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Fishing For Answers - Melanin, Mercury and Autism?

TConrickpost By Teresa Conrick

Believe it or not, I like FISHING.  It may be from the memories of being a young girl with my family on vacation, the chain of northern, Wisconsin lakes, or the hope that the next one will be "the BIG one."  Autism research on the Internet is very much like fishing for me.  I can throw out all sorts of words (my bait) into Google or Pubmed and hope that I catch a keeper.  Throughout this article, I have bolded my "bait," the words that I have used to investigate more about the possible association between MELANIN, MERCURY and AUTISM.  I hope that this method will help point out any patterns or common factors.

So back I went to the fishing hole of melanin and autism.  I have received lots of feedback since I did my 2 part series on Redheads, Autism and Melanin - here: Part 1 and Part 2    Some have shared their melanin/autism stories with me, like one mom did, telling me about her daughter who has Neurofibromatosis (NF), a neurocutaneous disease, but she also has autism.

Wikipedia describes NF:  "nerve tissue grows tumors (i.e.,neurofribomas) that may be harmless or may cause serious damage by compressing nerves and other tissues. The disorder affects all neural crest cells  ( Schwann cells, melanocytes, endoneurial fibroblasts). Cellular elements from these cell types proliferate excessively throughout the body forming tumors and the melanocytes function abnormally resulting in disordered skin pigmentation. The tumors may cause bumps under the skin, colored spots, skeletal problems, pressure on spinal nerve roots, and other neurological problems." [more on neural crest cells as we go] 

As far as its association with autism, here is a brief report:  "A study reviewed neurodevelopment evaluations of 74 patients with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1) to determine if an association between NF1 and autism exists. Three patients had an additional diagnosis of autism. Findings also showed a high incidence of learning disabilities, speech and language delays, motor deficits, and attention problems in patients." "The Association of Neurofibromatosis Type 1 and Autism"

Having both NF and autism must be extremely challenging.  This ill child, the mother reports, did not meet her milestones on time.  She also has had a history of loss of speech, hypotonia, constipation and cafe au lait spots.  There is always the chance for tumors.  She is very light-skinned yet does not burn.  The mother also shared that there is an older family member with Parkinson's who has a son with Bipolar Disorder.  In addition, the girl's father has had a history of melanoma so again, we see melanin (reading Part 1 and 2 helps illustrate this), or rather, a dysfunction of it, as a common denominator in this family.

Speaking of family, I found this, a pertinent piece of information as I fish around.  It is from the New England Journal of Medicine, called, "Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease"  

It starts with this: "The incidence of many common diseases is increased among the relatives of affected patients, but the pattern of inheritance rarely follows Mendel's laws. Instead, such common diseases are thought to result from a complex interaction among multiple predisposing genes and other factors, including environmental contributions and chance occurrences."

It then ends with this: "The common neurodegenerative diseases are predominantly idiopathic disorders of unknown pathogenesis."

Thus, looking into the environment and common parallels of all of these neurodegenerative disorders may be the fruitful thing to do. If a family has diagnoses that overlap, like Autism, Parkinson's, ALS, Schizophrenia, Dystonia, Alzheimer's, Tourette's or Melanoma, then we need to investigate why that has happened - what the mechanism is that caused these disorders.  Gene hunting is showing very little information.  I do need to point out that I added Melanoma as it seemed to be included in enough families though it is not neurological but more cutaneous. That is another clue.

So, more fishing is good and necessary, and may be the best method to discover the true, root cause to autism because these big gene studies are telling us nothing regarding degeneration or regression.  Another helpful procedure is to actually talk to parents of affected children.  Another mother I spoke with described her son's diagnosis of Urticaria Pigmentosa and autism.  The skin symptoms developed first and the pediatrician assured the mother that her son "would outgrow the pigment issues" but instead, he sadly regressed into autism after his first year.  The mom reported that he had an MMR vaccine on his 1st birthday.  He was sick for a month and continued to have ongoing fevers.  He stopped talking, developed hypotonia and constipation, similar to the girl with NF.  Can anyone wonder why so many parents of affected, autistic children become "warriors" for their child's health?

Urticaria Pigmentosa needs some clarification as it has some very pertinent pieces.  It actually goes by another name and one that some of you may have read about in the news two years ago -- "Autism is five to seven times higher in patients with a rare disease called mastocytosis, a discovery that may have just uncovered a vital clue to a biological cause that contributes to autism, according to a recent published report authored by a Brookline researcher."  "Brookline Doctor Sees Autism Breakthrough"

This is interesting and important.  Five to seven times is extremely significant.  So what exactly is mastocytosis and what does it have to do with melanin and autism? 

"We report that the apparent prevalence of ASD in patients with mastocytosis, a rare disease occurring in 1/4,000 children and characterized by an increased number of hypersensitive mast cells in many organs, is about 1/10 or 10 times higher than the general population. A child with skin mastocytosis (urticaria pigmentosa), and regressive autism is presented to illustrate the point. Allergic, infectious, neuroimmune and environmental triggers may activate mast cells to release vasoactive, inflammatory and neurotoxic molecules. These could disrupt the gut-blood-brain-barriers, and/or activate susceptibility genes, thus contributing to brain inflammation and ASD." "Autism spectrum disorders and mastocytosis".

Well that seemed connected so I decided to search a bit more in that area and I should have known.  When you go fishing there is always the chance for -- you guessed it -- mercury:

"Mercury induces inflammatory mediator release from human mast cells"

"Mast cells, by virtue of their location in the skin, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal system are potential targets for environmental agents with immunotoxic effects [22]. Mast cells are critical not only for allergic reactions, but also important in both innate and acquired immunity [23], as well as in inflammation [24]. In view of the fact that a subgroup of ASD patients have allergy symptoms that do not appear to be triggered by IgE, it is noteworthy that mast cells can be stimulated by non-allergic triggers originating in the gut or the brain.....The results of the present study support the biological plausibility of how mercury could contribute to ASD pathogenesis by inducing VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) and IL-6 release from mast cells, and as a result disrupt the BBB and thus permit brain inflammation."

Well, that seemed significant but was a different mechanism to the hypo-melanin from Parts 1 and 2, where mercury was more toxic to less melanin and seemed to correlate with increased numbers of autism.  Could this be the flip side or the other dysfunction of melanin -- the hyper-melanin or hyper-pigmentary issues?  Since children are exposed to mercury in the environment and still in vaccines, especially prenatal and infant flu shots, it is possible that these exposures begin a series of downstream effects.  Now is the time to drink loads of caffeine (or some B12) as I need your full attention as I guide us into the choppy waters of -- neural crest cells>melanocytes>melanin>cytokines>mast cells :

"Melanocyte: A pigment-producing cell in the skin, hair and eye that determines their color. The pigment that melanocytes make is called melanin. The major determinant of color is not the number but rather the activity of the melanocytes. Melanin production takes place in unique organelles (tiny structures within the cell) known as melanosomes. Darkly pigmented skin, hair and eyes have melanosomes that contain more melanin.

Embryology: Melanocytes originate in the neural crest and migrate to the basal layer of the epidermis and the hair matrices. These neural crest-derived cells are not confined to the skin and hair. They also migrate to the inner ear, uveal tract in the eye and the leptomeninges, two of the membranes that surround the brain and the spinal cord.

Recent evidence shows that melanocytes have other functions in the skin in addition to their ability to produce melanin. They are able to secrete a wide range of signal molecules, including cytokines, POMC peptides, catecholamines, and NO in response to UV irradiation and other stimuli. Potential targets of these secretory products are keratinocytes, lymphocytes, fibroblasts, mast cells, and endothelial cells, all of which express receptors for these signal molecules. "Melanocytes"

Off I went looking for how these were all linked together and I found this article about Autism being associated with disorders that have neural crest cells involved:

"To review the association of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in individuals manifesting thalidomide embryopathy and Möbius sequence and compare them with three new studies in which ASD was also associated with ocular and systemic malformations: Whereas most cases of CHARGE, (Coloboma, Heart, choanal Atresia, developmental or growth Retardation, Genital anomaly, and Ear involvement) are sporadic with unknown etiology, there are some familial cases and some associated with chromosomal anomalies.54–56.  Many features suggest defects in neural crest cell development or migration, which led some investigators to suggest that CHARGE association should be considered in the group of neurocristopathies.(syndromes, tumors, and dimorphologies of neural crest tissue.) 57 Why ASD exists in a significant number of cases is still a mystery." 


Interesting BUT, most autistic children have no physical abnormalities.  Even Dr. Leo Kanner emphasized that the original 11 autistic patients, children of the 1930's, had "strikingly intelligent physiognomy."  The one interesting abnormality was with Frederick, who had a supernumerary nipple in the left axilla.  Supernumerary nipples can be associated with increased melanocytes.

Note the wording above: "Whereas most cases are sporadic with unknown etiology", referring to strictly CHARGE syndrome and what they consider "genetic" but they are also saying that there are a significant number of ASD cases as well and they are not sure how that happens either.  Is it possible that these neural crest cells can be damaged as they migrate to other areas causing these CHARGE mutations but also make the melanocytes and/or other cells vulnerable for a later time?   Back I went fishing that neural crest/melanocyte/mercury area:
"Spontaneous calcium transients are required for neuronal differentiation of murine neural crest."

"We have shown that cultured mouse neural crest (NC) cells exhibit transient increases in intracellular calcium. Up to 50% of the cultured NC-derived cells exhibited calcium transients during the period of neuronal differentiation. Thimerosal increased the frequency of oscillations in active NC-derived cells and induced them in a subpopulation of quiescent cells."
Well that's not good and describes a possible role for future neural crest cell problems, ie- melanocytes. Here too is another example of what mercury can do to melanocytes:
"Mercury accumulation in the squirrel monkey eye after mercury vapour exposure"

"Squirrel monkeys were exposed to mercury vapour at different concentrations and for different numbers of days....The pigmented epithelium of the pars plicata of the ciliary body and of the retina contained a considerable amount of mercury. This finding indicates that mercury is trapped within the melanocytes.

This final example of neural crest cell/melanocyte damage describes types of insults that can happen.  Note: These are not Neural Tube Defects but cells that migrate around the body. Migration is the word used to explain their departure or poor ability to do that:

"Migration anomalies are congenital anomalies caused by genetic (neurofibromatosis type 1, trisomy 13), vascular, or environmental insults to migrating neuroblasts. Exposure to ionizing radiation, excessive levels of alcohol (fetal alcohol syndrome), anticonvulsants (phenytoin, barbiturates),or toxic materials (methyl mercury poisoning) may be associated with abnormal neural cell migration."

 "A Rare Expression of Neural Crest Disorders: An Intrasphenoidal Development of the Anterior Pituitary Gland"

So again, mercury is being named as an exposure that can cause abnormal neural cells which then can lead to disorders.  Is it possible for them to migrate normally but to not show or not succumb to a "disorder" until some future time?

This is a good spot to see how melanoma seems to be connected to this hypothesis about melanin being involved in autism.   Since a good number of parents have shared that melanoma is in their family in addition to autism, that seemed to be another area to investigate and a possible clue to an upstream mechanism.  So hold on as this gets even more interesting:

" ScienceDaily (July 1, 2010) — Scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine have identified a cancer-initiating cell in human melanomas. ....He found that one protein, called CD271, was always expressed on only a fraction of the cells in the human melanoma samples tested...This was interesting because CD271 was previously identified as a marker that identifies a group of cells called the neural crest stem cells. These cells are unique in that they are a multipotent, migratory cell population that becomes many cell types during development including melanocytes (cells responsible for skin pigmentation), bone, smooth muscle, neurons, and cartilage in the head and face. When Boiko transplanted the melanoma cells from nine human samples into laboratory mice with severely compromised immune systems, he found that the cells expressing CD271 on their surface were much more likely to cause cancers in the recipients than those from the same tumor that didn't express the marker. "Melanoma-Initiating Cell Identified"
Thank you, Laurette for sending that my way.  Here was evidence that neural crest cells expressing this specific protein, CD271,+gave rise to cancerous cells and tumors (tumors are involved in Neurofibromatosis, too).  Another comment in the study, "CD271+ melanoma cells lacked expression of TYR."  TYR is Tyrosine,  the precursor to the pigment melanin, which I discussed in Part 1 and 2.   Could this then be a key to more doors of discovery as it shows how these cells connect Autism children to their Melanoma parents and possibly more?  One is not born with Melanoma but like Autism, a person can manifest (regress) into that illness. Excessive UV light can do that with Melanoma but what else?

book - "Skin Cancer'
Keyvan Nouri - 2007

"Metal exposure may be quite important in the development of melanoma and has been very little studied. Occupational arsenic and mercury exposure have been associated with an increased risk for cutaneous melanoma among Swedish women who were members of an occupational cohort."

"Cutaneous melanoma in Swedish women: Occupational risks by anatomic site."
"Accordingly, our aim was to identify occupations with higher risk of cutaneous melanoma, overall and by site, in Swedish female workers. RESULTS: High risks were observed among educators, bank tellers, dental nurses, librarians/archivists/curators, horticultural workers, and hatmakers/milliners. Some occupations with possible exposure to arsenic/mercury displayed increased risk."

This may show that mercury can affect these neural crest skin cells way beyond migration, so how does this all relate to our quest for answers about Autism?  This recent study about neurogenesis and neuronal migration may illustrate again that there are common factors in these diseases of the body and brain.  Mercury seems to be a connection and needs further investigations.  That should not be gene or epidemiological studies but with research on autopsies and labs from children with an autism diagnosis.
"The Neuropathology Of Autism: Defects Of Neurogenesis And Neuronal Migration, And Dysplastic Changes."  "The Neuropathology Of Autism: Defects Of Neurogenesis And Neuronal Migration, And Dysplastic Changes."   (Dysplasia- Abnormal development or growth of tissues, organs, or cells.)

"The aim of this study was to detect the patterns of focal qualitative developmental defects and to identify brain regions that are prone to developmental alterations in autism..... Formalin-fixed brain hemispheres of 13 autistic (4-60 years of age) .....  (31%) reflect abnormal neuronal migration...Cerebellar flocculonodular dysplasia detected in  (46%)... local failure of cerebellar development in 62% of autistic subjects."

Then this-

"Human Embryology" - book
Philip R. Brauer - 2003 -

"Cerebellar dysplasia (an abnormal number of cerebellar neurons) may or may not produce symptoms, depending on its extent. When it does, patients usually exhibit abnormal coordination of movement and speech.  Cerebellar dysplasia is associated with elevated exposure to mercury; chromosomal anomalies, including trisomy 13, 18, or 21; or chromosomal deletions."  In case you didn't know, trisomy 21 is the textbook way of saying Down's Syndrome, and since "exposure to mercury" seems to share this same cerebellar dysplasia, then that seems important to mention.

...and this as well:

"Low Dose Mercury Toxicity and Human Health"  
The neuropathological examination of brains of children prenatally exposed to organic mercury reveals dysplasiaof cerebral and cerebellar cortexes, neuronal ectopia and several other developmental disturbances (Geelen and Dormans, 1990).

I'll conclude this fishing trip with a plea for more research in this area.  I am definitely not an expert but there are many patterns here and coincidences that need to be examined. The topic of mercury and its connection to so many illnesses has had my interest for quite awhile.  Stay tuned for Dan and Mark's book which is fascinating and reads like a baffling mystery that is solved.  Going back in time often helps us figure out the mysteries here and now so stay tuned for more fishing excursions.
Teresa Conrick is a Contributing Editor of Age of Autism.



when my kids had Kawasakis disease, their eyes are very much effected. They got very pink eyes.

Last week I noticed as my 29 year old daughter had a major breakdown that her pupils are very dilated. I have noticed this many times. If you look at eyes and bipolar there are pictures of the internet and it is right on of what her eyes looks like.

Last week though, I made her look directly in the light and they did not constrict at all?????

I then made my son do the same, his pupils are not as large but they too were slow to constrict. My husband is the same. They all three have something major going on - mitochondrial cytopathy, bipolar, PDD-NOS.

I found this:
Ciliary ganglion: Definition from Answers.com
Physiology. The strange behavior of tonic pupils was first explained by Irene Loewenfeld ... 1986; ^ Kawasaki A. Physiology, assessment, and disorders of the pupil. Curr Opin Ophthalmol 10:394-400, 1999; ^ Thompson HS, Kardon Rh. Irene ...

Apparently those looking at kids with Kawasakis disease have known this for a while.


It's the neanderthal genes. Yes, even Somali kids have some of those. Basically anyone with ancestry that comes from anywhere other than exclusively sub-Saharan Africa.

And yes, the vaccines probably damage the Sub-Saharan African kids too. In different ways. I'd love to talk to village elders there and see what they think about the behaviour and health of the latest crop of under 10yrs old. And if any of those places actually vaccinate the hours old neonates...(I doubt that...).

Our kids are a generation of guinea pigs.

For one, I would like to see the vaccine histories of the policy makers kids and grandkids. Do *they* allow their neonates to get mercury filled needle sticks?

J Mechlin

Wonderful, and I support your assimilation of information. My wonderful oldest son has Autism, mis-pigmentation, was born a red head (now pale blonde.) His eyes changed from pale blue to golden hazel between 18 - 20 mos.
There is schizophrenia, Parkenson's and Alzheimer's from my father's family. I believe my father is undiagnosed, but has lived a moderately successful life ... unsocial architect ... obsessive.

My older brother has similar traits to both my son and father, but the university were he was seen just labeled him in a variety of other negative ways. He is 50. He is also professionally successful and far better off than my father.

They all had delayed speech/communication disorders, learning difficulties, repetitive and serious social difference. Our Swiss/German/Scottish background accounts for our pigment.

They are all very intelligent men, and I love them dearly.

I respect and appreciate all of your work, and for sharing with others. Thank you.

John Martinet

More and more I am starting to realize what this 'new world order' is. But I have also realized something, we are sheep. We are willinginly killing our own selves by paying taxes and supporting the system that is poisoning our children and killing us. Once you come to the realization that these 'people' are doing this on purpose and enjoy harming us and our children, you will know we have to drop out of this system. Tribalism is the basis of life, we must form into tight knit tribes and provide for our own needs. Good health is provided through eating well. Growing healthy vegetables, raising livestock for protein. We can do all this. But this is our only option. They want us dead, and they are succeeding. You must understand this is what they want. Drop Out of their system. This the only way.


thnaks, Allison!!!

M L Klark

Amanda & those wanting to know more about RhoGAM: http://www.vaccinetruth.org/rhogam.htm

Amanda Blinn

This article and the comments are so so good. Our son (vaccine damaged) has never been able to tan or burn and will but will get sick in too much heat. I had Rhogam twice; my mom had it when pregnant with me.


Oh dear, Tereasa;
He has four of those freckles on his chest and they are some what raised with little wrinkled tiny bumps, and the same color as his nipples. I do believe they are!

I am not going to tell him that though, he will just freak out again. I have laughed it off as just freckles and all is fine in the world now as far as he is concerned.

So we have here; Supernumerary nipples; back shoulders covered in abnormal freckles for both my husband and son (and it is not from sun damage like my husband thought, because I remember these slowly coming on in puberty for my son),my son is pale, sun reddens but soon fades with only a very light tan inspite of being in the sun alot this summer with doing hay and cutting my parent's grass this summer, and last but not least is my husband has that skin disorder were there is no pigment in certian places- like Michael Jackson had called - vitaligo.

My gosh what next!

One more thing:
(there would have been a time - a short time ago - if I had written about him doing hay and cutting grass I would have rejoiced to God AS A MIRICLE- So let me rejoice and thank him right here. Thankyou you Lord for your blessings on my son,

Teresa Conrick

Hi Benedetta-

Here is info on supernumerary nipples. You can google images for it as well. Hope that helps.

This is the url from my post re Frederick-


M L Klark

Mary, I agree! But its not just injections, its everything they eat, breathe and drink too.
My parents generation didn't have much exposure to all the toxins that my generation did, nor the immunizations. Then my generation was bombarded with processed this and that, all the chemical additives, toxic waste from all kinds of factories being dumped into our air and water. Although much of that has been cleaned up we are still exposed to enough poisons to kill a horse. No wonder my grandchildrens generation are the sickest in history. I fear that just a few generations more, we will be extinct, or at least a society of mostly spectrum people. I sound extreme I know, but just look at where we are headed if poisoning our children isn't stopped and soon!


I think we should just just stop injecting poison into our children. Injecting thimerosal and other poisons is affecting all children not just the ones with autism.
My God, I was at a waterpark yesterday and literally 90% of the boys over age 8 were OBESE. It was stunning and depressing to see and I remembered Dr Deth's hypothesizing that oxidative stress is causing the childhood obesity. What could be causing this oxidative stress, I know extemely toxic thimerosal. Let's not forget the girls going into puberty at age 7. Yeah, thimerosal again.

My son fell first but these other boys and girls are falling into ill health not too far behind.


I looked at my son's chest. Hmmmm he has moles there, and I went to the Supernumerary "Here" is not working.

It just looks like moles.

My son demanded to know what, so I told him. He said I need to get of the internet. One thing for sure he may have aspergers, or PDD not other wise speicified, but he is still very much a male with all the ego that goes with it.

He shook his head in disgust all the way up the stairs. I had a good laugh this morning, I fear at his expense.

The pictures just look like moles, so how do they decide it is the beginnning of a third nipple?

M L Klark

Teresa & Allison, Thank you for the info on the book. I have ordered it from Amazon and can't wait for its release!

Maurine Meleck

Teresa, when is your medical degree arriving?
You put some of the medical community to shame. Wonderful research.


M L Klark,
I don't think many are looking into that although Teresa and I have been talking about it for years. I'm very much looking forward to reading Mark and Dan's new book to see what they came up with in their investigations..


Here is the study abstract. Interestingly those with developmental delay had less mercury in blood than autism and typically developing. But they only used blood levels.
Here are two other recent studies on mercury and autism. this one uses hair and finds that the younger group has LESS mercury coming out their hair and the older group has more. Interesting that it changed depending on age. This is an important distinction.


This one uses hair and nails. merc and lead increased in autism and worse in those who were lower functioning. they also showed lower levels of magnesium and selenium.

The study showed a significant elevation (p < 0.001) in the levels of toxic metals Pb and Hg in both hair and nail samples of autistic children when compared to healthy control group. The elevation was much pronounced in LFA group subjects when compared among autistic groups MFA and HF

Teresa Conrick

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your question. What I am doing is looking at patterns that seem to contribute to autism. What looked possible here was that in both melanoma and these incidences of autism, we see neural crest cells. Also, in Part 1, I discussed how Parkinson's and ALS seemed to also have research showing a connection to melanoma. There is also a regression- meaning it is not apparent at birth and happens later. It was also interesting to read about neural crest cells being involved in Down's and CHARGE syndromes (trisomy 21 and 18). As you see these factual reports, it can make one wonder. How many autism gene studies say chromosomal anomalies, or chromosomal deletions? BUT again, our kids do not have any physical or facial "congenital" features. The timing of an injury, fetal vs post-birth may be the difference. What also strikes me as my daughter is so affected, is the ear and eye focus. Many of our kids have highly dysfunctional hearing and vision issues. Because Megan is so affected, I need to find some answers. Thanks again.

"Human Embryology" - book
Philip R. Brauer - 2003 -

"Cerebellar dysplasia (an abnormal number of cerebellar neurons) may or may not produce symptoms, depending on its extent. When it does, patients usually exhibit abnormal coordination of movement and speech. Cerebellar dysplasia is associated with elevated exposure to mercury; chromosomal anomalies, including trisomy 13, 18, or 21; or chromosomal deletions."

J Formos Med Assoc. 1995 Jan-Feb;94(1-2):60-2.
Trisomy 18 in a patient with CHARGE association.

Lee WT, Hou JW, Yau KI, Wang TR.

Department of Pediatrics, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, R.O.C.

CHARGE association is the non-random association of congenital anomalies, including colobomata of the eyes, heart defects, choanal atresia, retardation of growth and development, genital hypoplasia and ear abnormalities. It is usually a sporadic event of unknown cause. We report a neonate with trisomy 18 and apparent CHARGE association. The associated abnormalities made the diagnosis difficult until the chromosomal results became available. Abnormalities such as clenched hands and short palpebral fissures pointed to the possibility of a chromosomal anomaly. The chromosome study revealed trisomy 18. It is important to perform chromosomal studies quickly when diagnosing a patient with apparent CHARGE association who also has other minor anomalies atypical of CHARGE.


gone fishing? big catch! :))

Paul Jaep

Hello , the link between autism and other chronic illness's is proved, the mechanism is explained in my site .. On Metals ,you may like to read my reply to Dr Mercola article ..more replys from me to Dr Mercola on various medical issues can be found on the "Current Medical Thinking " page of my site.... Autism is an infection

Combination MMRV Vaccine Increases Risk of Febrile Seizures

Posted On Jul 24, 2010 Mercury and other xenobiotics are believed to be a cause of autism ,,that’s not the case we accumulate xenobiotics because we fail to metabolise them due to antibiotic altered gut flora the true cause of autism .The problem is not confined to autism ,many chronic fatigue syndrome also test positive for xenobiotics ..its not surprising because the conditions are linked ..read my site for more information.

This study says it all. Antibiotic use is known to almost completely inhibit excretion of mercury in rats due to alteration of gut flora”



Good information thanks for the article. But it’s clear that vaccinations are not the primary cause of autism ,if that were the case all vaccinated children would descend into the autistic condition . Vaccine damaged children must have a susceptibility and that susceptibility is explained as per the information in my site .

A study in Yokohoma, Japan, where MMR vaccinations were banned in 1993 in favour of single vaccinations, it was found that rates of autism continued to rise despite the ban. The result is widely held as evidence that the triple MMR and vaccines in general are not implicated in autism … Wrong conclusion .. they should have realised as per Dr Wakefield “ALL” vaccines are suspect. MMR vaccines taken as single shots are still capable of triggering Autism

Please read my site be sure to click the red text “The insult of a vaccine “ for more on this. As per the intro of my site our civilisation is in rapid decline, as it stands we have no future. I believe I have an answer. But getting professionals to act professionally is proving to be an uphill struggle



michael framson

Teresa, Does this mean that in tissues with disturbed or unusual melanin distribution, that one might find in those tissues, mercury?

Thanks, quite remarkable and provocative fishing.

Teresa Conrick

Hi and thanks for these really helpful and interesting comments. I believe that much more research will be beneficial in this area. I am always hopeful that finding the mechanisms downstream will lead us to the upstream culprit.

M L Klark- You asked if anyone was looking into grandparents as well as parents, which is an excellent question. I think many of us have done that in an anecdotal way, but Dan and Mark's book, "The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-made Epidemic," really shows many aspects of this, especially identifying some of those original 11 children, that Kanner anonymously described, and their families.


Wow Teresa, excellent work!

M L Klark

Allison & Anne,
Extremely interesting! Has anyone ever looked into not only what the parents of a child on the spectrum have been exposed to, (mercury for one)but also the grandparents? I feel there must be a generational trickle down of toxic exposure that then is "triggered" when the child hits that 'overload" in their bodies.
For instance: My grandson was diagnosed with severe autism at 18 mos. He started showing all the classic signs directly after a battery of vaccines around age 1. He had amoung others MMR with thimerosol.
Here's where it gets interesting..Both myself (maternal grandmother) and the Paternal grandmother had RhoGam after each pregnancy. I had 3, she had 7. Rhogam was very high in mercury at that time. Both my daughter and son in law were the last children, thus probably got the largest exposure of mercury from we mothers. Also, the paternal grandfather was exposed to a lot of Agent Orange in Viet Nam.
Daughter and son in law both had all their reccommended vaccinations as children.. more mercury. Their oldest son is ADHD and has Ulcerative Colitis. The youngest as I said is autistic, but also has acid reflux and severe reactions to Gluten, Casien, and Soy.
Anne, when he has even a little casien his ears and cheeks get bright red & warm and he gets severe diahrea.
Allison, Is anyone persuing a link that covers 3 generations? Couldn't this be why we are seeing a steady increase in autism and so many closely related diagnosis in families?


Fantastic sleuthing, Teresa. Wouldn't it be great if your investigative information took flight within a group scientific collaboration?

Benedetta, an overview of a DMSA/ALA chelation protocol developed by chemist Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE is available at his website, www.NoAmalgam.com.


allison,,, Do you have access to any literature that says officially that this was a blood only study with limiteations. I have a meeting this week, adn some people were questioning this topic at last meeting. It is a pscych who is trying to help but keeps getting bad info from goodness knows where. This time I want literature to back up my poinnt


It was blood only and at the IACC meeting Lyn Redwood was sure to mention that we know mercury does not stay in the blood, and asked if he was thinking or currently checking tissues, porphryns, etc instead. He admitted that the study had many limitations and that the blood levels did not mean the kid's aren't mercury toxic. In the Senate room unfortunately Lyn was not there and no one clarified this for the members on the Senate committe which is a problem for sure for their perception and understanding.

D. L. Smith

A suggestion. Broaden your search to include vitamin D (25-OH-D) insufficiency/deficiency.


When the senator asked about the same amounts of mercury in NT and ASD kids,, do you know what kind of test she was referring to? Was it blood levels? Was it provoked urine? Porphyrine,,, etc.


This sounds like an explanation for my son's "erythema multiforme"..hives..or whatever the doc wants to call it that day. The last episode lasted three weeks and the hundreds of lumpy things on his legs looked brownish. He's a blue eyed strawberry blonde..well was..his hair is darkening as he gets older. Everyone use to tell me to watch him ,he'd freckle, he doesn't have one freckle, however he has some cafe au lait spots, one we refer to as his cowbite on his stomach, I think four all together, I remember obsessing over them when worrying about another disease that I forgot the name of, for some reason I remember I was not to worry unless he had six or more. So while I worry and try to hunt down food causes for his outbreaks and never come up with anything "new" in his diet, it may be mercury sparking an outbreak of these hivish things?..oh..and his ears..they turn fusia..a bright..bright..reddish purple..and feel firey hot. I feel so bad, I really believed his shots would be thimerosal free in 2001, I had no idea they would use up stock. I knew I should, yet didn't read the label because the vial wasn't brought into the room and I trusted:(


Okay then --- so what is the best chelation method of removing mercury?


Wow! Teresa, you did get a big one! You put the scientists to shame. I worked with a child who had NF1 and aspergs-he was also ESL which was challenging. Keep up the great work!!


I believe you are referring to CHARGE...But the CHARGE Teresa is referring to is a "rare" medical disorder standing for...
CHARGE, (Coloboma, Heart, choanal Atresia, developmental or growth Retardation, Genital anomaly, and Ear involvement)

Not to be confused with the current ongoing CHARGE study from UC Davis Mind.
CHARGE (Childhood Autism Risks from Genetics and the Environment)


You know I love fishing right along with you Teresa!! Great piece! Connects a lot of dots, the supposed genetic variants of autism and their underpinnings to the probable mercury induced autism and it's underpinnings.

Melanin is everywhere, gut, brain, skin, auditory and visual, etc. Issues with melanin processing can effect the entire sensory system, the brain, the skin. The mast cell connection is paramount here. Our kids with their mast cells, histamine levels, skin eruptions, etc is a hot topic right now even in mainstream. The mercury/melanin disruption in autism is not researched enough!

Thanks again Teresa for expanding the mind, making us think and sending us down relevant areas of research.


I find this topic very interesting, as I have a history of melanoma (had a whole mouthful of amalgam fillings, Plus I received many vaccines while living abroad for 6 years as an adult). All 3 of my kids had adverse vaccine reactions (2 developed autistic symptoms, one had stunted growth and sensory issues. All resolved with Biomed treatments thankfully). One of my kids also has down syndrome, and another has mild spina bifida occulta (I had vitamin B deficiencies in spite of supplenting regularly). Thanks for this article.


Is one of these the studies that was brought up in congress?

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