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Lessons From the Egg Recall: Cheap Food Makes You Sick

Animal Factory Managing Editor's Note: This is an important post from our colleague and friend David Kirby, author of Animal Factory. Please comment at Huffington Post.

Americans currently "enjoy" the cheapest animal protein in history. Such a monumental achievement could only have been attained through the industrialized mega-production of meat, milk and eggs -- which now cost about $1.56 on average for a large white dozen in the nation's supermarkets.

At just 13 cents apiece, even the poorest American can afford a two-egg omelet in the morning: It will set them back by less than four-percent of the Federal hourly minimum wage

But now Americans are finally coming to terms with the true cost of their wondrous 26-cent breakfasts: a gargantuan recall of mass-produced eggs -- 380 million of them -- contaminated with deadly salmonella bacteria. Hundreds of people have reportedly been sickened, and the true number could be higher.

The laying hens in question were raised (held prisoner is a more apt term) in Iowa, in a massive concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO), better known as a factory farm. In the typical egg-laying CAFO, hens are crammed into battery cages and given room to move in an area that's roughly equivalent to a piece of typing paper.

Cages are stacked one on top of the other, sometimes 10 or more high, inside large confinements that never see the light of day. Fresh air is pumped into one end, and air fouled with bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, antibiotics, litter and dander spits out the other...

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Just when we might have hoped that our glorious FDA, USDA, EPA, ADA, and CDC couldn’t do us any more serious harm, they are about to outdo themselves. If they can get away with “sneaking” cloned food into supermarkets without labeling it as such, why should anyone doubt that they would be incapable of adding vaccines, fluoride imported from China, and heavy metals, e.g. aluminum, to our food. Aluminum and fluoride have been identified in infant formula. Start-em out young! Why do they do it? Because they can! Is it willful “dumbing down” of society? Is it malicious chemical and biologic intoxication of the population? Do they still deserve the benefit of doubt? Hmmmm.

“FDA-Approved Frankenfish Coming To A Supermarket Near You?”

“Dead cow carcasses “resurrected” to produce cloned beef”

“Pfizer, Infant Formula And High Levels Of Aluminum”

“Beyond the Meatrix”. If you haven’t seen this video clip yet, check it out. It’s really a hoot!


I just saw pictures of the chickens at this egg farm on the news.

I really had no idea it was that bad. My uncle started raising laying hens in cages, but the cages were huge and the two chickens per cage had lots of room to move around.

I had no idea that anyone would have no heart and would squeeze two chickens into an area that they could not stand, or turn around.

There is no hope for the human race as long as there are such heartless people amongest us.


Our CDC, FDA, EPA, and USDA are a disgrace. If they can't start looking after OUR well-being, they should be scraped. They should be accountable to us, not pharma.

The public should demand that ALL known neurotoxins, aluminum, and mercury be removed from the vaccine schedules, ALL fluoride and heavy metals be removed from the public water supply, ALL mercury amalgam dentistry be banned, ALL known excitotoxins be removed from the food supply, ALL GMO food be banned, ALL GMO vaccines be banned.

If some pharma CEO's don't get their usual "bonuses" after these adjustments are made, so be it.


The CDC has announce the creation of a "salmonella court." A one cent tax per egg will go into a fund for egg injuries.

Those who suspect any egg injury will need to travel to Washington DC with their attorneys to prove their "tummy troubles."

The egg producers certainly should not be expected to be responsible for their products.


Patrons99 said,

"The way things are going, there will be nothing left on Earth other than Giant Super Weeds, pandemics of deadly labviruses, and “useless feeders” who are too toxic to eat."

Wasn't the lovely Henry Kissinger interested in 'thinning out the useless eaters'. Like Barack Obama, wasn't Kissinger a Nobel Peace Prize winner?

We live in a wacky, doolally world. I may live in the UK but I still think I've got a touch of the American sun. Aarrrg!


Flouride from China with lead in it of course. Do you think they charge extra for the lead?
"you can't make this stuff up!"


I mean Dr. Rosenfield, however I don't like him because he is very closed minded like all doctors about vaccines.

He is finding out he is wrong on stuff and he reports that too. He just goes with what the big medical people say and not a step more or less.


1.) Big, huge farms located in one area of the country drawing in all the money from all over the United States. Giving out a little less money to workers that live in that area, and even less money for cheap, slave labor from migrant workers of another country.


2.) Smaller farmers raising chickens - are dispersed all over the United States. Drawing money from just the state levels, or regional areas. The workers is the farmer himself, also people living in this area and lots of high school studenets (yes, there use to be more jobs that fast food places for highschool students) Also my grandfather and Uncle hired at all times at least two if not three local dependentable men. And these men could support and did support their families. Of course back then health insurance was not much of an issue.

If you got sick the medical industry would not take everything you owned which is what happens now, and then you die anyway!

So economies in both situation are EQUAL. Just choose: One big company drawing it in from all over the United States = Local farmers more dispersed?

However the second choice cannot the high prices of the health INDUSTRY.

Rosenbloom on the Fox news says the salmonella is on the egg shell????? Not inside??


This is an "eggs"ceptionally delicious topic. Blame Cybertiger. She made me do it. :>)

Now that they are effectively both man-made, does it really matter which came first, the chicken or the egg. If you eat industrial chicken, it won’t matter how carefully you remove the yolk from your eggs “over easy”. We should ask what they actually feed to industrial chickens. Glyphosate-resistent grain? GMO food vaccines? Zoonoses are becoming ever more common. Why?


cmo -

This entirely man-made scheme is showing signs of backfiring on the ruling elite. The way things are going, there will be nothing left on Earth other than Giant Super Weeds, pandemics of deadly labviruses, and “useless feeders” who are too toxic to eat. Even after chelation treatment, they would still need to remove the cancer viruses from their Soylent Green, unless they can learn to live in a self sufficient bubble. This is the direction that pharma’s immoral and sacrilegious excesses are leading. There will be no utopia for anyone.


I am serious about the question of how a sick chicken lived long enough to lay an egg? Most certainly not eggs????!!!!!


Aarrrg! Bad blogging etiquette. Apology to Teresa Conrick for quoting her AoA comment (not pharmalot) without her permission.


OMG, Cybertiger, that's precious. As followup to my last comment:

“Glyphosate Formulations Induce Apoptosis and Necrosis in Human Umbilical, Embryonic, and Placental Cells”. Hmmm. Is that serious?

“Well, this sure looks rather not good. It makes one wonder if there could be any conflict or possible symbiotic relationship that could be interpreted as ...unhelpful to the consumer?” – Teresa Conrick (her understated comment from another pharmalot thread, link below, is priceless and equally applicable to this thread)


"The United Corporations of America value profit over life."

It's the Eggonomy, stupid! It's Stupid, eggsactly!


Cybertiger -

The size of its economy is not what makes a country great! A country's values and leadership make it great. It's fair to say that we are not setting a good example.

Here's an article I highly recommend by F. William Engdahl at GlobalResearch on August 18, 2010, titled "Genetically Manipulated Crops: The GMO Catastrophe in the USA. A Lesson for the World."


"The United Corporations of America value profit over life."

It's the Economy, stupid!



What led to the Fall of Roman Empire?

Some think it was the demise of leading elite, who enjoyed running water in lead pipes.

the USA simply injects mercury into babies.


The United Corporations of America value profit over life. This country was born of the blood and sacrifice of patriots who believed that God gave us certain inalienable rights. Look where we are at now. Despite the lip service, Pharma does not value life. DK's book Animal Factory is a case in point. Corporate greed and the myth that all "innovations" are good for society will be the death of us all. What led to the Fall of Roman Empire? Western civilization now seems destined to fail. The way pharma has perpetuated the multi-billion dollar "vaccine preventable diseases" myth, we should not be the least bit surprised to learn what they have in mind for our food supply, and the horrors of how they treat animals.

We have lost our anchor, our focus, and our values. Many of us are blithefully marching to the beat of a false god - pharma. After one tawdry expose after another as to pharma's excesses, one might ask how much longer can they get away with abusing us. If, as historians suggest, it was lead-lined aqueducts that brought down the Roman empire, should we be the least bit concerned that the mercury, aluminum, fluoride, and adventitious presence of biotech-enhanced events in the food and water supply, might lead first to the dumbing-down, and then to control over society?

What happened to our morality and religious values? Why is the church so conspicuous in its silence? Where is the morality in eating cloned food, and receiving inoculations of non-human DNA and aborted fetal tissue?

Their strategy to control us is working. We are becoming dumber. We are losing our humanity. We are probably becoming a mosaic of chimeras, half-human/half-animal xenomorphs, thanks to pharma's genetic engineering and xenobiotic agenda. I'm reminded of the H.G. Wells' story "The Island of Dr Moreau".


"As Temple Grandin said, the animals we eat deserve our respect."

Yes, they do.

And I agree there is a tie-in. People are polluting animals and people are polluting people - children especially. The more minds that can awaken to the "100 Year Lie" - of better living thru synthetic chemicals in meds, personal care products and yes administered to animals who are treated more like cogs in machines than the living and life giving and nourishing creatures that they are - the better.

See and learn about this well-researched and extremely well written book that is an eye-popping must read.


My Grandfather supplied eggs to all of southcentral Kentucky.
He was even the main feature and on the cover of Rural Kentucky Magazine

"Walter Durham, Chicken Man"

He retired and handed the reins to his son. His son later gave it up and told us that he was too small to supply eggs to these big chain stores - and still to big and too many eggs for the small grocery.

So I do know, or thought I knew something about this, but apparently not.

How does samonella get inside an egg?
I know, I read the article it said it was in the feed and got inside the ovaries of the chickens.

But chickens, I thought got sick quick and died just as quick?

So, did not any of these chickens show any sign of illness?

Were they not dying by the cage full, or by the dozens, or by the house full (not uncommon and that is why grandpa made me put my feet in a pan of lysol before entering his chicken houses?

I do not understand who this could be? Does it not take a healthy chicken to lay eggs, esp when they have to meet a quota?


DK wrote Evidence of Harm 5 years ago -- that's not many years ago. And since then he has been actively speaking out, advocating, and writing about autism and vaccines. This is one reason why I'm certainly interested in his work on food.

It's also interesting to compare the govt's reaction to food problems with their reaction to vaccine problems.

Another tie-in is the issue of runaway technology with inadequate understanding of unintended consequences.

DAN fan

I only buy cage-free. I hope word gets out about how industry is allowed to torture chickens for cheap eggs. I agree that the price of eggs is absurdly low. I guess it's easier to fight against dog, cat or horse cruelty than cruelty to chickens. Thank God for David Kirby. As Temple Grandin said, the animals we eat deserve our respect. (Thank God for Temple Grandin too. I'd like to see Kirby and Grandin collaborate on a piece.)


4Bobby - “Too bad they can't make a salmonella vaccine.... just kidding of course”.

Sadly, that’s what they intend to do. They want to put vaccines into the food supply. I don’t think it will be discretionary, either. I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached the limit of my tolerance for pharma quite a while ago. I don’t trust them with my health, whatsoever.

Here’s the link to a BNET article by Debi Athos titled “Brave new food: biotech vaccines in our corn and greens: Debi Athos questions the logic of feeding pharmaceutical fruits and vegetables to the masses”.

“Anyone for a hepatitis B banana or some cholera Alfalfa sprouts?”

See also an article titled “Watch Out for Flying Syringes, GMO Food Vaccines, and Forced Vaccinations” by Paul Fassa at NaturalNews on June 12, 2010.

Here’s a recent article titled “Cloned Meat May Already Have Invaded Our Food Supply, Posing Alarming Health Risks” by Martha Rosenberg at Alternet on August 20, 2010.

“It’s just a matter of time before we are eating clones, if we are not eating them now.”

Here’s another recent article titled “Dead cow carcasses “resurrected” to produce cloned beef” by Mike Adams at NaturalNews on August 16, 2010.

Here’s another recent article titled “Guess where your fluoride comes from? China!” by David Gutierrez at NaturalNews on August 15, 2010.

You simply can’t make this stuff up. It’s completely immoral and sacrilegious. There is no end in sight to their excesses. We literally live in a Brave New Man-made World. Can the pharma cartel ever be reigned-in? Their arrogance is appalling.

GMO Food Vaccines, anyone? Cloned beef, anyone? Yummie! Bon Appetit. : < (


Media scholar,

What do you mean unrelated? How is contaminated food unrelated to autism? Are you of the mind there is one reason and one reason only that autism exists as it does today? Do you claim this while you also claim that vaccine lovers are blinded?

You must know about synergistic effects. Of course this matters. If you start with a genetic susceptibility, everything from the melamine in the baby formula (of course you realize this has occurred?) to the "fake glycerin" in children's cough syrup, to the high fructose corn syrup, to arsenic in baby cribs, and on and on and on....of course this all creates a tsuanmi. Of course.

You start with the stuff you put in your body, food, water, vaccines...NEVER make the mistake of thinking it is just one thing.

Much like Nicholson said in Batman only for our country today, "this town needs an enema!"


Too bad they can't make a salmonella vaccine.... just kidding of course


I heard something about this yesterday. Isn't the FDA involved with this. Yeah, I don't believe anything THEY say. Eggs for dinner sounds good tonight.

Media Scholar

Hundreds of people have reportedly been sickened, and the true number could be higher.
While David Kirby wrote a book about Autism many years ago this stuff is really unrelated to our children.

Perhaps the Temple Grandin needs to invent a humane chicken washer?

That might be a logical tie-in, I suppose?

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