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UPI Reports Woman Contracted Genital Lesions After Sex with Vaccinated Soldier

Speculum This is when herd immununity isn't quite what one would have hoped for, and becomes hurt immunity. Note how vaccine injury was initially overlooked. Sound familiar?

Woman ill after sex with vaccinated man

Published: July 1, 2010 at 10:41 PM
ATLANTA, July 1 (UPI) -- A woman who had sex with a member of the U.S. military vaccinated against smallpox subsequently contracted a related virus, health officials say.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report released Thursday said despite the patient's exposure history, sex with a person vaccinated against smallpox, and clinical presentation, genital lesions, the diagnosis of vaccinia virus was not initially considered by the patient's doctor. (Emphasis ours)

"Healthcare providers caring for U.S. military personnel or their contacts should consider vaccinia virus infection in the differential diagnosis of clinically compatible genital lesions," the report said. "Healthcare providers should educate vaccinees and any contacts with unexplained lesions about methods to prevent transmission and inadvertent autoinoculation."

No more cases have been reported, the report said.

Vaccinia virus is used in the live-virus vaccine against smallpox but the vaccinia virus vaccine cannot cause a smallpox infection because it does not contain the smallpox virus.

The World Health Organization's Smallpox Eradication Program used the vaccinia virus in the vaccine that eradicated smallpox disease.

Due to the threat of bioterrorism, the vaccine is administered to the U.S. military.

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Was the picture of the speculum really necessary? (Unless, of course, your goal was to send chills up my spine from the sight of that awful contraption.)


Thanks, John Buck, I will not forget him again.

So you are saying that the anthrax attack was to interfer with attitudes of Congress towardd a petition againest force vaccinations for our soldiers?

Did I understand that correct?

SO, it was even more specific than I thought.

Randi Airola

To address other erroneous posts... here's what's interesting re: anthrax. The same day the citizen petition (not to be confused as a public petition) was being delivered to the FDA and the Hart building, that's when the attacks occurred. "Ironically", it was delivered to the same building where the senator was that was investigating the vaccine (NOT IVINS, IT WAS BIOPORT (now also known as Emergent Biosolutions or EBS), more like the AVIP as a mandatory program for the service men and women that cannot refuse without dire consequences. This was the story that's been missed.
Back ot smallpox... anyone that thinks the smallpox vaccine eradicated smallpox has no concept of reading history. In instances where the vaccine was used back during the epidemic, those counties had the highest fatality rates. Those counties that either discontinued, or didn't use it had the lowest. Read history; not group speak.

Randi Airola

The officer that has been referred to is CPT John Buck. He was (civilian side) an ER doctor and on the military side, a doctor. He refused to receive and give the anthrax vaccine. I attended his court martial, otherwise referred to as a 'kangaroo court'. He was fined 21,000.00, restricted to base for I believe 60 days then released from service. Last I knew, he was back serving honorably in the civilian sector as an ER doctor. Yes, he is one to be saluted!

To address another erroneous statement, the military has no such thing as "religious exemption". Please understand that the mission will always override any exemptions (including medical). I've seen many with religious exemptions where when biodefense vaccines (anthrax/smallpox) came in the picture, those exemptions were no longer honored and they were subject to the UCMJ if they kept their convictions. Sadly, (again to address another erroneous statement), the servicemen/women serve to protect the civilians rights, but, do lose their own.


GH the airforce officier was a good man and deserved for me to remember his name. I am ashamed that I did not burn that into my memory.


Benedetta - since the chief suspect in the anthrax letters died before he could be brought to trial, a lot of questions remain unanswered. But the evidence is strong that the anthrax came from the US government program, and one of the suggested motives was, as you say, to reinvigorate the anthrax program which was faltering, having been initiated in 1998 and led to a huge number of reports of severe adverse reactions. If you scroll down the blog on this website,there is a lot of discussion of it:

All of the servicemen who refused the vaccine were hit with a court martial, I am not sure which officer you are referring to. There was a motion in Congress to pardon them after the program was found to be illegal in 2004, but it went nowhere.

If you look through the VAERS reports following anthrax vaccine, something striking is that they are concentrated in a few lot numbers. If they were just background noise unrelated to the vaccine, as the government still claim, they would be random. It is clear that something was contaminating those lots, but those responsible are putting zero effort into discovering the problem.


Bob Moffitt
The guy behind the anthrax mail order service was also the inventor of the anthrax vaccine.
I know you know, I am just not real sure you know?

I think he was insane because he took his own vaccine - yes sirrr eee his own vaccine pushed him over the edge.

Fox News commentators kept asking didn't someone that was in control of weapon grade anthrax have to go through some psych evualution like the astronauts or something?

Yes, but did they redo the psych test after he took his vaccine or was he just grandfathered and no body said anything although all his fellow workers knew he was "odd"!

Then in his insanity, his vaccine was tarnished, his reputation not so shiny,and his creation, his baby was not being used (because it made all the soldiers sick in the Gulf War).
What ever happened to that officier in the airforce that stood up for his men and would not let them take the anthrax vaccine. They did boot him out of the airforce --- so where is he now? Hope being forgotten does not happen to Dr. Wakefield like it did this airforce officier.
This mad scientist who mailed weapon grade antrhax did not have to grow it up, or grind it up or work with it because he already had it. As for the lab, it was the state of the art lab (level 10 or what ever) that our government ran, and the tax payer paid for.


what do they mean the smallpox vaccine cannot cause smallpox because it is 'inactivated'? what about the toddler of the vaccinated soldier that landed in the hospital with smallpox?,2933,259377,00.html

unbelievable the lies the media perpetuates!

Bob Moffitt

Patron's 99 posted:

"OMG! “inadvertent autoinoculation”. That’s rich material for standup comics, except it’s true, not fiction. Fact has become stranger than fiction."

I expect the same can be said for genetically modified foods .. which are now called "substantial equivalence" of the real thing.

Obviously, Orwell was onto something.

As for Benedetta's observation the chances of a soldier contracting smallpox would probably require some "evil scientist or his staff" reproduce it without getting themselves sick .. reminds me of Anthrax that was sent to various notables .. such as .. Tom Brokaw and Sen. Spector.

The anthrax used in that instance has been described as "weapons grade" and many believe the person who sent those anthrax ladened envelopes must have had extensive training in how to handle this dangerous substance without infecting himself or others (family?) in close proximity to where he did his dirty deed.

Some even speculated the perpetrator was believed to have worked on a vaccine to prevent anthrax and he sent the letters to prove how vulnerable our nation is to such an attack.

Hard to believe .. but ....

Cynthia Cournoyer

The small pox vaccine must be really bad because why else would they stop giving it to babies? Polio "went away" too and they didn't stop. They just stopped the oral vaccine because no one was getting polio except for the vaccine. We are told that we must keep vaccinating to "keep it away." It never stops. Why did it stop with small pox? Give it enlisted men because they have to follow orders. Nice alternative!

It's a shame that someone has to choose between real health and whether to serve their country. And health care workers have to choose between a job or their health. We lose really dedicated people because of that.

I know one young man who wanted to go into the armed services and he just couldn't be guaranteed they wouldn't vaccinate him. He chose not to enlist. I know of another young man who spent time in the military infirmary after boot camp and it was full of men who could not be deployed for various reasons, sometimes they had been there for as long as two years. How many do you suppose are vaccine damaged?


@Ron Berrios

"the great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie - deliberate, contrived and dishonest - but the myth - persistent, persuasive and unrealistic." JFK

the benefit of smallpox vaccination is one such myth. Until you start looking at it closely and with a scientific mind, then you realize that it was impossible for such a practice to have any benefits whatsoever and that it produced or helped transmit instead many other diseases from brain damage to TB, septicemia, tetanus and hepatitis, vaccinia of course to name but a few. I am always surprised when people from the medical field and anyone with even basic notions of hygiene and asepsy carry on believing in this myth.


Inasmuch as the DofD has used military personnel as experimental pools for, uh...ever, it's tough getting around the shots. Word is, there's only one way. Declare (and prepare to demonstrate) a religious objection PRIOR TO enlistment. Bet there are lots of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who wish they'd known that.


OMG! “inadvertent autoinoculation”. That’s rich material for standup comics, except it’s true, not fiction. Fact has become stranger than fiction.

I guess that the CDC should add a new photographic image to the CDC’s “Vaccine Reaction Images” database. I wonder how they are going to spin this one? “Friendly fire” as Benedetta suggests? This “new” specific hazard might prove to be a tad bit worse for women’s sexual experience than E.D. in their partner. Fertility is irrelevant here. It’s a “brand new” STD!

On a serious note, I wonder how many other live virus jabs can transmit live virus through sexual contact? or transmit live virus transplacentally to the unborn? Should live “attenuated” jabs give one pause for concern? “Attenuated” seems more like a pharma-coined phrase that is closer to art than to science. In any case, attenuation seems to be a matter of degree, doesn’t it? What about their infectivity rate? Generally speaking, who could ever have designed a more efficient means of horizontal transfers of DNA from species to species than “inadvertent autoinoculation” found in today’s pediatric and adult vaccination schedules?


When enough women start telling men in the military in their sexual prime that they won't have sex with them because of the risk of contracting genital lesions, there could be some discontent in the ranks about the quality of vaccine technology.

Ron Berrios

The roughly half billion people saved by smallpox vaccination need to ask themselves if it was really worth it.

Bob Moffitt

How many instances of vaccina virus infections did it require before the CDC issued the warning to "healthcare providers" to associate it with smallpox vaccinations? What other "presentations" may be due to vaccina virus infections caused by "inadvertent autoinoculation"?

Does anyone really know? Even more troubling .. does anyone really care?


Giving too many, unnesaccary, vaccines can be added to the list of incidence of friendly fire.

The chances of a soldier reacting to the very tough vaccine is greater than the chance of him contacting small pox that would have to be stolen from very cold storage unit located in the depth of the belly of the CDC or some other well protected area in Moscow. Then regrown without getting the evil scientist sick or his staff in some self made -sewn together by an amateur - like a meth lab.
This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. To sign up for the military does not mean you are giving up your constitutional right, or you are signing up for every hair brain thought that runs through some government busy body's head.

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