Win The Autism Cookbook by Susan Delaine from Skyhorse Publishing
Teri Arranga Interviews Susan Delaine Author of The Autism Cookbook


Lisa @ TACA

Wonderful job Jeremy. Your word are wise. My hope is that many will listen.

Congratulations on your achievements. I am sure there will be many more!


I watched with tears. Tears of joy, elation, happiness, pride and a touch of sadness only because we have so far to go and the future is still so "up in the air" with Riley.
I was surprised though. Riley doesn't usually pay to much attention to the computer but I was playing this video with the speakers loud so my husband could hear it and Riley came and sat on my lap. He watched the whole video. The whole time I'm looking at my husband and pointing to Riley in shock!
I look forward to keeping up with you Jeremy. I'm still bragging about you!
You've done something that alot of NT kids aren't able to accomplish!!! You and your mom's hard work has paid for you! Give your mom extra love!


Jeremy, God Bless you. You will make a difference in the world. You already have. I look forward to hearing of your future accomplishments.

Erik Nanstiel

My eleven year old, Miranda.... is so far away from doing this... God Bless Jeremy and what a wonderful speech!

Autism Grandma

I am crying over Jeremy's words, but I am also crying for the suffering he endured to finally reach this place in his life...And I am crying because of all of the wonderful people who have helped him achieve his goals, but I am also crying for all of the doctors, researchers and scientists who are being persecuted for their efforts to recover autistic children.

The world that Jeremy is entering is filled with as much corruption as it is filled with joy and hope for him. Will he venture into that world of investigative journalism that Jake Crosby has entered, and perhaps discover the source of his autism as well as further answers? Or will he perhaps, embarking on that same journey, discover truth that is continually being smothered by government agencies such as the FDA as well as the pharmaceutical industry, only to find that the door is being slammed in his face....because wonderful devoted researchers like Boyd Haley PhD can no longer share their answers with those like Jeremy who are suffering from autism. Will the FDA persecution extend and expand to all doctors and researchers who dare to speak the truth and share their therapies? It will if we don't stand up to them.

Jeremy and all those suffering with autism deserve every opportunity to further progress in their recovery, but if the FDA removes Boyd Haley's OSR from our access, they can remove Methyl B-12, Glutathione, and all of the other amazing therapies that have helped so many children like my grandson. We hope to pursue hyperbaric oxygen therapy for him in the future, but will that be removed from our access before we are able to achieve it?

Jeremy, may you pursue truth for yourself and others with autism, and may you be blessed with understanding, discernment and wisdom. And may God's Word lead you in your journey....

".....for one to know wisdom and discipline, to discern the sayings of understanding, to receive the discipline [teaching] that gives insight.... give to the inexperienced ones shrewdness, to a young man knowledge and thinking ability. A wise person will listen and take in more instruction, and a man of understanding is the one who acquires skillful direction.....

Happy is the man who has found wisdom, and the man that gets discernment, for having it as gain is better than having silver as gain, and having it as produce gold itself.....

Acquire wisdom and with all that you acquire, acquire understanding. Highly esteem it, and it will exhalt you. It will glorify you because you embrace it." [Proverbs 1:1-2,4-5, 2:13-14, 4: 7-8]


Congratulations, Jeremy. Your speech was very moving.

Sandra Marcus

This is so uplifting for me. My twin grandson are 7. One of them is non verbal & uses an AAC to communicate mainly. BUT he said his 1st word a few weeks ago. Always believe!


I am sure your success will spur success in others, Jeremy. Keep up the great work.


I saw this speech on the welcome page!
Loved its location since it could be accessed by everyone logging on that morning.

I enjoyed his speech so much and I hope he does well.


"Teachers, never underestimate your students no matter how disabled they may appear or what difficulties they face. Parents, believe in your children and encourage them to fulfill their dreams..."

What a profound young man. Here's one voice not snuffed out. Blessings to everyone who ever saw his great potential. Jeremy will do the world a world of good.

chantal Sicile-Kira

Thanks to all for your comments - will make sure Jeremy reads them.

When he got interviewed by local NBC reporter, Jeremy asked her why they were interested in him - like what was the big deal? She had to explain why his story was so inspiring / interesting to everyone, not just those families impacted by autism.

Hearing that people are encouraged by hearing about his overcoming obstacles, helps him keep motivated when the going gets rough!


I thoroughly enjoyed this speech. Thank you for this uplifting experience. It gives hope to those of us with children and grandchildren with this type of disability. I wish this young man only the best.


Jeremy, you are amazing. Keep living your dreams!!! I know you will go far!


God bless Jeremy, his mother and the great teacher he praised, and anyone else who touched his life and did not give up on him.
He is a true inspiration to so many people who fight each day to be heard or understood.
I wish the best in life to all who have also traveled this path or are on it now.


Full tears. The Helen Keller analogy brings both sadness at the plight of so many kids and hope that many more breakthroughs are possible.

Calling all Annie Sullivans, your services are needed.

Congratulations to Jeremy and his teachers who are an inspiration to all!

Cindy W.



That was beautiful. Thank you.

Not an MD

Thank you for sharing that wonderful speech with the rest of us. I only wish someone at AOA had advised me to bring a box of tissues to my computer. That would have been helpful.

What an inspiration that young man, Jeremy Sicile-Kira, is. I would love to have the opportunity to read any book he writes.

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