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Boston.com Tackles Comment Moderation and the Anonymous Commenter

Anon Interesting post about the ramifcations of the anonymous commenter, the ins and outs of moderation and the effect on the Blogosphere.  Read the full post at Boston.com

...After years of letting anonymity rule online, many media heavyweights, from The Washington Post to The Huffington Post, have begun to modify their policies. The goal is to take the playground back from anonymous bullies and give greater weight to those willing to offer, in addition to strong views, their real names...

...But here are the people I didn’t hear back from: the screamers, troublemakers, and trolls (Internet slang for people behind inflammatory posts). Not a single one. The loudest, most aggressive voices grew mum when asked to explain themselves, to engage in an actual discussion. The trolls appear to prize their anonymity more than anyone else.


Essay Writer

This is so true, the world has changed a lot.
The word anonymous is everywhere. This is just the problem of the 21st century which needs attention. Someone has to take control of it.

Alex Gordon

Today 2020
and the topic of anonymous Internet "HEROES" is more relevant than ever
They are not picky in their statements, but when it comes to a real meeting, everyone disappears somewhere.
It would be better to learn how to write essays from experts than to throw insults!!!


Oh, finally! It's really a problem for the 21st century, so many angry people ...
I know that this company http://essaylab.co.uk/ never get comments from anonymous bullies to their essays. I ordered two for my needs.


I completely agree with the author of the articles. Our world has changed so much. A bunch of anonymous critics and experts who are afraid to speak in real society. Especially I never express my opinion anonymously. The best way to express myself for me is an article, a blog, a form with the exact name of the author. You can also find me here http://essaylab.co.uk/. Maybe someone will be interested in my thoughts on different ones, I will be happy to share them.


Of the 39.7% (1,388 people) who have left comments or film review essay online, only 39.7% (or 553 people) have done so anonymously (including under a fake name). This means that only 15.8% of U.S. consumers admit to having left an anonymous comment online.


I started using an anonymous label only for the reason the one I centrally discuss in relation to the medical/mental harm does not need the scrutiny form those who might read my posts and assume other things or misunderstand her present state and in our circumstance this would likely be harmful. In fact, in the past at this site I simply put my first name. If you simply went by the name you might have a hard time determining who you are dealing with as usually many will share that name with you, ISP's could be traced by those with a little knowledge, but most don't look beyond names for benign posts. In other words I don't troll.


I still recovering from laughing at the thought of a body called ‘The Communications Council’ looking to push through plans to stop anonymous communications on the INTERNET!! I read like one of the best April Fool wind-ups in history. Next you’ll tell me the ACCC is going to take on Google regarding dodgy advertising!


I'm not surprised at all that they went quiet on this topic. However, something I realized years ago when trying to figure out why trolls act like they do, most of them don't seem to know when they are trolling, they just don't know another way to talk on the internet.

Theodora Trudorn

There are some reasons as why once and a while someone has to use an alias. Such as if one works foor thier state, like say in the Department of Mental Health. They are not aloud to publicly put thier name to support or go against an issue,a legislation, etc because when someone sees thier name, they might think the opinion they are stating is that of the Department of Mental Health.

But that does not mean what they have to say is not worth hearing, though there are mostly trolls out there. Using an alias might be the only way they have to get out information or voice something important without gettting in trouble. So I wouldn't attack everyone who chooses to remain anonymous and will not engage in debate now. A very select few simply won't be able to because of above.

Though once again, this is not the majority.


Sheesh! How anyone can think that he is anonymous? It's like calling someone and hoping that he has no automatic determinant of numbers (or how it's called)...

Not Kerbob...really not him. I'm Not Kidding. Who's he?

Totally obsurd. The days of IP masking etc. are long gone. What the article means is they already know who anonymous is and they want to "out" anonymous publicly.

Do you think for one minute that the Sons of Liberty fooled the British with their indian face paint?

If anybody thinks for one minute that anybody is anonymous on the internet...

Wiggle your mouse and the home phone rings.


I agree with Mary Taylor. This is my son's privacy. My son does not have a diagnosis of autism (thanks to the late Dr. Greenspan) -- even though that's what many Doctors would call it. And we get better coverage on our insurance because of this.

If people want me to use my real name I will (as I have on several occasions in the past), but I won't post anything like the full truth.


I think many of the "I love vaccines" posters are professional tag teams posting under site-dependent handles. They often offer links to the "science" websites or avow that they've seen firsthand the ravages of lacking the [insert name here] vaccine.

Nice work if you can get it (and you can get it if you try).

Mary A. Taylor

I will never be totally "out" as the mother of a child poisoned by vaccines. It's not my story to tell--it's my son's. If there is ever a day when this disorder is viewed as such (as opposed to mental illness) I'll consider "coming out".

What's wonderful for me and my son, is that "autism" will most likely be in our rear view mirrors, becuase he's rapidly recovering. After 2.5 years of progress, I expect a full recovery.

So if pressed to use my real name on say, HuffPo, I will not comment. Protecting my son from the ignorant lot who believe autism is "forever" is my main goal.

What's sad however, is that a true "recovery story" will not be out there to provide inspiration for others. Maybe this is why there are so few recovery stories in cyberspace now?


I am certainly not against full disclosure. It's a double-edged sword. Just imagine what someone like Paul Offit, MD, would have to disclose.

One of my favorite films is "V for Vendetta" which has many quotable lines and a super hero who quotes Shakespeare.


There are some very serious themes throughout the original graphic novel and in the screenplay, not the least of which is a statement of how fear can be used a means of control and overcoming fear can be a means to freedom.



It would be great to see the source of so many "anti-anti-vaxers", as their pharma connections would probably be revealing.(I find it confusing that regular moms-and-dads who've followed the schedule without overt vaccine injury would be as 'passionate' as some fiery bloggers seem to be.)
I got into a worm hole recently and used an online moniker, not because I was being a troll, but because I have internet presence and I felt the knee-jerkers would use my identity to discredit the point I was making. Instead, I was able to be honest, but with limitations regarding identity. Most sites require a working e-mail address, though, so perhaps that's all we can really be expected to post.

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