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Do Reliable Thimerosal Estimates Exist?

Reliable-cpanel-hosting By Jake Crosby

That is, of course, the key question that must be answered before one is to draw any final conclusions about the current autism rates in this country being associated – or not associated – with exposure to thimerosal used in childhood vaccines. Yet, defenders of thimerosal – a highly toxic compound that is 50% mercury by weight - conveniently ignore this question.

 One such example of this was on “Penn and Teller’s Bullshit!” If there is one good thing I can say about the Penn and Teller episode on vaccinations – it’s that it at least did not run on basic cable for more people to see. The show was so erroneous that even “Science”Blogger David Gorski corrected the hosts on the false assumption that thimerosal was removed in 1999. They ought to claim that to the parents of Hannah Poling, who got 50 mcg of mercury from shots given in 2000 right before she developed full-blown autism.

Of course, Gorski’s “correction” wasn’t any better, claiming it was “the end of 2001/early 2002.” That’s funny, not even the CDC has used that date. The government has provided many conflicting dates for when thimerosal was removed: as early as 1999 and as late as 2005, and individual reports reveal thimerosal-preserved vaccines with expiration dates that stretch even beyond that, not counting flu shots which continue to be preserved in thimerosal.

The specific time, however, repeated by Gorski which I’ve seen circulating around the internet was based on minutes from an ACIP meeting held eight years ago during which a CDC official claimed that in a “convenience sample” of health care providers scattered throughout the country, all but 17% of them were found to have had no thimerosal-preserved vaccines in stock since October 2001. This figure suddenly became widely used five years later after being dug up by tomato writer Arthur Allen to claim this time range was when thimerosal disappeared.

Except, the only problem is that being a convenience sample, this statistic is inherently incapable of being generalized to any population beyond its own by virtue of not being randomized. If doing site visits and lot counts of the vaccine stockpiles used by these particular providers is “convenient ” for public health officials, then so is getting them to switch to thimerosal-free vaccines as soon as possible in the first place – making these numbers uninformative and misleading about the thimerosal content of childhood vaccines overall.

Even worse, these statistics have been applied to a specific state – California – where the reported autism rate has not decreased (although I argued earlier this year that the old California autism rates could potentially correlate with thimerosal exposure HERE). Our current knowledge of autism trends in California, however, is based on information from no later than 2007, after which the entire autism reporting system of California was overhauled. Arthur Allen took the statistics informally obtained by the CDC, and used them to assess thimerosal’s association to autism in California when debating David Kirby, even though they cannot be generalized to nationwide thimerosal content of vaccines, much less to specific states. The convenience sample numbers ultimately raise more questions than they do answers.

Certainly the CDC has a track record of not removing this preservative as early as the agency said it would. At HuffPo, for example, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discussed how the CDC tacitly declined an offer by GlaxoSmithKline to supply the US market with all thimerosal-free DTaP vaccines, despite the CDC later making false assurances to the public that thimerosal would be removed from all childhood shots as soon as possible.

Of course, the most obvious calculation that the CDC could have easily made was to compare the autism rates in children who received shots before and after October 2001 by the very providers who stopped using thimerosal after this date. That would have given us a clear assessment of thimerosal’s association with autism, rather than falsely extrapolating the convenience sample to all 60,000 pediatricians in the country. Not doing so indicates that such an assessment would have yielded a result less than supportive of the CDC agenda. Instead, we’re left with an unreliable convenience sample estimate obtained by a dishonest government agency.

Jake Crosby is a college student with Asperger Syndrome at Brandeis University who is double majoring in History and Health: Science, Society and Policy. He is a contributing editor to Age of Autism.


Jake Crosby

“On September 25, 11:35 pm, comment #129 on Respectful Insolence, you suggest that you know of specific lot numbers of vaccines administered after 2002 which contained thimerosal.”

No, I gave that as an example as to how some parents looked up the thimerosal content or lack thereof in their children’s vaccines alongside checking the labels.

“Did you do this? Did you ask the parents about those lot numbers, and look them up? What did you find out?”

No, because your assertion that they "are recalling, from mutable memory" is just silly because it operates on the unlikely assumption that they are either somehow dreaming this up or are lying. If you are so paranoid about either, you can go ask them yourself, but don’t blame me for your unscientific assumptions and personal prejudices against people whose experiences you know nothing about.


I found this several months ago.
Pubmed has found indications that high flouride levels might have something to do with increases in lead too?http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20188782


@ JenB - "I wonder if flouride exposure is possibly a factor?"

One good question deserves another: Does fluoride help aluminum cross the blood brain barrier?

“Russell Blaylock, Fluoride Neurotoxicity”


Aluminum interacts with fluoride to form a fluoroaluminum complex that mimics phosphate groups in biological systems.

“Because the aluminum-fluoride complex accumulates in the brain, it would also be expected to cause prolonged neurotoxicity, leading eventually to neurodegeneration and synaptic loss.”

“Another toxic effect of aluminum, and possibly a fluoroaluminum complex, is the activation of microglia. These are resident immune cells within the nervous system, which are normally quiescent, but are easily activated by a number of environmental and biological agents, such as viruses, mycoplasma, bacteria, aluminum, mercury, and several pesticides.”

“It is obvious from this review that there is an intimate connection between the neurotoxicity of fluoride, aluminum, and glutamate that needs further attention. It is also obvious that excitotoxicity plays some role in this process, perhaps a central one.”

- Russell Blaylock, MD

Jake Crosby

Of course, I'm not going to believe the baloney claims of the pharmaceutical companies with their lying track-record - I'm going to believe the claims of the parents who've found thimerosal in their vaccines after 2003. They actually deserve to be taken for their word, unlike pharma.

Jake Crosby

Something I left out but also worth noting is this letter from the FDA to Congressman Weldon's office back in 2003:

It claimed that thimerosal-preserved vaccines expired in 2002, but the FDA being the FDA, rather than doing its job and verifying this claim, simply said it was unaware of any such shots being used past that years and asked others to do its own job for it by letting them know:

"If physicians are currently able to purchase the routinely recommended pediatric vaccines in thimerosal containing presentations (as a preservative) we would appreciate hearing from them. FDA is unaware of a manufacturer supplying such a product."

Not that the FDA would have done anything about it if it was aware, and even if it would have, playing dumb is not enough to get thimerosal out nor is it excusable, as Weldon told the LA Times:

"It would have to be a very well-informed and diligent pediatrician to make sure all of the stock he supplied contained no mercury."

Also, FDA's letter to Weldon revealed that Merck lied about there being no thimerosal in the company's vaccines when there actually was.


I just have to say my heart goes out to all parents of autistic children...knowing what you all are going through is what gives me the strength every year to face the disapproving looks of my doctor and others when I say "no, my daughters are not vaccinated". I have never doubted that decision no matter the scare tactics that have been applied by the medical community or, indeed, family members who buy in to the hype. My dear friend, after researching the pros and cons, made the opposite decision with regards to her son and had him vaccinated according to schedule, believing he coudln't possibly be one of the unlucky ones. She was wrong. "Heartbreaking" doesn't begin to cover it.

Keep fighting and keep educating...it does make a difference!


Benedetta - "She was suggesting that cure methylation problems and the viruses would once more be controlled too. But maybe the chronic fatigue virus might be the one. What do I believe? Hard to know what to do."

We really need to know whether these viruses are endogenous or exogenous. Cal Crilly's Castle Wall Theory of Disease is provocative.

What harm is there from just empirically treating the DNA hypomethylation "problem"? The treatment with God-given orthomolecules sounds like it would be generally well-tolerated, e.g. chlorella, selenium, garlic, cilantro (Chinese parsley), etc.



I, personally, believe that anyone considering ANY form of detoxification, especially chelation and removal of amalgam fillings, would do well to seek out the counsel and guidance of a licensed practitioner with experience in this area. This is purely my opinion, not advice.


I watched a couple of DVD of Yasko this weekend.

She showed that "thimerosal, a sulfhydryl-blocking reagent. The way she explained, or better yet --- the way I understood it was:

thirmerosal is one benzene ring and attached to that is a molecule with mercury.

The two split apart in the body the benzene ring goes one way and the molecule with the mercury goes another way.

The way I understood it even the benzene ring that onced belonged to the thimersol caused problems too.

I understand what she was saying; that the body methylation was messed up and could not control viruses.

She was suggesting that cure methylation problems and the viruses would once more be controlled too.

But maybe the chronic fatigue virus might be the one.

What do I believe? Hard to know what to do.


@ JenB - "I wonder if flouride exposure is possibly a factor?"

@ Cherry Sperlin Misra - "does anyone here know of what is probably causing kidney stones in tiny kids"

I think fluoride might very well be a factor. Further, I think that fluoride and the zeta potential ("ZP") of our blood and urine may play a role in both the sequestration of heavy metals and tendency towards forming kidney stones.

Do reliable thimerosal estimates exist? Probably not, unless you raise the zeta potential. Chelation therapy apparently requires elevation of the ZP in order to work.


Does fluoride play a role in lowering the ZP? Does fluoride interfere with measurement of thimerosal by enhancing sequestration and avidity of our bodies for heavy metals, including thimerosal?

“The Cancer Connection to Mercury, Toxic Metals and Dental Cavitations”, edited by Bernard Windham.


“Synergistic Effects of Mercury with Other Toxic Metals: Extreme Synergistic Toxicity” by Boyd E. Haley.


"So long as the Zeta Potential (ZP) of the system remains constant, the fluidity (viscosity) of the system will also remain constant. But if the ZP of the system is progressively lowered by the introduction of cationic electrolytes or polyelectrolytes, then the stability of the system will undergo progressive changes — from simple agglomeration to fluid gel formation — and finally to a rigid gel." - Thomas M. Riddick



Here's an interesting read, of a somewhat more general nature:

“The Toxic Metal connection to ADD, Aggressiveness, Impulsivity, Violence, Delinquency, Criminality, and Mass murderers/Serial killers” by B. Windham, a chemical engineer.



Just is case my last comment didn't make sense to someone, here's the punch-line:

"thimerosal, a sulfhydryl-blocking reagent, strongly inhibits DNA methylation activity in a dose-dependent manner"

This is huge! Why didn't we see it? This was published in 2005. Thimerosal strongly inhibits expression of the human genome in a dose-dependent manner. What am I missing here?

Jake Crosby

I'm not sure. I've heard that there used to be a way to look up the content of vaccines online, but not anymore.


I am not sure if the vaccine contained the "trace" amounts of thimerosal or more. I have the lot number. Is there a way to find out exactly what was in the specific vaccine she received?


Why don't we suggest to our lawmakers that they could seize the initiative in an area of health that effects us all?

DNA hypomethylation may be the biomarker we have been praying for, to explain the cumulative, toxic synergy of the vaccine schedules.

Here is a VERY plausible detailed molecular explanation for both the neurotoxicity and systemic immune toxicity of thimerosal with a DIRECT link to epigenetic control of the human genome.

“Different signaling pathways inhibit DNA methylation activity and up-regulate IFN-γ in human lymphocytes” by E. Pintado, et al in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 2005, 78:1339-1346.


“These results indicate that DNA methylation activity can be down-regulated by signaling pathways involving phosphorylation. In addition, thimerosal, a sulfhydryl-blocking reagent, strongly inhibits DNA methylation activity in a dose-dependent manner, directly applied on the nuclear extracts or to the cell culture (Fig. 1C) . “

“In this work, we show for the first time that short periods of incubation with PKC activators down-regulate DNA methylation activity, which correlates tightly with the expression of inducible CpG-containing genes such as IFN-{gamma}, suggesting a link between both effects. In addition, okadaic acid, a protein phosphatase (PP) inhibitor, and thimerosal, a sulfydryl reagent, also decrease DNA methylation activity and induce IFN-{gamma} expression. These results further support the view that DNA methylation is a dynamic process that can be affected by different signaling pathways, probably involving phosphorylation, and could regulate key aspects of the peripheral immune system.”


There may well be an epigenetic link between thimerosal in the vaccine schedules, human neurodevelopment, and DNA hypomethylation. Organomercurials are known to have VERY high affinity for the sulfhydryl groups of amino acids and proteins. This is a VERY plausible mechanism of neurotoxicity which should be provable. Is DNA hypomethylation the biomarker we've been praying for?


timeforchange - "So much for trusting the media and the doctors on this."

Dentists are not blameless here, either. "Amalgam" fillings still have mercury. I'd like to find a CERTIFIED list of no-mercury dentists, with skill in removing old fillings, who can remove them without poisoning the patient while doing so.

Aluminum and fluoride are both public health hazards that are both "under the public's radar screen". Prevention of dental caries as justification for fluoridating the public water supply...what complete and utter bullsh$t. I wish there was a polite or understated way to say this.

How safe are mercuric fluoride, aluminum fluoride, and lead fluoride? The fluoride for our public water fluoridation is apparently imported from China, along with a number of gratuitous heavy metals.


Let's google the Gulag and fluoride and learn from history.


The public should demand that ALL heavy metals and fluoride be completely removed from the public water supply. This is a basic responsibility of government, no? Is that too much too ask?


My son received his shots in 2002/03 and regressed after the Dec. 03 shots. I called our (now former) large pediatricians' group practice in May of 2005 and anonymously asked if they used mercury-free single dose vials for their Dtaps. They said that they were STILL USING the multi-dose vials for ALL of their Dtaps. So much for trusting the media and the doctors on this.

JenB for Cherry Sperlin Misra

Melamine also comes to mind:


JenB for Cherry Sperlin Misra
John Martinet

Jake Crosby is a Real Man, we could use so many more of you. I am a Vaccine Injured young adult and you bring a lot of hope to a lot of people. We don't have to be afraid of our enemies anymore, lets expose them for who they are. Mass Murderers, Liars, and Thieves. I never believed in God or the Devil before, but now I know the Devil exists. We will be victorious. Bella Ciao.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Does anybody here know if the flu vaccines available in California in 2009 contained mercury or not? And the swine flu vaccines of that year? I find that doctors in California just assume that all their vaccines contain no Thimerosal.
I have to say that I was in California this summer for 6 weeks and among the kids of age 5 and under I saw terrific behavior, facial expression and speech, with only one sad exception of a girl of about 4 who obviously had severe autism and she was clearly from the Indian subcontinent and was probably vaccinated there ( I could not know this for sure)
This is off topic, but does anyone here know of what is probably causing kidney stones in tiny kids. There was a newspaper article here about children in South India who are getting kidney stones. The one mentioned was only 15 months old with a staghorn calculi. The surgeon who operated on the child said that he had seen about 8 cases in the last year.

TannersDad Tim Welsh

Great Job as usual Jake. Thank you.

Jenny Allan

Thank God our UK government health department does not give children annual flu jabs unless they have a medical condition. After the Australian experiences with H1N1 child vaccinations, they are not giving this to children either. In the UK, it is claimed, according to official sources, that mercury preservatives have been discontinued in vaccines.
I was shocked to discover that thiomersal is still present in flu vaccines.


wow Pierre, you're freaking me out. I remember asking the Minister of Health (in Alberta) about thimerosal and I did get a rather lengthy response back about how no, in Alberta none of the vaccines (he especially referenced the dpt shots) have, I think he said "ever had thim in them." I felt quite the sense of relief but I must confess that I did not really check it out any further than that. It's so human to want to trust people and believe them. And also, to not even want to think your kids have been exposed to anything harmful. Now, after what you have said I am not so sure. Maybe it's the old "trace amounts" bull. Maybe just for once and all I will try to look up the vaccine lot and trace to see. My kids were born in /93 and /97 and I was really torn up about deciding to vacc or not. This whole "trace amount bullcrap might explain why there really isn't such a big diff between autism rates in Canada and the U.S.


The flu shot started being recommended to pregnant women by doctors in 2002 or earlier. It was recommended for six month old infants in 2004-- the year of the phony "shortage" that was intended to intensify demand. That was the year my twins "got theirs" in two shots series containing 25mcg of thimerosal. Lucky them-- they were eligible because of ragged cough they'd developed from their six month shots.

We saw our son tank at that point. With growing panic, I kept asking everyone "Why doesn't he *smile* anymore?" He seemed aware of what was happening to him. His eye contact was very intense as if he was trying to send the message that he was drowning. That was before he lost eye contact and withdrew from everything, as if he'd figurately hid under the house to die the way cats do.

Our daughter didn't regress as dramatically; she was just in agony every night. The piercing screams coming out of both of them made our "kindly" landlord break our lease on some pretext to get rid of us.

We found out later that many of the other shots they received prior still contained thimerosal. The HepB by Glaxo had full thimerosal as late as August, 2008, when that lot expired.

Jake Crosby


Did the vaccine your daughter receive contain .3 mcg or the full 25 mcg of mercury?


Thank you Jake for reiterating this point.

The H1N1 hysteria and vaccination push had to confuse things further. How many doses of the thimerosal containing version of this were given--at the doctor's office, at local pharmacies, at schools, at churches, etc, but not recorded or tracked for adverse events?

I want to I believe, because of the long-time hysteria over H1N1, many people will be fairly certain whether or not they received this vaccination, and it may be, unfortunately, easy to see a clear, although anecdotal, connection of damage for many, but officially, how much harder will it be to study for dose-dependant adverse outcomes from being injected with an organic mercurial, if every year or so, one or more flu vaccines, most with, but some without thimerosal, are pushed on frightened parents, expectant mothers, etc, outside of the "recommended childhood vaccination schedule."


Oh how I wish I could take back the flu shot I gave my girls in the first year of life! We did two shots, both 12.5 mcg each so a total of 25mcg. I called the company with the lot# and they confirmed this. You can see the change in photos and even a lazy looking eye in my most affected daughter. I have a nephew with ADD who is 10yo so he had the full thimerisol vaccines years ago. It is just so tragic and well, madness to inject children and pregnant women with flu shots and yet they continue to promote it. Our local Walgreens has the poster with a pregnant woman getting a flu shot in the arm. Makes me ill. I feel like I am living in Orwell's novel 1984. I keep asking myself if this is all real.

Pierre Morin

Dear Jake

I beleive that your brief might possibly be a under statement .

From my own experience in investigating the canadian vaccine experience , I have come up with clear evidence that Health Canada has been involved in a cover up of the true level exposure to ethel mecury from 1994 tp 2003.

As a interesting example of corruption of gouverment health official and elected gouv official

In 2006 I receive a official response from Minister of Health Canada the Honorable Tony Clements , relating to a request to investigate potential health problem in using mercury in vaccine production.

His response to my affirmation , is that mercury was no longer in use in vaccine since 1994 in Canada.which was re-affirmed in the health canada web site .

The problem with this affirmation , is that it was a bold face lie , for the simple reason that the production technology for vaccine production from 1994 to 2002 , required to use mercury both at the production for vaccine such as DPT , HiB and numerous others .

Over the year , I have come to realize that any information generated by health Canada relative to mercury exposure in the 1994 to 2002 period in canada , is either misleading or false.

Furthermore I have come to realize that there has been been a blattant attempt to sanitize product monograph , to have mecury exposure disapear .

What is intersting to note that the Canadian food and drug act , mentions the issue of falsification of the ingredient that make up a drug or vaccine .

Under Canadian law , this action would be a criminal offense !!!!

So we should understand what is a stake , in the context of the individual within Health Canada , have and countinued to permit false and misleading Product Monograph to be publish and distributed to Doctors and parents .

I can only expect that this CRIMINAL behavior have also occured within your americain Agencies such as the FDA and CDC.


the sof merclath


let's not forget our other "friendly toxins" in the vaccines as well......I'm sure they aren't good for anyone's health or immune system.


"...by a dishonest government agency"

BINGO! That sums it up, perfectly. Thanks, Jake, for saying it like it is. Do you think that they loose any sleep at night over the human suffering, misery, and deaths they have caused?

They can all be lumped together. Our CDC, FDA, EPA, and USDA are an utter disgrace. The public has been abandoned. We have lost our health choice and health freedoms to a throng of immoral, sacrilegious, sociopaths who have sold their immortal souls...the "Dark Lords" of the vaccine industry. They have all made Faustian bargains.


Putting mercury into babies is stupid, stupid, stupid.

So why are they still doing it and telling America they aren't?

A few years ago, I scripted a :26 PSA for any of the Autism groups to use. Even dummy'd it with synthetic voice.

They could have distributed it to the thousands and thousands of radio stations across the country.


It's their misfortune and none of my own.


In 2006, Sanofi Pasteur's Tripedia DTaP STILL containing Thimerosal was injected into my typical 15 month old daughter. After an adverse reaction including encephalitis, hives and pneumonia, she was diagnosed with autism. Upon finding the connection, I looked back into the vaccine insert, wherein I found AUTISM as a listed side effect(this was miraculously removed from the insert later). You would think this alone would be grounds for a claim, yet sadly, it is still not enough to win a claim against big pharma.


Estimates of the thimerosal going down?
It's never been zero.

In 2006 the flu vaccine was added to the schedule.Most of the shots contained thimerosal. In addition how long did other heavily ladened with thimerosal sit on the shleves before expiring?

It's never been zero. This statement always makes me frustrated.

Thanks for the article !! This needs continued exposure for what people are exposed to.

S. Perrin

Jake I love your articles, you are a true insperation.

To CT teacher: "we don't even know what this is doing to the fetus... " If you do a little diging you will find that the material safety data sheet of thimerosal from Eli Lilly clearly states:
"thimerosal may enter the body through the skin,is toxic, ALTERS GENETIC MATERIAL,..." "Effects of exposure may include...FETAL CHANGES,DECREASED OFFSPRING SURVIVAL..." Also states effects of overexposure: "...exposure to mercury in utero and in children may cause mild to severe mantal retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment." These statements were taken directly from the Eli Lilly web page with an effective date 22-dec-1999. They do know what it is doing. they just don't seem to care.

david burd

Jake, Excellent piece, thanks.

I include two paragraphs below in quotation marks from the U.S. FDA website enlightening us, and citing the 25 micrograms of mercury in the flu shots destined to be injected into 6-month babies. Note the FDA specifically saying Thimerosal KILLS pathogens and fungi in the vaccine itself.

Yes, Somehow, an incredibly toxic ingredient that KILLS all living things in a vaccine is then injected into the living tissue of a vulnerable baby - and somehow blithely assumed to have no adverse effects in a fragile infant.

We have an Establishment Medical World that simply cannot be trusted to actually think. All they do is follow orders and make $Billions from murderous products. From the FDA:

"Thimerosal as a Preservative"

"Thimerosal, which is approximately 50% mercury by weight, has been one of the most widely used preservatives in vaccines. It is metabolized or degraded to ethylmercury and thiosalicylate. Ethylmercury is an organomercurial that should be distinguished from methylmercury, a related substance that has been the focus of considerable study (see "Guidelines on Exposure to Organomercurials" and "Thimerosal Toxicity", below).

At concentrations found in vaccines, thimerosal meets the requirements for a preservative as set forth by the United States Pharmacopeia; that is, it kills the specified challenge organisms and is able to prevent the growth of the challenge fungi (U.S. Pharmacopeia 2004). Thimerosal in concentrations of 0.001% (1 part in 100,000) to 0.01% (1 part in 10,000) has been shown to be effective in clearing a broad spectrum of pathogens. A vaccine containing 0.01% thimerosal as a preservative contains 50 micrograms of thimerosal per 0.5 mL dose or approximately 25 micrograms of mercury per 0.5 mL dose."

John Stone


It is the fundamental issue: why is there no reliable information? The situation is replicated with MMR: Cochrane sifted 5000 studies, reviewed 31 and declared them "largely inadequate" and made scathing comments about the 6 autism studies. It then cynically suggested its findings be set aside in deference to the policy of targeting the diseases.


But, of course, the real issue is how could you have so many studies and no reliable information: the institutional answer is different from the scientific one. The scientific answer is that we don't know, the institutional answer is that hundreds or thousands of scientists just happened to fudge their results. Is that a random result? What's the probability?


CT teacher

Suddenly I am hearing terrible stories from friends whose grown children were given flu and H1N1 shots during pregnancy. When will we discover the damage that is being done by this untested procedure? Think thalidomide. We don't even know what this is doing to the fetus or to the fertility of these young women. Most of these shots, I beleive, contain thimerosal.


My autistic son was born in 1999 so there is no doubt he got lots of thimerosal. Nobody denies that.

I also want to add that back in the late 1990's amd early 2000's I would see lots of clearly autistic little kids. It's been years since I've seen toddlers acting like my son did. Sadly, I'm starting to see them again which I blame on the swine flu thimerosal packed vaccine. It's very sad.

Teresa Conrick

Thank you, Jake for reminding us that there are no reliable thimerosal estimates. It was never recalled or removed. It was reduced in "childhood" vaccines and then introduced and increased (*recommended*) in pregnancy (fetus) and infant vaccines.

This year there is the added bonus of the "All-in-One Flu Shot." When you click on the urls from these convenience pharmacy stores, there is no mention of what it is or what it contains. Instead it is "Schedule a Flu Shot in Just a Few Clicks."

Thimerosal estimates and autism rates can now be based on "just a few clicks."

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