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Alice Shabecoff: To Vaccinate Your Child….Or Not?

Question mark kids Read the full article at Chelsea Green

This article offers an impartial introduction to the otherwise hotly-contested subject of childhood vaccinations. And it shows how vaccines fit into the whole problem of the toxic assault on our children.

Donna Curless’s three children were born and spent their early years in Brick Township, a mid-size, middle income New Jersey city whose rate of children with autism seemed so off the charts that it became the quoted statistic for quite a few years. Looking for possible causes, government and independent investigators found the water supply polluted with a mixture of industrial chemicals from local manufacturing plants, to which chlorine had been added as a disinfectant, as it is in so many American cities and towns. (Chlorine can combine with other chemicals to produce a toxic byproduct.)

Yet Donna is sure that her own children’s autism was the result of vaccinations.

It’s possible she’s right. Although Dr. Philip Landrigan, the ‘father’ of environmental pediatrics says there’s no evidence to link vaccines and autism, some in the scientific and medical community have found evidence to the contrary.

The unsettled debate involves two questions:

***first, might there be a subset of children who are likely, or at least more likely, to react badly to the current vaccination program? And

***second, aren’t there circumstances in which any child might have a bad response?
There’s enough research to suggest that both premises are plausible but not enough for a definitive answer.

Given this unsettled debate, parents could take a better-safe-than-sorry plan of action while research, which will undoubtedly take a really long time, figures out just what does cause autism spectrum disorders, not to mention asthma and other allergies which are also on a disconcerting rise. And birth defects; and cancer.


childrens dentist in las vegas

If any injury is caused a patient by a drug through a known side effect that's disclosed in the literature, there would be no reason for compensation.

All drugs have known side effects and patients have to weigh the benefits vs. the risks when they choose to take them. And if the patient doesn't want to take the risk of the known side effects, then he shouldn't take the medication. And if he does he's assuming the risk himself (or parents are, if the patient is a child).

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/to-vaccinate-your-child-or-not.html#ixzz1KVQtqsP1

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Aspie, When people in the autism world say that you cant find many adults with autism, they are usually talking about the kind of severe autism that their own kids have. The tsunami of that type of autism began with the children born in approximately 1985. Naturally, there would have been an increase in those years of Aspergers syndrome also, so 18 to 25 fits just right for mercury in the vaccines of those years. For adults of today, who were born prior to the 1980's it would still have been possible to develop Aspergers and even full autism with a combination of the DPT vaccines plus other sources of mercury such as the mother eating fish, having dental work during pregnancy,receiving Rhogam injections during pregnancy. Or perhaps the unlucky individual was bitten by a dog as a young child and received rabies injections (high mercury in those even today)
However, people like myself (above 60 years of age) who very well recall the neighbourhoods they grew up in and their classmates in schools, did not see anything resembling autism, and people who taught school year after year say the same thing.
I do have one interesting recollection, however- meeting a serious, stocky, large headed 5 year old in 1967 who said that he did not like school because the kids make a lot of noise and "It makes me feel ugly" He might have had some mild autism and in those days no one would have recognized that.
I would like to add that I often wonder what makes the difference between full autism and Aspergers. In New Delhi, I see so many kids with full autism and I see many kids who have some symptoms of autism, who seem to nearly normalize by age 5, but I dont think that I have seen more than a few cases of Aspergers


Just one more post on hepatitis B/multiple sclerosis in France then I promise I'll stop:

"It was even more damning that in an interview in a widely circulated French journal, Beecham's business manager claimed with outrageous cynicism: 'We started increasing awareness of the European Experts of the World Health organization about hepatitis B in 1988. From then to 1991, we financed epidemiological studies on the subject to create a scientific consensus about hepatitis being a major public health problem. We were successful because in 1991, WHO published new recommendations about hepatitis B vaccination.'

It is sad news for people everywhere in the world that WHO's experts need manufacturers' salesmen to become "aware" of significant health problems. Moreover, the manufacturer did its best to prevent publication of this stunning confession, according to the the journalist responsible for this interview."



Not an MD - "can you name the adjuvant?"

VERY GOOD question? Of course there's got be an adjuvant. That's the "little surprise" that pharma's planning to spring on us.

Could it be ISCOMATRIX? A saponin adjuvant?

Pharma's liability for these "experiments" is NIL. They don't even have to disclose what immunotoxin they're fooling around with. I feel sorrow for the nightmarish flu season the Aussies had this year.

We got an inkling last year of what's probably in store for us this year, with the pandemic flu jabs. Here is what I fear the most. They will MANDATE inoculation with this SHIT. Governments need to GET THE HELL OUT of healthcare.


"No, No, No to Mandatory Vaccinations. We do not want to be forced to have poisons injected in our bodies. If you want a revolution, try to mess with our children and see the backlash." -- Pat Moore, AL


AHHH Geeez thanks!
I just snorted my coke up my nose!
I thought I was going to read something about bipolar.

Instead it was "the FDA seal of approval"

So very appropriate, that is about how my daughter feels!


In a world which for many is otherwise often quite depressing, it's nice to have some good news now and then. With regard to the vaccines and autoimmune diseases, here's a couple of recent articles that may be uplifting on the homeopathic front:

“Vitamin D really does prevent cancer, autoimmune diseases” by Ethan A. Huff on August 30, 2010.


“Vitamin D May Influence Genes for Cancer, Autoimmune Disease” on August 24, 2010, in U.S. News and World Report.


“The investigators found that vitamin D receptor binding is significantly enhanced in regions of the human genome associated with several common autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes and Crohn's disease, and in regions associated with cancers such as leukemia and colorectal cancer.”


Carol - "They have the moral characters to do something like the above."


Did they have the motive, means, and opportunity to do the crime? Hmmmm.

This is definitely not a U.S.-centric problem. The pharma cartel is global. In the U.S., pharma and FDA have been exploiting us for quite a long time. The majority of the public doesn't get it, doesn't care, or it's below their radar screen.




I'm speculating that the creation of thousands of new cases of multiple sclerosis in France was deliberate. (The cases may have developed faster than anticipated.) But I don't think Dr. Girard is going there with me.

Every day we read about down-and-dirty pharmaceutical company schemes to make money. They have the moral characters to do something like the above. Do they have the expertise? Well, they've known about demyelination from vaccines since the early 1900s. (Thank you, Dr. Offit, for that information.) Undoubtedly they've been studying it since then. Perhaps they've been fine-tuning it.

Pipelining drugs is so much easier when you create your own market.


Not completely sure what your point was, Aspie. I know several adults who have traits that hint at Aspergers, but they need no special care and function at jobs, school, etc. There certainly aren't 1 in 100 adults with autism who require care to get through their daily lives.


Carol - - "What if for one or both companies, the MS wasn't inadvertent?"

Well, that sure would have at least an appearance of impropriety. Let's think this thru.

Generally speaking, whenever there's motive, criminal intent, an agreement to do a crime, and completed crimes, with thousands, if not millions, of injured victims, does that have a name? How about a criminal conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity? Why would there not have been a formal criminal investigation?


According to Girard there were 60 cases of pediatric hepatitis B in France. 60 cases! Mostly among immigrants. They vaccinated the entire French population to handle that?


Also something that I did not know!
If it is a generic seizure medicine you would think that it is exactly the same.
Levetiracetam = Keppra.

But it don't!

The neurologist at the University of Kentucky last year was really concerned that they had come out with a generic version to Keppra.

He told me that there was a difference in percentages of the contents between the two.

That percentage could mean the difference in break out seizures.

I started off the new stuff intermingled with the old brand trying to see, plus he was trying to drive, and I had to drive him for a while.

What a mess! The whole thing is one big mess.

Even if he gets through commmuntiy college how is he going to hold down a job?


Thanks for the links to Boyd Halley.
Boyd says that there should be crimnal charges! What a straight talker!

Thanks for the more detailed information of the Hep B link to multiple scleroisis in France.

Creating dieases to sell medicines - I am way ahead of you there.

My son is on a seizure medicine Levetiracetam (made by whom?) It is generic for Keppra. It is for seizures!

My daughter is on Lamictal (I wonder who makes that?).

They both were for a time on zyloft (who makes that?)

My son was for a brief time on Clonadine for tics (who makes that).

My daughter was on prozax (whew) who makes that?

I do know that Keppra was made by a small pharma company UCB - and they gave my son a 5,000 dollar scholarship for college. They do not make vaccines. As a matter of fact Keppra seemed to be about it's main drug.


Interesting about the vaccines and MS talk.
On Sciencedaily.com today there is an interesting article about immune systems and how similar they are from person to person, so much so that we may be able to use it as a early diagnostic tool for autoimmune disorders like MS and some cancers before advanced symptoms appear. If so, it should eventually be helpful in finding autoimmune disfunction markers to help doctors know which children should not be vaccinated and/or which children need to have their immune systems boosted nutritionally and/or need alternative vaccination schedules. see here:



"....a memo from the French General Directorate for Health, dated February 15, 2002, stated that the hepatitis B campaign produced the "greatest series of side effects noted by pharmacovigilance since its creation in 1974." Dr. Girard says the documents he has seen appear to show that crucial evidence on vaccine tolerance was withheld from doctors so as not to ruin the vaccination drive. He goes on to slam the health administration for "collaborating intensively with the vaccine manufacturers."

The pharmaceutical companies Pasteur-Merieux MSD (now Aventis Pasteur-MSD) and SmithKline Beecham (now GlaxoSmithKline) also are criticised for exaggerating the number of hepatitis B carriers and patients in France and of dramatising the dangers of the virus to justify mass vaccination beyond high-risk groups. Dr. Girard also alleges that there have been conflicts of interest. He points out that studies clearing the vaccines of links to neurological problems have been financed by the industry."

So this is very odd. A vaccination campaign two drug companies are pushing causes a large increase in multiple sclerosis in France. SmithKline Beecham needed money because it was spending $125 million on its partnership with Human Genome Systems. Don't know what Pasteur-Merieux needed money for, but I bet it did.

What if for one or both companies, the MS wasn't inadvertent? What if it was known all along what was going to happen? Not only would both companies make a bundle selling hepatitis B vaccine to the French government, but a whole new market was being created for new and very expensive drug treatments for autoimmune disorders.


"Over a 20-year period (1966-1986), only 19 childhood cases [of MS] were reported. In comparison, over the 14-year period (1990-2004) for the new cohort, there were 472 cases reported. Without considering the possible prejudice of potentially unsound procedures for case exclusion, this increase corresponds to a nominal 25-fold increase in cases over a period that is 30% shorter in duration. These figures speak for themselves. With the baseline occurrence of MS in young children being extremely rare (about 1 case per year), this dramatic 25-fold increase during a period where mass vaccination against hepatitis B was the most drastic change in the health environment, gives enormous credibility to the hypothesis that neurotoxicity is linked to this vaccine--and to this vaccine only....

In France just prior to this campaign, it was estimated that less than 25,000 persons suffered from MS; given a total of more than 100,000 general practitioners...this means that a number of doctors--and this was true for myself--had never, in their professional lives, met a patient with MS. Nowadays however, at all social or professional levels, everybody--health professionals and not--knows of several cases of MS among their close acquaintances."


RN Mommy

Something interesting to note is that the hospital I work for gives Hep B vaccine without consent if the patient is a "drop-in". This ususally means she has had no prenatal care and just pops in to have a baby. This is policy at the hospital and I believe a violation of rights. They are really working the system to get those shots it and early too.

Heidi N

I just want to say that autism is immune dysfunction. Let's say there was no autism, there is 1 in 3 getting cancer, and epidemics in diabetes, asthma, Lupes, ALS, MS, chronic fatigue, etc. The problem is multifaceted. We do have toxins in the water, toxic food, electrosmog, poor quality vaccines, poor quality maintream medicine, etc. It's all of these and more. We have many problems that are contributing to the fall of most everyone's health. It's not either this or that is the problem, it's both this and that are the problems.


There are many people here that deny the existence of autistic adults. We do exist. I've met adult Aspies in my age range, from 18-25. Contrary to your beliefs, we aren't super-rare.



The graph provided in Girard's paper shows the level of hepatitis B vaccine units sold decreasing after the steep increase. It may have been suspended for a time.

I think this is fertile ground because:

You can't use the old "better diagnosis" canard to explain such a surge in pediatric MS.

A flood of flawed epidemiological studies by the usual subjects was produced to convince everybody to move along.

One vaccine, Hep B, is the culprit. That makes things crystal clear.

The administration of this vaccine so early in life for no good reason suggests that the motivation is primarily to make money for pharmaceutical companies.


@Not an MD: the flu vaccines in the U.S. don't contain an adjuvant. Maybe that's part of the reason they don't work?


The article said that some DTaP vaccines don't contain aluminum. That is not true. All DTaP vaccines contain aluminum.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Carol, The insert that I have for one of the Hep B vaccines clearly gives MS as a possible adverse event (but "rare"- so that the reader will imagine that it will never actually happen to HIS child) And then you study and learn that Hep B is not a common disease- and it just breaks your heart. What risk? What benefit?
My grandaughter , age 7 was given a measles vaccine about a month back. She has been sick off and on ever since. Her brother had it also and he had more severe and delayed symptoms than anything listed in the insert or known to the doctor. Naturally, that allows the doctor to tell you that "It cant be the measles vaccine; It must be something else" . Im still worried about my grandaughter and I have decided that the way to decide on a vaccine is to look at the worst thing among the listed adverse events and imagine what you would be thinking if your child got that disorder. In most cases the answer is "What possessed me to give that vaccine? It was most unlikely that my child would have got that disease, and if she did, she would have got well ! Now she isnt ever going to get well"


What I would like to know, did France suspend the Hep B then?

If they did then - they are just writing off those few year's crop of children?

Is that it? Just like a crop of wheat or corn, - "Oh Well! a few lean years of healthy kids!"

What kind of people sees this and does not speak out or up?

Is society so scared of disease that they are willing to go softely into the night from being poisoned?


Loved your second:
"second, aren’t there circumstances in which any child might have a bad response?"

That is the nail on the head,and everybody knows it some where deeply buried in their brains and souls. That is why when I tell the tale of my kids, doctors, health care workers, parents, and other people get that scared/angry/aggravated look on their faces and don't want to hear about it.

You know the old clic'he: hear no evil, then it can't touch you.


This is a more readable version of an article about the cover-up of the connection between hepatitis B vaccine and the epidemic of pediatric multiple sclerosis in France:

"In France, there exists a cohort of approximately 500 paediatric MS cases gathered since 1990, some of which experienced the onset of MS at 2 years of age or younger. Since the blackout on relevant information is complete and the investigators have stubbornly refused to communicate relevant information publicly, it is difficult to guess the percentage of underreporting in this already substantial-size cohort. However, in a private talk during winter 2004, I heard the General Director of the French Agency acknowledge that this situation was a very significant concern. Yet, it seems plain that, regarding a disease which is normally an extremely rare occurrence in children (and even more so in young children), the blatant chronological coincidence of this frightening burst of paediatric MS with a peak of hepatitis B vaccinations represents in itself a strong indicator of causation."

An accompanying graph shows the units sold of hepatitis B vaccine soaring between 1993 and 1995 after which cases of severe multiple sclerosis went through the roof.


This clip has been around for quite a while and shows how "science works" at the NIH & IOM.

Dr. Boyd Haley of the University of Kentucky

Military vaccinations ALS /Gulf war syndrome/ Autism / mercury / vaccines /
2000 IOM Conference / Research funding corruption at 2004 IOM Conference/ NIH


Not an MD

Sarah, here an excerpt from the package insert for CSL's Afluria:
"A single 0.5 mL dose of AFLURIA contains sodium chloride (4.1 mg), monobasic sodium
phosphate (80 mcg), dibasic sodium phosphate (300 mcg), monobasic potassium phosphate
(20 mcg), potassium chloride (20 mcg), and calcium chloride (1.5 mcg). From the
manufacturing process, each 0.5 mL dose may also contain residual amounts of sodium
taurodeoxycholate (≤ 10 ppm), ovalbumin (≤ 1 mcg), neomycin sulfate (≤ 0.2 picograms [pg]),
polymyxin B (≤ 0.03 pg), and beta-propiolactone (< 25 nanograms). A single 0.25 mL dose of
AFLURIA contains half of these quantities. "

My question to all here is: can you name the adjuvant? I don't see any aluminum variation listed. Clearly, there must be an adjuvant in order for the vaccine to produce a strong antibody response. Why isn't the adjuvant listed? I guess it is all proprietary information that the industry thinks we have no right to know. Something was in the CSL's vaccine that caused such a problem for children. I think CSL is full aware of the problem.

Dan E. Burns

Great article, Alice.

“There is no credible scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism.” Parents of children with autism hear this refrain again and again from The Institutes of Medicine (IOM), CDC, NIH, and Food and Drug Administration, the Vaccine Court (Office of Special Masters of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims), numerous science blogs.

In the vaccine autism debate, it sometimes seems that parents and scientists are speaking different languages. Perhaps they are. Or more precisely, perhaps they are speaking the same language but understanding it according to different rules.

Is it possible that the “rules” of science are outmoded? Or that the scientific model as we know does not apply to health?

In "Poisoned for Profit," you and Phillip take on these issues. I look forward to exploring them further with you in future conversations.


Having read in Paul Offit's book _Vaccinated_ about the problems with the early rabies vaccine and demyelination, it occurred to me that perhaps things hadn't changed all that much. Below are two interesting articles about hepatitis B vaccination and multiple sclerosis. The first proposes a mechanism for demyelination and the second talks about, well, the cover-up:




Great article...though there is one error, Alice. You say to split up receiving the H1N1 vax and the seasonal flu...this isn't possible this year since the H1N1 strain is included in the seasonal flu vaccine. This is a combination shot Australia has found has significant side effects for the under 5 year olds...so much so, they suspended the vaccine for this group. Strange though, the seasonal flu vaccine (with H1N1) seems to be available much earlier than usual...guess those scientists have gotten better at predicting those circulating strands..hmmm.

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