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911 Call: Mom Didn’t Want Autistic Kids; Murdered Them.

Electric chairBy Kim Stagliano (Warning profanity alert.)

As Gulf sea turtles are having the oil cleansed gently from their shells and birds are feeling the soft touch of gentle hands wiping their feathers clean, two children with autism felt the paralyzing crush of their mother's despair, anger and abuse. Saiqa Akhter killed one of her children and badly injured a second (who later died), then called 911 (the call is in the Fox News report below, if you can stomach it.) The good news is that it happened in Texas and with any luck, unlike Andrea Yates who drowned her five babies, this bitch will go to her death courtesy of the Texas Justice system.

Children are not appliances that come with warranties and guarantees. Some have autism. Others are hit by a car and paralyzed. Some develop cancer. We don't get to murder them because they do not meet our standards. We don't get to murder them because we are exhausted beyond sanity. We don't get to murder them because we don't know what else to do. Period. I wrote a HuffPo earlier this year, when other parents murdered their children, Autism Should Not Be A Death Sentence.  It shouldn't.

I've shoved Gianna into the garage and slammed the door on her at 2:00 O'clock in the morning when she would not stop screaming. "One one hundred, two one hundred, three one hundred"-- I'd count until my blood pressure was low enough to open the door and guide her back to bed. It was the safe thing to do for both of us. I've left Mia wracked with the finale of a stream of seizures, postictal on the bed and stepped into a steaming shower to sob and shake and scream. I used to take crying Bella out of her crib and plop in her front of a tape loop that ran Teletubbies in the middle of the night so I could catch a few precious hours of sleep. Never in my darkest hour (and I've had many of them, I promise you) have I ever been driven to such rage (or despair) that murder crossed my mind. Not them. Not myself. Never.

I don't care if you're a Curebie rolling an IV drip of DMPS around your house or have "Risperdal-To-Go and ABA R US" on speed dial. Surely we can agree that our children have value and deserve more than a silk lined box and a shovelful of dirt?

Published : Wednesday, 21 Jul 2010, 4:15 PM CDT

Adapted for Web by Tracy DeLatte, myFOXdfw.com

IRVING, Texas - The Irving mother who strangled her two children earlier this week told a 911 operator she did so because they were both autistic and she wanted normal children.

Police said 30-year-old Saiqa Akhter strangled 5-year-old Zain and 2-year-old Faraal.

She then called 911. Listen to the call.

She can be heard in an audio recording repeating, “I kill my both kids. They are died.”

Read the full story at Fox Dallas Fort Worth.

All I Can Handle Small Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her book from Skyhorse Publishing, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa; A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism is available now for preorder and debuts November 1st. Contact her at [email protected] to schedule a Skype book club or in-person appearance this holiday season. Visit her website at www.kimstagliano.com.



Every Child is Special
Psalms 139:13-17.
You created every part of me; you put me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise You because You are to be feared; all You do is strange and wonderful. I know it with all my heart. When my bones were being formed, carefully put together in my mother’s womb, when I was growing there in secret, You knew that I was there----- You saw me before I was born. The days allotted to me had all been recorded in Your book, before any of them ever began. O God, how difficult I find Your thoughts; how many of them there are!

Children are a wonderful gift from God, who sometimes packed with beautiful patterned paper, but often wrapped in opaque envelope with no color. But whatever the circumstances, a child is absent as such, she valued and its presence always brought a message or a separate learning for parents.

I have a niece her name, Felicia, will enter the age of 12 years, since childhood she had autism. She was so cute and not fussy. Her parents think Feli as "angel" small gift of God. When the age of 2 years ahead, we feel there are not normal in our niece. Feli can not focus, almost no eye contact when asked to communicate, and take a joke when there was no expression on her tiny face.
Autism is a complex developmental disorder in children, whose symptoms had occurred before the child reaches the age of three years. The cause of autism is a neurobiological disorder that affects brain function so that children are not able to interact and communicate effectively premises outside world. Symptoms of autism vary widely, some hyperactive and aggressive behavior, but some are passive. In general, people with autism tend to be difficult to control his emotions, crying, raging, laughing, angry without cause, even hurt yourself.
Many people with autism can be cured, of course, with intensive care. The first thing parents should do is: "should GFCF diet." "GFCF is Gluten Free and Casein Free". So autism was not allowed to consume foods that contain wheat, wheat, and dairy cows. Feli most needed is the support and affection from parents and family.

None of the parents who wanted their children are born with a defective condition. But whatever the reality, the child is a blessing from God to the husband and wife, who must be cared for and brought up in love. Surely there are lessons that will mature the faith and character of older people, especially those who have children with disabilities. Do not throw away a disabled child, because they are the same values and the enormity of events with normal children (Psalms 139:13-14). Trust that God also put good seed in their lives, so they can grow into children who have the privilege itself. Is there anything impossible for God and the believer?


Great job, Kim! You inspire me.

Bonnie, I'm sorry, but *lovingly* calling your child a brat? Emotionally abusive. An intellectual debate? Where's your intellect? Your child drives you in sanity? I'm confused.


I am not going to get into intellectual debate on why this woman did it or what caused it and that is why we should forgive her. I will just say that I appreciate your honesty about how you have dealt with things and take from this horrible episode that I am not as bad an Autism Mom as I often accuse myself of being. My son, who I adore, can drive me to complete in sanity at times, and I have acted out in ways that are more queer than abusive, and I look back and go "Am I nuts or what?". But I find myself trying to take it all in stride, and coming back after an episode to kiss that babyface and squeeze him (even at 11 years old) and tell him affectionately what a brat he is!!! The thought that someone can have even the thought of killing their child, unless they are schizophrenic or have some other brain problem, is unfathomable and inexcusable to me!

Richard Froiland

I have heard, from an English physician that autism is severe narciscism.


Jon, the photo is a reflection of the Texas justice system and their willingness to use the death penalty. A needle with deadly chemicals would have confused our readers since well....

Jon Petch

I'll concede there was opinion in your article... tacky pic tho'.
Thankfully her children are beyond sadness. I hope she fully realises what she's done. If I ever accidentally killed a child (my own or another's), I couldn't continue to live knowing that. That she has said she killed her kids and is alive with that knowledge, suggests to me she is probly beyond sociopathic. Mothers that kill their own children are usually better-protected in prison than your average child-murderer. If she is insane then her just punishment will be to exist insane in a prison or prison-hospital until she dies. If she isn't insane she will eventually emotionally realise what she has done and not be able to live with it. I don't value any justice here that might be served at the hands of others - be they judges and governors or - the other high and mighty - prisoners that merely killed adults.

Jon Petch

Yeah, I think sticking a picture of an execution chair on your article is a piece of journalistic snake-charming magic to elicit emotional responses your mere reportage didn't merit.

F Salim

I too am from Pakistan and my first reaction after reading about this act was horror. I will have to agree with Libby that this woman is likely neither educated nor assimilated into the culture. From the sounds and looks of all I have read and heard she needs help. What she has done is wrong - and something that was probably avoidable, but I can see where the stigma of having "not normal" kids (that is how it is viewed in the masses from that culture - not the elite so to speak)and possible lack of a support structure may have caused her to just snap. As one medical professional on this case said that a woman who kills her kids is in essence ending her own life too - that is not untrue - this woman has no life after this - either she is in prison, or given the death penalty and I would think the worst - she recovers and realizes what she has done. My condolences to the dad and family and prayers for those little, innocent kids, who never got a chance.


good luck with your book, Kim, I can't wait to read it!


Harold Rongey PhD!!!!!

You hit the nail on the head. All the educated people do the low fat, oat bran diet - yeap that was my family. All nutritionally mis- educated and fully overly vaccinated.


OK, I finally listened to the tape. How can she sound so cheerful and matter-of-fact? Bizarre, beyond my ability to comprehend.


Well said, Mary. I don't believe in the genetic predisposition argument, either. You are very correct in your view that pharma has and will continue to use that argument to promote their allopathic and xenobiotic agenda.


I, too, have a difficult time reconciling brain injury and disease with a genetic predisposition argument. Pharma loves the argument because it is perfectly suited to their genetic engineering agenda, e.g., GMOs, vaccines, and parenteral biologics, including immuno drugs and nano vaccines.

I fear for the future. In many respects, we already live in a Brave New Man-made World.


Pharma is throwing asunder what was once God-made. All in the name of "innovation". Well, are all innovations necessarily good? We are rapidly losing our humanness. Why not just say “NO” to pharma’s drugs and jabs? This is still a free country, isn't it?


What I have never, ever understood is the breathtaking amount of comments pleading with people to not "pass judgement" or "judge" this woman. My god, she murdered her innocent babies. Who can you "judge"? No one? Terrorists? Serial Killers? Jeffrey Dahmer? Who can you judge? If "judging" someone and having an opinion that she should suffer the consquences for MURDER are the same thing, gee golly, guess that makes me "judgemental." Fine by me.

Serial killers most definitely have some type of "mental illness" yet I don't see people pleading to not judge them because I wasn't molested as a child or beaten by my father or whatever it is. Lots of people have very bad things happen to them and they don't murder babies because of it.

Andrea Yates was never punished for viciously drowning her 5 children, and will live to a ripe old age on taxpayer money in some state mental ward. Or there's the other mom in Texas who said God told her to go get big rocks and beat her kids skulls in while standing in the front yard. But there I go, judging again.

Autism Grandma

Re Post by Media Scholar: "In fact, Kim is quietly defending the pharmaceutical companies. Who's her daddy?"

Kim has never defended the pharmaceutical industry, quietly or otherwise. Instead she has been quite outspoken in defending our vaccine damaged children, and her "daddy" that she supports and represents are all of our children. You will notice by the articles that she posts on AoA that the massive corruption of the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries are often exposed.

Kim's "knee jerk" reaction of anger is perfectly understandable because she can't ever imagine herself harming her own three children with autism. All of these murders of autistic children are devastating and evoke an emotional response. Kim's feelings propelled her to write this article and she does have a right to her feelings as we all do. If you read more of the posts from yesterday, quite a few other people also expressed that same anger.

However, I have agreed with you on many of your other posts, and as for the remainder of this post, AMEN to everything else that you said:

"Folks are being led like sheep to the slaughter with by drug giants. Based on how the flies are attracting, it's not so veiled.


The "devil" is in the details.

Once, you've known an individual, a perfectly normal person, react in a suicidal or externally violent manner based solely on munching something from Merck or Glaxo you will know the truth."


How do you have a genetic predisposition to brain damage? Have a brain? The whole genetic predisposition is a pharma talking point. The weak parrot it back. Maybe the kids who got autism got a little something extra in their vaccines, no extra charge. Kinda like the kids who didn't get autism are probably at the very least infertile. Very sad.

R Prasad

If all Autism parents read Age of Autism or a similar online/print publication sincerely, then there will not be this kind of tragedies. Portals like Age of Autism not only offer hope, but also provide possible solutions and knowledge sharing with other parents. I say best way to make AoA popular is refer this site to at least 10 friends and/or family and/or coworkers and/or neighbors. Spreading the good word ultimately pays off (for our children).

Lisa @ TACA

Libby the sad part is most of the parents who frequent AoA are warrior parents. They are fighting. They are advocating.

My fear are the parents NOT reading AoA or not active in reaching them.

TACA offers free support to families who need. We have Live chat on the web, mentors, meetings across the US and a phone line www.tacanow.org.

But most of you already know that. Sadly this mom was not in the TACA database and we had no opportunity to help. The ones we help are the ones that reach out.

Mike Robinson

There is simply no excuse. Good article.



Willie, to clarify - I did not say that autism is genetic, but that there is a genetic predisposition, making our kids susceptible to a toxin triggering autism, while other kids who are exposed to the same toxins don't have the same severe consequences. In most families this takes the form of something like mild to moderate immune or GI histories, which vaccines trigger from a potential case of something manageable in adulthood into full blown autism in the next generation. But my point is that, if this mom carried the genetic predisposition to autism, she herself may have experienced a trigger and developed developmental or other types of more severe problems herself at some point.

For instance - in my family most people have either an immune or GI history, but no one was environmentally triggered to such a dramatic extent until my children's generation. Almost all of us have mild conditions such as allergies, mild GI disorders, mild asthma, type 2 diabetes, and other things that while they need attention, they do not prevent us from leading productive, fairly typical adult lives. I am just pointing out that it seems possible that this mom was not so lucky, and her problems, for whatever reason, triggered by a toxin or emotional or developmental, seem to have been such that she was not able to find any appropriate way to handle her situation.

That does not excuse her behavior, but I think we have to acknowledge that vaccines and other environmental triggers are going to continue to create situations where there are parents who cannot handle that level of disability, and would not have to, if it weren't for their children being exposed to these triggers.

Media Scholar

It's just not clear whether this woman was medicated or not. Nothing is cut and dried yet.
So what's with the Madame Defarge act?




"As much as we hate to admit it, there is a genetic disposition in environmentally-triggered autism, sometimes beyond the immune or GI genetic histories in most of our backgrounds; this mother may have had her own serious mental or emotional problems."

Amy if these children did not have Fragile X or Prader Willi Syndrome then they did not have any "genetic trigger". The "Genetic Trigger" concept is all BS, all BS and deserves nothing less than ridicule and scorn.

This woman was not able to cope with this madness imposed upon her probably had no clue about AOA and collapsed into the abyss when we foist the vaccine schedule upon her and her family. Our medical system which has been hijacked has clearly played a role and is complicit in these childrens demise.

THe people responsible for this should themselves be prosecuted and execurted for the despair that they have caused all over the world



How can anyone deny that there is an epidemic of vaccine-associated diseases? How can anyone deny that there is an epidemic of vaccine-associated brain injury?

Until I started visiting this website, I had no clue as to the real extent of this problem. This pattern is now so widespead that it's showing up in multiple family members within the same family.

If you spend much of your life analyzing data for patterns, which some of us do, you would have to find it extraordinary that multiple members of a single family are stricken with autism. Look at Kim's family. Look at this Pakistani family. Were these families vaccinated, if so, how often and when? Coincidence? Bad luck? familial predisposition? I DON'T THINK SO.

How about a single, heavily vaccinated, military family (mine) wherein one of four siblings was born with congenital rubella syndrome and another became schizophrenic at adolescence? unrelated? bad luck? familial predisposition? I DON'T THINK SO.


The detailed vaccination records of each victim is of huge importance. The temporal relationships can and should be analyzed. A timeline can and should be constructed for each victim. These timelines should be collected from all over the world. A composite timeline could then be constructed. We need to be able to prove that there is more than just a strong association. A close temporal relationship is one element that will help in establishing a causal connection between the vaccine schedules and this epidemic of diseases. We need to solicit the help of every unbiased, independent epidemiologist we can find.

Kim, thank you for this article. This clustering of disease within families is astonishing. THIS IS NOT COINCIDENTAL. WE NEED TO KNOW WHY.


I can't believe that anyone simply makes a rational decision to kill her own children. Clearly something is very wrong with her as well. As a college English teacher working with international students, her vocabulary doesn't sound simply ESL to me, as much as it sounds like she herself may be very developmentally or cognitively challenged. As much as we hate to admit it, there is a genetic disposition in environmentally-triggered autism, sometimes beyond the immune or GI genetic histories in most of our backgrounds; this mother may have had her own serious mental or emotional problems.

I am a foster parent and teach in the inner city. But even if you're not either of those, we all know that almost any human couple can conceive and bear children, regardless of their maturity, emotional status, coping skills, or fitness to parent a special needs child. In the past, fragile parents may not have done the best job, but they didn't have to cope with children who couldn't communicate, use the toilet, or behave as expected, so even in less than ideal situations, things often could be somewhat manageable. Now we are introducing the severe challenges of autism across the board, often to parents who may not have done particularly well even with a typical child.

The tragedy to me is that pharmaceutical companies and industry have created a planet where any susceptible child can get autism from vaccines and/or toxic environmental triggers, through no fault whatsoever of the parents or the children. If these children hadn't been given autism by whatever trigger they encountered, they would still be alive today....granted, with not the most perfect mother, but a mother who could probably cope with the normal range of behavior and challenges her children would present.

I was once a young single mother with two severely vaccine injured children, and although I never would have hurt my children, when the feces-smearing and not sleeping was at its worst, when they were just about the same ages, I clearly remember the isolation, hopelessness, and despair. It was difficult to cope even with a graduate education, support system, internet community, and the hope of biomedical resources. Although I can't imagine harming my children, I know that if I had been mentally challenged, ESL, alone, uneducated about the medical and behavioral complexities of autism, and unaware of all the resources that exist, those feelings could very well have turned to something less than ideal. I would love to see our focus be on reaching out to parents who are not in our internet-savvy, well spoken, educated, hopeful world, and making a way for them to participate to whatever extent possible in communities of hope and resource-sharing, like ours. My limited experiences with other autism families in nearby places like rural Indiana and downstate Illinois suggest that there are too many families living in some degree of the isolation, hopelessness, and lack of resources that it sounds like this family was experiencing.


Media Scholar--

I know this is a passionate issue but you've got to be fair. Kim and the blog in general pull no punches on these drugs. Kim published several heavilly researched pieces I've written covering the autism drug market and drug side effects, including the involvement of drugs in the murders of and by autistic children.

Like you, I've seen the "Jacob's Ladder" effect of these meds on a few people. Some had reason to understand the risks and what ensued was not much different than a drunk getting behind the wheel of a car, except that doctors generally don't prescribe a fifth of scotch for a road trip with a pat on the back and assurances that side effect risks are "exaggerated". The medical establishment and industry are also responsible. Others walked in blind and were genuine victims.

It's just not clear whether this woman was medicated or not. Nothing is cut and dried yet. Parents killed their children long before drugs were marketed out of madness, personal evil or cultural evil. I'm personally concerned about the rise in incidence and the corresponding explosion of iatrogenic mental illness among adults, but it remains to be seen what was at play here.

Media Scholar

First post of Kim's I can't get behind.
Nor can I.

In fact, Kim is quietly defending the pharmaceutical companies. Who's her daddy?

Folks are being led like sheep to the slaughter with by drug giants. Based on how the flies are attracting, it's not so veiled.


The "devil" is in the details.

Once, you've known an individual, a perfectly normal person, react in a suicidal or externally violent manner based solely on munching something from Merck or Glaxo you will know the truth.



This is tragic and but for the grace of God there go I or my wife. I will pray for this woman and her family, you should all pray for her and ask God to forgive her and for her to forgive herself, I am almost certain she is suicidal now and more so everyday she lives.

She may or may not have had support. Please do not compare her to Andrea Yates, or Susan Smith both of whom had normal children by all accounts and both trials were particularly absurd and quite PC. There have been copy cat drownings all over the country for years and this behavior, although quite insane, was fortold in the bible and is clearly coming to pass.

"One semantic point strikes me as important here. THERE IS NO CURE FOR AUTISM."

Mark you are well read but do not be dogmatic no one wears that suit well. Autism is a manifestation of viral invasion into the genome and the immune system's response to it. The immune system can be manipulated and we just have to figure out how. I am certainly not giving up EVER!!

God has blessed my family and my child is progressing wonderfully at this time and I want that for all of your children and the cure is there we just have to be smart enough to see it.

Keep looking


Harold Rongey, Ph.D.

What happened is tragic for all concerned. I have concluded a study of more than 500 children with autism and more than 90% were found to have diets deficient in some critical nutrients. (more than sixty) In my study there were several who changed the diet to provide for the deficient nutrients with safe, simple, and inexpensive foods readily available in any grocery store. Their symptoms went into remission in one to three weeks and have not returned in over a year.
This tragedy could have been prevented so easily. The deficient nutrients are found in the foods that contain cholesterol. Unfortunately parents have been told to avoid these foods. The truth is the brain contains three times the fat and thirteen times the cholesterol as found in the heart but medical science wants to limit cholesterol to "protect" the heart while increasing the risk of problems in the brain, liver, kidneys, and other organs.
For more information on my studies review my web site.


"Overwhelmed, I called a neighbor..." what a wonderful phrase. Karen, you are blessed - not only by support, but the ability to access it. I'm not being facetious - I mean it.

Was she in the same situation?

I cry for the children. But, I cry for the mother as well - A mother in a foreign land and from a very different culture than ours; likely, SSRI induced insanity; likely, not the most supportive family (though I'm only surmising on that one); etc., etc.

To me, she was clearly momentarily insane. Even if the moment was a very long moment. Remember, the psychiatrists "try" SSRIs for months on end (even years). SSRIs rob many of their oxytocin response and/or whatever other horrible side effects. In my mind, this is key.

She has my compassion and prayers.

There, but for the Grace of God, go I.

Autism Grandma

Re Post by patrons99: "I would be VERY interested to know, however, what her blood toxicology screen shows. If her blood tox screen is strongly positive, e.g. with atypical psychotropics, SSRI's, and the like, it is entirely feasible that she was suffering from an acute psychotic break related to a chronic neurotoxic state, wherein here cytochrome liver enzyme drug metabolizing system was simply over-whelmed."

This is happening continually with the psychiatric meds and other chemical exposures and I have lived this scenario myself. After I was poisoned by breathing in a toxic solvent gas my brain was fried and psyche meds was the only "answer" that my doctor had. Very desceptive those psyche meds---because yes sometimes they can stop hallucinations, depression, psychotic episodes, etc, which makes the patient believe that the meds are "working"...that is until they BACKFIRE which they always do eventually...and then you are in worse shape than when you started.

One thing I know from my own experience, once the brain chemistry is altered by toxins, including toxic medication, you are no longer in the drivers seat so you are at the mercy of whatever your brain is telling you... fortunately for me I was never homicidal, but the suicidal thinking was so overwhelming that it is only by the grace of God that I am still here and lived to find real answers in the world of natural medicine that God created. Psychotic breaks are real and leave the person abandoned to reality...whatever the cause including continual stress which will deplete nutrients and neurotransmitters even without the interference of other toxins. We can certainly imagine that this woman had at the very least continual stress, and it seems that since she was traveling between the U.S. and Pakistan that she received alot of vaccines and her children as well. That right there would explain ALOT. We don't know all of the contributing factors but we do know that it is not normal for mothers to murder their own children.

Mothers murdering their own children strictly as the result of being a homicidal sociopath is very rare in historical record so we need to ask ourselves WHY is this behavior increasing in our society now?

Ultimately God is in charge of this woman's judgment, but if she truly has descended into that mental place where she is not in her right mind, I just hope that she gets a lawyer who knows how to discover the truth.


What if, instead of anger and harsh words, we had all posted words of support and encouragement for all moms out there? What if there were 38 comments of "Hang in there" "here's a link to find a support group" "tell your neighbors, church, schools that you need help"

What choice might the next desperate mom take?

S. Rahim

This is a truly horrific and tragic case. My heart goes out to
the innocent, defenseless children. May they rest in peace.
However, I cannot help but feel compassion for the mother.

I am from Pakistan as well and can tell from the 911 tape that
this woman is probably neither well educated nor assimilated.
To address some of the questions raised in previous comments,
there is now a growing awareness in Pakistan about mental
illness but only among the educated elite. In most middle class
families, there is a great deal of stigma attached to having
psychological issues and they are commonly swept under the
rug. in cases where treatment is pursued, the patient is medicated
heavily for greater 'manageability'.

I know personally of a couple of cases where marriages were arranged between women with a history of mental illness and unsuspecting men residing in the US who did not really get to spend any time alone with their fiancees prior to marriage.

To end up in a foreign country with no support system and a
spouse that one barely knows cannot be easy. To then have
two children in close succession diagnosed with an enormously
challenging condition must be very traumatic. I don't know if
this woman had access to resources about autism or even to the
internet. I don't know whether her husband was supportive
and helpful. I don't know if she had anyone at all that she
could talk to.

I have a son on the spectrum, also called Zain, and two NT kids.
My children are the joy of my life, and yet there are days when
my incredibly wonderful husband returns from work and all I
can say is, "I desperately need to hand over because I can't cope."
Did Saiqa ever get that kind of respite?

While I have never considered killing either myself or my children,
I have on many occasions felt desperately overwhelmed.
The stresses of caring for three young children, running a household, cooking constantly for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet
and constantly worrying about my son and what treatments to pursue next to help him along towards recovery have been excruciating. And my son is on the very high functioning end of
the spectrum.

I don't believe that any of us can truly know what this mother's
experience has been. But in my mind, there is little doubt
that her actions were a result of an untreated psychological condition greatly compounded by the tremendous challenge of parenting two children with autism in the absence of a support system.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Two weeks ago I got new parents in my school with an autistic child and I thought, "How lucky this child is to have these parents" A few days back I got a mother with an autistic child who was trying her best but maybe did not have the temperament to handle it all. Yesterday she burst into tears because her daughter started spitting and that is considered terrible in Indian society. People will expect her to just put a stop to it ! She says "No school will keep my child if she does that" and she may be right. Every autistic child doesnt get the perfect mother.
Poor Pakistani lady. She may be mentally ill and she certainly comes from a society that will consider her defective for having abnormal children. And all she ever had to look forward to in life was being a mother. No careers in any other aspect of life beckon to her . In Pakistan she probably came from a home full of people and now she may have to live alone and just visit other Pakistanis on occasional weekends. Poor kids/poor mom- Its all a tragedy.
What are we doing? Our autism community needs to have an organisation reaching out to people like this telling them NOT to get vaccines done in their own country with 25 mcg ethylmercury in each pediatric dose. Why is it that autism in California is rising among the Latinos and the Asians? Too many of them go back to their own countries with small babies (to get family support) and get these abominable vaccines The first thing we need to do is to educate the doctors in US who come from these countries, so that they can tell their families back home. We need an organisation that collects information specific to each country so that we know what to tell people. I, for example, know what to tell people in India, but when I go to Manila, I havent a clue what to tell people about vaccines.


Seriously tired of hearing stories like this.... Murder is never ok, I don't care what the "circumstance".... I've worked with Children and Family Services and have seen this abuse first hand. Disgusted and the fact is that these two babies had no chance. No one was fighting for them, no one was looking out for them... Haven't heard about a father, or friends or extended family involved here...LOVED your article Kim - great job! I support you 100%.

Jen G


The vaccine industry has created thousands of "very small hospitals" across the country staffed by one, or maybe two people 24/7/365, with no other support.

A very, very sad situation, the only option is to find those in need and lend a hand.


I would not presume to pass judgment on her. I would be VERY interested to know, however, what her blood toxicology screen shows. If her blood tox screen is strongly positive, e.g. with atypical psychotropics, SSRI's, and the like, it is entirely feasible that she was suffering from an acute psychotic break related to a chronic neurotoxic state, wherein here cytochrome liver enzyme drug metabolizing system was simply over-whelmed. If one or more psychotropic meds were in her blood, then the input from a forensic psychiatrist would be useful. Actually, Yolande Lucire's name comes to mind, and she has written on this very topic. But without the toxicology, it's all too easy to rush to judgment. If the blood tox screen is positive, then pharma would potentially be responsible, both for her autistic kids and her drug-induced delirium. If pharma does the crime, shouldn't pharma do the time. The death penalty would be too kind for them.

Sarah L'Heureux

We, of the autism community, know what it is like to be judged by people who have not the faintest idea of what they are laying their judgment upon. I believe it is not for me to judge this woman. I believe it is for me to lend compassion and prayers to this mother and her poor children. I have not walked in her shoes, thank God. And Kim, I have not walked in your shoes either, and do not judge what you have written. Let us try to unite in compassion and support for one another, so that such hellish desperation does not soon again descend upon one of our own.

Lisa @ TACA

Murder of innocent children is never an option

Hate crime?

Jane Velez Mitchell went a little far with the hate crime stuff.

I'd suggest that she and her media colleagues pull themselves away from the Mel Gibson saga and get up to speed on autism- especially the cases of the children that end up with the not so great outcomes.

And No... the possibility of having a not so great outcome is not a justification of murder.

But let us acknowledge that you have a woman here from a different culture- who has been rumored to have depression and possible other mental issues. One of the panelists suggested in her culture maybe mental issues are not acknowledged therefore left untreated (does anyone know?). Maybe having "defective" children is some kind of shame to bear? The reporter suggesting the 2 year old was recently diagnosed with autism-when her other child is only 5. How severe was his autism? I remember the overwhelming feeling of dread when my one child was diagnosed a feeling a couldn't shake for a long time. Recently moved from what sounded like a community of people who had the same or similar cultural backgrounds. Loss of support? CPS was called wehn the 5 year old was left home alone when the parents took the younger child to the ER last year for respiratory illness. Maybe she had no support? Feeling isolated and alone? What was the relationship with the husband and what was his invovlement with caring for the children? So many issues...too bad JVM didn't delve into the "issues" as is her motto.

A hate crime? No, I don't believe so.

How many families with autism are living every day with many of these factors? But coping without plotting to murder their affected family members.

Mix mentally fragile with autism x2 and sadly this is what can occur. And truthfully it surpises me it doesn't happen more often than it does.

We need the opportunity to bring the issues to light. They are there and we need to acknowledge them and work to create better supports. Dan Burns said earlier about a "drop box" and thought people would be offended. Some parents of children with autism may very well need that kind of thing.

Amanda Blinn

If this mom had been properly supported--as no autism parents really are, since the truth about autism is buried so deep--this would not have happened. Her hell is just beginning. I wonder, too, just how autistic her children were. I don't trust what the media is doing with this, either!

Mark Blaxill

We all need to discuss, explore and support each other in probing the dark experiences of autism parenthood. But there is no way to justify killing your child just because you don't like what you got. If you want to talk a scenario where Sky Walker's devoted mom kills an violent adult child in self defense, then maybe you have an intereting alternative ending to a tragic story. But not an innocent 5 year old.

No. We need to understand the dark places. We also need to make moral choices. Especially when we are asking for moral decisions from others.

one plus one doesn't always add upto two

It is clear from the 911 tape that the woman is not in her right mind. Also, don't forget that people from other cultures usually have no family support whatsoever. To my mind there is nothing worse than being in an ethnic minority AND having a child with autism.

I feel there should be some measure of compassion in order to understand what might have led this woman to completely lose her mind.

Mary Hirzel

First post of Kim's I can't get behind.

When you've met one autism mom, you've met one autism mom.

We know nothing of this woman yet. She may be simply a "bitch," or maybe "The Devil told (her) to do it,".....or her SSRIs...or any number of confused/sick states she may have been in. Her monotone 911 call and her statement that she felt nothing certainly point in the direction of a psychotic state of some sort.

Did these children deserve this tragic end? Do I in any way condone her "solution"? Of course not. I just don't think we ought to be serving as judge, jury and executioner here. Please have the patience to hear the full story.

Michelle Gillespie

I totally agree with you Kim. There are too many options to count besides killing one's children. What is normal? My kids have autism and are normal to a degree. My 6 year old twins' have made their milestones and are still making their milestones just at a slower pace. My twins' have outburst just like any typical 2 year old as that is where they are functioning. They have restless/sleepless nights just like anyone else. This woman killed her kids because they were not normal? Obviously she was the one who wasn't normal. What type of message does this send out to the autism community on a whole? Killing your children is NOT an option. Feeling bad for her is NO better than feeling bad for Michelle Smith who sent her toddlers down the river because her boyfriend didn't want kids. Or feeling bad for Andrea Yates who drowned her 5 kids and blamed it on postpartum depression. Or we can compare it to Jeffrey Dahmer who had disassociative disorder. Why on earth would anyone want to feel bad for any person that would take the life of an innocent child? A child of God no less. You say, walk a mile in her shoes? I walk 10 miles in her shoes every day with 3 children on the autism spectrum. On my worse day, I would NOT kill my children. I may yell, get mad and curse however I would NEVER kill my kids. No, I do NOT feel bad for her. Autism has become prevalent and the numbers are getting higher and higher every day. If there is anyone reading this that has EVER thought about killing or seriously injuring their autistic child or children; take them to your nearest church, hospital, police department, fire department, protective services, etc. You have options and that child or children should NOT pay for your illness. An eye for an eye!


If the media actually projected how this might turn on their sponsorship...Gee. Everyone I know would support a legal bill to do this:

"responsibility for any criminal actions they take while on the drugs. The same contract should be cosigned by prescribing doctors and drug makers as well, and create codefendents if a formerly law abiding citizen kills their whole family while on the meds."

Illogical to blitz this not knowing if this mom was on scripts. We all have imagination.



Can anyone say that parents who murder their children (autistic or not) are sane? Andrea Yates was mentioned: this is the same Andrea Yates who suffered from years of psychotic episodes, who had taken for a month prior to the murders double the maximum recommended dose of Effexor (you know the one with the warning of "homicidal ideation" on the box) whose husband who thought depressed people "just need a swift kick in the pants" was warned not to leave her alone and not to have any more children, and who by all accounts had been told by her minister over and over through the years that she was a bad mother. That Andrea Yates?

I can't think of a case of parents killing their children that I have read about in the last 10 years where depression/psychosis and some medications haven't played a role.

It is not normal what Saiqa Akhter did. It is not the act of a sane person. Mentally healthy people do not kill their children (with or without autism and no matter how bad things get), let alone call 911 with as much emotion as someone reporting a cat up in a tree. Yes she should be locked up (and I might add-sterilized) as should anyone who murders. But I don’t think these cases are so much about autism as they are about parents who are mentally sick and who are either are not acknowledged and treated OR failed by the treatment they are given (meds that induce homicidal ideation). And for that reason, no matter how despicable the crime, I cannot support the death penalty.


Every child deserves one or two sane and loving parents.

How can we make that happen?

What if a parent's underlying mental condition is exacerbated by stress, poor nutrition, psychotropic medications?

How do we stop the next heartbreaking murders of innocent children?

Cathy Jameson

Darkest days are truly very, very dark. I thought I may have had a few, but gosh, I know I have never had one compared to the day these children died at the hands of their mother.

The bad days do exist but I get through them--I don't get to check out for the day or jump off a cliff. I won't harm my child or take my pain or disappointment out on him. Fortunately, the bad days aren't as frequent as the good ones and I cherish that. Bad days happen but they do go away...they do go away.


Someone brought up the other case of a parent who seemed bizarrely remorseless about killing their autistic child. At the time she drowned her autistic daughter Scarlett in 2004, Xuan Peng was apparently under the "care" of a psychiatrist-- Dr. Hung-Tat Lo-- who was later in the news for prescribing to a man who eventually killed his whole family in 2006.

(scroll down to Other Victim): http://mentalhopenews.blogspot.com/2008/09/psychiatrist-faces-review-in-wake-of.html

"Chau Huc Minh was not the first of psychiatrist Hung-Tat Lo's mentally ill patients to explode into violence.

In 2004, two years before Mr. Chau's killing rampage, a 36-year-old Chinese immigrant, Xuan Peng, drowned her four-year-old, autistic baby in a bathtub at her Scarborough home.

She had been under Dr. Lo's care at the time.

According to a 2005 bail ruling that freed Ms. Peng pending her first-degree murder trial, Dr. Lo was treating her for a bipolar disorder at the time that her daughter, Scarlett, drowned".

Chau Huc Minh-- who murdered his wife, three year old daughter and six month old son two years after Peng killed her daughter-- did not have a child with autism. Because of complaints filed by Chau's sister, prescribing doctor Hung-Tat Lo is now under scrutiny by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario for the Chau case and 15 other unspecified cases, which may include the case of Xuan Peng.

"A CPSO document states that its disciplines committee will decide whether Dr. Lo 'failed to maintain the standard of practice and is incompetent in his care and treatment - including, but not limited to - his assessments, diagnoses, treatment and record-keeping, of 15 patients whose identities have been made known to Dr. Lo, between about July, 1983, and July, 2007.'"

It was because of this psychiatrist's testimony that Xuan Peng could be "stable in the community" that she was let out of prison-- I'm sure with a hat full of prescriptions.

Psychiatrists typically see patients for 15 minute med checks once a month or every six months. If they like their incomes, they don't look very closely for side effects. It's incredibly rare for a psychiatrist to perform psychotherapy these days so "care" has generally one meaning.

In cases of med-induced crimes or suicides, pharmaceutical companies will often lend the prosecution free experts, counseling and resources if the prosecution is willing to quash any claims of iatrogenic psychosis.

Psychiatrists whose patients go ballistic on drugs can consult with liability companies like MedPro, which promise psychiatrists that they can make patient injury or death cases "go away" and have lobbied government for universal use of electronic medical records to enable practioners and industry to jettison malpractice and injury cases by using more accessible and comprehensive patient histories to blame patients for anything that goes wrong. (http://www.jurispro.com/uploadArticles/Lymberis%20-%20Medical.PDF )

Any of this sound familiar?

Teresa Conrick

Thanks, Kim for speaking the unspeakable.

And Mark, you said, "The only path towards a more hopeful future is RECOVERY. We all know our kids were injured, exactly how is what we need to learn more about. The more parents can connect a model of the mechanism of injury to treatment modalities, the more the prognosis can improve."

That is it. The mechanism of the injury is the path out. That is my religion and my hope.

Media Scholar

H1N1 got the point across in a month - YOU WILL DIE!
The latest Swine Flu fiasco was a complete faliure. The first fiasco also claimed to have vaccinated 53,000,000 with the so called "remedy for which there is no known disease."

Other countries were subjected to the same CDC anti-litigation bloc doom saying as America. Most of those countries acted responsibly and did not mass vaccinate. In fact, many countries actually canceled their Swine Flu vaccine orders.

So either America's so called authorities are a bunch of germ freaks that make knee-jerk decisions based on flimsy CDC anti-litigation bloc research or they deliberately targeted America's pregnant moms, infants, and toddlers with Thimerosal-laced vaccines because they already know Autism rates are going down.

I choose both, BTW.

Lenny Schafer

Autistic lives are cheap. A woman in Toronto was recently given 5 years for drowning her autistic child. http://xrl.in/5mke The judge did not say what the bag limit was, however.


This is why the Autism Speaks's ads are so ineffective. No one would ever imagine autism is a grind for many families after seeing their shiny happy ads. I wish "we" had their budget to open some eyes. H1N1 got the point across in a month - YOU WILL DIE! And people acted. 5 years of AS ":Learn the signs" ads have accomplished precious little.

K Fuller Yuba City

Two beautiful lives were taken. Two very sick children have been killed by a crazed woman who was drowning in Autism. She was supposed to be her children's life jacket. I am not defending her or excusing her, or understanding her,but where was her life jacket? Where was her support? Where was the Medical establishment? Where is our Combating Autism Act?
We are surrounded by Fu*#ing awareness, Autism groups and information.Information and news stories are everywhere we turn. Millions in tax dollars are spent trying to show that Autism is genetic and expected and has always been with us,while families are drowning. And as in this case, descending into hopelessness.The millions would be better spent on the subjects they are studying. Advertising specialty companies are getting rich from puzzle pieces, magnets, T shirts,coffee mugs and jewelry that the groups who are really trying to help must sell to raise a tiny bit of money.

Will this be the incident that wakes up the Doctor's, our government,the NIH the CDC, Insel,Profit and the hundreds of other talking heads? NO! We will watch them throw millions and millions of dollars into more eye gazing studies and other nonsense research while they simply cast this horror story into the pile with all of the crazy families who just will not accept that sometimes Autism just happens.
Rest in peace Zain and Faraal. You were failed by those who were simply supposed to be able to love you.


Mark wrote:

"There are two extremist traps in this argument. Kim desribes one with breathtaking clarity (Kim is my hero). The other one, the theme of the counter-revolution, says there is no dark place. Happy autism! That extreme should also he held accountable for the devastation it has caused and will cause in the future".

Amen. Two sides of the same coin of "hopelessness". We're supposed to flip it and see if we "win". No thanks.

Maurine Meleck

Kim, I can't wait to read your book. I hope you sell a tri-zillion copies.

Karen Beauvais

Word, words I do no have any for this. Profound sadness, wrong they don't come close for the loss.
I remember one night looking at fecal matter spread across a bedroom while my husband was once state away on business.
As if on cue, my typical child spilled milk and accidentally set off a chain reaction with a dinner plate all over the floor.
Overwhelmed, I called a neighbor who suggested I pile the kids in my bed for a movie, clean the kitchen, then wait for my husband to come home to steam vac the bedroom. We all have our moments.
Every person with Autism is a gift, they have value. Never in my darkest, most frustrating hour would I ever have snuffed that out.
My child after 7 years of biomedical treatment is verbal now and no longer smears fecal matter. He was a beautiful flower just waiting to bloom. I am glad I endured the wait.
Every day families all over the world quietly cope with Autism. They are heroes that will never grace the front page.
They don't deserve this kind of press.

Mark Blaxill

One semantic point strikes me as important here. THERE IS NO CURE FOR AUTISM. The folks that get their panties in a wad over "curebies" are arguing with genetics research and the pharmaceutical industry, which would love to sell palliative drugs with side effects to a population of parents in despair.

The only path towards a more hopeful future is RECOVERY. We all know our kids were injured, exactly how is what we need to learn more about. The more parents can connect a model of the mechanism of injury to treatment modalities, the more the prognosis can improve.

There are two extremist traps in this argument. Kim desribes one with breathtaking clarity (Kim is my hero). The other one, the theme of the counter-revolution, says there is no dark place. Happy autism! That extreme should also he held accountable for the devastation it has caused and will cause in the future.


Adriana is right.
My daughter in her psychotic episode - talked pretty rational, but it was insane never the less.
She is bipolar (And it came from additional vaccines she took recently for nursing), but I have to wonder if not for additional proztac would she have been pushed on over into a psychoitic episode? I bet not! If not for the protzac there would have been no psychotic episode and she would have continued to live as a lot or autistic kids have to live, not sleeping well at night while Kim, and other mothers try to compfort them to get them back to sleep (I have done that for my son), or having to shove them out into a safe garage for a while, or put on some kind of DVD of a favorite movie at night(we have done that too).

Unlike small children with autism, or a grown adult with autism all his life (thinks that his life long pain is just normal) - My daughter can tell me that her legs and muscles hurt like the flu - that her lower belly is really hurting, and that she has acid reflux so bad and she cannot lay down for it. She can tell me that at times her heart races, or that she feels so tired she does not feel like leaving her room, or trying to talk to people. She can tell me that her mood is blue, or she just hates everything, and she does not know why?. She is irritable, and she does not know why?

Was this happening to this woman, who traveled between the USA and Pakistan? Did she have to take the vaccines because of these travels? not only were her kids sick, but so was she. How very sad.
In addition to this heart break, these two children did not have an easy, merciful death.

Kim: I am so sorry Mia has such long, drawn out seizures. Are the seizures under control, now?

Mary; I thought I was paranoid. You go girl, because mistrust in all this is a very good thing.


I think that she deserves the death penalty. I wrote up a post about this today, with what she said in the 911 tapes. It's awful that a mom could do that to her children.


I understand crimes of passion. The husband who shoots his wife in a rage or the wife who stabs her husband. Bam - quick, no thought, OVER. But to deliberately feed poison to two children takes time. The father who shot his son and himself in the driveway in NH - I can feel the desperation but I don't feel a raging anger. These mothers who poison (Gigi Jordan, the woman in England) are vicious in my mind. They are trying to inflict pain in their children, not take away pain. It's a subtle different that sticks in my head. To plan another way to kill them takes thought when they refuse the poison. That's not a crime of passion - and I can't wrap my ahead around it, despite knowing fully well the frustration and agony and despair that can come at low moments in life.


Kim, I can't disagree with you about these crimes. There's just no circumstance under which it's "understandable". If there are extenuating circumstances, such as phychopharmaceutical drug use, which there may have been in this case, a reason is still not an excuse when it comes to an adult's power over a child.

It's different when a child or a disabled person acts out violently due to drugs since they were never equipped to give informed consent to begin with, either because of their age or cognitive impairment. Many are not given a choice at all. But adults have choices.

Dr. Karen McCarron attempted the "Prozac defense" when she was put on trial for murdering her autistic daughter and the strategy failed. Because she was a medical insider who had reason to understand the warnings of violence and abnormal thinking on the drug labels and chose to ignore them or play the odds, some professional drug critics-- who are all about giving warnings of the risk of violence from these meds-- still felt she was responsible even if the drugs caused her to act uncharacteristically. The reason was not the excuse.

The reason should still be noted if it comes to light though, so that the warning of drug risks can be strengthened-- particularly since pharma embedded regulatory and justice authorities will not be taking that lesson from the increase in these types of crimes. Did Akter get a scrip in Pakistan? Do psychiatric drugs carry the same or any warning labels there and was this woman of sound enough mind to have understood them if there were?


"Haque said Saiqa Akhter showed signs of mental illness in 2007, when she visited Pakistan. Haque said she acted irrationally and was seen by a psychiatrist there, but he was unaware of the outcome of that treatment".

Something else besides age-old "organic craziness", selfishness and rejection of the disabled is going on these days. Even in Nazi Germany, the T4 "euthanasia" squad could not get German families-- even rabid party members-- to give up their disabled children for extermination. Once the rumors began that disabled children weren't being "helped" but killed in the T4 institutions, parents tried to hang on to their kids. Loyal Nazi supporters, on finding out about their disabled children's mysterious deaths in institutions, defied threats against their lives and freedom to file complaints and express outrage about the deaths. This was so true that Hitler had to officially suspend the killing program (he simply made it more covert) in 1941 or risk losing German support.

Even if individual cases of parental child murders here and there are simply old fashioned pathological parents killing a child with no help from substances (which could have been the case here, or not), statistically the number of cases of filicide mounting up has to be from environmental cause. Again, the disability of the child itself would not be reason enough to skew the modern stats dramatically.

I think the authorities know it. Quite chillingly, concrete statistics for child murders stop dead in the early nineties. There was a sudden 7.5% increase in child murders between 1986 and 1993-- when SSRI antidepressants were first marketed (the drugs with the greatest association to sudden murderous violence and suicide)-- and then there's silence and what appears to be deliberately obfuscated statistical reporting. The new higher number of child murders from 1993 is used by various government agency funded reports to crow that child murders are "down" or "stable"-- without mentioning that the "control" number being used represented a frightening increase in itself.

There have always been domestic violence murders of children when perpetrators take children's lives as a final act of power and control against their partners. Poor teen mothers have sometimes committed infanticide. There are other cultures in which killing disabled children or particularly girl children is not uncommon. But to understand the overall ramifications, the rise in married mothers of means killing children in the US-- whether disabled or not-- is suspicious.

I also agree with Mary that the spotlight for these crimes is being put on families effected by autism above all because of a serious campaign to pathologize "autism parents" to give more credence to genetic theories, sell more drugs to whole families of autistic children as well as to discredit and silence the countless parents who saw their children regress after vaccines. But I suspect that the rise in this type of crime is across the board and NT children are being put at greater risk as well.

I wonder if it could happen one day that anyone taking a prescription for SSRIs, benzos or Ritalin in the US would be forced to sign a contract saying they have understood the risks and will take legal responsibility for any criminal actions they take while on the drugs. The same contract should be cosigned by prescribing doctors and drug makers as well, and create codefendents if a formerly law abiding citizen kills their whole family while on the meds.

But that would decrease the prescription rates, I'm sure, and profits.


I'm just waiting for the ND scum to start writing their oh so subtle posts on how this mom must have been pressured by the biomed crowd to fix her kids instead of accepting them. I seem to remember a post like that from the Queen of ND when a tragedy like this happened a while back. Place the blame solely on this twisted mom ND crowd and not on anyone else this time.


As much as I ABHOR what Saiqa did and I have tears in my eyes from this senseless and brutal act, I wonder if there is also a cultural element here that we are not acknowledging. Even though she lives in the United States, her name and accent tell me she is from another country. Other cultures are definitely not as accepting as we are of children or people with disabilities. In addition, I would guess that much of the care for these children fell on her, and her alone. As we, born and raised in a Western/American culture, are banging our heads against the proverbial brick wall by the lack of services/help/etc for our ASD kids, her desperation could have been even more intense because she culturally could not talk about it or handle it. Again, I am not trying to justify what happened here. I am just throwing it out there that aside from her sociopathic nature (listen to the phone call), she could have had a culture working against her. My heart continues to bleed for all of the children and parents in such pain and desperation.


Good point media scholar . . .

Dan E. Burns

Great post, Kim. Thanks for the links. Wish I could say I'd never, ever considered murder.

Best I can do now: I'm a Texas Rescue Angel, and desperate parents can reach me via http://ow.ly/2f05A

But that's too slow and too late for Saiqa Akhter and her children Zain and Faraal.

Maybe we need a national hotline for the growing ranks of hopeless, despairing parents who are told "There is no medical treatment for your child with autism." Or maybe (I'm just kidding here, don't beat me up) a drop box for children of moms like Saiqa Akhter.

Cheryl Bailey

I am not ashamed to say...I have been to that point. My second spectrum child was in so much physical pain that he cried in deep anguish up to 48 hours without end. All that he was offered by our MD was Tylenol with codeine. It did nothing for him. At 3 his painful cries, his physical emaciation and our lack of ability to find proper medical help...left me in deep despair, I was unable to stop my son's pain. Many times when I was sleep deprived, worn out from spending the day at work and seeking help for John and dealing and trying to be the best Momma I could to our other ASD son...I would sit at the local boat dock and beg God to give me the courage to drive my car into the river, and carry John to heaven in my arm having died with him.

Dark...yes..Not because he had autism, but because he was in deep physical pain. and we had NO CLUE or HELP. Remember there was a time before the DAN! and there was a time before internet allowed us to find each other and unravel biomedical issues.

I thank God I did not take my son's life. I thank God for Biomed that stopped his pain and allowed him to be the wonderful amazing person he is today. And yes, I still go to the boat ramp with John, but now it's to launch his little ski boat his Dad bought him for his 18th birthday. Yes, he will live with me for life, no he did not recover, but the pain ended and for me...seeing my son suffer...really did make me crazy enough to end it for both of us.


This story was front page last night on Fox news website. Why?

My neighbor killed his wife, 3 children and himself in front of 6 kids they took in to provide daycare. Didn't even make the local news because nobody was autistic.

I smell an agenda. Make autism parents look crazy and that's why they have autistic children. This all feels like one big CIA human experiment.

Media Scholar

Of course, if the children were not Autistic, that'd be OK?

Why not question the cruelty of those dishing out mommy's little helpers?

I have a hunch that if FOX NEWS had it their way they would likely reported the mother choked her kids on gluten-free cakes.

Not an MD

What is for me most chilling about the 911 call is the lack of affect in the voice of the mother, Saiqa. She tries two methods to kill her children, finally succeeds, and feels no remorse, no sadness, no grief. Saiqa is matter of fact, as if she merely vacuumed a rug, or cleaned the dishes, and is reporting a normal household activity to the police. Did she think the police would be courteous to her and let her get away with killing her children without punishment, as if her acts of murder were justified? It sure sounds as if she expected police to arrive at her apartment, take away the offensive bodies of her dead children, and leave her alone so she could have more children who are "normal." There is something so off about this woman. She is a sociopath at the least, and I hope she gets her just "reward" from our criminal justice system. I guess she doesn't know about the treatment child killers receive in prison. How sad for her children. They deserved a much better mother. I wonder what the father to these children thinks.

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