John Odgren's Parents Speak Out
Is Low Risk of Seizures Low Enough for Parents Facing MMR and Chicken Pox Vaccines?

Youngster Drowns

Weep One of a parent's worst fears comes true in New Jersey.  Read more at Our sincere condolences to the family. Please support FOUND, an autism safety initiative from our sponsor NAA
It was a pond with no name.

Signs warned against swimming , boating and fishing, but people liked to walk around it, nestled off to the side of a condo complex in Bernards Township. Today it was the scene of tragedy, after an eight-year-old boy believed to be autistic found his way down the gentle grass slope to the water’s edge and drowned.

Authorities would not identify the young victim, but neighbors said there had been a frantic search underway hours earlier for a missing child... Read more at


Autism Grandma

We have a small inflatable pool on our patio right outside the patio door, so I just ordered door chime alarms from Amazon. Not just for this issue, but also the front door and garage door. Anyone with small children should have these, but with autism it is really a neccessity. These kids are just so fast, within seconds they are out the door once they figure out how to unlock them. I am so grateful that my grandson's brain is working again, but it is a two edged sword because now he is figuring out all kinds of tricks to get out the doors.

To Bensmyson: I looked at your link. This bumper sticker could be printed out and taken to a place that makes custom bumper stickers. It is a message that people need to see: "Autism KILLS"

Dr. Compton

Hello, Sorry for you loss. I am a doctor an I treat autism spectrum disorders and brain injuries in children. If you are interesting to learn more about autism rehabilitation I have written several articles on this topic.

Karen S.

It's devastating.

I had a close call, too, when my son was 3. We were at a party at a friend's backyard with a pool. I was sitting on the edge of the shallow end while watching my son walk around the outside of the deep end. I turned my head for a few seconds, and when I turned back he wasn't there. He had fallen in. From where I was sitting, I couldn't see him because the surface of the pool is reflective. My older son, who was swimming in the deep end, found him and pulled him out. It made me realize that you need to be standing up to see below the surface. And it made me realize how easy it is for a child to drown.


So sad. Sorry for this family. Autism is indeed deadly.

I've had a few good scares involving water and my son. I had a close call when my son was 4 at the health club pool where I take him swimming.

Before we got to the pool, I put his swim vest on him. Because he's an eloper, he took off on me. The pool was crowded with kids snd parents.. after searching for him several minutes, I found him bobbing in the jacuzzi with a big smile on his face... clueless as to the danger. I had just purchased the vest the week before. He could have drowned so easily.

Thank god for swim vests.


More than once my son would jump in over his head and you could see him standing on the bottom. We would have to jump in and pull him up.

We also had to make sure he did not lay down where he thought a tractor, or truck, or car might run over him and he could feel the wheel.

Now that he is older and he has his liscense. I worry if he is lucky enough to get a job what about his commute - which will probably be rather long, and every day - which is what the transportation department always ask about when renewing his liscense because of seizures. They ask this every year - fall of the year.

Lots of ways for Autism to Kill.


The boy was found on the bottom of the pond beside the spraying fountain.

Id love a bumper sticker like the one below.

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