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Bella Tommey Meets The UK Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

Bella Tommey Bella Tommey will tomorrow (13 July) visit Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Nick Clegg at 10 Downing Street to discuss her new campaign ‘Give Autism a Chance’.

‘’Give Autism a Chance’ is Bella’s ‘Battlefront’ campaign, a youth project working in affiliation with Channel 4.  At such an early stage in her campaign Bella has already gained considerable support, with over 1000 friends on Facebook and 100s of Youtube hits.

Bella says, ‘My mission is to prove that by giving autism a chance, those having an Autism Spectrum Disorder CAN put something back into society if given the support which is currently unavailable.  I hope tomorrow to convince David Cameron and Nick Clegg to support my campaign.’

Bella aims to show that people with autism can put something back into society by starting a pop-up café run entirely by people with autism. She was inspired by her brother, Billy who was diagnosed with autism aged 3, and intends to prove that people like Billy can work in a supported environment.

For further information about Bella’s campaign and to show your support please visit any of the following links:


And  the Battlefront page, including all information on the project:


amy bloodsworh

Thank you from Atlanta, GA---My Lilla is five yrs old and we are so thankful that you are raising awareness to people, you have no idea.........the videos of your brother have helped me understand my little Lilla B :)
Warmest Regards,

beco gemini

The repetition and autonomy within a team based work environment seems like one place to start.


So pretty, like her mama!

Deborah Nash

I have said it before. Our children's futures will depend on their siblings continuing the fight.
Well done Bella - you are a wonderful example!

Alli Edwards UK

Bella, what a unique approach. Well done for tackling the top and presenting them with ideas. The Coalition Government ought to be prioritising solutions to help the many hundreds of thousands of families affected by autism face the future with hope instead of fear.


I look forward to learning more from Polly and those with ideas on how to support and be supported by autistic people in the workplace. The tide is rising and the big wave of autistic kids finishing their school years is coming. Seems to me like manufacturing jobs would be a good place to find or create some unique job opportunities. Not so much in the loud assembly lines, but more like food manufacturing. The repetition and autonomy within a team based work enviroment seems like one place to start. I imagine there could be adjustments made to production lines or processes to accommodate those with autism. Just one idea...look forward to hearing others.

John Stone

Well done Bella! Autistic people are going to need all the help they can get with benefits being slashed left, right and centre.

Polly and Jon must be very proud of you.


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