"To V or Not to V": Vaccination Choice in New Jersey
15 NY Autism Groups Call on Governor Paterson To Veto Autism Insurance Bill

Join NY Families to Fight Insufficient Autism Insurance Bill

Rejected New York Families to hold press conference Wednesday to request Governor Paterson to VETO THE AUTISM INSURANCE BILL in Purchase, NY

Families from across Westchester County and surrounding areas are gathering on Wednesday, August 18th at 12 Noon in front of the AETNA building (2700 Westchester Avenue) in Purchase, NY to publicly ask Governor Paterson to veto the autism insurance bill  (A10372A / S7000B) that will soon be on his desk.  This bill has significant limitations and discriminatory language that will leave families with less coverage then they have now.

Under the Senator Breslin and Assemblyman Morelle autism insurance bill, while “autism coverage” would be mandated, almost nothing would actually be covered. This bill is an empty “mandate.”  Insurance companies would cover several drugs, but the law would severely limit or eliminate coverage for ABA, Physical Therapy, Speech and Occupational Therapy and other necessary treatments for people with autism.  The legislation would:

• Repeal much of the non-discrimination language we fought so hard for in 2006.
• Impose an unprecedented, extremely high standard that autism treatments would have to meet prior to approval - a standard that applies to no other health disorder under New York law, or the law of any other state. 
• Force all treatments for autism to be approved by a committee of four state agencies - a bureaucratic hurdle required of treatments for no other illness.

Autism families from across the state have been calling and writing daily to ask the Governor to veto this bill.  On Wednesday, we are going to publicly request that this legislation be vetoed and a substantial one be introduced next session. 

For more information, please contact Lisa Rudley, an autism advocate and member of several autism organizations around NY State at 917.414.9190 or lisarudley@yahoo.com 


Less talk, More Action

Families are gathering at the State Capitol at noon for a press conference.

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