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What Would Woodward Do? An Autism Analogy.

Vaccine Contamination: A Threat To Human Health

Barb loe fisher By Barbara Loe Fisher
In the past few months, the American public has been informed that two infant diarrhea vaccines – GlaxoSmithKline’s Rotarix and Merck’s RotaTeq – are contaminated with pig virus DNA. But there’s a difference between the two vaccines: Rotarix contains parts of a pig virus that does not make pigs sick while Merck’s RotaTeq contains parts of a pig virus that kills baby pigs.
How many mothers know that, when Merck’s diarrhea vaccine is squirted into the mouths of their two month old babies, they are swallowing parts of a pig virus that suppresses the immune systems of baby pigs so badly, they waste away and suffer respiratory, kidney, reproductive and brain damage before dying? 
Do Doctors, Legislators or Reporters Know?
And how many doctors and nurses making babies swallow rotavirus vaccines know that?  And how many members of Congress, who are responsible for oversight of federal health agencies charged with ensuring vaccine safety, know that?
And how many mainstream media outlets are not covering this important story, a story that broke on March 22, 2010, when the FDA recommended temporary suspension of Rotarix vaccine because of contamination with parts of a non-lethal pig virus, only to withdraw the recommendation after a meeting on May 7th, when it was revealed that RotaTeq vaccine is contaminated with DNA from a pig virus that is lethal?
DNA Can Infect Human Cells
Why should we care about vaccines being contaminated with foreign DNA from deadly animal viruses? Because it is a well known fact that DNA from animal viruses can infect human cells and change human DNA to cause disease in humans.
Last fall public health officials declared an international pandemic emergency after a new pig-bird-human hybrid influenza virus was identified in Mexico and several people died. Animal viruses can evolve to infect and make us sick  and there are no guarantees that won’t happen because doctors are pouring parts of a virus that kills baby pigs down the throats of two, four and six month old babies.  Click HERE to read more with links to references. …

Barbara Loe Fisher is the President of the National Vaccine Information Center.




I just saw your question. Yes, I've read _The Virus and the Vaccine_, but it was some years ago. I think I've paged through it or read a magazine article about it recently.

I've been rereading _Vaccine A_ by Gary Matsumoto. Matsumoto's contention is that a covert experiment was conducted on US troops involving anthrax vaccine with squalene adjuvant added in a two-fold serial dilution, a clinical trial without informed consent, and that vaccine-induced antibodies to squalene are the cause of the autoimmune disorder "Gulf War Syndrome."

What I had forgotten (or failed to appreciate) is that squalene in similar amounts was found not only in anthrax vaccine, but in Wyeth's diptheria vaccine and Connaught's tetanus vaccine. (I think they just tested these last two at random. No exhaustive testing of vaccines was done.)

Dr. Mark Ellengold of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research opined that squalene was probably found in all vaccines. As I understand it, squalene is a natural component of every cell in the human body so having antibodies against it would not be a good thing.

Perhaps there's something else going on with vaccines past and present which is causing the epidemic of autoimmune disorders.

To Carol


I am in the middle of reading "The virus and the Vaccine" by DDebbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher.

Dr Koprowski is one of the three main polio vaccine maker experts. Sabin, Salk and Koproski.

It appears in this book that he is not the worse guy in the world. HE did report that SV40 did show precancerous cells, after he had shot up dying cancer patients with it.

He came out for vaccine saftey above all else, and decided to become that type of champion???!!!

Have you read this book



I read some of it Carol and put it on my favorites to read the rest, later.

Lot of dirty stuff that is not suppose to be in vaccines is out there.


I found this fascinating paper from 2003 written by Edward Hooper, "Dephlogistication, Apes, Angels, and the Return of Monsieur Emile Zola." In it Hooper takes on the critics of _The River_ and discusses at length the process and politics of vaccine production. Perhaps things aren't so very different today.


From "The Death of Professor Paul M. Osterrieth - and its Significance for the Origins of AIDS debate" by Edward Hooper

"....But back to 2001. Two former caretakers from Lindi camp stated that all but about 60 of the several hundred chimpanzees held there had eventually been sacrificed (killed), and that many of them had been anaesthetised before sacrifice, so that blood and vital organs (including kidneys) could be removed while the animals were still alive. Only after the operation was the coup de grace administered. At the time, this was the standard method of sacrifice employed when collecting tissues for making tissue culture.

A Congolese technician working at the LMS made a simple but stunning statement. He said that most of the tissue culture that had been made in the lab in the late fifties had come from chimpanzees. However, he recalled next to nothing about the methods that had been employed, and I felt that this still fell somewhat short of substantive proof.

However, another technician, Jacques Kanyama, who had been employed in Osterrieth's own virology lab, where he worked especially on the cleaning and sterilisation of glassware, stated that chimp materials had regularly been brought to the lab, and that furthermore Dr Osterrieth had regularly been making polio vaccines there, vaccines that were later administered to local adults and children. How did Jacques know that Osterrieth had actually been making the vaccines? Well, he undertook this process after hours in his own private lab (which was in fact the sterile room, where tissue cultures were prepared and handled), and he did it every time a new request came in for polio vaccine from another provincial doctor. The quantities of vaccine were always much larger after he had finished. [I address below the question of whether Osterrieth had actually been making the vaccine as Jacques believed (ie amplifying the vaccine that came from the US in local tissue culture), or simply diluting the American vaccine in saline solution.]

It was this final interview that represented the "Eureka moment" when the light-bulb went off, and I finally realised that, despite the insistent denials by the vaccine-makers, at least some of the batches of CHAT vaccine administered to more than 900,000 people in the Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi between 1957 and 1959 appeared to have been amplified (or regrown) locally in the LMS. On the basis of the first technician's testimony, it seemed highly probable that this had occurred in chimpanzee tissue, and (on the basis of an internal report about the Lindi chimps published in the US) that the tissue cultures had also employed chimpanzee sera as growth medium.

Nearly 18 months after this, I revisited Pierre Doupagne, who had worked as chief technician at the LMS from 1949 to 1960. I had always respected M. Doupagne, and this time we spoke together for almost an entire day. I told him what I had been told by the African chimp caretakers and lab technicians in Kisangani. About two hours into the interview (which I taped), he suddenly volunteered the fact that he might, on two or three occasions, have prepared tissue cultures from chimps and given them to Paul Osterrieth and the LMS histopathologist, Gaston Ninane, "to do what with, I do not know". At the very end of the interview, I asked him again how many times he had prepared chimpanzee tissue cultures for Osterrieth and Ninane, and he answered - quietly but perfectly audibly - "for a long time"...."


Carol, You know they did!
My gosh, what was a compound full of 400 chimps doing there, why did they put it there --- just collecting them for specimens just to send it to the United States for studies. Well the timing could not have been worse.

They built the chimp compound the same time they were making and vaccinating 1 million people in the region with a new, experimental, oral, polio vaccine.

Oh, while we are here in the Congo let's just build a chimp compound for the heck of it. I don't think so.


Benedetta, it seems to me that chimpanzee kidneys were indeed used to make polio vaccine slurry at Stanleyville and that Koprowski and Osterrieth lied about that. That tells me that Hooper is probably on the right track.

Hooper's website:


Carol it sounds convincing.
My daughter wanted to know what I was listening to and so I told her.
She asked me if I believed that man really walked on the moon.
I have taught her too well I am afraid to think inside the box. She should at least hear the other side of an argument.


You can watch a documentary about Edward Hooper and the oral polio vaccine origin of AIDS here:


The fellow who wrote the foreward to _The River_ was, I have found out, a very eminent scientist, W.D. Hamilton. Hamilton died unexpectedly of massive organ failure just before he was to participate in a symposium about the OPV origin of AIDS so there was no scientist of stature to defend Hooper's theory.

I'm not saying there is a ricin-tipped umbrella in this story, but it does sound pretty rum.

Hooper is still investigating the origin of AIDS. His website is:,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

Mike Frandsen

See how CDC misled the public about lead in water:


While reading Vaccine A, if you have any questions, you can go to the authors message forum(google it:)) and Matsumoto will try and answer any questions that you have. Well, at least he did when I read the book a year ago.
Both The River and Vaccine A parrallel the autism debate and are both quite sad in the abandonment of the injured. In particular with Vaccine A it is the men and women who fight for our country that were, although gut wrenching, I can see why it was/is so easy for the same people to abandon our children.


Benedetta, add Vaccine A by Gary Matsumoto to your reading list.

Theresa O

Molecular mimicry? Stan, you must be another crazed parent, just picking things up off the internet! Kidding, of course. You're totally right--if no government authority sees fit to recall hopelessly contaminated products who, by their very nature, cause autoimmune disorders, then we can "recall" them ourselves by refusing to take them.

Benedetta, good luck with your daughter's recuperation. She is lucky to have a mom like you. If the bug mania does become overwhelming, you can get a pretty good bug spray called EcoSmart from Amazon. The ingredients are pretty simple (plant oils and alcohol, mostly), and it is supposed to be safe around kids and pets. I've used it around our baseboards when we have had ants and house centipedes, to great effect. (Of course you should check the ingredients to be sure there's nothing that would bother your daughter, but it is the cleanest bug product I've found.) I will be thinking of you.


Yes, we really need to take the fight to them. We KNOW there's a correlation between thimerosal and autism. We KNOW that the same goes for MMR. We KNOW that Viral DNA can and does cross-species on a regular basis. The poly-protein cycle of HIV shows that conclusively. We KNOW the proto-histamine reaction of neuro-receptors is adversely modulated by ANY member of the boron group of elements.

We KNOW that we understand the science behind virology better than most docs.

So stop telling us that we DON'T KNOW.


Listening to BLF 'remind' us that her child was injured by the DPT vax in 1980 - and here she is, 30 years later, still fighting the good fight - I think it fair to say that 'they' - the public health authorities, the allopathic medical profession's top dogs, their partners in this crime the pharma cos, their other partners their placemen and -women in the legislative branches of government - aren't ever going to listen to the public, in their calls for safer vaccines. They, obviously, don't care. The individual doesn't matter to them. They've had years to take toxic substances out of vaccines. What have they done instead? Added them. So we have aborted fetal tissue, which can have viruses; food proteins, which can cause anaphylaxis & allergies in general, directly or via molecular mimicry; substances associated with infertility in animal tests; the likes of squalene, found naturally in the body, and so, in relation to a vaccine, causing an autoimmune reaction (the same as the myelin basic protein that is a contaminant of the MMR from the chick embryo cells that the measles component is cultured on); MSG/glutamic acid, an excitotoxin in its own right, and also which produces a lowering of glutathione - are we getting the picture here??

This is deliberate. Not so's your local pediatrician would know (necessarily; being too busy to read the literature). But there it is. With the result that the authorities don't care if there are pig viruses in vaccines, because...there is already so much crap in them, what difference does a little more make. All that matters is that the public continue to hold still, while their children are pumped full of poisons to their systems. And if they get various illnesses or conditions as side effects, what the hell - that's what Big Pharma is FOR, innit?

So the only answer is a strike. A major, downing-of-tools strike. A massive refusal to toe that line any longer.

We've GOT to let BLF retire. She's been holding that space long enough. She deserves a break. En masse to the barricades, parents. And when other parents shake their fists in your noses - prodded by the Powers That Be who have done such a criminal job of oversight on their watch - calmly hand them information as to how to protect their children from the various childhood diseases from a more natural pov. (Including polio, incidentally, for those of you who didn't realize it was susceptible to such an approach as well.) And wish them good luck. But that you ain't marshalling your kids for their shots of poison anymore.

Bless them with peace. But as for the medical authorities who have presided over this monstrous era - this betrayal of the honorable profession of medicine - take a good, long, obvious moment, looking them straight in the eye, before blessing them, too. Because we are more knowledgeable now than we were before their betrayal. And then getting on with the revolution.

Nothing less will change them. Take it from Barbara, if she would, finally - after all this time - admit to it. That they are beyond pleading with, or remonstrating with. Leave them to heaven, and move on. It's time.


It looks like I am getting my book list together for what I will read as I sit in front of the fire this winter.

"Peanut allergy"
"Age of Autism"
The rate I am going on Dr. Wakefield's book "Callous Disregard" I will not have it finished till this winter-- (it is an interesting book, but so much goes on in the summer months).

Yes, Alan I noticed the irony of that too. But we are not getting any more shots -vaccines untill someone explains what went wrong with the other vaccine the whooping cough one that my kids took - and while we are at it some entity can tell us what went wrong with the Hep Bs and the MMRs.

Thankyou so much Theresa O, you have always been so very kind to me. Your blogs are so very good, straight forward and informative.

My daughter is getting her stitches out of her hand tomorrow. She had to take three Seraquil (total dosage she is allowed) the night before because her thoughts were racing out of control. It is like the synapses of her brain are on overdrive. This medicine made her too tired to get out of the bed yesterday,and she was worried to death of bugs!!!! We live on a farm, and bugs are not in short supply - she is going to have to get another mannia about something else. But today she says she can feel that she is finally coming down from her mannia. Maybe the Lamictal is starting to work (it is good stuff if you HAVE to take something and if it you do not become allergic to it- which by the way almost everybody is - it is called Steven Johnson - starts off turing the neck red). I also received yesterday a shipment of a B vitamin that is suppose to be EXCELLEENT for bipolar - you probably heard of it it is called Inositol. I am giving her that three times a day plus lots of fish oil, well it is a pile of vitamins. She plans to go back to work this coming Saturday. Right now I am trying to convince her that I am willing to drive her.


No evidence of harm isn't proof of safety. Informed consent should give families the info. One bacterium of e. Coli on a lettuce leaf and the lettuce industry shuts down. Foreign aw heck how did that get in there pig virus DNA in a vaccine is innocuous? Pardon the pun.

Alan Roberts

There is actually some interesting evidence that we are pretty routinely exposed to PCV1 and PCV2 as well as the difficulty involved in these viruses migrating to humans.

Some of the focus on SV40 is a little ironic. If this *is* a significant cause of autism. One reasonable course of action would be to vaccinate.


Dear Barbara Loe Fisher,

As to your question in paragraph two, a large number if they've read this very informative web internetz.

Do you suppose Offit was vain enough to pick through his own skid marks to harvest the starter bugs? (yes)


From "Save the Children (and Make Money)"
by James Altucher

"Two decades ago, one in 20 kids had asthma. Now one in 10 has it. A decade ago, 600,000 children were allergic to peanuts. Now 1.5 million are.

In developed nations, an epidemic in autoimmune illnesses and disorders has emerged among children: diabetes, asthma, Crohn's disease, potentially deadly food allergies, multiple sclerosis and others. Children's immune systems are increasingly unable to fight off diseases and allergic reactions that barely affected us older investors when we were kids.

This trend is not going away and will only get worse. With that in mind, an "Autoimmune Index" may be in order. Such an index would consist of the best mix of stocks that have good, lower multiples and that will supply the arms in our ongoing war against autoimmune diseases.

Novartis AG makes the drug Xolair, which is used to prevent the allergic reactions that trigger asthma attacks. Xolair is in Phase II trials now to see if it can be used to suppress peanut and other food allergies.

Additionally, Novartis is dirt-cheap. The company trades at over 11 times forward earnings and has a 4% dividend. So you can get paid while you wait...."


I've started _The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic_ by Heather Fraser. I hadn't realized that peanut oil has been a component of at least some vaccine adjuvants. I think I see where she's going.

The book is a great read so far.


from an FDA meeting:
Now the regulatory authorities in the room will be well aware of a large number of other examples of this type which don’t actually get published. I think that’s not so good. I think this stuff really should be out there in the public literature. But nonetheless, these are the ones which are well known, I think.

where they were talking about contaminants in vaccines.

The regulatory agencies have known about this problem for years and years and years.


Concerning the book 'The River' by Edward Hooper, the foreword by Hamilton is available at this link. And below are a few relevant extracts.

"Evasion and untruth have long been known to be beneficial at many levels and useful to people in many ways. They can be presented as virtues the little bads
that add to a greater good, with a proviso, of course, that the good is of a kind that the colluders believe only they know how to attain. 'Don't we have faith in ourselves? - Let's keep it simple for their - for all our sakes."

"However , when eminent rivals in an ancient profession are seen to be uniting to crush an outside critique , and when the best - funded branch of science, to which the rivals belong, draws almost all its practitioners into line behind them ... , and when an expectant and immensely wealthy international industry is also seen marching in step with the profession in question, it is time for the rest of us to wake up. The thesis of The River is that the closing of ranks against inquiry may, in this case, be preventing proper discussion of an accident that is bidding to prove itself more expensive in lives than all the human attritions put in motion by Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot. Furthermore,
essentially unwarned by what we have recently done, we may be moving rapidly toward further and perhaps eve worse disasters of the same kind."

"Everyone should read this book, both for its story and in order to think hard on all that it implies - all this before Truth, more white and sick even than with AIDS, quietly rejoins us through another door."

Could Autism have 'quietly rejoined us through another door? A consequence from vaccine contamination with something yet unknown?


It looks like SV40 may be a player in why children have autism. According the Italian study on post-mortem brains of ASD children and controls, the ASD children had a higher combination of SV40, JKV and BK virus compared to the controls.

"BKV, JCV, and SV40 combined are significantly more frequent among autistic patients compared to controls (67% versus 23%, respectively; P <.05). The majority of positives yielded archetypal sequences, whereas six patients and two controls unveiled single–base pair changes in two or more sequenced clones. No association is present with the remaining viruses, which are found in relatively few individuals (N ≤ 3). Also polyviral infections tend to occur more frequently in the brains of autistic patients compared to controls (40% versus 7.7%, respectively; P =.08). Follow-up studies exploring vertical viral transmission as a possible pathogenetic mechanism in autistic disorder should focus on, but not be limited to, the role of polyomaviruses."


"Dr. Mary's Monkey" is a wonderful book to read on this topic and will scare the bejeezus out of you when you find out more about these viruses!

Theresa O

No worries, Benedetta. Carol's link was the one that actually worked!

That Atlantic article, for me, shows the importance of longitudinal studies before the government (a) permits and (b) recommends (let alone mandates) anything, particularly medications. Humans existed for millennia before the rotavirus vaccines were invented; it seems prudent to shelve the vaccines for a while and allow real research to be done into the effects of the contaminants on human health.

P.S. I hope your daughter is doing better. I don't know you personally, but you have been in my thoughts and prayers as I have read your posts over the last several days.


The book by Edward Hooper looks good too. It's in my local library.


Theresa O, I know you too gave us the information. It is really good.

Alan have a look, and let us know what you think?


I just finished reading Carol's link!
It is very good!
It is like reading a mystery novel. The twist the turns, the creativity that men of science have used in finding yet another way to prove the SV40 virus slow growing or fast growing is part of the puzzle to human cancers.

It is a great read!


absolutely, Alan. The risk is NOT CLEAR. and until it is, why would I let my infant take unknown risks for a disease that is not life threatening (at least in the US)?

study overall health outcomes of vax vs. never-vaxed so we can evaluate the risk/benefit.


Anyone interested in the subject of vaccine history and vaccine contamination should read 'The River' by Edward Hooper. Ten years of investigation into the origin of AIDS. Hundreds of interviews, all over the world, of the major players in the Polio vaccine development. A thousand pages of very, very instructive accounts. Very eye-opening.


Do vaccines have a origin label of where they are made ? Do they mix things together from China and Mexico to save money for our vaccine manufacturers ?

The vaccine industry unlike Toyota, is "liability free" and has only "one dealership in Atlanta."

The same vaccine can be found guilty one day and innocent the next... the industry will continue to smash children


You go girl!

I have long thought that one of the main results of mixing toxins and attenuated RNA during key genetically directed and biochemically regulated development stages are random or susceptible mutations to those regulatory systems manifesting in vaccine damage.

Now technology has helped confirm even more is in that profitable witches brew which increases the chance of such an event from occurring.

I don't know which is greater, the ignorance or the arrogance.

Meredith DiLiberto

The FDA bails out Merck... again. Surprise, surprise.


This is not the kind of thing you want to hear about a virus implicated in several different types of human cancers:

"Recent research also indicates that SV40 has gained a secure foothold in the human species. In 1996 Tognon and his collaborators reported that they had also found the virus in 45 percent of the sperm samples and 23 percent of the blood samples they tested from healthy people, suggesting that the monkey virus could spread through sexual contact or unscreened blood products. In 1998 the presence of SV40 antibodies in human blood samples was reported by Butel, who tested several hundred American blood samples and found antibodies to SV40 in about 10 percent of them. Butel's laboratory also tested samples from children born from 1980 to 1995 -- decades after the contaminated vaccine was removed from the market. A surprising six percent tested positive -- offering evidence that the virus may now be spreading from person to person, including from mother to child."


Though I tend to fall in the camp that holds SOME vaccines are worthwhile in certain circumstances (much more limited than what we see today) situations like this one make me question the safety of ALL vaccines.

Even if I read the package insert, how do I know what is REALLY in that vial? I'm relying on companies who are almost completely indemnified from liability to tell me the truth! This flies in the face of the evolution of product liability and increased product safety (does the Ford Pinto/gas tank scenario ring a bell?).

Furthermore, I question religious entities who never once mentioned the fact (to me) that some vaccines are made from aborted fetal cell lines. Once again - do I know WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE ACTUALLY IN THOSE VIALS?

I don't think I know, which means that I don't have INFORMED CONSENT. Until I get INFORMED CONSENT I'm highly reluctant to take any more chances.


Theresa O, your link to the Atlantic article about Michele Carbone and SV40-contaminated polio vaccine got corrupted by a rogue parenthesis. This one should work:

I look forward to reading it.


This is wreckless disregard for children and protection of big pharma. Shameful.

Bob Moffitt

The FDA's decision to reverse the suspension of Glaxo's Rotarix vaccine because it was found to contain DNA from pig virus (PCV1) .. AFTER .. Merck's RotaTeq
vaccine was found to contain DNA from TWO pig viruses (PCV1 & PCV2) .. may prove a public relations disaster for the vaccine industry.

The FDA's decision protects the vaccine instead of the children receiving it.

It is eerily similiar to the disastrous "corporate damage control" decisions of Toyota CEO's .. who initially ignored complaints of "unintended acceleration" .. then blamed the problem on poorly installed "rug mats" .. and when publicly embarrassed by video of an out-of-control Toyota accident resulting in death .. were forced to recall millions of Toyota's. Their loyal customer base felt betrayed .. lost trust in their product .. and .. Toyota is going to have a very difficult time regaining that lost trust .. if ever.

Who in their right mind will think it is alright to have babies swallow a vaccine known to contain "pig viruses"?


Oh shoot! If only that massive oil spill was not on the news they might mention a pig killing virus in a vaccine.

Oh shoot if only Lady GaGa did not have a new video out and the news had to give/waste time showing that, then the news would have the time to mention a pig killing virus was found in a vaccine.

If only there was only a little more paper for the news to be printed on.

Katie Wright

Beautifully said Barbara Loe Fisher. Thank you!


Thank you, Barbara. Of course, any animal virus has the potential to infect humans once its swapped genes and DNA with a human host. Of course, the animal virus has to be in a position to do so. You don't think injection or ingestion into the human body provides this opportunity do you?

Sure, theoretically, animal viruses can cause harm in humans - but certainly not when they have been purified in the holy water of a vaccine!

Gotta love the sound 'science' coming from our public health regulators.

Janet Sheehan

one would hope that Barbara Loe Fisher could finally retire from her tireless career promoting vaccine safety...but they are sure keeping her in business, aren't they? in fact, the problems with the vaccines just seem to keep getting worse and worse, instead of better...

Theresa O

The Atlantic did a great feature on Dr. Michele Carbone and the link between SV40 and cancer ( Of course, at the time of the article (and maybe today), the CDC took its typical "no proof" stance, ignoring Carbone's work and mentioning the work of the only guy who supports the idea that all of Carbone's samples were mysteriously contaminated:

"Like the NCI, the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control maintains a stance of neutrality with undertones of skepticism. In a four-page fact sheet called "Questions and Answers on Simian Virus 40 (SV40) and Polio Vaccine" the CDC notes that SV40 has been found in some tumors and adds that 'more research is needed' to confirm a causative link with human disease. It also raises the possibility of contamination as an explanation. It cites Strickler's work by name but not that of Carbone, Butel, or Testa."

Is it a surprise to anyone that the CDC finds PCV1 and PCV2 nothing to worry about (or, to be precise, less to worry about than a case of diarrhea)? Parents think that the government is looking out for them. It is good that people like BLF point out the extent to which the government is not.


I read years ago about polio vaccine from the late 50s and early 60s being contaminated with simian virus 40, but I only realized the other day that SV40 has been found in human cancers.

From "Identification in Human Brain Tumors of DNA Sequences Specific for SV40 Large T Antigen"

"In 8 tumor biopsies with SV40 sequences, the adjacent normal brain tissue was also analyzed but was devoid of viral DNA in all but one case....It remains to be shown whether the presence of SV40 contributes significantly to malignant transformation or whether certain human neoplasms provide a microenvironment that favors viral replication in humans with latent SV40 infection."

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