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By Boyd Haley At issue | June 26 Chicago Tribune article, "FDA warns Lexington maker of autism pill"

This is just one of several Chicago Tribune articles focusing on criticism of doctors who treat autistic children, raising similar concerns to that of a fringe group called Neurodiversity, which thinks autism should be celebrated instead of treated.

It is critical to be noted that there has been no report of any significant adverse effect for OSR#1. Our legal representation has contacted the Food and Drug Administration and we are working with the agency to resolve its concerns...

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After birth, a baby contains a double load of iron since the child was born was "fetal iron" which has to give way to adult iron.

For this reason, a nursing woman feeds her baby with fat milk containing an oral chelator for iron called lactoferrin, and this brings the child's iron down to normal values. I was just able to observe it in a grandson who now has the light color of his brother but looked rather tanned for the first two months.

A baby therefore needs a chelator for iron, but no iron in whichever form. The more so since one third of autistic children do have very high iron values.

However,pharmaceutical firms produce "formula with iron", poisoning the little ones and - probably - making them more prone to autism. (Of course nobody will test this since if the child gets autistic, the firm will have to pay the child for a lifetime.)

"Formula with iron" is indeed a new drug and clearly toxic, but the FDA will take no action against its makers since they are giving financial support to the FDA.

If you have the right financial and industrial background, you can certainly dwarf king Herodes with impunity. Yes, Trine, with the right background, you can go after the little ones and nobody will criticize you.

Hans Raible, Stuttgart, Germany


Hmmm....I'd like to see what would happen if you gave 2500 times the normal dosage of Avandia to an animal....I'm thinking DOA...Yet this product, which is very clear to be a SAFE dietary product and heavily studied, is getting crucified by the Fraud and Death Administration.
Guess Wyeth/Abbott Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dow Biopharmaceutical, Eli Lilly & Company, RW Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Bayer Research Center, Cyanamid, Immunex, Pfizer, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Schering-Plough, Berlex Biosciences, Genzyme Corporation, Merck, Oncogene Science, AlphaGene, GlaxoSmithKline, Millipore etc are ticked they didn't come up with something that actually helps children with oxidative stress! And they are doing what they can to try to damage the makers of OSR #1
Heaven forbid a supplement actually can heal! Can't have that!


I find this constant onslaught of denial and obfuscation exhausting. My son keeps getting sicker and sicker. He needs serious help -fast! Decided I am going on hiatus from this advocacy. Need to focus on getting him well. Given my ADHD, every shred of my ability needs to be directed at that for now because I am easy to distract. I've put 4 years into running to comment walls and debating the ideologues for hearts and minds and it is time to fully shift gears for a bit. (Can U tell I'm feeling guilty about this decision??!!)

Mr T

Sounds like a good product, it raises glutathione and is non toxic. How many chronic diseases have these mainsteam doctors cured in the last hundred years? Your body has to have ability to detox or it will die. Trine tried to sneek around the AO conference last year and act like she is some kind of undercover reporter. I would like to know which of the pill factories is funding her hit job articles.


Good job Dr. Haley. We have one very powerful weapon on our side: The truth.

...and the knowledge that they fear is the weapon to be used against them...

Erik Nanstiel

I declined an invitation from Trine Tsouderos to be interviewed for her "article" yesterday. I read it this morning and it's garbage. She either cannot understand the rudiments of scientific discourse... or she is a paid journalist/assassin bent on making a name for herself and making her paper's advertisers happy.

After how she's treated some of my friends with her quoting out of context and misrepresentations... I wouldn't trust her as far as I can throw her.

I would have told her to go to H-E-Double Hockeysticks, but I"m guessing she and Brian Deer probably run the place.

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