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Artist (w/ Autism) Harry Horne-Roberts (1989-2009) Exhibit Runs Through 6 August

Harry Horne-Roberts An exhibition of the work of Harry Horne-Roberts (1989-2009) You can read about Harry and his death in 2009 HERE.
Alexandra Park Library
Alexandra Park Road N22 7UJ. 0208 489 8770.
The Exhibition will last from Saturday 17 July until 6th August and is 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday and 12 to 4pm Sunday.



I have seen Harry,s artwork and was amazed by his wonderful eye for colour . I hope that this exhibition is a great success , not a day go,s by where i dont think of this young man and his dear family , we have to educate every agency involved with our children , because they can only learn from us .Qualified caring staff and qualified doctors , are what is needed , drugs are to easy an option , and all you so called experts out there who think you know about Autism should open your eyes , smell the roses and involve yourself with the real experts the parents .

Not an MD

What a sad, premature end to the life of a promising young man and artist. I wish I could attend the exhibit. I really do like the picture shown above and wonder what it represents. Is it a self portrait of the artist standing at the edge of the pool wishing he could be the man in the pool? Does it reflect Harry in the pool wishing to get out and join the other person, or be the other person? Or, do both men in the picture represent Harry - Harry as he is, and Harry as he wished he could be? This one illustration is so much deeper and provokes so much more thought than many paintings I have seen at the MOMA, the Guggenheim, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I wish I could see more of his works.


This is a lovely way to remember an innocent who died while in care. I'm sure everyone who is able to attend this exhibition, will take time to think how and why this talented young man lost his life. Such a waste, and such heartbreak for his parents. It happened because of ignorance, lack of information, awareness and understanding of his condition. We can only hope that in time Harry's death will take on meaning and bring enlightenment to those who care for autistic adults. My heart goes out to his parents. Love and blessings to you.

Theresa Cedillo

I am so sorry about the tragic loss of Harry Horne-Roberts. Although I cannot see the exhibit, it is a wonderful tribute to him.

Joan Campbell

I would love to be able to go to see his work but just can't manange at the moment. Harry was a wonderful lad and his parents were so proud of him and what he was able to achieve. Such a tragic loss to lose your son to a establishment that thinks they know best by drugging our kids. First he was damaged by the MMR and then he was prescribed the wrong drug for his anxiety and sadly died from the adverse effects. He will be forever in my thoughts.

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