Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill Discuss The Age Of Autism Mercury Medicine and a Man-Made Epidemic
CBS Asks: Vaccines, Autism and Brain Damage: What's in a Name?

As Our Book Launches, A Note of Thanks to All of You

Age of Autism_cover quote (3) Today marks the publication of "The Age of Autism -- Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-made Epidemic." If you click HERE or on the book cover at the left top, you'll see a new page about the book: Tour dates, an excerpt, and a button to purchase the book through the SafeMinds store. We'll be updating the page (and keeping you posted here as well) as we add cities to our tour, feedback, etc. Thanks to Ginger Taylor for setting this up, and thanks to a publicity team that has been hard at work for months: Laura Bono, Lyn Redwood, Becky Estepp and Katie Wiesman. We also want to thank each of you for making this book a reality by reading, commenting and supporting this blog. As we say in the Acknowledgements: "Many of the ideas in this book were introduced on the blog, and our readers' responses have helped refine them. The community that has grown up around Age of Autism has carried us forward on a wave of shared energy and commitment and we are privileged to serve such a generous and engaged group." Thank you. Please buy the book and help share the evidence. We hope to see you soon. -- Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill.


Donna K

Thank you Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill for your perseverance in seeking the truth, and your generosity in making the personal sacrifices necessary to complete this book. You are truly heroes to future generations of children whose lives will be spared from the stranglehold of autism, when the truths you've uncovered are disseminated to a world eager to make sense of what has been happening to their children.


i ordered my original copy sometime ago & recieved in mail day of release.....nice. i promptly gave it away to a friend who i know would not go out and buy it herself. last night i went to houston, tx barnes & noble to replace the copy i gave away - B&N as best as i could tell had only 1 x copy of book (which i purchased) & was buried in the medical section - unless a person knows of the book and actively seeks it out - doubtful it would be recognised / found otherwise. so pretty disappointed that b&n does not have more copies onhand as well as displayed / promoted better. is this a function of the bookstore or the book's publisher / distributor? just wanted to let you know in case someone not doing their job to better promote this book - also i know im gonna need more copies cause im certain to be giving / buying more in the future.

Lujene G. Clark

Got my copy yesterday. It is, without a doubt, the most important book written in the best interests of children's health and welfare since Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care. Bravo, gentlemen!

DAN fan


The day BEFORE the book's release.
Sept. 13 - the CDC study.


Haven't gotten my copy yet but I was stunned to read in The Examiner interview that congenital rubella was treated with THIMEROSAL. Huh? Kinda puts the whole rubella causes autism on shaky ground. The whole field of medicine is built on lies and mercury poisoning.


We should be thanking you two! On our knees! We're not worthy!! We're not worthy!!
Can't wait to read it!


The CDC study is a joke. There are SO many issues with even the methodology of population selection!

off the top: paid for in part by the vaccine manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies

excluded any children with conditions that may associate with autism regardless of any external factors such as Angelman and Fragile X. Since MOST with Fragile X don't express autism (or "autistic-like behaviors) this exclusion appears to narrow the data set artificially

Children had to have continuous coverage by the same Managed Care Organization over the entire course of the study period. With the concerted efforts of all insurance and managed care companies to drop those with ASD diagnosis the data set is further sanitized

The screening of those selected involved the use of 299.0 and 299.8 diagnostic codes. Parents learn quickly those codes result in claim denial so again, further sanitizing of the data set as many would not have been flagged

This study is a real "Where's Waldo" game...looking for kids who did not have substantial damage in order to make a claim of safety.


Can't wait to read this...

Janet Keith

I couldn't wait to get my book, so I ran out to a Barnes and Noble...and, interestingly enough, I ran into a lady who noticed my purchase and we got into a long conversation about autism...turns out her grandson has the diagnosis. I am thrilled Dan and Mark have written this book because I know it will be successful in getting more information about autism out to the general public...the "parents to be" need to have access to information other than what the typical pediatrician is sharing.

Mike Frandsen

The book has a lot of excellent information in it and is an important read for anyone interested in autism. I had an opportunity to interview the authors:



Dan Fan,,, what study came out today?


My copies arrived about a half-hour ago. I'm on page 4 and I don't expect to sleep much tonight, but I have say thanks for the work put into this!

DAN fan

This must be an important book. The CDC even honored it with a study, precisely timed to come out the day before the book's release. Judging by the study's conclusion, the CDC would be perfectly fine with sprinkling mercury on breakfast cereal.

I look forward to the Age of Enlightenment, swiftly followed by the Age of Punishment while our loved ones who were damaged by mercury experience the Age of Treatment.

Teresa Conrick

Yes, Virginia, there is an Age of Autism book!

And I am hopeful that it will educate so many like the blog has done, while it takes us to a deeper knowledge of the dangers of mercury and its roots to autism.

I have been privileged as a witness to its unfolding and I am forever grateful. May it lay to rest the centuries of its dangerous uses.

Jennifer Hutchinson

Got my copy today. Will be reading it tonight. Can't wait! BTW, it's #806 on Amazon now.


Mine just arrived in the mail... I am surprised it arrived on opening day. Can't wait to dig into it tonight!

Teri Arranga

Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted's new book, The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Manmade Epidemic, is one of my favorite books, and I consider it essential for any library as it grasps not just history and science related to the autism community and children's health, but it also presents a much larger public health perspective upon with the foundations of psychoanalytic thought and much of medicine are based. I found this book impressive, comprehensive, fascinating, and engaging. It's impressive and comprehensive to me because I know enough about the topic to see that Mark and Dan did an excellent job covering it, capturing the scope plus including relevant and fascinating details that I did not know. I also found the narrative style highly engaging as well as easy to read. This book is a classic that will remain relevant for generations to come.


So excited! I am not kidding, EVERY person in my family is getting a shiny new copy for Christmas. Can't wait to see it on NYT bestseller list....


I would suppose someone could track sales against the Offit book.

...that was a big hit for AAP members to provide on each and every table of their waiting rooms.


I cannot wait to get my copy!!

Congrats on taking Age of Autism from a series of UPI articles to a successful and informative blog and daily newspaper to now what is sure to be one amazing book that WILL indeed change the world. The beginning of the end of the iatrogenic age of autism is closer - thanks to all you do at AoA.

Much gratitude for your tireless efforts and pursuit of the facts.

mary podlesak

Clearly, broadcast of vaccine dangers requires maximum effort on the part of all parents of vaccine damaged children, in fact, it is an obligation, a moral obligation, on the part of all of us with knowledge of it's inherent dangers to each of the vaccinated, to speak out the Truth. I know that The Cross does not resonate with most of you who read this blog. You're hurting. Your children are in pain. Government and medicine offer no solace, no answers. Relatives, teachers and neighbors ridicule and despise you. Today is the feast of the Exhaltation of the Cross. If ever a community of people bears the cross, surely, the children of autism and their parents do so. The veil of secrecy and obfuscation surrounding so much death and disability must be allowed to be lifted by a merciful God on the innocent. I pray that this book can be a part of the public's enlightening effort.




So sad. "

I thought so too but then it could be because the CDC is about to inject anything that moves with their new mercury-filled flu shots. It's pretty predictable every year now, as part of their marketing scheme, to pull some study out of their rear and claim that their products are safe for everyone. 256 kids in that study? They must have done a good job of paring down the dataset.


Many, many kudos to Dan and Mark. I can't wait to read the book and look forward to seeing them in my city! One more poorly designed study about thimerosal is not going to change a thing, at least not in the minds of truly educated researchers, parents, and consumers.

A Friend



So sad.

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