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The Autism Triangle: A Key to Understanding Other Diseases?

Puzzle triangle By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

One of the first bio-medical doctors I consulted for my daughter's autism gave me a framework to understand the disease which I have long remembered.  She said, "Many practicioners in my field look at autism as a triangle.  The three points of that triangle are genes, toxins, and infections.  Individually we may disagree on the relative importance of each point on that triangle, but we agree on that general approach."

This is the basis for our community's strong disagreement with the mainstream medical community's mono-maniacal obsession with gene research, while among the bio-medical community we can for the most part politely disagree about the utility of various approaches and theories, while generally agreeing on the big picture.

Last weekend I ran across an article in Science Daily, (Virus Works with Gene to Cause Crohn's-Like Illness, June 25, 2010) HERE which echoed this theory.  The report was also published in the journal Cell and the abstract can be read HERE.

The article described how researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis were trying to understand the riddle of Crohn's disease, an inflammatory human bowel disorder.  One of the confounding issues with this disease is the finding of a gene which was linked to the disease, but having the gene was not generally a good predictor of whether a person would get this disorder. 

Senior co-author Thaddeus S. Stappenbeck, MD, PhD associate professor of pathology and immunology and developmental biology noted that some people with Crohn's have a mutation in their Atg16L1 gene and that, "In Western society, about half of all copies of Atg16L1 contain the mutation linked to Crohn's.  That means both copies of this gene are mutated in about one in every three persons.  And yet Crohn's occurs in a small fraction of these individuals."

The Science Daily articles states, "In an earlier studdy, Stappenbeck and Virgin (co-author) learned that mice with mutated Atg16L have abnormalities in Paneth cells, which help regulate the gut microbial communities that aid digestion."

"When the model was recreated in a more stringently controlled environment, the Paneth cell abnormalities did not reoccur until researchers infected the mice with a mouse norovirus.  Versions of this virus that infect humans are infamous for causing difficult-to-control outbreaks of diarrhea on cruise ships, and cause a significant portion of gastroenteritis cases worldwide."

"When they also fed the mice dextran sodium sulfate (DSS), a chemical used to stimulate gut injury, additional Crohn's like pathologies appeared, but only in the presence of the mouse norovirus."

In summation the researchers, "found that three factors were necessary in mice to create a condition similar to the human bowel disorder Crohn's disease: a mutated gene, exposure to a damaging chemical and infection with a specific virus."

Does this sound like a set of circumstances with which any of you are familiar?

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor of Age of Autism



BarbaraJ - Thanks for the aluminum in Crohn’s disease article. After seeing your comment and Mary’s, I googled aluminum and Crohn’s, and was surprised to find quite a few articles on the subject, very similar to the one you provided. I am quite amazed that 3 of your kids would have an autoimmune disease affecting a different organ system in each instance. The autism triangle provides a useful construct for considering the problem, and I am grateful to Mr. Heckenlively for sharing it.

You may have already done this, but if you haven’t, and before any records are lost, it might be useful for you to develop a timeline which captures each of your children’s complete vaccination records, the brand name of each vaccine, and the known ingredients of each vaccine. I’m wishing that I had done this for my siblings and my parents...maybe it’s not too late. It’s time we all began to generate and test hypotheses. Such a timeline might be very useful in that regard. I know it’s very personal, private, and painful, for anyone (myself included) who has affected family members. Yet, we need to start following the clues, wherever they might led.

The following article is relevant to how various jabs can affect organs “from a distance”.

Bhakdi S, Lachner K and Doerr H-W. Possible hidden hazards of mass vaccination against new influenza A/H1N1: have the cardiovascular risks been adequately weighed? Med Microbiol Immunol 2009, 198, 205-9. Doi: 10.1007/s00430-009-0130-9

“Application of adjuvanted flu vaccines to individuals at risk may therefore aggravate
the course of underlying atherosclerotic vessel disease with all the clinical consequences. The same may hold true for other widespread diseases that are propelled by deregulated immune mechanisms.”

“However, injection of adjuvanted flu vaccine frequently causes local pain and
occasionally fever [7], an indication that proinflammatory cytokines are generated in appreciable amounts.”

“Now, it is realized that innate, unspecific immune mechanisms rival adaptive immunity in fueling the pathology of some of the most widespread diseases of mankind including atherosclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, demyelinating diseases and non-infectious arthritis. These examples are given to highlight their diversity; the list is ever growing.1"

Could it be that the aluminum adjuvants found in many of today’s vaccines are causing nonspecific, activation of our innate immune systems, perhaps by means of inflammatory cytokines.

I was also struck by the fact that a number of the Gardasil victims have reported what sound like thrombotic or thromboembolic cardiac events. Of course, you may recall that the FDA was “persuaded” to use aluminum adjuvants as control arms in several of the pivotal studies upon which market approval of Gardasil was granted. Talk about "junk" science!

Dr Andrew Moulden’s and Dr Frank Hartman’s views as to the mechanism of vaccine toxicity, are very reasonable, scientifically and clinically. Why shouldn’t fundamental physical chemistry and colloid science play an important role in explaining vaccine toxicity? Our blood is a colloidal suspension which flows. Blood flow and microvascular organ perfusion are critical to sustaining tissue viability.

Dr Thomas Riddick’s work in the area of zeta potential and controlling colloidal stability needs to be mentioned. So too does Dr. James R. Privitera’s work in using darkfield microscopy in the study of live blood. It begs the question as to why medical students are not being trained on these topics? Science is now being defined by the xenobiotic drug industry to best suit its agenda.

Sorry, for drifting off topic. Your comment (and Mary’s) to this post have given me food for thought. Thank you.


Patron, what you say is very interesting as well. As demonstrated in the above link, crohn's has been linked to aluminum.
The site of the bcg vaccine ,aluminum concentrated in tissue, has long been known in Kawasaki among the Japanese to be an interesting area of inflamation . Certainly there is "something" in vaccines , perhaps the aluminum ,that sparks the onset of autism. Murine viruses, aren't they often found as contaminants in medicines and vaccines? I suppose we could easily suggest that vaccines could well carry the aluminum and the errant virus that would complete the triangle in susceptable individuals. Thanks Patron99 for giving me food for thought. BTW my asthmatic nt six year old was given the HIB recalled for bacillus cereus! Who can trust this dirty ,dirty business of vaccine manufacturing! On a positive note, my two year old is fine.


@ Barbara J and @ Mary -

Your comments are VERY interesting.

"I btw have one child with crohn's and one with autism, and one that had Kawasaki syndrome. I have always believed there is some unknown thread that could connect the three."

"I remember reading somewhere that they found white blood cells full of aluminum stuck to the walls of guts of people with crohns."

Could the common link between the gut, heart, and brain pathology lie in the aluminum adjuvants, dendritic cells (macrophages), and nonspecific systemic immune stimulation? These adjuvants have been used in vaccination for more than 60 years and are "generally recognized as safe". What if the "conventional wisdom" is wrong?

It should be possible to distinguish between dietary sources of aluminum and aluminum introduced by means of aluminum adjuvants.

Why not simply use radiolabeled Aluminum-26 and either accelerator mass spectrometry or coincidence gamma detection?

I don't know why it wouldn't be possible to image the in vivo biodistribution of aluminum-26 labeled adjuvants using either SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) or PET (positron emission tomography). The physics, e.g. photon-flux, half-lives, and emission energy, may not be optimal for imaging, however. I would welcome comment from any nuclear medicine physicians in the crowd.

Aluminum-26 has been used by astronomers for time-dating stars.


I have had a question for awhile, and can't seem to "google up" answers. I btw have one child with crohn's and one with autism, and one that had Kawasaki syndrome. I have always believed there is some unknown thread that could connect the three. The question, when a child is low in cholesterol, perhaps because he's a preemie, "could the hep b vaccine lower his cholesterol to a danger level , leaving him more likely to suffer the ill effects of live vaccines?" Isn't cholesterol necessary for brain function, for body availability of vitamins such as A and D, those that help our immune systems fight against infectious diseases? Weren't the lack of these vitamins and mmr vaccine associated with straight out immune deficiencies and mortality lasting up to five years in some studies?


Very important topics raised here.

The stability of the human genome and our natural immune systems is at great peril. The human genome is under epigenetic control. The “terrain” is everything. We need to listen to our geneticists, molecular and cell biologists, and biochemists. Pharma is treading in an area which should be God’s dominion. There are no checks and balances. There is no meaningful regulatory or ethical oversight. About 3 years ago, Pharma “persuaded” our FDA and EPA to allow for “adventitious presence” - of biotechnology-enhanced events in food and feed.

It’s become quite apparent that Pharma controls our food supply. Pharma is government-endorsed. With government-mandated inoculations, our health care choices are being dictated to us “at the point of a needle”. With GMOs in the food supply and “adventitious presence” in the pediatric and adult vaccination schedules, e.g., non-human viral DNA, how safe are we, really? It’s all about trust and control. Shouldn’t our trust be earned? What have the vaccine industrialists (e.g., Paul Offit), “philanthropic nut jobs” (e.g., Bill Gates), GAVI alliance, FAO, WHO, CDC, and FDA, done lately to warrant our trust?


very interesting!


I remember reading somewhere that they found white blood cells full of aluminum stuck to the walls of guts of people with crohns. That's couldn't be it. Run a genetic panel on these people.


Yes, these are connections that need to be explored. "Exposure to a dangerous chemical" itself will open up decades of research. It could actually even address the "genetic" componant, too. Just as one example, look at the pesticide Malathion. Past research showed not always damage to current exposures in all ways, but in the 2nd generation of off spring. But it also causes intestinal damage, increases in immune disfunction and increased infections and all sorts of symptoms found also in ASD kids and families. We may be seeing the cumulative affect of generations of genetic damage and the increasing load of toxins in our food supply that leads to nothing good. Toxic ingrediants in vaccines remains a constant. Add to that GMO foods that are which are being shown to also negatively affect intestines and call it a triple whammy. We should all be investing in the colostomy bag companies to fund additional research.



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