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Osler's Web Update: Trine Tsouderos From Cupcake Cop to Autism Science Expert

Cupcake cop Inside the Labyrinth: Osler's Web Updates

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June 8, 2010

Trine appears to have begun her transition to science reporter in 2008-2009. She’s been writing a lot about autism treatments and autism doctors. She’s not sounding any alarms about the wildfire explosion of cases in the last twenty years, investigating plausible explanations, or exposing the Centers for Disease Control and its handmaiden, the Institute of Medicine’s, dismal failures to aggressively pursue that disease or their long history of dissembling on the matter. Instead, she’s published a series of stories about doctors who suggest medical and dietary protocols for autistic children that lack the Center for Disease Control’s seal of approval; and stories about autism parents who benightedly impose these therapies on their helpless, unsuspecting children.

It’s a form of journalism I will call quack-busting, it’s raison d’etre to protect the innocents. Unfortunately, the typical quack busting reporter also fails to educate herself in the actual science or history of what she writes about. Her reports lack context, a hallmark of the genre. Quack busters rarely even begin to deal with complicated stuff. They skim the surface, believing the answer to every complex medical question can be answered persuasively by dialing up the doc with most impressive Ivy League degree—Harvard being the ne plus ultra—or the government health official with the highest pay grade. It’s probably not surprising that autism parents and their national organizations look forward to Trine Tsouderos’s autism stories as they might a plate of gruel. Trine’s been missing the big stories in autism ever since she took it on.

Read the full post at: http://www.oslersweb.com/blog.htm?post=710020



XMRV virus could be a contaminate in the Hep B vaccine, and this virus just might be mercury. (good one)!
My daughter has been fighting this high sed rates, CReactive Protein for two years now starting with her Hep B. She certainly has been tired, stiff, and sick.
Well my daughter just goes to work and collapses on her bed the rest of the time.

My daughter is bipolar, can not believe it even now.

Thanks Twyla for the links.


No wonder Trine Tsouderos and friends dispute this link between retrovirus and CFS. It's just more vaccine protectionism.




Here's an interesting thread:



Well it looks like autism is not the only disease that is on the crazy list when it really is a physical illness.

Sounds like the parents that attended the Chicago Autism Meetings really made an impression on the author. Good job, guys.

I did not know that CFS patients were not allowed to donate blood. Seems like the powers that be know more than what they claim.

It was a good article- Trine is pictured so coyly as still a food writer, but in such a kind way.


Well, it looks like autism is not the only disease that experts try to fit into the crazy list.
CFS Feels the same as us.
I did not know they were not allowed to give blood??!! SO somebody "the powers over us" must know something.

Good article.
The author bragged on all you parents that attended the Autism Chicago meeting, you all made quite an impression. Good job!


This is a very well written and interesting article.

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