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Start The Revolution: Order "The Age of Autism" Today!

New Age of Autism T-shirts are Black!

Hi, friends. We've ordered a new batch of AofA t-shirts. As you can see on model/runner/AofA fan Amy Belknap, they are black! The front features our logo and the back has all of our sponsors on it. Wasn't that a nice view for fellow runners as Amy passed them on her way to finish line?  When you make a donation of any amount, we'll send you one. Just click that PayPal button on our left sidebar, tell us your size (M-XXL) and give us your mailing address.  If you're waiting for your T from the Dr. Wakefield promotion, I'll be sending them out this week.  We ran out! Thanks for your patience. KIM

Amy Belknap



I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing. By selling your shirts you are making a very generous donation to helping find a cure for Autism. I wish there were many people in this society as generous as you. I know families all over the country thank you for help make it possible for science to hopefully one day find a cure for this horrible disease.

Amy Belknap

The Age of Autism shirt was a big hit at the race. I got lots of compliments. It made me run faster, because I wanted everyone to see the sponsors on the back. All you runners out there, make sure you get one and show it off!


Hey I recognize that road. Hmm, I must not have been paying attention when she ran by me. Maybe she was just ahead of me the whole time. Sorry I missed you after the race. There's not enough AoA t-shirts out there. Which reminds me I need to get one.

Amy Rhodes

These shirts are AWESOME!!!!!!
Love the black!


They look great! The black looks awesome!

Thanks Kim I got my husband's 2 x in the mail the other day. He travels a lot for work and he's looking forward to wearing it when he's out and about in his travels.

Great conversation starter.

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