Bugzy and the Rabies Shot
Time For Psychiatrists to Release Autism To Immunology, Toxicology and Gastroenterology?

Dr. Nancy Snyderman: Using Fear & Prejudice to Attack Vaccine Exemptions?

Fear sells Read a Never Before Published Partial Transcript of the May 12, 1986 Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). HERE Parents of babies, who died following DPT vaccine reactions or were been brain injured, questioned the Committee 25 years ago and challenged the reports of pertussis outbreaks in eight states in 1985.

By Barbara Loe Fisher

This summer, inaccurate and misleading information about B. pertussis whooping cough and the pertussis vaccine is being put out there by medical doctors, who should know better. Media campaigns designed to create fear about infectious disease are nothing new. This one appears to have three goals: first, to emphasize pertussis risks while ignoring vaccine risks; second, to place blame for whooping cough cases and deaths on the unvaccinated; and, third, to attack religious and conscientious belief exemptions, which serve as informed consent protections in U.S. vaccine laws.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman: "Just Get the Damn Vaccine"

In 2009, public health officials declared a pandemic H1N1 influenza emergency and played up the potential complications of the swine flu while playing down the potential risks of the untested new swine flu vaccine. When two-thirds of Americans "just said no" to swine flu shots, NBC's chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman ridiculed them and quipped "Just get the damn vaccine."

Now Snyderman has issued a similar order to "get vaccinated" but, this time, she is accusing parents of unvaccinated children for causing the deaths of six California infants, who have reportedly died from complications of B. pertussis whooping cough. On July 28, 2010, Dr. Snyderman further alleged that "most people" with religious objections to vaccination are not telling the truth and that the "needs" of the "community as a whole" are "better than the individual" and "more important."

Doctors Using Media Bully Pulpit to Misinform

Ordinarily I would not take the time to address specific comments by a prominent doctor, who is careless with the facts when voicing an opinion. But as more doctors use the bully pulpit of the national media - unchallenged - to disseminate incorrect information, promote personal ideological views and advance political agendas, it becomes more important for informed Americans to speak up.

CA Pertussis Cases: Is it 1500 or 809?

Responding to recent press releases and media reports, in which California health officials say the state is experiencing the worst whooping cough outbreak in 50 years with about 1500 reported cases and six infants dying from B. pertussis, on July 28 Dr. Snyderman offered the following explanation: "I think that what we are seeing here is a tipping point in unvaccinated children because the hot pockets are in families where, frankly, parents have under-vaccinated or decided not to vaccinate their children."

A quick fact check reveals that both California health officials and Snyderman have not been entirely honest with the people. The Centers for Disease Control's published morbidity and mortality report shows that in the past 12 months, between July 24, 2009 and July 24, 2010, there were a total of 809 "provisional" cases of whooping cough reported in California. In fact, in the entire United States of America for the week ending July 24, there were only 187 reported cases of whooping cough, with no cases occurring in California...To read more with live links to references and to watch a video, click here. HERE.

Read a Never Before Published Partial Transcript of the May 12, 1986 Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). HERE Parents of babies, who died following DPT vaccine reactions or were been brain injured, questioned the Committee 25 years ago and challenged the reports of pertussis outbreaks in eight states in 1985.




"I don't want Snyderman associated with MY generation, thank you very much!!!"

True, I doubt anyone would. She is our friend and has kindly pointed her finger at us to teach us. Nancy has an authoritative stance that precludes lessons we have learned from the past, no? This is a nation of "I"s not "We"s. Are we not a nation born of people seeking refuge from oppression? We band together for justice - not to PROMOTE death and injury. Nancy seems to have forgotten the "all men are created equal". If Nancy insists her opinion is better than ours, it is an error of understanding our constitutional rights and reeks of "Don't tread on me". Also, it seems she portrays an innocence of her audience and that smells like earlier generations without the modern communications. Laughable, if people wen't injured by her recommendations.
Well, well, well...If this ain't the the Boston tea party after all...or is it the 60s calling for justice. Same lessons - different eras.

"I", for one, would die before swallowing Nancy's "Just Get the Damn Vaccine". Perhaps this is the lesson of our era?: I will not be insistently pointing my finger at anyone. As a final note I'll quote my grandfather: I save my FAVORITE finger for my friends. Here's to you Nancy!!!


Jenny Allan

Patrons99 asked me:-
'Are you aware of any reports of congenital rubella syndrome or encephalitis or encephalomyelitis or meningoencephalitis in the offspring of fully-vaccinated parents?'

I'm afraid I can't help you there P99. I am NOT a member of the medical fraternity. I DO think the time has come for a worldwide 'audit' of ALL vaccines. This should ruthlessly examine how efficient they are at actually preventing the diseases vaccinated against, and whether the 'adverse' affects from certain vaccines are actually causing more problems than the infections they prevent.

I am particularly concerned about the mumps vaccine component of MMR. Like the pertussis vaccine, this does not seem to confer lifelong immunity. We now have a 'lost' generation of young men who were too old for the MMR and now find themselves vulnerable to mumps at an age where contracting it could render them sterile. There is no single mumps vaccine available in the UK, so they must take their chances with the MMR if they want mumps immunity.

My memories of mumps in the 1950's are that the wild version was no big deal. The attitude then was that for boys it was best 'got over with' in infancy, and mothers would invite their infected son's friends over to make sure they all got it. Similar parties were held for little girls with rubella!! My daughters both got rubella jabs before starting secondary school, although by that time they had both had the wild version as well!!There has never been a government sponsored single mumps vaccination in the UK, although, until recently it was available privately for parents worried about vacinating their children with the MMR.

I have never ever met anyone who has been damaged by rubella 'in utero' or anyone contracting wild mumps related meningitis, although I have been told by medical friends that this can be serious. The Urabe mumps strain in an early version of MMR caused a lot of seizures and aseptic meningitis in vaccinated children and we are hearing a great deal about meningitis and seizures associated with the HIB vaccine.

Good for you, collecting evidence!! But I WISH governments could allocate some proper funding for this essential research. Good luck with it anyway.


My dearest friend and her family live in Northern California (Soulsbyville) She believes they all had whooping cough. They are a family of four all fully vaccinated. Kids are 2 and 5 yo.


@ Tina
Your school should have exemption forms so ask for one. I was very nervous about filing for exemption but it was really easy. You just fill out the exemption form and turn it back in. Make a copy of it for yourself. I quoted scripture that Dr. Einstein suggests. I believe the webinar is called "How to Write a Legal Vaccine Waiver" and is at homefirst.com like patron mentioned. Good luck and do not be intimidated. It is your legal right (for now). I believe all states except for 2 of them accept religious exemption. In those particular 2 states, you need a physician's order to not vaccinate. Take care.


@ Jenny Allan - I'm particularly interested in learning more about the initial uni-valent measles, mumps, rubella jabs.

Are you aware of any reports of congenital rubella syndrome or encephalitis or encephalomyelitis or meningoencephalitis in the offspring of fully-vaccinated parents?

I have similar safety concerns regarding the meningitis jabs which are mandated in many states.

I have started collecting case reports of vaccine-associated diseases, looking at the entire vaccine schedule. I've barely scratched the surface, and already I've got quite a collection. Many of these case reports and cohort studies, you rarely hear about in pharma's mainstream medical media. Hmmmm. Isn't that curious?


@ Tina - about the MMR. Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH, had a webinar Monday night which focused primarily on how to draft legally-binding exemptions. You might try his website (homefirst.com). Of all possible exemptions to claim (medical, philosophical, religious, etc), he seemed to favor the religious exemption as being the strongest, for Constitutional reasons. But I'm not a lawyer...he is. The webinar cited case law and gave outlines or templates of important language (legalese) to use in such a waiver. I believe that the webinar was archived and there may be a sequel.



I just want add one more thing before you accuse autism parents of fear mongering about vaccines again.. ever wonder what happened to all those millions of doses of unused H1N1 vaccine?

Because of the thimerosal content, EPA deemed the expired H1N1 vaccine hazardous waste. The multi dose vaccines are being incinerated by a company called Clean Harbors... and this is what they wanted to inject into us. Pharma reported this on one of their own web sites (see link).

I could not make this insanity up...

Clean Harbors Accepts H1N1 Vaccine for Disposal- CDC requires hazardous waste handling and disposal



Tina, for information regarding the laws in your state, check the NVIC website for 'vaccine laws' and select your state's regulations. They vary, but if you get started now, you can meet the school entrance deadline this fall.

Media Scholar

Everyone can see what's going on
They laugh `cause they know they're untouchable
Not because what I said was wrong
Whatever it may bring
I will live by my own policies
I will sleep with a clear conscience
I will sleep in peace
Maybe it sounds mean
But I really don't think so
You asked for the truth and I told you
Through their own words
They will be exposed
They've got a severe case of
The emperor's new clothes
The emperor's new clothes
The emperor's new clothes

Jenny Allan

In the UK, I am old enough and infirm enough to qualify for an annual free flu vaccine jab. Last year I got two flu jabs, one in each arm. I was told the H1N1 jab was needed in addition to the other 'ordinary' flu jab because of a pandemic danger. I was warned about some possible soreness after the H1N1, due to an 'oily' substrate and advised to have this in my left arm. (I am right handed). In my case there were no adverse after effects, other than the slight soreness warned about. It never once occurred to me NOT to have this vaccine. I rarely have 'flu', but when I do get it, I become very ill.

Much later, the newspapers got hold of the official statistics regarding the vaccination of health care workers. Scandalously, only around 25% of HCWs were willing to subject themselves to the H1N1 vaccine. This was because of genuine medical insider concerns about inadequate testing of the vaccine; in particular, there were concerns about the 'oily' squalene component.

I believe this medical concern about H1N1 safety to have been justified, although most of the problems with it concerned vaccinated children. In Australia it seems to have been routine to vaccinate young children against flu. This is not the case in the UK, where only children with certain health conditions receive annual flu jabs. Because of the Australian problems our UK government has decided against routine H1N1 vaccinations for young children. Is this, at last, a 'glimmer' of common sense?

As we now know, there was no H1N1 pandemic, and there is a huge mountain of out of date vaccine to be disposed of, apparently deemed hazardous waste due to the mercury preservative content.

How does this issue link to the Snyderman 'get the damn vaccine' mantra? If she feels that herd immunity, i.e. everyone vaccinated, is a social responsibility, then perhaps she would like to explain why so few medical professionals were prepared to submit themselves to H1N1? Unvaccinated, front line medical staff would have represented considerable dangers to both themselves and the patients in their care, if there HAD been a pandemic.

The H1N1 virus has not gone away and we could have a re emergence of swine flu this autumn. Is Snyderman prepared to denigrate medical colleagues who refuse flu vaccinations this winter? I know that Snyderman was banging on about Pertussis vaccinations(above), but the principle applies to all viruses which potentially cause epidemics.

My opinion?? I am certainly NOT anti vaccine, but I feel very strongly that adverse vaccination problems should be admitted and learned from. This requires a stong and effective system of reporting and strong leadership, prepared to immediately withdraw any vaccine which appears to be causing unforseen serious adverse problems.
Usually, vaccines can be modified and reissued in a safer format.

In the 'old days' when there were fewer vaccines, this was the common sense procedure and actually happened with one of the early single measles vaccines. Our family doctor refused to vaccinate my toddler with this new measles vaccine because he had experienced problems with it. She got a later, safer version. These days any GP refusing to vaccinate an infant would probably be struck off!! GPs get 'bonuses' for vaccinating high percentages of their patients!!

Please, can we have less of this ridiculous 'rhetoric' and some more 'old fashioned' common sense from our medical fraternity??

'You'd think Snyderman's generation would have learned that lesson.'

I know you US folks tend to be 'well preserved', but I don't want Snyderman associated with MY generation, thank you very much!!!


Laura - Please don't oversimplify the issue to black-and-white polarities.

Consider the parallel to automobile safety. You wouldn't limit yourself to the two labels "pro-car people" or "anti-car people."

Or what about alar in apples? "Pro-apple people" and "anti-apple people"? How does that inaccurate reductionism inform the discussion?

Vaccine safety advocates' opinions cover a WIDE range of GRAY areas, considering a huge and varying volume of data. Much of which necessitates skepticism due to the funding sources.

Tina Kurtenbach

I am trying not to vaccinate my child with the mmr prior kindergarten, how do I go about it, can someone help me quick


Is there a payscale somewhere...

on how much the local and national networks are paid to provide "get your flu shot" news stories ???

They have certainly started again already..

Paul  Stefanovic (autism dad)


Not all Australian's are gullible!

You may have read several articles posted by Meryl Dorey and the Australian Vaccine Network.

There are only a small group here in Australia that are out to debunk and destroy AVN. The rest of us (parents with autistic children) support AVN.

We are aware that scare tactics are being used everywhere around the world, but we keep plodding along with our busy daily lives, taking care of our sick children.

No-one is going to brand me as anti-vaccine because I did the right thing and had my children vaccinated.

It was the mistake of my General Practitioner for not examining my little boy before injecting toxins into his system.

But then again, will the Medical Industry claim responsibility??

Afterall would you bite the hand that feeds you !!!


I would guess that the adult whooping cough vaccine is or will be covered by most insurance policies and also by medicare.

They will push the vaccine to grandparents & parents who will not want to "think that they will infect" their children or grandchildren.

Look for whooping cough vaccine "guilt commercials" & Dr. Nancy "grandparent guilt segments" on NBC coming soon....



Thank you for posting those links. It's given me much to think about.


I will admit, that I had not considered that the, vaccine safe scheduling safe movement does not have a financial stake that I am aware of.

Though I will say that the safe scheduling pioneer benefited greatly financially, and also hurt the credibility of the movement.


this ain't china. my babies are Confucius free. you'd think Snyderman's generation would have learned that lesson.



the difference, LAURA, is motiviation. you say,

So if it's fear mongering when pro-vax folks do it, then it's fear mongering when the anti-vax folks do it too. Plain and simple.

nope, it's not plain and simple. pro-vax are selling something to appease stockholders. anti-vax (which is a tough one, more like prove-vac-safety is my stance) is not selling ANYTHING. just encouraging people to get fully informed. like if you've got auto-immune issues in the family, or another kid or cousin with autism, think about studying the vaccine issue and move forward with caution. the $$$$$ angle takes it RIGHT ON OUT of the plain and simple category.


The talking heads, e.g. Snyderman, for pharma's mainstream medical media are nearly universally repugnant, spewing forth the pharma mantra in perfect sound bites. Vaccines are the Sacred Cow, cash cow, for Pharma. And so it goes.


Here’s an article titled “The rationale for vaccines and potential inadvertent consequences including autism, AIDS and other epidemics” by Dr. W. John Martin, MD, PhD. The article well-referenced.


Who is more credible? Snyderman? Offit? Martin? Over time, most truths become self-evident.



Carol, I believe the recent whooping cough vaccine push IS to take advantage of the new untapped market of adults and teens. No one used to blame caregivers for giving their kids pertussis when docs refused to admit that the vaccine wore off. Further, adults have had waning pertussis immunity for over 50 years - so no current rise in cases can be blamed on adults. lastly, despite the (YES LAURA) fear campaign, wc generally produces 17 deaths per year in the under 6 monthers (check the cdc website) - so despite this massive 'epidemic' of pertussis, we are no where NEAR the usual number of deaths per year. Lots of new cases are being diagnosed primarily in teens and adults, but mortality has not increased. Go to the doc with a cough, you have pertussis! Remember, last year, when you went to the doc with a cough, you had H1N1!


Vaccine rates drop and diseases rise...but is there really a nice clear connection? Or is some of this make believe?

For example, here is a quote from a newspaper article talking about 1930:
The communicable diseases of childhood measles, scarlet fever, whooping cough and diphtheria declined remarkably in 1930. Not only did the combined mortality from these four diseases drop 26 percent in a single year, but each of the four registered a new low death rate. Comparison with the year 1911 shows a 79 percent decline in the combined mortality of the group, a decline of 81 percent for measles and for scarlet fever, of 73 percent for whooping cough, and of 79 percent for diphtheria. http://insidevaccines.com/wordpress/2010/02/28/vaccine-myths-round-four/#more-701

The only disease mentioned for which there was a vaccine at that time is...diphtheria. The other three death rates declined in the absence of any vaccinations against the diseases.

This is the sort of information you won't hear from Nancy S.

Careful research on vaccines and the history of diseases empowers parents to make science based decisions about the health and well-being of their children.

I don't think that Nancy is providing science, do you?



anti vax?? you're talking to a bunch of parents many of us fully vaxed our kids b/c we believed we were protecting them.. using labels like this is insulting and inaccurate. Many of us advocate a safe schedule.

fear sells, yes, but there's a huge difference between perception vs. reality.

People are afraid of vaccines because they see our kids in their communities. I have friends and relatives who knew my son when he was a perfectly healthy baby and they can't believe how he changed. It's frightening to them.

People know the autism crisis is is real, It's not based on hype and overblown stats like the projections that were thrown around with H1N1. I remember hearing CDC predict 70,000 deaths from H1N1... which is not even close to reality.

With autism crisis the numbers are real. The CDC reports that 1 in 110 children now dxed yet we never see as much hype about this crisis as we did with H1N1.

Parents don't have the resources to launch the massive media campaigns that pharma does like with H1N1 so there's really no comparison. Maybe people are just trusting their gut regarding the truth.


@ Laura -

"Well the truth of the matter is that that the smaller the percentage of vaccinated people in a population, the greater the potential for life threatening diseases to cause fatalities in said population."

I respectfully disagree. There is an undeniable, growing list of vaccine-associated diseases, in both the fully vaccinated and in the unvaccinated. Here are just a few examples:

“Killed virus vaccines have also been known to mutate and spread disease. For instance, a 16 year old girl died of meningitis B after kissing her boyfriend who'd just had the meningitis C vaccine. Scientists proved the bug was a mutated version of the vaccine virus - New England Journal of Medicine,Volume 342:219-220, January 20, 2000, number 3.”

“Local Meningococcal Outbreak Has Medical Officials Puzzled”

“In Canada, Edmonton health officials are baffled as to why the region continues to experience meningococcal meningitis at such a high rate, even after conducting aggresive vaccination campaigns over the past two years.”


“Henoch-Schonlein purpura and meningococcal B vaccination”


“Henoch-Schonlein purpura following meningitis C vaccinations”


I have collected MANY more such examples. You can choose to put your head in the sand and ignore it. Or you can start gathering data, independently. The theory of vaccine-preventable diseases will continue until a better theory is validated.

The vaccine schedules appear to be acting as portals of vaccine-associated diseases. The vaccine schedules appear to be responsible for a growing number of vaccine-associated diseases, including neurologic injury to the brain, where ASD is the prototype.

I have two siblings whose live's were completely ruined by the vaccine schedules. I didn't realize this reality until I took the time to educate myself on the topic of vaccine safety. The decision whether to vaccinate or not is ours to make. No one else's. This is a God-given right. Irrespective of vaccine safety, the vaccine schedules are immoral and sacrilegious.


I wish I could find the statistics on if the children with whooping cough had been vaccinated. It seems like I read that many of the sick children were vaccinated. And were the six infants old enough to be vaccinated?


Leap without looking (Snyderman) is not the same as look before you leap (vaccine safety), Laura.

I highly suggest you read Dan and Mark's book (if you have the courage, and I don't mean that as an insult.)



It's interesting to me that everyone's accusing the pro-vax folks of "fear mongering", with the words "fear sells". What is it that the anti-vax folks are doing? Is it not peddling FEAR to tell people that vaccines will cause your children to be severely brain damaged, or dead? Thereby scaring people into reconsidering whether or not to vaccinate their children? One might argue that, no that's not using fear to promote an agenda, that's just informing the public.

Well the truth of the matter is that that the smaller the percentage of vaccinated people in a population, the greater the potential for life threatening diseases to cause fatalities in said population. If that's scary, ok. But it's just information. Just stating the facts.

So if it's fear mongering when pro-vax folks do it, then it's fear mongering when the anti-vax folks do it too. Plain and simple.


There was a full-page advertisement, for lack of a better word, dealing with whooping cough in the most recent Parade magazine. It said that infants were probably being exposed to adult caregivers whose vaccinations had worn off. I felt the primary aim was to have adolescents and adults get the Tdap booster.


There are no vaccine problems in the Dr. Nancy world.

She can only be a "big shot" (no pun intended) when she is surrounded by her own kind and can paraphase what the vaccine opposition says without them present.

Dr. Nancy and the major networks are a bit too arrogant to ever allow someone from the other side to appear and speak for themselves.

I see Walgreens has now added some new hype to the coming flu season with the "flu vaccine gift certificates." The local pharmacy tech said it contained the H1N1 virus, but did not know of the mercury content as they are not in stock yet. He said they would only provide shots to those over 12 years of age.

I would suppose a lable for this vaccine will soon be available.


I meant my son was born in May of 1986 the same time this meeting at the CDC was going on.
A year later in 1987 after the meeting in May of 1986 nothing had changed.

Oh, it was not for Lynn - I forgot, sorry.


Fear sells...big time. Pharma knows the psychology of fear and hysteria. They’ve been perfecting it for quite some time. This year they will make greater use of the “fear factor”, fear of disease and pandemics, to control us. First, the soft-sell approach. They will conflate the right to health with the right to health choice. Next, the strong-arm approach. They will obtain government mandates for their pandemic flu jabs.

I certainly don’t claim to be omniscient, but I do hate to be whip-sawed AGAIN by pharma and their legion of immoral, sacrilegious sociopaths. The reality has become quite grotesque.


Last year I had a very troubling sense of foreboding and dread at the time of the pandemic flu fraud and hysteria of 2009. This year I’m starting to develop the same apprehension.

A physician friend of mine shared with me recently that they received a direct, unsolicited mailing of “A Cautionary Tale - Towards Common Sense”. Does this mailing represent direct to consumer advertising of the new H1N1 jabs for 2010, utilizing a "learned intermediary"? Are these new pandemic flu vaccinations for 2010 already FDA "approved"? Are there Advanced Market Commitments in place? Does pharma have safety waivers in place? Does the "new" definition of pandemic still apply? Hmmmm. What’s that all about?



Jenny Allan

Dr. Nancy Snyderman:
"Just Get the Damn Vaccine"

The 'just' get the damn Vaccine.
Damn the 'just'. Get the Vaccine.
Damn the Vaccine, the 'just' get?
'Get' the 'just'. The(y) damn the Vaccine.

Damn the 'gits' that 'justify' unsafe vaccines!!
* Git-London Cockney expression for a disreputable person!!


fear sells, it's that simple... now Snyderman and others are pitting parents against parents recklessly blaming them for deaths that they had nothing to do with. Shame on her. She sounds like a communist with her talk of the good of the population vs the individual...it's all her opinion not at all fact based.

They're using the same lowball tactics that they used in Australia. Fortunately, I think the public's response to the H1N1 debacle shows that most Americans can think for themselves and not take this at face value.

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