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NIH Launches Effort to Define Markers of Human Immune Responses to Infection and Vaccination

Research Recovery Act Enables Research That Could Help Improve Vaccines and Therapeutics

A new nationwide research initiative has been launched to define changes in the human immune system, using human and not animal studies, in response to infection or to vaccination. Six U. S.-based Human Immune Phenotyping Centers will receive a total of $100 million over five years to conduct this research.

Funding for the centers is provided by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health. Support for the first year of this initiative will come from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

“Recognizing the differences in immune system activity before, during and after exposure to an infectious agent or vaccine will help in the development of safer, more effective therapeutics and vaccines,” says NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. “This research effort also will contribute to the ongoing evolution in our ability to study the immune system.”

Investigators will analyze samples from well-characterized groups, including children, the elderly, and people with autoimmune diseases such as lupus. These groups represent diverse populations with respect to age, genetics, gender and ethnicity. The research teams will examine immune system elements of these populations before and after exposure to naturally acquired infections or to vaccines or vaccine components. The profile that will emerge of the body’s response to vaccination will be based on the most sophisticated and comprehensive assays currently available. This will enable new approaches to examining vaccine safety, not just of individual vaccines but of the processes of immunization in general.

Their studies will focus on immune responses to vaccines against specific viruses and bacteria, such as influenza and pneumococcus, as well as to infection with West Nile virus. The investigators will take advantage of technological developments and advances in creating databases and developing mathematical models to identify and analyze the complex changes in immune profiles.

Each awardee will contribute to the establishment of a centralized infrastructure to collect, characterize and store human samples and analyze the large data sets that will be generated. Eventually, the centers will gather the information from this effort into a centralized Web-based database they will make available to the scientific community to promote and support human immunology research.

“This research effort represents a major expansion of efforts to define the principles of human immune regulation, instead of relying on findings from animal models that have limitations and cannot always be extrapolated to people,” says Daniel Rotrosen, M.D., director of the Division of Allergy, Immunology and Transplantation at NIAID. “The knowledge gained also will improve our understanding of the range of vaccine responses in particular subpopulations, including newborns, young children, the elderly, patients taking immunosuppressive medications and those with underlying diseases of the immune system, such as allergy and autoimmune diseases.”

The following six core institutions and principal investigators will participate in the inaugural program:

Baylor Research Institute, Dallas – Jacques Banchereau, Ph.D.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston – Ellis Reinherz, M.D.
Emory University, Atlanta – Bali Pulendran, Ph.D.
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. – Gregory Poland, M.D.
Stanford University, Calif. – Mark Davis, Ph.D.
Yale University, New Haven, Conn. – David Hafler, M.D., and Erol Fikrig, M.D.
A portion of the funding for the centers will be dedicated to support smaller studies proposed by investigators outside the program, including pilot projects, the development of research resources and clinical studies.

The activities described in this release are being funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. More information about NIH’s Recovery Act grant funding opportunities can be found at http://grants.nih.gov/recovery/. To track the progress of HHS activities funded through the Recovery Act, visit www.hhs.gov/recovery. To track all federal funds provided through the Recovery Act, visit www.recovery.go

NIAID conducts and supports research—at NIH, throughout the United States, and worldwide—to study the causes of infectious and immune-mediated diseases, and to develop better means of preventing, diagnosing and treating these illnesses. News releases, fact sheets and other NIAID-related materials are available on the NIAID Web site at http://www.niaid.nih.gov.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)—The Nation's Medical Research Agency—includes 27 Institutes and Centers and is a component of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is the primary federal agency for conducting and supporting basic, clinical and translational medical research, and it investigates the causes, treatments and cures for both common and rare diseases. For more information about NIH and its programs, visit http://www.nih.gov/.



Not placated - you were right. I came across this article, amongst others when I google searched "quorum sensing". It's a very interesting read. I am grateful for the tip.

“As some scientists are finally realising, there is a large realm of microbial life-forms that lie between “bacteria” and “viruses.” It is this relatively uncharted never-never land of microbiology that lies at the heart of life, disease, cancer, death, regeneration, and perhaps even immortality.” – Alan Cantwell, Jr, MD

“Bacteria, Cancer & the Origin of Life” by Alan Cantwell, Jr, MD in 2003.



Not only you don't know much about microbiology (and that is okay) but the CDC don't know much either.

colloidal silver, vitamin Ds and Cs,iodine and I think low carb diets ~ fasting(starving certian viruses that feed off of OUR glucose energy pathway) are all how we fight these viruses.

That is how it seems to be staking up.

Then we have alumiunum adjuvants and mercury perservatatives. Will we find that they really did play a role in all of this too?

Thirty years waiting for an answer, and I plan on not dying untill I do.


Does society really need more research whose sole purpose is to validate conventional “wisdom”, e.g., the never-validated theory of vaccine-preventable diseases, by ostensibly discovering markers for human immune responses? I wish that I could be optimistic about this wonderful-sounding research initiative. Perhaps, if it was free of outside influences, I could support it. Based on their track record, however, research of this type will likely be “rigged”, take decades to complete, and the conclusions are already ghost-written by pharma. The conclusions will provide continued public support for: (a) ignoring the Precautionary Principle, and (b) the never-validated theory of vaccine-preventable disease. This research initiative might easily prove to be another example of government-endorsed plausible deniability. Only one year of funding? What’s that all about? Hmmm.

“...no effective cures can be found while the scientific community debates for decades about what is actually causing the many contemporary sicknesses and diseases experts increasingly say are related to this one-two punch, chemical biological intoxication” -- Dr Leonard Horowitz


Why can’t our government answer very straight-forward questions? Silver Colloids - Do they work? If they do work, how do they work? EMF therapy - Does it work? If it works, how does it work. We are imprisoned by pharma's mainstream medical “wisdom” which refuses to look “outside the box", and attacks and marginalizes those who do.

“The literature dating back to 1910 on colloidal silver is extensive with most references giving the advantages for the use of colloidal silver for a wide variety of purposes.” – Professor Ronald J. Gibbs, circa 1999.

I wish that Dr Royal Rife was alive today. It would be VERY interesting to use LIVE microscopy in a comprehensive study of the antimicrobial properties of various silver colloids, especially microbes such as viruses, e.g. pleomorphic cancer viruses.

What effect might EMF energy have upon such antimicrobial properties? What effect might orthomolecules such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 have upon such antimicrobial properties? What effect might the zeta potential and pH of our blood have upon such antimicrobial properties? Is the antimicrobial property a photodynamic effect? a catalytic effect? a coordinated resonance effect? what type of reaction is being catalyzed?

From what tissue did Rife isolate his original BX cancer virus specimens? An unulcerated breast mass of proven malignancy? Hmmm. Sure sounds like breast cancer to me. Why was this research actively suppressed for the last 50 years?



Benedetta - could it be that our internal biological milleau, the Terrain, is directly influencing epigenetic control over the morphology of the microbe, which differs in states of health versus disease?

I am going to follow Not placated's advice and do some google quorum sensing as a means of researching these topics.

Interesting how Rife learned that the light source was more important than the magnification in seeing LIVE viruses. Electron microscopy and most conventional histopathology specimens are looking at DEAD things. That’s got to be a significant difference.

I’ve ordered a copy of “The Rainbow and the Worm”, 3rd edition, by a geneticist, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. It’s received some favorable book reviews. It delves into the meaning of life, contemporary physics, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, and quantum optics.


BTW - I wonder whether there’s any relationship between pleiomorphic cancer viruses and bacteriophages. I’m sure I could fill an encyclopedia with all I don’t know about microbiology.



@ Jenny Allan - so you are Scottish! Let me share with you that I’ve got a Scottish Tartan plaid in my family tree on my father’s side. I guess we’ve both got some highlander blood in our veins.

Photodynamic therapy is a fascinating area of research.

If "coordinated resonance" technology could be developed, would such technology potentially be safer than exposing the entire population to an ever growing list of chemical and biologic intoxicants found in the vaccine schedules?

Here are the conclusions regarding therapeutic use of Electromagnetic Fields “EMF” in medicine from I.L. Cameron, et al at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Department of Cellular and Structural Biology, San Antonio, TX in 2007. I agree with their conclusions. This type of research is where our health research dollar should be targeted.


Conclusions regarding therapeutic use of EMF
1. It can be predicted that bioelectromagnetics will rise to a therapeutic importance
that will match or surpass conventional drugs and surgery. Besides the advances
in cancer therapy, examples mentioned above, many other diseases are and can be
successfully treated by EMF therapy (Rosch and Markov, 2004).
2. The field of bioelectromagnetic medicine faces an uphill struggle against
pharmaceutical cartels with a vested interest in a monopoly for use of their
3. Cutting edge research, rigid clinical trials and funding opportunities for
bioelectromagnetic therapy research are needed to realize the potential therapeutic
value of EMF therapy.


Patrons99 that is interesting.
But that is hard to believe that a primitive virus, with no cell structures could turn into a mulitcell fungus or even into a one cell organism.

Some of the one cell organism do produce slimy stuff on a culture dish that looks like a fungus though.


Here's an interesting excerpt from a Nexus Magazine Video Review in 2005:

“Prior to his demise, there had been a growing movement towards pleomorphism as a more complete "germ theory"; it can be described as the action of one life-form changing into another life-form. According to this line of thought, the medium-i.e., the blood, not the germ-is seen as the agent responsible for disease.

Pleomorphism, the Rife Beam Ray and the Rife Universal Microscope all stood to revolutionize medicine with drug-free cures for all infectious diseases-which was the last thing the growing pharmaceutical companies of the time wanted to compete against.”


Here's an excerpt from a Townsend Letter review by Jule Klotter:

"The Rife Universal Microscope was the answer to a prayer for bacteriologist Arthur Kendall. His own research had convinced him that Antoine Bechamp had been correct. Bechamp believed that the chemical environment in which a microorganism lives determines the form it takes. Kendall and other biologists had cultured up to 16 distinct organisms from a single source by using different culture media. Rife's microscope allowed Kendall to see the living organisms change. In turn, the K culture medium developed by Kendall, led to the discovery of the Bx cancer virus that Rife had hypothesized existed years before. At that time, "virus" referred to any filterable organism too small to be seen with a regular microscope. Rife and Kendall followed Koch's postulates. They isolated the virus from a diseased patient, cultured the organism, caused cancer in lab animals using the culture, and recovered the same organism from the sick animal. Later, Dr. O.C. Gruner of Canada's McGill University identified a fungus in people with cancer. He and Rife discovered that when the Bx virus was cultured on Gruner's asparagus agar, it became his fungus. When they cultured the fungus on Kendall's medium, it became the Bx virus."



Not placated and Benedetta - re: Rife’s BX Cancer virus, a pleiomorphic cancer virus. I certainly could use your help on this. It sounds very credible to me. Importantly, it will take some sleuthing to see if anyone has formally and legitimately invalidated his work.

I found a collection of Rife’s audio clips. In one of them, Dr. Rife PhD. talks with Dr. Fite M.D. about the BX and BY Cancer virus. He also talks about the Universal Microscope controls.


Dr Rife PhD: “Our metabolism changes them”... “some of these non-pathogenic organisms we have with us at all times, our metabolism changes them” ...
Dr Fite, MD: “It sure doesn’t sound like what I learned in biology”




Thanks for the links. Sounds really deep! I have just skimmed.
We will dig up tomorrow why 14 out of 16 cancer patients were cured.


Not placated - I've already got a copy of "The Virus and the Vaccine". It's on my reading list, with about a dozen other must reads.

As for, "it was fairly recently (within last 15-20 years?) discovered that indeed bacteria do change shape and form --if you didn't already know that--google quorum sensing and see what you learn", I already knew that. It runs contrary to Pasteur's Germ Theory. Pharma's mainstream medical establishment doesn't want anything to do with that. It doesn't suit their xenobiotic and one-size fits all genetic engineering agenda.

Here's some "food" for thought...pun intended: an article from Mike Adams about cloned beef in the food supply, titled "Dead Cow Carcasses "Resurected" to Produce Cloned Beef"


Here’s another article about fluoridated public drinking water where the fluoride is apparently imported from China, along with a number of heavy metals. China’s economy is now the 2nd largest in the world, behind the United States.


Sounds a lot like the “fluoridated” water provided to prisoners in the Gulag, revisited.

Our EPA and FDA have completely abandoned us. We likely all need to consider chelation treatment. As for cloned food...? Personally, I’d like to choose real food. They already want to put vaccines in the food supply. Do you think we'll have any choice in the matter?

Shawn Siegel

“This research effort represents a major expansion of efforts to define the principles of human immune regulation, instead of relying on findings from animal models that have limitations and cannot always be extrapolated to people.”

More Orwellianspeak. Though autoimmunity is addressed as a pre-existing, defining health factor in one of their "well-characterized [research subject] groups", it is never addressed as a potential outcome of vaccination and therefore an essential element of the study, despite the fact that it is the true national pandemic.

Not placated

patrons99--I don't know exactly where you are in researching this whole catastrophe, but I would suggest that to get a better picture of what is going wrong in vaccine science, you may want to read "The Virus and the Vaccine," and "Fear of the Invisible."

Also, it was fairly recently (within last 15-20 years?) discovered that indeed bacteria do change shape and form --if you didn't already know that--google quorum sensing and see what you learn.


Benedetta - I know very close to nothing about acupuncture, nor am I considering it, at least, not yet. As for Rife's work and more detail on how he saved 14 out of 16 patients, let's research this together. It will take some digging. It's one thing to treat LIVE microbes on a microscope slide. It's quite another to treat a tumor in a LIVE patient. We need to find the details on how he made the transition from bench to clinic. Actually, it was a pilot clinical study on cancer patients, which was SUPPRESSED. Why? An investigative journalist really ought to look into this. The parallels with Dr Wakefield's work come to mind.

BTW - I found an interesting article this morning from Dr Mae-Wen Ho, a scientist, at the Institute of Science in Society website titled

"Quantum Jazz Biology"


"If you have a fully quantum coherent system, you will never age and you will never die." -- Dr. Mae-Wan Ho



If it pricks the skin, you can count me out.
I just watched some medical show were some one had a severe skin reaction/life long autoimmune skin disease right after a TB skin test?????

If it is medical, they have some kind of new germ attached to it, sounds like to me.

That goes for acupuncture.

Bone marrow transplant: Don't they have to radiate them and kill every one of thier own bone marrow cells before implanting the new. Don't they have like a 99.99 percent fatality rate or something like that?

How now did Rife succeed at saving 14 out of 16 cancer patients?
Did he use the light wave stuff?
If he did how did he get the light wave to pentrate down to were the cancer cells where?


East meets West? I see a convergence of Western and Eastern medicine eventually taking place. Let’s call the new practice paradyne, complementary medicine.

Have you ever wondered how acupuncture works? Well, it seems that acupuncture has a lot in common with Electro-medicine.

I’m not necessarily advocating non-conventional therapies. That would represent giving unsolicited medical advice. FDA approval of these devices is not required if they are used for research purposes only. Therefore, consider yourself a researcher. This is still a free country, isn’t it?

Personally, I’m not quite ready to purchase a Blood Electrifier, until I’ve read more about Electro-Medicine. But I have just about reached the point of purchasing a meter for measuring zeta potential.

Dr. Bob Beck's Blood Electrifier was inspired by suppressed research done at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine finding that mild electrical current deactivated the AIDS virus by disrupting its protein coat.

“Introduction to Electro-Medicine”



"So long as the Zeta Potential (ZP) of the system remains constant, the fluidity (viscosity) of the system will also remain constant. But if the ZP of the system is progressively lowered by the introduction of cationic electrolytes or polyelectrolytes, then the stability of the system will undergo progressive changes — from simple agglomeration to fluid gel formation — and finally to a rigid gel." - Thomas M. Riddick

Have you ever wondered how chelation therapy really works? I didn’t appreciate the relation between chelation treatment and the zeta potential until just this evening.

As zeta potential decreases, the heavy metals generally come out first. Physicians use EDTA chelation therapy to increase zeta potential and remove toxic heavy metals from the body. The increased zeta potential allows toxic deposits in the body to re-enter solution so that they can be removed by the kidneys, liver, and in the sweat, etc. A study in Switzerland found that people who had chelation therapy to remove lead from their body also had less cancer in later years.

I wonder if calcium citrate, by raising the zeta potential, would not also help remove toxic heavy metals from the body, perhaps to a lesser degree. Not all metals are harmful. Indeed, some are essential for health. So, personally, I’d be considered that nonspecific chelation might deplete all metals, not just the toxic heavy metals. I know that a number of you have first hand experience in this area, in recovering your kids with ASD. In addition to citrate salts, I seem to recall some natural polyanionic substances that would serve to raise the zeta potential. I can’t recall their names, though. Gasp...sputter. Maybe, I need chelation, myself. I’m seriously considering it for my brothers. A bone marrow transplant seems a bit too radical. Sorry, I'm starting to ramble.


Not placated - Here’s an example of suppressed medical research. The more I read about Rife's work, the more I understand why his work HAD to be suppressed by the mainstream medical establishment. Yet, 50 years later, his work has not been invalidated.

"K" media: “This media is made from dehydrated, desiccated pig intestine and a tyrode solution. "K" media has the faculty of transforming most organisms into their transitional state and is used with micro-organisms to liberate their virus or premodal cells.”

Sound familial? How safe is it to assume that PCV1 and PCV2 viruses contaminating the rotavirus vaccines administered to 256 million children does not transform and replicate in the gut, prior to moving on to the lymphatic glands and thymus?

Fascinating how BX, a putative cancer virus, seemingly adapts to the terrain by changing its morphology...it is pleiomorphic! This tends to argue against Pasteur's Germ Theory. There seem to be some parallels between Rife's BX virus and SV40.

“There were powerful doctors whose careers were based on the theory that bacteria could not change its form. Rife's discovery threatened their status and their own research. (It was like the invention of the automobile for a horse-drawn carriage driver.)”

“One of these "authorities" was Dr. Thomas Rivers of the Rockefeller Institute. Another was Harvard microbiologist Dr. Hans Zinsser. The cancer cure was killed by the powerful.”

“One of Rife's supporters, Dr. Edward C. Rosenow, a pioneer bacteriologist, sadly commented at the end of his life, "They simply won't listen." ”

“Others have followed Rife and have confirmed different aspects of his theory, but since they are few in number and are promoting a cause contrary to the medical establishment's approved philosophy, they are not supported. Even publishing their findings is difficult if not impossible because of the dominant medical orthodoxy which has reigned since the 1930s!”

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still bans treatments similar to those of Rife.”

“And how many millions of dollars are annually "invested" in the establishment's preferred quackery and toururous gimmicks?”


well it does sound potentially interesting but how in hell are they going to dredge up natural diseases sinces they've taken so many away- some of the remaining varieties are maybe even worse than say, when I had mumps, measles or chicken pox in the /60's or /70's?

Jenny Allan

We are very proud of our medical and life sciences research departments in Dundee University, Scotland.

Here's the url about the phototherapy.



Benedetta and Jenny - just a few more comments on Rife.

The measure of a man is the legacy he leaves behind. I only recently, by shear chance, stumbled upon Rife’s work. I’m glad I did. Look at what the man accomplished and when he accomplished it. He left quite a large footprint for others to emulate. His legacy will endure for others who follow to build upon. His ideas were prescient. His theories can be validated.

“History of the Development of a Successful Treatment for Cancer and other Virus, Bacteria and Fungi” by Royal Raymond Rife


“The Planet The cure for cancer was covered up” by Barry Lynes.


Not placated

patrons wrote:
"Without complete scientific freedom of thought, we will remain trapped in today's public "health" nightmare"

100% agree--There are huge problems with medical science today--

The funding sources -- pharma funded and pharma-influenced government or university research is far more likely to yield pharma-favorable results and address questions of interest to pharma profits, rather than questions of interest to those seeking to maintain or improve health.

The secrecy of medical records--only those with huge budgets and/or inside access have any opportunity to realistically look for patterns in terms of disease incidence and occurrence, or the efficacy of various new or old treatments. This allows researchers to rather easily falsify data, analyses, and interpretation as there is no way for independent researchers to cross-check their findings.

The lunacy of the "impact factor" ratings of science journals (which leads some arrogant scientists to ignore research that isn't in a "high impact" journal and look down their noses at any scientists whose work is published in any "low impact" journal.

Finally, the stupidity and arrogance and rudeness of people who think that what they think they know is "truth" --not to ever be questioned--and who rudely dismiss or ridicule any who dare to ask questions.

The science blog bloggers like Orac, and those who mimic him, or independently developed their own snarky attitudes and inability to question paradigms or current mainstream thinking, are also hinderers of scientific progress.

Their behavior creates an atmosphere where it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, for young scientists hoping to get anywhere in life to "think outside the box," or even ask impertinent, challenging questions--which is the very essence of science--asking questions, not just accepting what you are told, but looking for and evaluating evidence for and against an hypothesis, for inconsistencies, and for incontrovertible proof.

I have no idea whether any of the crazy-sounding ideas and treatments which one can find in various places on the internet are truly crazy, or potentially useful or effective, in some or even many situations. I do know that my family and I have personally benefitted greatly from several non-mainstream approaches to health ridiculed by some "experts" and the infamous quackwatch et al. I also know that modern western medicine has not delivered cures, or even good health, to most Americans--so it seems reasonable to be asking, why not, and what else is out there?

So I, for one, am willing to at least consider all alternative ideas and perspectives, and I think it is highly reasonable to question any and all existing medical paradigms--and demand better evidence and more proof wherever and whenever that is lacking.

Those paradigms that are correct can certainly withstand questioning and further testing. Those paradigms that are wrong, will not survive further testing. Ditto for the standard and the crazy-sounding treatments--those that work will stand up to testing (if done fairly), those that don't, simply won't.

But who will run the tests, or do the research, if there is no funding, no access to data, no opportunity to publish results, and only name-calling and ridicule for those who dare to question medical authority (scientific or otherwise)?


Never pass off something quick because it sounds absurb.
Patons 99 because it was you I considered it.
Rife and his light spectrum - well.
He found a BX virus in the thyroid.
Wonder if that is the basis today of the thyroid epidemic?

Jenny Allen;
Amazing! What you told us about cancer treated with light in Scotland.

This Sunday morning I woke up late, and only woke up when I heard something on the television my husband turned on in the other room. It said the low carb diet was being found to be better than the -- it is about time! I have laughed at, and made to feel like a fool for the last 15 years.

And after I got up, reading this blog, and listening to the old fart doctor - as some one called him months ago on this very "Age of Autism" Rosenbloom finally mentions that tylenol is bad, bad, bad.

He is about three or four years too late, really he is 30 years to late for my kids.


Jenny Allan -

Without complete scientific freedom of thought, we will remain trapped in today's public "health" nightmare. Royal Rife's and Bob Beck's work are just a few examples. There are many others.

You do not have to look far to find examples of suppressed inquiry: e.g., darkfield microscopy of LIVE blood, the zeta potential of blood and urine in health versus disease, the antimicrobial properties of colloidal silver and Vitamin D3.

The notion of the zeta potential in relation to the colloidal stability of flowing blood is firmly-based in physical chemistry and colloid science.

The notion that "coordinated resonance" induced by light waves or by pulsed magnetic field gradients is firmly based in physics.

If we can use MRI to image the spatial distribution of nuclear magnetic proton spin densities and relaxation times using magnetic fields and pulsed magnetic field gradients, why can't similar electromedicine technology be developed and applied to therapy?

IF such "coordinated resonance" technology could be further developed, would such technology potentially be safer than exposing the entire population to an ever growing list of chemical and biologic intoxicants found in the vaccine schedules?

space kitty

We need to take a lesson frm the Jersey Girls.. you know the 911 wives who did not sit back and let the president and congress sit back without investigating 911. When they put kissenger in charge. The showed he had business connections to the binladens and he resigned. They pointed out other people's connections later too, and many of those connections were ignored. But at least they didn't sit back and say nothing. They are a much smaller community than this. Someone needs to rise up and call a spade a spade and ask for backing. It can't be a celebrity. Someone pull a Polly and get a billboard seeking a sit down with the President and tell him to come to meet some recovered kids.

Heather White

I'm excited about this. At the very least they are talking about it.

Jenny Allan

Patrons99 told us about this discovery:-

'In other words, Rife could kill a particular virus or bacterium using light rays alone, light rays that were absolutely harmless to the host animal, but deadly to the microbe.
Sounds pretty far-fetched, doesn't it! Hmmmm. Maybe not!'

In Scotland where I live, phototherapy is now being used to kill cancer cells. At the moment it is restricted to skin cancer, but the results are very encouraging so far and this could be extended to treat other cancers. Not 'far fetched' at all P99!! You are 'bright' to have realised the potential importance of this early Rife research.

I have read all the negative comments about this new US government initiative to improve vaccines and therapeutics. As for the funding? Well we have been told something about it:-

'Six U. S.-based Human Immune Phenotyping Centers will receive a total of $100 million over five years to conduct this research.'

Yes I am cynical too, particularly about conflicts of interest involving governments and big pharma. However, this new research DOES seem to at least be targeted at finding out the possible CAUSES of vaccine damage. This is a welcome change from all the 'epidemiological' research which deliberately set out to disprove vaccine damage.

I am not anti vaccine but I am passionate about the basic principle of 'safety first' before ANY medicine is licenced for mass medication. In recent years vaccine safety has been compromised because the profits of drug companies and their shareholders have taken priority over safety.

A recent US Congress meeting acknowledged that autism is now mainly due to enviromental causes. This was a HUGE admission, even though vaccines were not even mentioned at this meeting. It will have been tacitly accepted that vaccines are the most likely cause of autism and having accepted that environmental damage is happening, it is now encumbent on the US government to undertake PROPER research into vaccine damage and its causes.

In view of the fact that only a minority of children are adversely affected by vaccines, it does seem sensible to first check out the childrens' medical and family histories to see if there are any possible adverse reasons for delaying vaccinations or indeed not administering them at all. My own grandson SHOULD NOT have had the MMR at all, according to the manufacturer's OWN literature, because of his family history. He was also 5 weeks premature and a very low birth weight, but still got all the mercury containing DPT vaccines at the specified times. In a SENSIBLE society, these should have been administered at the child's biological age, not chronological age!!

Don't 'knock' this research. If it turns out to be another government/pharma sponsored smokescreen, well we will just have to keep on campaigning for a better system. But you never know, this might just be the start of a new era of common sense!!


'“Recognizing the differences in immune system activity before, during and after exposure to an infectious agent or vaccine will help in the development of safer, more effective therapeutics and vaccines'

more useless 'superscience'..designed to maintain the staus quo.When will people learn?
This sort of 'science' is what has created the iatrogenic disaster we are currently plagued with


Where is John Connor, from the Terminator films, when we need him? This country needs a hero. We are nearing the brink. :< (


Maurine Meleck

Emory, Mayo Clinic---come on, who do they think they are fooling? This is just more of the same. Pretend they are doing something when they are doing absolutely nothing.


How much real science has been suppressed by pharma over the last 100 years? Plenty!

Maybe we should all have one of these in our survival kits! I’m just kidding, of course. These devices are probably not FDA-approved! :>)

“Bare Minimum Colloidal Silver Generator Ugly But It Works” by Ken Welch in Houston.


“Recent Electromedicine History: Bob Becks blood electrifier, magnetic pulser, Candida Zapper”


“Magnetic pulser, Bob Beck”


“Liquid Colloidal Silver Minerals, Liquid Colloidal Silver Minerals, A Natural Antibiotics Alternative”


The Mortal Oscillatory Rate - MOR was defined by Dr Royal Rife as the frequency that kills an organism. This man was a genius! Look at the LIVE microscopy he was doing. This video is a priceless time capsule.


Obviously, medical research was very different in the times in which Dr Rife lived than it is today. Most medical research in this country became corrupt with the enactment of the Bayh-Dole Act in 1980, and the Prescription Drug User Fee Act in 1992. The Bayh-Dole Act reversed the presumption of title, permiting a university, small business, or non-profit institution to elect to pursue ownership of an invention in preference to the government. The 'Prescription Drug User Fee Act' (PDUFA) allowed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to collect fees from drug manufacturers to fund the new drug approval process.



How about trying to find out how PCV2 viruses ended up in the lymph glands and thymus of the lab mice?

"A mouse model to study infection against porcine circovirus type 2: viral distribution and lesions in mouse"


Is there any PCV2 virus in the lymph glands of the 256 million children who have been vaccinated? Is there any risk of these children developing a multi-systemic wasting disease? Why isn't the Precautionary Principle being applied?

Under the Precautionary Principle, each one of the vaccines on the vaccine schedule should be rigorously screened for the biotechnology-enhanced presence of non-human DNA, reverse transcriptases, and retroviruses, e.g. XMRV. Billions of lives are potentially at risk.


So this is where our public dollars are going? What a joke how about looking into the new human retrovirus XMRV

Evelyn Pringle

Call me negative but I can't get the least bit exciting over this funding supposedly for research.

I don't trust any government sponsored projects these days. Big Pharma has infiltrated and corrupted all of our healthcare related agencies, including the NIH.

Not placated

I'm not buying it. Vaccines are not the route to better health. They appear to me to be a route to more profits for doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and apparently government-funded researchers as well.

I suspect any researcher who turns up any reason to question vaccine safety or efficacy, or even our current understanding of what they do, will lose their funding and/or their reputation, so I would bet these researchers are only going to find evidence that vaccines are effective and safe--generating the same sort of "immune profile" as disease in 95% (or more) of human samples.

Who are the human guinea pigs for all this research going to be? I'm not signing up, nor will I be signing up my kids--that is for sure. I don't like experimenting on animals, but I think there needs to be a lot more research done on the effects of vaccines on the immune systems of animals before enrolling humans as guinea pigs. Show me the monkeys--or even the rats, first.

Chris Shaw's rats had neuron death after just getting the aluminum adjuvant used in some vaccines; Burbacher's monkeys ended up with inorganic mercury in their brains from injected thimerosal only; and Hewittson's fully vaccinated baby monkeys couldn't have survived in their natural habitat due to impaired development.

Call me crazy, but investigative research into the full effects of vaccines on the human immune system is both premature--and far too late. How can they call a study of never vaccinated versus fully vaccinated children unethical, yet justify whatever the heck it is they are planning here?

Frankly, I don't care so much about the immune profiles of ten thousand, or a million human samples. What I want to know is what are the full effects of vaccines on the complete human organism--you know--development, the ability to speak, see, hear and function, remember information, intelligence, long-term health, and survival--that sort of thing.

Don't look to this multi-million dollar research program to yield any useful answers to questions that it isn't even set up to ask.


"The Harvard Medical School seems to have more or less accepted autistic enterocolitis."

No they haven't, quite the opposite in fact: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/full/125/Supplement_1/S1


My concern is that, just like our FDA, NIH would never do anything that might cause substantive damage to the "franchise" - the vaccine industry. Should we try to be optimistic here?


What we really need is research by people who are not afraid to question conventional "wisdom". The way orthodox medicine is going these days, we should all start doing our own research. At the very least, we should probably start planning our own "survival" kits. We'll certainly need more than a flashlight.

Here's an interesting video clip, for the medical historians amongst us:

(Cure for ALL VIRUSES) Dr Royal Rife In His Own Words


"While examining bacteria and viruses, Rife noticed that each one gave off a distinct light (or color) pattern. (In the late sixties it was discovered that every living cell actually gives off light and the healthier the cell the healthier the light; conversely the sicker the cell the weaker the light. But this research by Rife was done in the twenties using technology Rife himself invented.) So Rife began to experiment with instruments he invented that oscillated at the frequencies he'd determined from the organisms (bacteria and viruses) and he discovered that by playing back their own pattern of oscillation, slightly modified, he could destroy them without affecting the tissues around them. In other words, Rife could kill a particular virus or bacterium using light rays alone, light rays that were absolutely harmless to the host animal, but deadly to the microbe."

Sounds pretty far-fetched, doesn't it! Hmmmm. Maybe not!


"What does it mean funding for one year? It says it will last five years"

Rumpelstiltskin...or Rumpelstiltskin's daughter?



Do any of the principal investigators have disclosures that should be made? Without naming names, let's just say I already have concerns as to potential COIs.

For example, at least one of the Principal Investigators has never heard of a vaccine that he was not completely enamored with.

Are these investigators truly independent of pharma's influence or are they just going to regurgitate the "conventional" wisdom as ghost-written by pharma, and thereby add to their academic sinecure? Most of the medical literature over the last 30 years cannot be trusted. Ghost-writing by pharma is insidious.

space kitty

How closely connected are these universities and doctors to the pharma companies? Are these universities still allowing pharma on campus? Some medical universities have kicked pharma off campus and no longer aloowing free lunches and wine and dining. If these universities and doctors are still riding the cash cow, then this whole potato has already been baked. Perhaps enquiring journalists would like to explore this from the beginning. When will AoA put assign this Who's Who to the next Woodward or Berstine? If these people take any money from pharma for any reason,, then it should be said outloud now, and we should demand it. Let's not sit back and trust those in question. After all,,,, they are not God... they are human.


Unfortunately this looks like a LOT more of the same.

"Properly funded" doesn't mean "well designed" or "meaningful results." Maybe they will just find more of THE GENES and declare victory on that basis.

This is another $100 million being poured into maintaining the status quo. In September 2003 $85 million went to "$85 Research on Human Immunity and Biodefense."

WHERE ARE THE RESULTS FROM THAT? Are there spinoff benefits? (No. Because they have no results, are no farther ahead, etc. etc.)

What is needed? Not more money. BETTER THINKING.

Media Scholar

This story has fail written all over it.

Regardless, of how negative, how completely erroneously horrible the outcome, how truly bad vaccines and shill organizations like Every Child By Two are, the decision will always be you give the vaccine.

Green vaccines? Blue vaccines? Pink polka-dot vaccines? Doesn't matter.

You can be sure that, if in forty years the greatest or most dubious deleterious vaccine side effect to be patently acknowledged is a tiny red speck of soreness or a tiny bit of swelling at the injections site the NIH is simply attempting to stall for more time.

More time to deny what has happened to our children at the hands of vaccine manufacturing drug companies.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Angie, You could respectfully ask your doctor to look at the Pediatrics journals of December 09 to March 2010. The Harvard Medical School seems to have more or less accepted autistic enterocolitis. Their article appears in one of those issues. My daughter, a pediatrician in the US, was quite baffled with what she heard about Dr. Wakefield, because her impression is that autistic enterocolitis is well recognized. The British medical establishment was so busy persecuting Dr. Wakefield, that they didnt notice that the world had moved on in the meantime. Well, just one more example of the parents of the autistic kids said it first and finally the medical world caught up with the truth.


How many trillions of dollars could be saved if they just took our kids medical charts, with ALL of the testing results from the docs that have been HELPING our kids?
WE have already started this research, havent we?
The docs and researchers who have been with us all along already HAVE the science to answer some of these questions....

... I really hope this is a step in the right direction, however my negative ninny side of things is taking over today (maybe because dh gave the kids fast food twice this past week when I was sick?WHAT? we are suffering the GFCFSF and chemical backlash, its a horror story around here this past week, so I am a little bitter...please excuse)...
Anyway, I honestly feel that of course, this is a step in the right direction, however, I think its just an attempt to do a 'pre-emptive' strike on what is the inevitable, that its finally going to come out that the lack of oversight of the cdc/fda/etc just like the wallstreet/big oil fall outs, how embarassing for the US, huh? Well, its soon I feel that the can of worms all of us parents and those before us have faught and faught for, have continued to shout about..all of the horrible things done for greed, and not even batted an eye because money/lobbyiests/consensus science/consensus 'fox news' news media/etc...
The 'aha' moment is coming and they all know it, this administration has had to take blame for things that werent within its control, yet it 'came to a head' during it..like the wallstreet/bailouts/big oil embarassments....they KNOW about the cdc/fda and their greedy, they know about the problems, however they are now just trying to do some work that should have been done all along if these organizations actually HAD oversight and regulations instead of deregulation....
...to me, its just something that so WHEN IT DOES HIT THE FAN, at least this administration can say 'well we were already doing some things that should have been done before 'we found out about all of this''...sort of thing...

I am not against Pres. Obama, actually I like so far the amount of work, positive, for the people work, that has been done..I dont agree 100% with 100%, but I do think that he has done more in this short time than so many before him did in their 4 or even 8 years...its not a political discussion about which 'side' am I on or not...just that I firmly believe the ONLY way to handle this is to just come out and say it...
...the president needs to come outright and say it, just do it...no sugar coating...just come out and say "When we came to office we found out about so many of the major problems from deregulation/lack of regulation in so many branches of the government, like wallstreet/big oil, we have found that cdc/fda also took short cuts, greed took over and this is what has happened.....many of our kids have taken the burden of this and for this we are truely sorry. WE are not taking all actions needed to do proper research and to finally LISTEN and research the patients and doctors who have been helping those kids and families all along."...

Sure, it will be expensive to make up for it, to pay for their mistakes, but do it NOW so no more get added to our club...do it NOW to stop more kids and families from being taken off of their right paths and lead to a club that no one wants to belong....give the kids whose futures will be taken away the CHANCE to actually HAVE a future, a healthy one...AT LEAST do that until all of us current club members can get help..STOP THE BLEEDING NOW and then fix the wound, ya know?

Thanks for reading...done with the vent...

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

PS..sorry about gram/spelling, I am typing super fast with tons of screaming in the background because my son came over and saw my battery on the taskbar is not 'full' and he is having a tantrum because it needs to be FULL when he uses it after me...argh! I could kick dh's butt right now.... :)....again....


Fauci says:

"Very few. For example, when I was a child, there were not that many vaccines. I was vaccinated for polio. I actually got measles as a child. I got pertussis, whooping cough. I remember that very well. I actually got it and gave it to my father, who also got very sick. Right now, many of those diseases we take for granted because they're almost historic in nature -- measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, diphtheria -- things that were frightening for my parents, ... if you look back just measured in several decades, it was frightening in the sense that, for no reason, an otherwise healthy child could actually get seriously ill, which could lead to some residua, be it mental retardation when you get meningitis or difficulties with other health aspects if you get sick, to even death for things that we now know just are historical.

[For example,] measles is a very, very serious disease------"

Poor man he had measles!!! It must have been so bad that he never was emotionally or physically able to move on.

Hmmm, I had measles, and I moved on, finished my college degree, married, had children no problem ---it was the next 30 years that I have not been able to move on - since vaccine induced illness of Kawasaki's, the autism, the acquired mitochondrial disease have shattered everything - nope not been able to move on since 1983.


NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. -







Is this suppose to be like when President Kennedy's dream of going to the moon and they started funding the space program?
Is this similiar, set up similiar?

Is this coming from President's Obama's dream of solving the immune system mysteries? Curing cancer?

What does it mean funding for one year?
It says it will last five years, but only funded for one year? Is it sort of like a threat that they had better produce some results?
Is that it?

Is that how they set up the space program, a year or five years at time. If so that is great because it was not long from President made that statement untill I saw a man walk on the moon.


awesome...I'd like to get my son into a study like this.. are they recruiting?


Thank goodness that this is finally being properly funded and studied. I was at a Children's Hospital two days ago for an initial GI consult with my 11 year old son (whom has been diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression and is being evaluated for High Functioning Autism in Nov) due to a failure to thrive and poor muscle tone. When I even mentioned that there are possible links of GI problems to ASDs, the doctor simply said "that was the study done by the BBC in the Lancet and it has been retracted." He had no intention of even looking into the matter further. So, hopefully, with the new study being done, we will finally get some REAL answers...PROVEN data on this once and for all. Our children are the ones suffering because of this debate.

Jenny Allan

Wonderful!! At last we are getting some MEANINGFUL, properly funded, research into the possible CAUSES of vaccine damage, instead of pouring huge amounts of cash 'down the drain' in attempts to disprove links!! It NEVER works to carry out statistical studies aimed purely at disproving such links anyway!! The research scientists will have been well aware of the consequences to them of finding any trends unwanted by governments and vaccine manufacturers who paid for these 'studies'!!

In 1998, Dr Andrew Wakefield strongly advised 'caution' around the administration of the MMR vaccine, and there has been a lot of publicity about the mercury levels in some vaccines administered to very tiny babies!!

Is this an outbreak of common sense at last?? I sincerely hope so!!

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