New Age of Autism T-shirts are Black!
Dr. Andrew Wakefield To Speak At The Rebecca School July 8

Start The Revolution: Order "The Age of Autism" Today!

Age of Autism_cover quote (3) From Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill: Our book "The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-made Epidemic" goes on sale Sept. 14, and starting today we're asking you to buy copies and urge friends and family to do the same. Click HERE to order. We started on the journey to write this book determined to seek the truth, and now we need you to help spread the word about what we found: early sales increase press runs, expand bookstore orders and launch best sellers that command national attention. For the sake of our children, our country and our future, attention MUST be paid.

Says Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: "Olmsted and Blaxill’s devastating account shows how medical and manufacturing interests have mounted an assault on human health for decades and covered their tracks along the way. The Age of Autism is only the latest episode in centuries of crimes against nature but is in many ways the most troubling. Autistic children are the canaries in the coal mine; shame on all of us if we don’t heed their distress call."



I hope timing isn't everything. I pre-ordered my copies back in April. No pressure, but I'm looking forward to this book as a significant step in bringing about the end of the Age of Health Prevention, or at least the end of Age of Mainstream Health Propaganda masquerading as free press, and I could probably add a few more Ages to end. I hope that many people read this book and look at their mainstream news sources and say "What was going on with you, when all of this was going on?" If many are like me, they will be saying, "Where were you when I needed to know these things to protect my child!!!?"

Susan Fritz

Oh how I wish we didn't have to wait till September to read this book!

Dan & Mark, you are our heros, we THANK YOU
from the bottom of our hearts!

Grandma of two vaccine damaged Grandsons.


Will be ordering mine soon. Can't wait to read it... Thanks for writing this.


@ Teresa, from "across the pond":- Just checked my order on - my three copies were ordered on 7th May. I'm really, really, really looking forward to giving copies to certain medical professionals .....

@ Dan ..... and does that MSDS get a mention?

Teresa Conrick

Go Kent, and hopefully others will follow!

Let's see if we can get, "The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Manmade Epidemic", up and up and into the "Movers & Shakers in Books" category:

It's updated hourly so don't stop ordering. Hopefully our friends across the pond and around the world will join us! The more we share the background and historical facts in Dan and Mark's book -- the more we can show the connecting of the dots to our children's autism, the road out of the epidemic and the need for biomedical treatments for all of these very sick children.

Kent Heckenlively

Dan and Mark:

I ordered three copies. Buy lots and give them out to those doubting family members and friends!

Keep up the good fight!

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively

dan olmsted

Hi Jennifer -- thanks for asking -- yes, there are new revelations. the whole first half of the book is material we've never talked or written about before, laying the ground for the rise of autism in the 1930s. We have 10 chapters, and the original cases are only discussed in Chapter 6 and the epilogue although there is much new material about those families. The basic structure is to demonstrate that mercury triggered the autism epidemic; that it's not genetic and not ancient, and that the medical community's continued use of mercury in medicine is beyond appalling.
Theresa -- we are planning a book tour and hope to hit most parts of the country. Hope to see you!
-- Dan


I had already placed a pre-order, but I am going to order as many copies as I can, little by little. I plan on having plenty on hand when it comes out to share with friends and family! (and anyone else that seem even slightly open to the truth!)

Theresa O

Pre-ordered mine! Dan and Mark, are you doing a press tour? Hoping to see you at a Barnes & Noble (or anywhere) near us...


We preordered this and Kim's book a while back. Really, really looking forward to it. The book comes out on my birthday too. Can't beat that.

DAN fan

Even though I pre-ordered mine awhile back, I just ordered two more for holiday gifts.

Jennifer S.

Mark and Dan,

I'm wondering whether there are any new revelations in the book? The Amazon reviews mention seed disinfectants and fungicides, and the general pervasiveness of mercury in the environment. I know that you've mentioned these things in your original UPI columns, as well as on Age of Autism. these things are terrible, for sure, but I'm curious as to whether you have uncovered more? I can't wait to read it!


Pre-ordered along with Kim's book and Dr. Wakefield's awhile back. Can't wait t read 'em all!!


Ordered mine this morning. Can't wait!

Mercury in vaccines? I'm still "incredulous" after all these years!

Libby and Isabella
(from the original A of A series)


Already pre-ordered -- can't wait!


Ordering my copy today off amazon!! Looking forward to a great and informative read!!


Will be ordering asap

Anne VR

Ordered six--both great writers-- can't wait!

dan olmsted

Hey Folks--Thanks for the kind words and the orders. We went from No. 269,000 yesterday to No. 477 right now. A few more books and we'll be able to call ourselves "An Amazon Top 100 Best Seller!" -- dan

Jake Crosby

Way to go Mark and Dan!


My SIL gave me a gift card to Borders a few weeks ago. I saved it so I could order this. So I guess I can go on line and order NOW!!! Whooo Hoooo!!! I waited all summer for this book!


I am ready to start the revolution, I pre- bought mine!

I am still reading "Callous Disregard" I am slow because I want to read every chapter twice to make sure I understand it all, and second since I am forced to (only driver in my family of 6 - I go to all the doctor visits - and they are many) - I insist on reading it in the doctor's offices). Rub all their noses in it so to speak. And I really want to rub their noses bad in it.

Anne McElroy Dachel

"Manmade epidemic" says it all. This is the unthinkable for so many. It begs the question: Who will be held responsible if it's clearly recognized that an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule has damaged a generation of children?

Ordered mine!
Anne Dachel


ordered mine, and would be happy to share my copy of Callous Disregard w/anyone who was unable to purchase one.


Just ordered Age of Autism and cannot wait to read it! I am certain this book will fill in and add many more important historical details of public health policy gone wrong to the body of info that's already out there with The Virus & the Vaccine, The True Story of a Cancer Causing Monkey virus, The River - Journey to the Source of Aids, DTP Shot in the Dark, and Evidence of Harm. All must reads for those who want to be informed on the vaccine debate.

Teresa Conrick

I just ordered mine and about to order a new BLACK AoA t-shirt!

One thing I know with certainty is that this epidemic, this Age of Autism, is best ended by looking into the past and that is EXACTLY what this book is all about. Dan and Mark started me on my own look back journey with Megan and then much more. There is no stopping us now!

Maurine Meleck

Can September come soon enough?
Congratulations and just ordered mine.


How about an excerpt from the book to keep up going until September.


I will be ordering as soons as I have the $$$ to do so.

Bob Moffitt

Done .. having just finished Callous Disregard .. I will be eagerly awaiting arrival of "The Age of Autism"....


Just ordered my copy too.


Just ordered my copy! Congrats, Dan and Mark.

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