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Science is the New Politics: Evan Harris the bigger picture

Sunday-paper-coffee-cup By Martin Walker
On May 24th 2010, Dr Andrew Wakefield, together with co-defendant Professor John Walker-Smith, was struck off the British Medical Register. The decision came at the end of a three-year GMC 'trial' that cost British doctors in excess of £6M. The campaign to character assassinate Dr Wakefield began soon after he first wrote to Dr David Salisbury of the NHS in 1996 warning of a public health crisis which might be caused by the MMR vaccination. The campaign has continued for a decade and a half and at its height has 'disappeared' at least 1,500 vaccine damaged children. The making invisible of the reality of vaccine damaged children and the casting into the mist of their parents tragedy, heralds the zenith of a propaganda campaign that the pharmaceutical companies have been working on for the last 50 years. The endgame is the absolute denial of responsibility for any kind of iatrogenic damage in contemporary society.
This essay has three  themes. First, to explain the larger, extensive network of the science lobby that has supported the vaccine manufacturers in their anonymous campaign to deny any form of adverse reaction caused first by Urabe mumps strain MMR and then by those strains of MMR and MR that caused Inflammatory Bowel Disease and regressive autism in some children. The second theme is to explain the link between the first 'quackbusting' campaigns, in Britain and the US and the extensive contemporary pro corporate science lobby. Thirdly, the essay uses Evan Harris's political activities and elements of his father's career as a vehicle to explain the nature of conflicting and vested interests which should have been declared when Evan Harris began his involvement in the ambush of Dr Wakefield. 

After giving a brief history of the 'healthfraud', 'anti-quackery movement', the essay discusses the identity and work of Evan Harris and places his beliefs, his actions and those of his associates and colleagues in the historical context of the growth over the last twenty years in the power and the organisation of beliefs not in science but in 'scientism' and the ideology of global corporatism.
By using a portrait of one of the major pro-corporate science propagandists, I have tried to show that the social conflict generated by 'quackbusters', 'skeptics' and 'corporate lobbyists' is not, as they characterise it, a battle between rational scientists and mediaeval and unethical anti-scientists - those who believef in mystical alternatives - but a more far reaching and extensive conflict between global corporate, profit based science and science founded in the community and on the public good.
* * *
A copy of this 54 page, 24,000 word essay can be downloaded, price £3.00 or $4.00 from Martin Walkers site: Slingshot Publications.


Jill Fenech

Martin - I can't imagine the hours and hours and hours it must have taken to delve into the history of this subversive "game plan." I had to read it in pieces a bit at a time as it was hard to take it all in at one go. I had to make a cheat sheet of all the alphabet soup groups involved to keep it straight in my mind. Incredibly great writing, but very, very depressing to read. "They" are so far ahead of us. They have the power of the press, television and radio. In interviews, they talk over "us" and in the court room, they just disallow testimony or expert witnesses that don't follow their game plan. Man, I wish we had some Tea Party power for autism. I need some good news. My daughter is almost 17.

Martin Walker

In England when I was a child, public service broadcasts searching for people always accompanied the early morning news, a little like your missing persons milk cartons adverts. So it would go at 8.01.

'Would anyone knowing the the whereabouts of Catherine Tamaro, an American now thought to be camping with her family in Yellow Stone Park, please contact Age of Autism, Whitehall 1212 where she will gain information about her copy of the essay Science is the New Politics which is presently lying gravely uhappy within Martin Walker's computer'.

Best Wishes,
Martin J Walker

Jenny Allan

Martyn-The proof is in the reading!!

Martin Walker

Proof in an advert! Now there's a novel idea. Are you campaigning for Evidence Based Adverts? Definitely a way-to-go Martyn. The simplest way to answer your question is to read the essay.

Martyn Norris

Do you offer any proof in your essay as this little advert makes several claims and shows no evidence to back them up?

Jenny Allan

I don't know how you managed to 'unearth' all this stuff Martin, but I can only be glad that Evan Harris lost his parliamentary seat at the recent election. These smug, cosy, behind the scenes, relationships and deals between MPs and big business interests must be stopped - and soon!!

Martin Walker

Dear Catherine Tamaro,

I got your order for the essay but when I tried to send it, your email address came back to me. So, could you please give me another e-mail address or contact Kim Stagliano on this site and get my e-mail address from her and send me an e-mail that I will respond to with your copy of the essay.

Best Wishes,

Martin Walker

Dear Dan,

I'm really sorry about that. I can't afford an automatic download for people making a contribution, so my web master has to send me the order and I send out the essay, within a day at the most. Why my WM has used the term 'hard copy', I don't know because I send out a PDF.

It's early in the morning in England at the moment but I should get your order in the next hour or so. But anyway I will see if I can find your e-mail address before then and get a copy off to you.

If you read this, then post your email.

Again I'm sorry it has been delayed, it's the first time that I have done this and there are bound to be glitches.

Best Wishes,

Dan E. Burns

I clicked to purchase the instant ebook version of the 54-page essay on my Visa card. When the transaction was complete I received a message saying that a hard copy of the publication would be mailed to my physical address. I am disappointed. I wanted to download and read the essay now, as the AoA article and the ad suggested that I could do by making an online purchase.


Thank you for this preview. We can't solve a problem if we don't understand it and we can't predict the next chapter either. The forces that brought us the epidemic haven't finished yet, they're busy planning their next strategy. Personally I will continue to do and read everything I can-- absorb every analogy and parallel history-- in order to wrap my mind around the events that led to this catastrophe and to learn what to do to stop it. Thank you for continuing to draw clearer and clearer guides to this effect.

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