Osler’s Web – A Prequel to Autism?
Live From New York It's Dr. Andrew Wakefield!

Buy "The Autism Cookbook" from Susan Delaine and Get Several FREE Bonuses!

The Autism Cookbook From our friends at Skyhorse Publishing, publisher of Dr. Wakefield's book Callous Disregard and Kim Stagliano's November release All I Can Handle; I'm No Mother Teresa A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism.  

Dear friend,

We have an important recommendation for you: "The Autism Cookbook: 101 Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Recipes" by Susan Delaine -- a passionate mother of a son with autism and numerous food allergies who developed a gluten-free and dairy-free diet which, combined with healing arts, positively affected his dietary health, as well as his emotional and mental well-being.

Buy " The Autism Cookbook” from  Amazon HERE TODAY to receive the following amazing bonuses for FREE!!  Claim your free bonuses by submitting your proof of purchase at <B>Truth of Autism BOGO</B>.  

•  FREE digital copy of Cutting-edge Therapies for Autism by Ken Siri and Tony Lyons . It's a 528 page encyclopedia for parents of children with autism.

•  FREE one on one 45 minutes consultation with April Choulat, RDI (Relationship Development Intervention and HANDLE(R)  Certified Consultant, and a free tele-class download: "How to Get the Most Value From Your Child's Therapies"

•  FREE audio of the benefits of healing arts for autistic children from Susan Delaine, author of The Autism Cookbook.

•  FREE tele-seminar, "Listen Beyond Words" with Diane Hunter, Mind-Body coach and mother of a non-verbal child with autism.   Also, a FREE MP3 audo download where Diane talks about the power of tuning into the non-verbal ways we communicate all the time.

•  FREE audio download  "Finding the gluten-free diet that works for your family and budget" and recording of the follow-up Q & A Call from Sunshine Boatright, Holistic consultant for families affected by autism and ADHD

•  FREE chapters of Stop Raising Einstein from Tara Kennedy Kline, a certified Dream Coach, and the owner of Tara's Toy Box(TM)  

Buy The Autism Cookbook on Amazon.com HERE today. Claim your free bonuses by submitting your proof of purchase at Truth in Autism BOGO 



Our local library does carry it but I have yet to get my hands on it. I want to check it out too!

Angie Mercier

Is it in Libraries? We are also failsafe in addition to gf/cf and would love to look inside the book before I buy. Looks super yummy alredy though.

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