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Join Jenny McCarthy At Comedy for Kids Benefit for Ryder Foundation

Jenny Headshot 2010 Managing Editor’s Note: Jenny McCarthy is hosting a stand-up comedy party in San Francisco on September 11th to benefit autism charities The Ryder Foundation, and Generation Rescue. The event features comedians Gary Valentine, Heather McDonald, Whitney Cummings and Josh Wolf. Tickets adn details, including sponsorship opportunities available online: Comedy For Kids SF HERE. Thank you to Alix, of the MedNauseam blog for the post.

By Alix, editor of MedNauseam Blog

Two moms in Northern California are on a roll. Jenny DeMaria and Maureen Block, co-directors of the Ryder Foundation , once had children diagnosed with autism. The boys are now socially indistinguishable from their peers.

Block says both school-aged boys still have “educational challenges, but they have been recovered.” The rapid changes both mothers saw in their boys after trying a gluten-free diet motivated them to try different diet and biomedical interventions. And, the myriad interventions all add up. Block says, “Treating autism is like trying to get a train back on its tracks. It’s gone off-track and you need to get each train car, one at a time, back on the track.”

DeMaria’s son was diagnosed as moderately autistic. Now he would be classified as having mild Asperger’s. “Ryder's challenges are now barely noticeable to an outsider,” De Maria said. "There were days I thought my child would never be able to dress himself or brush his teeth or sing a song or make a friend. Now he is the happiest, friendliest, most vociferous child I know. He keeps astounding us with his progress."

After their rapid, and continuing success with their own sons, DeMaria and Block quickly got involved with Generation Rescue , Jenny McCarthy’s autism organization, volunteering as Rescue Angels to mentor other parents who were beginning the journey toward recovery. But that wasn’t enough ‘giving back’ for them. They wanted to do more. In 2005, they joined forces with two other women to found the Ryder Foundation in recognition of DeMaria’s son’s recovery.
“We have helped raise over $800,000 for autism charities,” said Block, “and we are hoping to move that number to $1 million with our next event, this September 11th, to benefit the Ryder Foundation and Generation Rescue."

That event in San Francisco promises to be another gut-busting comedy night. This year Jenny McCarthy will host the event which includes the Chelsea Handler comedians, acclaimed artist Joan Elan Davis, Bay Area celebrity chef Joey Altman, and students from Autistry Studios. Past events have included comedy moguls Dana Carvey and Robin Williams. Note: Due to the content, laughs are for adults only; the proceeds help the kids via autism charities.

Maureen Block and Jenny DeMaria discuss their boys’ recoveries and talk about the event in this video, which has gone “viral,” at Natural News TV.  Please help The Ryder Foundation raise its one millionth dollar, while you laugh! For tickets, go to Comedy for Kids SF HERE.

Alix is editor of Med Nauseam, an award-winning blog featuring articles with research supporting dietary and environmental causes of acquired illness.

Click the photo to launch the video.



I was wondering if anyone has trid the GAPS Diet for their kids with autism? Has it worked for anyone? Here are the sites....


Janey James

I think its great news for us that Jenny McCarthy is hosting this comedy program..

Angus Files

Rock on all ...we need it



Wish I could attend this! My hubby and I watch Chelsea Lately nightly and I love that she has Jenny on and she can talk freely about autism. A big thank you to everyone involved!!

December Courtwright

Hey, these are the Moms on the Autism Yesterday Documentary!! Rock on. Heal on. Wish we lived closer to San Fran...


Thank you to these moms for making such efforts to rescue this generation, going beyond just helping their own!


Orac would make mighty fine material for any comedian. Maybe these comedians will get a new routine or two out of his correspondence? The guy is a JOKE.


Maybe they're afraid of the possibility that the event will garner enough funds to conduct a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study.

Craig Willoughby

Orac and his Mindless Minions have already started emailing the comedians in an attempt to prevent them from attending this charity event.

What a bunch of scumbags. I mean, come's for children with autism!

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