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Another Child with Autism Maimed By Distraught Parent

FutureScrooge CBS 13 Modesto, CA reports on a brutal stabbing of a child with autism. By his mother, who once served on the Council of Developmental Disabilities. Take a long, hard look at Christmas future, and every other day for that matter, if America doesn't wake up to the need for treatment, prevention, services and support for families facing the growing crisis of autism.  Can we really just accept this? K

MODESTO (CBS13) ―  Neighbors of the mother accused of repeatedly stabbing her autistic son say they had only known the suspect as a devoted mother and autism activist who loved her son more than anything.

Anitra Hankins, 36, is under suicide watch in Stanislaus County custody on charges of torturing, tying up and viciously attacking 13-year-old Miles Hankins on Sunday night.

"He had stab wounds all over him," said next-door neighbor Christopher Tooze. "A big stab wound in the head."

Acquaintances were at a loss to describe how the incident could have happened. Anitra Hankins was regarded as a great mother who once served on the state Council on Developmental Disabilities.

In her 2004 resignation letter to the board, Anitra stated, "My health and that of my special needs child will not permit me to continue fulfilling my responsibilities as I would prefer." Read the full story HERE.




Cherry: To answer your questions, I am a real person and my age is 23. I was diagnosed with Asperger's as an adolescent. I understand that people can collapse under pressure. However, I'm not irrational enough to become a parent when I'm not ready for the consequences. I believe in thinking carefully before you act,especially when it comes to life changing decisions. I understand that most people act on autopilot and let their emotions and subconscious thoughts guide them. I am conscious of my thoughts and emotions the vast majority of the time. Although this makes it very difficult for me to socialize, it gives me great skills in planning and strategizing. I have previously been under immense stress. Please don't make the assumption that I've never been under pressure. One of my friends is in a semi-homeless state. Another must find a job within 2 months to make it. I have experienced autism; I live it every day of my life. What about putting yourself in the shoes of that boy? What I am thinking to myself is "It could have been me, had I been born to psychotic parents". I am thankful that my mother is the polar opposite of the woman in the news story.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Dear Aspie, I have to ask you- are you a real person? and how old are you.? How can it be that you as someone with Aspergers do not seem to realize how fragile the human mind under stress or influence of psychotic drugs can be.
I request you to save condemnation till such time as you have experienced what that mother was experiencing.
What happened was terrible, of course, but after we see such things happen over and over again, we must ask why and genuinely seek answers. Of course, if this seeking for answers is anything like the Great Autism Mystery Hunt, it shall be some time before the answers begin to trickle in.
This summer, the San Jose media covered a strange and dreadful crime by a woman against a young child. When asked, the woman stated that she did not know why she had done it. Maybe a small clue lay in this : that this woman was on Xanax.

Autism "Takes" Not Speaks

Cindy, A.S. has turned into one huge marketing event, particularly in Boston. It is sickening. I wish they'd put this much effort into vaccine research instead of stroking their own eogs and raising money for the pathetic employees at A.S. who get paid thousands to sit in their fancy offices.


Yesterday I was holding the horse for the Ferry.
When the horse threw up his head and back off.
The bridle broke and
The hook on the chain that runs under it's chin - impaled and ripped my hand. I had to have seven stitches.

I of course have not had a tetanus shot in years. So - well we know what I was up againest - even my own family is scared to and begged me to get it.

I have two days to change my mind.

The doctor listened to me and then told me that the tetanus shot now comes with diptheria and whooping cough vaccine too. They are suppose to give the three shot deal instead of the just one. But in my case he would jus give the tetanus by itself.

I refused. In two weeks we will see if I will be regretting that descision.

My husband was upset that I refused (he with the mitochondrial disorder!!!)

He fussed at me all the way home but about the time we pulled into the drive way he said quietly, "They were trying to sneak those other vaccines in witht the tetanus!!!

It continues to amaze him just how corrupt and unfair it all is.

It continues to surprise me too.

Autism Grandma

"How many of these parents suffer from undiagnosed, untreated toxicities themselves, that contribute to mental illness?" Posted by nhokkanen

YES, And how many of these parents turn to psyche meds out of desperation for their own sanity only to end up worse off than they were?

And how many of these parents end up with adrenal exhaustion resulting from the non-stop stress, and which affects the entire hormonal balance resulting in severe depression?

And how many of these parents end up with serotonin and other neurotransmitter depletion due to the non-stop stress, which can push their brain chemistry into homicidal crisis?

And how many of these parents get pushed right over the cliff into temporary insanity?

God help this woman and her child...and the rest of us.

Aasiyah Bint

People need to wake up and realize that families need support, especially the ones that a single parent is caring for a child. It is so hard to take care of kids, especially if the child is special need, plus work and deal with all other issues. No human being can do it for a long run. I know I am running out of steam. I admit I need help, and I reach out for my children s sake,and not because I am lazy.


As far as I'm concerned, this woman deserves no pity. I feel sorry for her son having to live with such a psychotic mother. I hope they lock her up and throw away the key. She is a mother unfit to take care of and bear future children. Why did she even have children she knew his pathetic excuse of a father wouldn't help? I will never condone her violence or irresponsibility.


Are there fathers in these situations? Or is the lack of a male father figure another part of the increased stress on the single parent which leads to the "snap".

Nobody really.

America is going to be the biggest pit of hell, it already is. A perfect combination of fluoride poisoning, mercury poisoning, poverty, alienated disconnected population, unemployment all being run by the zionist government, media, and education system. Get out now. America is going to explode and it will be the ugliest thing the earth has ever known. Look what Russia had to go through because of these people. The collapse of America will be very deadly, so many people will go on believing the lie until the very end. Zeolite Powder Cures Autism AKA Mercury Poisoning.

KFuller Yuba City, Ca.

Our local news is lightly covering this story. They promised news regarding real help for parents experiencing Autism and then spoke to a Special Ed employee and a Mother of a child affected by CP. No one gets it. No one. I have emailed them about their pathetic coverage. Nothing from them...just silence.


I pray that the child recovers quickly and finds a safe and loving home. No innocent child deserves such a betrayal.

But regarding the mother: She snapped. Apply enough pressure to a worn-out, brittle branch, and it snaps.

Parents not only shoulder the day-to-day burden caring for their sick children on the spectrum, they also have to be health advocates, political advocates, spiritual advocates. Strive as they might, not all parents can shoulder all those burdens simultaneously.

How many of these parents suffer from undiagnosed, untreated toxicities themselves, that contribute to mental illness? We won't know until medical trade unions and insurance agencies investigate and prioritize clinical testing... which costs more money than rolling the psychological dice on presumptive pill prescriptions. Hence the stalemate.


Rich, it would be quite simple to prevent almost all cases of "autism". Go back to the vaccine schedule of 1965. Or better yet, drop the farce of vaccines altogether.


Standing ovation for you Cindy...autism is a thief that took my son's speech, eye contact, physical ability and left him a disabled adult. NOTHING cute and charming about an adult who cannot take care of themselves and will never, ever earn a single dime to support themselves. Wake up Mom's when you are 50, do you want to be caring for your child 24-7 and struggling to pay to keep the lights turned on? No, I would rather have been tailgating at the ballgames where my son should be in college... END AUTISM NOW!!!!


Rich-the amazing thing is that some parents of severely autistic children are the ones running aorund saying autism is just part of their kids. It's not just Aspies which would be more understandable. Dumber than dumb I say!


I don't think Dr. Offit is a billionaire - Gates? Yes.

R Prasad

As long as people like Vaccine industry billionaire Paul Offit, Vaccine Autism epidemic donator Bill Gates and our own Vaccine industry protecting CDC, IOM, FDA exist like now, there is no hope for Autism parents. When people and government put our kids health above the pharmaceutical and vaccine companies profits, then only we can hope for some hope.


This is a terrible tragedy for this particular family, and certainly something to watch out for moving forward.

Autism as it's currently defined won't be eradicated however. As long as it's categorized under the DSM criteria and under the thumb of the Mental Health Community, there are too many high functioning Aspies who consider it a form of eugenics to eradicate their DNA from the planet so to speak. I tend to agree with them on this point.

For the parents of children requiring life ling care, it seems to be an obvious conclusion that we should want to eliminate autism. So how do you form an actual productive solution to this issue? It's going to have to come from the community itself lobbying to separate and use different criteria from what we use now. We then can eradicate the "form of autism" these parents are dealing with. And "regressive autism" is not going to be enough. It has to be an entire paradigm to show how the old autism criteria now fits the new criterias.

If anyone knows of any movements toward this end, I would love to know more about them. To me, it is the only solution that will satisfy all the different camps in the larger autism umbrella and have a long lasting solution to many of our challenges.


Absolutely horrible. When will people wake up and realize autism is not something to be embraced? Just this weekend the Boston Walk for Autism Speaks took place (don't even get me started on that subject!) and the clueless mommies ran to their blogs seemingly upset that someone had the nerve to get up to the podium and tell everyone we need to continue to do our best to eradicate autism. Well, these mothers wrote that they don't want autism eradicated because after all, that is who their child is and autism is a part of them. Are they kidding? Autism is NOT what a chid is. Autism is a lifelong disorder that is not cute, sweet, funny or wonderful. All I can say is once their kids get older maybe they will realize that autism needs to end!

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