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Prime Minister David Cameron Supports ‘Give Autism a Chance’.

Bella Tommey 2 Yesterday, Bella Tommey met David Cameron at 10 Downing Street and told him about her new campaign ‘Give Autism a Chance’. He showed enthusiasm for the project and has asked Bella to forward more information to him about her hopes for people with autism.

‘’Give Autism a Chance’ is Bella’s ‘Battlefront’ campaign, a youth project working in affiliation with Channel 4.  At such an early stage in her campaign Bella has already gained a wealth of support from over 1,500 Facebook fans, influential businessmen and women, and now from the Prime Minister himself!

Bella says, ‘I was so pleased to get such strong support from David Cameron.  As Prime Minister he has the power to really implement a change in the way people with autism are viewed in the workplace. I couldn’t have hoped for support from a more influential person.’

Bella aims to show that people with autism can put something back into society by starting a pop-up café run entirely by people with autism. She was inspired by her brother Billy, who was diagnosed with autism aged 3, and intends to prove that people like Billy can work in a supported environment.

For further information about Bella’s campaign and to show your support please visit any of the following links:


As well as:

And the Battlefront page, including all information on the project:



Well done Bella you have your parents sheer determination , im sure they are very proud and the Autism community surely is , you have to take concerns to the top bless you for what you are doing

Maurine Meleck

What a great idea. Thanks for your advocacy and support. We sure need it everywhere.
Congratulations on going right to the top.

chantal Sicile-Kira

Congrats, Bella! Well Done!


Congratulations Bella - you are a brilliant advocate for your brother and all those with autism. Going straight to the top - of govt and corporations - requires a lot of bravery, commitment and passion. Well done!

Theodora Trudorn

Congrads Bella! Having a dear friend in the UK with Asperger's who is in rather dire conditions at the memoent, this makes me happy. I have hope now that his issues will get some light and he will get the much needed help he so desperately needs. Thank you very much! Meanwhile, I've got your back in the Southwestern part of the US! :D

Cathy Jameson

What an inspiration. My own typical kids already advocate for their brother--they are all still so young (all under the age of 10) but I can see that when they stick up for Ronan or give him that extra hand he needs to finish something, everyone benefits. Thank you, Bella!


Well done Bella! This is a very positive step forward on gaining help for a vulnerable section of our society! People with autism ad related conditions need all the support possible, and to date it has been sadly lacking in so many areas. Here's hoping for some action from David Cameron to rectify this.

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