome.

She has no understanding!
She had a child go through this and she is clueless!
How does the woman walk and chew gum at the same time!

So my child who had seizures right after its DPT shot had some kind of disorder to it's calcium blocking pathway?????

AND my husband who reacted to a tetanus shot at age 28 and 34 has a mitochondria disorder.

There is sure a lot going on in my family and yet, oh yes - YET nothing has anything to do with the other.

Lisa I too ended up subbing. To sub is to know the school system backwards and forewards.

Pattrons 99 -- you are right the whole human race is genetically susceptable!

Autism Speaks is right - Hannah Poling is a rare case. Not many vaccine injured children has parents that are FDA neurologist, nurse, lawyer all rolled up together


This whole thing is so sad. While I don't know the Poling family, a quick poll among the autism families I know showed that ALL would rather have their children healthy without autism than 20 millions dollars. The Poling family probably feels the same.


This whole question of coincidental timing could be resolved quickly if the government would only come clean with their vaccine injury data. I feel certain of that.

I worked as a substitute teacher for elementary schools in Loudoun County, VA a few years back. Every day I would sub at a different school in the county. And every day I would meet more autistic children. They were everywhere, sometimes five moderately to severely autistic kids in a single grade!

I had heard the argument that it was purely coincidence that children received some of their vaccines when they are two and then regressed into autism. "Autism is genetic and commonly first appears at age two," was the argument I heard. It seemed plausible, although suspicious. Until one day I was subbing at a school with a whole bunch of autistic kids, and among them were two little 6-year-old boys from Vietnam. They had arrived in the U.S. when they were four, having received no vaccines in their home country prior to that point. In order to enroll in school, they had to get fully vaccinated, so their doctor gave them all their required vaccines at once. Within a few months, these two normally developing, perfectly healthy little four-year-old boys lost ALL their speech -- in fact, ALL their communications skills (even the ability to gesture to indicate that they wanted something) -- and began walking on their tiptoes. Two years later, they were slowly learning to gesture when they wanted something to eat. That was it. They still couldn't utter a single word.

Coincidence? Not on you life. Reported to the feds? Probably. Buried in a file somewhere? No doubt about it.


Somebody please correct me if I'm remembering wrong, but I think I read somewhere that Mrs Poling's mitochondrial DNA had the same disorder as her daughter's?

Autism Speaks is working against our children. I will never support them in any way and tell everyone I know never to donate to AS. They are the enemy, sorry to say.

Deb in IL

"....Nothing makes you look more like a puppet on a string than to spill out the garbage about Hannah having an encephalopathy PRIOR to the July 19, 2000 vaccines. The ONLY person ever saying that has been PAUL OFFIT, your employer...."

Oh, SNAP! Lift the rock and watch all the creepy crawlys squirm. :)

Debbie Voss

Great job, J.B.! Many thanks as always!

I visited the A.S. blog and noticed only 2 comments....did I miss somthing, or did they remove other posts?

Katie Wright

I too was completely confused by the bizarre and tortured explanations as to why Hannah Polings received $20 million dollars compensation for a vaccine injury that did not cause her autism.

Thank you JB for unravelling these convoluted justifications for Hannah's compensation. Isn't the truth always simple?

Hannah Poling pre 9 vaccines- Typically developing child

Hannah Polings after 9 vaccines- Autistic child

As for Ms. Singer, I would advise her not to involve herself in the reasons for others' children's autism. I would never presume to tell Singer that I know why her daughter is autistic and it is beyond offensive that she feels a need to publicly dispute what Hannah's parents know and more importantly, experienced.

Hannah's father is a neurologist and her mother a nurse but I suppose Ms. Singer a person with no medical background and no experience with adverse vaccine reactions or regression knows better what happened to their daughter? Stop looking for cheap publicity on the back of 10 year old.

Amy Becker

Mercury causes mitochondrial disorder. Give a few mercury-containing vaccines the first few months of life, and you've increased a child's vulnerability to vaccine-induced encephalopathy later on. That's the lesson of Hannah Poling. For those willing to learn, there is hope for our kids (see reference to alpha-lipoic acid below). For those unwilling to learn, like Alison Singer, their kids will continue to suffer.

From: Environmental toxicants inhibit neuronal Jak tyrosine kinase by mitochondrial disruption.

"In contrast, mitochondria in both BE(2)-C and HepG2 cells showed reduced mitochondrial membrane potential and increased superoxide production after exposure to CdCl(2), HgCl(2) and rotenone. Further, in an in vitro Jak auto-phosphorylation assay Jak2 isolated from either BE(2)-C or HepG2 cells was equally inhibited by mitochondria made dysfunctional by treatment with CdCl(2), HgCl(2) and rotenone... Each of these pro-oxidant effects was reversed by the mitochondrial antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid."


Autism is not idiopathic. Autism is not idiosyncratic. Autism is iatrogenic. Autism is a man-made epidemic. There is no "subset" of the vaccinated population that is susceptible to autism. The vaccinated are ALL susceptible. VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM

Harry Tembenis

I actually got a few comments in on the AS blog ... and surprisingly, they were NOT deleted! Also I would say 75% of the posts on that AS blog were pro-Polings. WOW! What a difference a few months make. Thank you Poling family for having the perseverance to see this through all the way...a decade of blood, sweat and tears is finally providing some justice. God Bless the Poling family...


Oooooo! LOVED Terry Pauling's jab about Paul Offit thinking MD = Marketing Director! That is perfect!

Also, great post, thank you for the info and opinions which I agree with.

I think you need to put in the link to the Poland study. I'd love to have a copy of that.

Teresa Conrick

Great post for this morning! Thanks, J.B.

Here is that study from Portugal:

Bob Moffitt

Thanks JB .. for your constant vigilance and willingness to share what you observe with the rest of us.

Great comment by Terry Poling:

"The ONLY person ever saying that has been PAUL OFFIT, your employer. And, this is only his wishful thinking. Paul needs to use his MD to practice medicine. I think he forgot and thinks it stands for marketing director.”

Paul Offit, MD .. Marketing Director indeed.

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