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Vote For $50K To Help The Homeless With Autism

ARI sidebar logo From our friends and sponsor at ARI. For those of you who are not familiar with ARI, it was  founded by Dr. Bernard Rimland , who founded the Autism Society of America and is the doctor who discredited the "Refrigerator Mother" theory.  Please vote. Imagine the plight of a person with autism, who is also homeless.

Help ARI Win $50k to Help Homeless Individuals with ASD

This morning, ARI was chosen to participate in the Pepsi Refresh Everything project and needs your support to win $50,000.  Only the projects with the highest number of votes are funded. Voting is free and it started this morning - can you help?
Vote now and take a moment to return each day this month.

Click here to vote: 

We hope to to establish a model program to provide information and support for homeless people who are on the autism spectrum. First, we will establish a small office in downtown San Diego for one year, and the office would be run by two part-time people.  They would meet with staff at shelters and missions to inform them about autism and suggest best ways to help those on the autism spectrum - for example, eat/relax/rest/sleep in a quiet, dimly lit or dark place. We'll offer support and information on where to find vital resources including:

  • shelters and transitional housing
  • food and clothing
  • medical care
  • mental health services
  • referrals to agencies for case management & life training skills
  • referrals to agencies for government or other financial assistance
  • referrals for outpatient consultation, evalution and treatment intervention
  • referrals to agencies providing skills assessment, job training & job coaches

We would also create a tri-fold brochure with relevant information and work to disseminate crucial information about the various support services available directly to those on the spectrum. 

Click here to vote:


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