If President Obama Had Been Talking About the Autism "Spill"
Dr. Tom Insel, Head of the IACC, Questioned on Ethics Reform

Olmsted on Autism: “Vaccinate, Baby, Vaccinate!”

Alg_oil_boots By Dan Olmsted
Have the American people finally had it with “experts” telling them that things will be just fine? That oil wells won’t turn into gushers in the Gulf, that cars won’t suddenly become speeding bullets, that a deregulated Wall Street will never rob us blind  -- and that autism is a mysterious genetic disorder we’ll get to the bottom of some day in the comfortably far-off future?
Let’s hope they’ve had it, because it’s never going to be more obvious that we’ve all been slimed, quite literally, by the unholy alliance between out-of-control corporate power and out-to-lunch government legislators and regulators. As to the overall mood of the public, Robert Reich put it well in his blog post:
“Whether it's Wall Street or health insurers or oil companies, we are approaching a turning point. The top executives of powerful corporations are pursuing profits in ways that menace the nation. We have not seen the likes not since the late nineteenth century when the ‘robber barons’ of finance, oil, and the giant trusts ran roughshod over America. Now, as then, they are using their wealth and influence to buy off legislators and intimidate the regions that depend on them for jobs. Now, as then, they are threatening the safety and security of our people.

“This is not to impugn the integrity of all business leaders or to suggest that private enterprise is inherently evil or dangerous. It is merely to state a fact that more and more Americans are beginning to know in their bones.”
It’s not just business and government, either – it’s the reign of “the experts,” who sit around a table and reassure themselves that, because they’re the best and the brightest, everything is, well, under control as of now at the White House, to adapt Alexander Haig’s memorable phrase. As Chris Matthews put it in reference to Obama's reliance on experts, "This meritocracy has gone too far."
It’s just that kind of expertise that reassures us the out-of-control U.S. vaccination program is, well, under control, that vaccines and mercury have been disproven as a cause of autism, that’s it’s time to move on. The problem is that neither big government nor big business (nor big media) has any incentive to get to the truth, which leaves only the people caught in the middle – namely, the American public.
They’re being told a vaccine we don’t need anyway is contaminated with pig virus – but their babies should still get it; that mercury is still OK in shots for pregnant women and infants; that swine flu really was a pandemic that required governments to pay vaccine manufacturers billions to fend it off; that autism really isn’t an epidemic and vaccines have nothing to do with it.
Yet Americans – particularly parents who are forced to concentrate their minds on this question – aren’t buying it anymore. A quarter of those parents say vaccines can cause autism; fully half are concerned about vaccine side effects.
They’re right; they should be. They’ve heard about Hannah Poling and the autistic-like symptoms acknowledged in vaccine court – a court that turns around and throws out 5,000 very similar cases because every single one of those families besides Hannah’s is apparently deluded and misled by greedy lawyers. They know Vioxx killed people well after the FDA and Merck should have stopped it from happening. They know Toyota sat on its hands and BP cut corners.
“Drill, baby, drill!” didn’t work out so well, even though Obama said he had been “assured” everything would be fine. “Vaccinate, baby, vaccinate!“ – and shut up about the toxic damage washing up in a generation of children -- is about to meet a similar fate. You can feel it in your bones.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



You're right, Rob. I hate that Sarah Palin mascquerades as a Christian to promote her own self-serving agenda. I hate that she pretends to be pro-life when she is really just pro-birth, as evidenced in her political positions on a wide range of issues, not to mention the child-rearing style on display within her own nuclear family. I hate that she is trying to put up even more health-care barriers for children with special needs, knowing all the while that she is now so rich she will never have to worry about Trig bankrupting her. Meanwhile, many other families whose children have autism or Down Syndrome or some other chronic, disabling condition will continue to lose their homes and life's savings simply trying to get their children the care they need. If you're alright with all of those things, then you will no doubt be part of the pack that keeps the status quo in place in this country for many, many years to come.

Rob Smith

lisa - I get it. You hate Sarah Palin and saying something even moderately complimentary about her is more than you can handle. And there's no rational reason for disagreeing with you, the only possible reason can be a lack of intelligence or an embrace of evil. You know why people like me, and Sarah Palin, worry about "death panels"? It's because people like you will populate the health system.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” – C. S. Lewis


If you are every in Kentucky would you please stop by and we can go visit that smug nurse at University of Kentucky. If you can take a disliken to her as you did to Sarah Palin, I am sure you can put her in her well deserved place. That would be a good thing.



First, and most importantly, you have you responded to the indisputable fact that Sarah's only role so far in relation to public policy affecting special needs children has been to try to kill health care reform with the wild claim that the government would establish a death panel to kill her baby, while remaining painfully silent on the very real death panels of the private, for-profit insurance industry that are right now, at this very minute, denying urgently needed care to children with autism and Down Syndrome. If she didn't approve of the government's health care plan for caring for these children, why didn't she offer a plan of her own (or throw her support behind another plan that would have guaranteed these children the care they need)? You know why not? Because she simply doesn't care whether these children -- or any other children -- receive the treatment they need. It is the furthest thought from her mind. Once again, she is pro-birth, not pro-life.

Less importantly, you can choose to nominate her for Mother of the Year if it tickles your fancy. However, first let it be known that she is not taking care of Trig. And her husband is not taking care of Trig. Her parents are serving as the primary caretakers -- this information comes from a very reliable Sarah-friendly source, and is confirmed by what we see daily in the news -- Sarah and husband w/o Trig. She already has made millions (more than 12 million at least) since quitting her responsible governorship job (for which she took an oath of office). She could easily just say, ok, now I'm going to stay home and take care of my kids. She hasn't done that. And yes, she has older kids who can help take care of her younger kids. That's exactly what Bristol was reportedly doing (again, from a reliable source.) She was taking care of ALL her siblings while Sarah was busy being governor and then running for V.P. There is nothing wrong with older kids pitching in to help mom and dad with the younger kids. But that is not what was happening here. This was Sarah shirking her responsibility as a parent and relying very heavily on her eldest daughter to fill the gap. It should be no surprise to anyone (least of all Sarah) that her eldest daughter wound up pregnant. There is no parental nurturing in that home; that's precisely how teen mothers are made. There is also nothing wrong with extended family helping out from time to time. But you are truly kidding yourself if you think that Sarah has time between her lear-jet flights and luxury-hotel stays to be Trig's primary caretaker.

Rob Smith

lisa - I don't know Sarah Palin's child care arragements, and I doubt you do either, but here's what I do know. She has a husband. Isn't it quite likely that her husband, aka Trig's Dad, might have some role in providing for his day to day care. My wife occasionally leaves "the boy" with me, sometimes for a long weekend while she gets away (autism can be stressful, don't you agree?) and decompresses. Most of those times she also leaves me with our neuro-typical 7 y.o. daughter. Do you find that strange or irresponsible? Palin also has 4 other children, a couple, at least, are old enough to assist with the day to day care of Trig. Would it be wrong to assume that they would help out a bit? Would that shock you? In my day (God, that makes me sound old), that wasn't unusual. If my daughter were older, she'd have a role in taking care of "the boy", especially considering that she will be his likely caregiver if we aren't able to recover him and when we get too old (or too dead) ourselves. That's how families operate where I come from. What about extended families? I don't know if Todd and Sarah Palins parents are alive, but my mom is, and she lives locally. I know this will shock you, but she actually keeps both kids on the days my wife works (part-time), and...wait for it...sometimes she keeps the kids for a long weekend so we can get away for some husband/wife time (as opposed to mommy/daddy). In your opinion, does this make us bad parents? Good God, lisa, should the woman be chained to the stove and have her shoes taken away? A burkha for her, maybe? I've always thought of myself as old fashioned guy wrt to roles of husbands and wives in marriage, but if my wife had significantly more earning potential than me, as is the case with the Palin's, I'd be home with the kids. I'm not sure why someone living in the year 2010 would find this objectionable.


I don't know about Sarah Palin, I can not make my mind up one way or the other. I know my husband thinks she is great, and I think she is a good person. But I don't know about her being president????

I did notice on the TV when her daughter came carrying out that baby - that Palin would go over constantly - take her hand and rub it's head. That was no act, down deep I am pretty sure she would like to be home rocking it and doing nothing else. I think that is the real reason she step down as governor. Her estrogen levels and maternal instincts are the same as ours, and I know that busy I may be teaching, I would have flashes of thought about my kids.

But this is getting us no where.

Sarah Palin has no more power than the rest of us.

vacinate baby vacinate is most certainly the slogan of the federal agencies and not the slogan of the people.


ha ha Does anybody really believe that the dog and pony show BP investigation is real. It's total corruption and incompetency just like autism and everything else the government comes near. The escrow account BP set up will turn into vaccine court where everybody gets denied. God help the people in the Gulf.

Maurine Meleck

The oil spill and the lack of concern about the health of our children are like co-joined twins. They are part of the same American illness and it's hard to separate them: it's greed, power, and who cares what happens to you and your children as long as I'm fine. If safety measures had been put in place for both vaccines and the oil drilling--we wouldn't face such dire problems. Yesterday a stanger came up to me wearing a shirt that said something about helping someone else every day and handed me and Joshua fresh cold bottles of water. How many times do you see that in a day?


Bob, Rob, and Dan you all are agreeing - you just don't know it.

Yes, Rob we do need oil and I say Drill baby Drill too.

Except by God they better take steps not to spill the stuff or they should be out the door and let some other company drill.

Like we here have any say in anything.

We here are barely making a voice of cleaning up vaccines. But at least WE is better than ME - that for years have been writing and calling and complaining all alone in the wilderness. Having to listen to a smug little nurse over at the Univerisity of Kentucky tell me that my children were just stat. rare and no big deal.

I would have liked to wring her neck. She was so sure of her smug little self. I could not even handle her and let her get under my skin. How do you handle the little smug people in your life --- this other stuff is way above us.

It is like the stuff going wrong in our kids are at the cellular level, so too is these attitudes of a smug little nurse working in a hospital.



I have to question why you are still sympathetic to Palin for ANY reason, let alone the fact that she has a special needs child. Do you see that special needs child anywhere these days? No. You know why not? He is staying with relatives while miss fancy pants Palin goes gallivanting around the country making her snide remarks about all things Obama and co. Not that I am a fan of Obama. I personally think he is proving to be a total disaster for this country. However, to suggest that Palin would have been more sympathetic to the plight of special needs kids is to ignore the fact that she is not even sympathetic to the plight of her own special needs kid. That's why she is so perfectly comfortable dumping him with relatives during these critical formative years. How many here would feel comfortable leaving their autistic child with relatives even for a few days, let alone five days per week on a regular basis? In addition, the fact that she has not used her precious Twitter account even once to advocate in any way, shape or form for special needs kids says a great deal about her priorities. She did, however, take the opportunity to bash the mythical "death panels" of government health care reform, while not uttering a single word about the very real private, for-profit insurance company death panels that sick Americans face every day. She apparently had no problem whatsoever with those very real, happening right now death panels. Corporations are all good and all loving, in her sick, twisted mind, while anything the government tries to do to help its citizens is socialism. Sarah Palin is what I call a CHINO -- a Christian in name only. She is not pro-life. She is pro-birth. There is a BIG difference. There are many women (and men) with big families who love the idea of having lots of kids because it made them feel important and powerful (like kings and queens of their own private dynasty). But they have no intention of making any real personal or professional sacrifices to take care of them. Sarah fits that description to a T. Now she has her 18-year-old daughter going around the country warning young people not to be sexually active lest they end up like her, when what we should really be seeing is Sarah herself stand up and say, don't be an absentee mother like myself, lest you end up with a pregnant teen. But we will never see that because Sarah never takes responsibility for any of her mistakes. It is always, and I mean ALWAYS, somebody else's fault.

Bob Moffit

In my humble opinion .. I see no purpose in arguing over individual politicians .. nor .. the political parties they represent.

It simply does not matter who occupies the White House .. President Bush or President Obama .. a Republican or Democrat .. because .. if elected .. their powers of office are transitory .. limited to occupying the White House for 4 to 8 years.

Not only are they transitory .. they and their political parties .. enter office beholden to the industries who financed their VERY expensive campaigns.

The industry campaign contributions are Bi-PARTISAN .. making certain whoever wins will owe them "favors" .. such as .. asking industry CEO's "who" they should appoint to regulate them.

Indeed, this simple tactic has allowed industries to gain control over the permanent, entrenched, unaccountable federal bureaucracy (CDC, FDA, EPA, HHS, IACC, etc) that actually govens the country. And .. we now have federal requlatory agencies that no longer serve the people .. but .. the industry they are supposed to be regulating instead.

So, at every opportunity .. we should be asking our elected representatives:

WHY.. they acted so vigorously to investigate BP's OIL SPILL .. just as they did to investigate STEROID use in major league baseball .. affording both issues their undivided attention .. yet .. they deliberately IGNORE the autism epidemic that has been raging thoughout OUR country for DECADES?

Rob Smith

Regarding Palin, this is getting more than a little off topic, but say what you will about her, it's hard to imagine her doing any worse on this oil spill than Obama is. For one thing, I find it hard to believe she would put Stephen Chu (whose background is in theoretical physics) or Thad Allen (Deputy Director of FEMA during Hurricane Katrina) in charge. If Obama was smart he would have put somebody like Jack Walsh or even Dick Cheney in charge. Whatever your feelings about Cheney, one thing you can safely assume is that he's not going to form a committee when he needs to kick some tail, he's going to organize a hunting party.

Regarding the "Drill Baby, Drill" analogy, it is a failure on so many levels as to be riduculous. First, if "Drill Baby, Drill" where the policy of the US, we wouldn't be drilling 50 miles off shore and in 5000 ft of water. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of places on land and in shallow water that oil could be explored for at much lower cost and risk, and where, if something did go wrong, the clean up and repair would be much easier. There is just no parallel with the current regime of oil exploration in the US and the "vaccinate early and often" policy of the CDC. Second, we actually need oil. I need oil to make my son's annual 1200 mile trip to Thoughtful House so that they can supervise his care. I need oil to make the 150 mile round trip to our DAN doctor for my son's infusions every other week. I need oil for the IV bags, tubing, and syringes we use to administer is treatments. I also need oil to power the delivery trucks that bring his specially compounded vitamins, etc. On the other hand, I don't think we need the majority of the vaccines on the CDC schedule. There is certainly no compelling reason to give Hep-B, for example, to every newborn before they leave the hospital.


Great article!


"The top executives of powerful corporations are pursuing profits in ways that menace the nation".

What you should have said was that top executives of powerful corporations and power politicians are pursuing profits in ways that menace the nation.

I don't know where everyone else was, but when I watched the campaigns of Obama, McCain & Palin, and Hillary, they all used autism in their campaign speeches. I ask you this.

What role did Henry Waxman have in this.

Whatever happened to Dan Burton, and Dan Weldon who as far as I know were the only politicians who ever spoke out about the relationship between vaccines and autism? I don't recall a Democrat or Liberal speaking out about the connection.

After all of the countless hours I have spent researching, reading books, blogs, that tell me that my government has known about the connection for many years, why didn't Bill Clinton tell us the truth, for that matter, why hasn't Obama told us the truth. Has our Government always known of the connection, was it during the time of Simpsonwood that the connection was made?

Why do President Obama's self appointed people fight us at every turn, if they are on our side?

The problem in our country right now is not Democrat versus Republican, Liberal versus Conservative, our problem is the stench of both political sides in bed with corporate america, it's not just big Pharma, it's everywhere. Our stench Pharma just so happened to have hurt our kids in the process.

Politicians and Corporations don't care about what's good for America and Americans, they care about helping one another and what's best for them.

For me, I believe our Government has know all along the connection, in the beginning the attitude was that to save the herd, a few would have too be spared. Except they didn't count on it to get out of hand, and that is where the big trouble started, the backpeddling and so forth.

So remember this next time when we lay all the blame at Bush's feet.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.


What ever McCain and Palin could of done for us is water under the bridge.

What about Axelrod. His daughter has epilepsy soon after she was born in 1981.

Anyone know anything about her. Is she perhaps also autistic?

After all epilepsy seems to be a residue of a stroke just as autism most probably is too.

Could we have some kind of unknown allie in him?

Sandra Lopriore

Whatever it is worth Palin did go on a walk for Autism Speaks in NY shortly after the campaign ended. She was walking for her sister's kid if I am remembering correctly. (When Letterman made that crude comment about her daughter and the baseball player-whenever that was she was there because of the walk.)


To Rob Smith:

I agree with your position. The large oil companies are in cozy with the regulators and the same can be said about the vaccine manufacturers. They are in too cozy with the government regulators that are supposed to be looking out for our children (FDA, CDC, AAP, etc.) Unless there are true checks and balances on power, you know the old adage: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely....


Rob, special needs kids was her thing and the campaign singled out autism several times. Same for McCain - he was so ready to help our precious children! And where is he now - still in the Senate but not reaching out to our community as far as I have been told and I do get a lot of info from our readers. Palin may not have named herself Czarina - I'd heard Rudy G this morning talking about the Oil Spill Czar and giggled with an eye roll over that one - so the phrase was on my mind. She did indeed campaign on ability and great desire to help special needs kids. Haven't seen jack diddly from her since. Meanwhile I and countless others, probably you too if you're a reader, are working pretty hard every day aren't we?


(PS) Stag is my husband. I am StagMom. :)

Autism mom

Stagmom you can add McCain to the "dropping of autism like a hot potato" list. What a bunch of morons.


Experts, lol. "Who-ahs" as they say on Jersey Shore.

Thank you, Dan. Certain charts show the "autism spill" as if from aerial photographs, how it's spread across the country, and many people are getting disturbed about it. There's been a huge shift just in the past year. All I have to do now is touch vaguely on something having to do with rise in childhood disorders in day to day encounters. And once a day, some regular person will tell me they think it has something to do with vaccines. I find myself in the very weird position of saying that the shots didn't have to be so many, so soon and so filthy.


I certainly disagree with Rob about regulation in general. I think we've seen how companies behave, and quite frankly the planet would probably be a barren wasteland by now if it weren't for regulation (what would the lead levels and DDT accumulation look like just for two- my God!).

But his points about the cost of manufacturing pharmaceuticals are true. I actually just wrote about some of the barriers to BETTER vaccines last week, including that one:


Rob Smith

Gee, Stag, I really don't remember Palin claiming anything like wanting to be the "Czarina of autism". My only comment was that as the mother of a special needs child, she is more likely to be sympathetic to the concerns of other special needs parents. I don't know why this is an unreasonable assertion. I also don't understand the need, especially by those on the left, to demonize political opponents. I don't know Jenny McCarthy's politics, though I suspect they disagree with mine, but I still respect her and embrace the work does with autism regardless of her politics.

With respect to "Drill Baby, Drill", the objection I have to that is that "Drill Baby, Drill" is a slogan, not reality. If it were the policy, we wouldn't be drilling 50 miles off shore in 5000 feet of water. A better comparison would be with the political environment of Chicago, where the philosophy in electoral politics is to encourage your supporters to "vote early and often", much like the "vaccinate early and often" policy of the CDC.


Watching a bit of the BP stuff today, the British are sincere and humble about the disaster.

Perhaps some of our Congress could apologize for our drug companies sending over poison/ vaccines to
thousands of British children and servicemen over the past 20 years.


Rob, are you kidding us? Sarah Palin was going to be the Czarina of autism while on the campaign trail - and once she lost she dropped the topic like a hot potato. Obama too was going to "help us." He's been a catastrophe for autism. Drill Baby Drill is now in the American lexicon. Save the Faux (news) outrage.

Rob Smith

The most offputting thing about this article is the "Drill Baby, Drill" snark. First, it's pretty easy to take it as a swipe at Sarah Palin. Regardless of your political views, Sarah Palin is fair more likely to be sympathetic to the needs of autistic kids and their families than other politician I can think of. She certainly wouldn't support an "abort our way out of autism" policy, as some people accuse Autism Speaks of advocating with their emphasis on genetic research. Second, if "Drill Baby, Drill" were the rule, we wouldn't have to drill for oil 50 miles off shore and in 5000 ft of water, where the costs and risks are exponentially higher. Instead we'd be drilling in ANWR or in the oil shale fields in Wyoming & Colorado, where oil can be extracted much cheaper and with a lot less risk. There is a parallel here with autism. Just like the high costs of exploring for oil in deep water creates a huge financial barrier for smaller oil companies, the FDA creates a huge barrier for developing autism treatments. Right now, the cost to develop a new drug or medical treatment and get it through the FDA approval process can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. This means that only Big Pharma could finance such an effort, which they seem to have very little interest in doing. Easing the regulatory regime on oil exploration would encourage smaller, more innovative companies to get into the market, just like easing the regulatory regime for drug approval would. Obviously, changing the regime would entail some risk, but at this point, with 1 in 100 children being diagnosed, and with lots of parents (including me) trying relatively untested and unregulated treatments (again, like me) I'm not sure it could be worse than the status quo.

pass the popcorn

"Have the American people finally had it with “experts” telling them that things will be just fine?"

I'm reminded of the last episode, season 2 of 30 Rock involving Jack (Alec Baldwin) who starts a new job working for the government, and Cooter (Matthew Broderick) - "acting head of Homeland Security." Jack shows up for his first day of work at the office of "Homeland Security, Weather Preparedness and the War on Poor People," and he points out a bad leak in the ceiling. Water is pouring down on the desk. Cooter says "No it's not leaking. We've looked into it and it's not." He then offers to show Jack the study proving there's no leak.

We know of 14 such studies.

kathy blanco

oh, and less I forget, our entire family is SV-40 positive, from my deceased mother who died of myeloma (a known SV40 cancer), to myself, to husband, to children, to my siblings and their children, which explains the "autis
runs in families", right...not...more like TRUST in our medical system runs in families...and I totally agree with you. No child with this retrovirus can escape the autism card if they are vaccinated.

kathy blanco

Willie, my son just tested raging positive for retrovirus XMRV. So, your instincts are correct!


I got my first vaccine (diphtheria) in 1943 when I was 8 years old. This was very difficult to get at the time since most of the vaccines went to the armed forces then (WWII).

In those days, the vaccines were made by an artisan process (on eggs) and in small quantities. The men and women doing the job were doctors of medicine or biology and thus very careful and attentive to cleanliness and sterility.

Nowadays, the vaccine producing mschines are like money printers, cranking out large amounts of vaccines equalling large amounts of dollars, and they are no longer run by doctors but by simple workers w/o a background in biology.

A client (I am a patent attorney) had to install new equipment at the Banque de France in Paris, and when he came there, he was monitored constantly during the first day.

But on the second day, he could move around freely in the whole workshop where the money is printed - he had acquired he status of a TRUSTED PERSON.

There are many jobs where the status of a TRUSTED PERSON is needed, such as when installing blowout preventers, or when running one of the big vaccine producing machines where meticulous cleanliness is needed but apparently not attained - see the pig viruses in baby vaccines, but also when deciding on whether to throw away the contaminated vaccines or whether to use them guessing they will not kill too many.

The problem of the TRUSTED PERSON will be with us as long as vaccines are used, but unfortunately, they are rare creatures and in high demand.

Hans Raible


Hi Kathy,

Did your son have complement deficiency prior to vaccination or was it discovered after? Here is an excerpt from an abstract that I am sure that you will want to read.

Retroviruses are classified as exogenous or endogenous according to their mode of transmission. Generally, endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) are not pathogenic in their original hosts; however, some ERVs induce diseases. In humans, a novel gammaretrovirus was discovered in patients with prostate cancer or chronic fatigue syndrome. This virus was closely related to xenotropic murine leukemia virus (X-MLV) and designated as xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV). The origin and transmission route of XMRV are still unknown at present; however, XMRV may be derived from ERVs of rodents because X-MLVs are ERVs of inbred and wild mice. Many live attenuated vaccines for animals are manufactured by using cell lines from animals, which are known to produce infectious ERVs; however, the risks of infection by ERVs from xenospecies through vaccination have been ignored.

As you may recall HTLV III also a retrovirus was thought to have been transmitted to men in a hep b study IT IS FOUND IN AFRICAN GREEN MONKEYS WHERE IT IS NOT PATHOGENIC(DOES NOT CAUSE DISEASE).

SV40, Simian virus 40 has 39 predecessors.SV40 is thought to be the eitology of many if not all human brain tumors.

Simian virus 40 (SV40) is a monkey virus that was administered to human populations by contaminated vaccines which were produced in SV40 naturally infected monkey cells. Recent molecular biology and epidemiological studies suggest that SV40 may be contagiously transmitted in humans by horizontal infection, independently from the earlier administration of SV40-contaminated vaccines.SV40 footprints in humans have been found associated at high prevalence with specific tumor types such as brain and bone tumors, mesotheliomas and lymphomas and with kidney diseases, and at lower prevalence in blood samples from healthy donors. Contrasting reports appeared in the literature on the circulation of SV40 in humans by contagious transmission and its association, as a possible etiologic cofactor, with specific human tumors.

Your son more than likely got this retrovirus as a contaminate in his vaccine just like my daughter got hers.




It's OK to throw Autism Speaks in. Sherman Anti-Trust has a lot to say about a combination in restraint of trade.

If we could just get one politician to walk tall and carry a big stick all the bedfellows of the CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism research would be in a heap of trouble.


Good Gosh, never thought I would be writing something like this but:
Not only do I not trust the government agencies like CDC, NIH, HHS, FDA. I don't trust the EPA either.
Liars/Cheats all.
I am not jumping into the religous frenzy of any of these agencies.
Vaccinate us back to the monkeys, and cap and trade anything that is left.


I think many people are coming around...many...I keep telling them, but I fear that they won't really listen until their child gets Autism from Vaccine Injury.
I didn't care about Autism until it got us...after repeated questionin to the doctors, that :isn't there link to Autism, from vaccines?...they laughed at me...I gave my son the vaccines...the rest is written in many accounts of Autistic childrens symptoms...
Now I am trying to recover my son...it should all be paid for by the government since they gave my son vaccines...
blah blah blah...one day maybe somebody will stop the vaccines. That dy would be awesome!a

Tony Bateson

Dan Olmsted's sentiments are absolutely right- the autism affair is all down to a shelf life product -Thimerosal- and a willingness of government to accept that big this or big that knows what it is doing
when it patently does not and puts consumers at risk.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK.

Got my law degree at Costco

I agree with Kathleen. We are living Idiocracy. How else can you explain neurodiverse. Brain damage is normal. Water has always been black. Wall Street deserves to steal money from us "small people. Toxic drugs heal. Move along now.

kathy blanco

Routinely, the biological code of ethics have not been followed. In this code, it states that you must identify subjects (aka persons), who are not able to handle vaccines, and contraindicate their use in them. Recently, my son was identified as such a subject (person). He has such depressed CD4, he is as bad as someone with AIDS/HIV. This is due to the XMRV virus which hampers the lymphocytic response to viruses which he is positive for (gee thanks for telling me). He also has collapsed Complement C4B, (actually he had zero complement), which makes him someone like SCID or CVID (aka for people who don't know, common variable immune deficiency). Why, oh WHY, aren't we identifying by these biological markers someone who can't and insisting they use their OWN biological code of ethics? Another one, a child with severe mast cell inflammation, or Hyper IgE, again, indications the immune response won't mount an immune response to injectibles (prone to anaphylaxis and allergies and prone to mercury toxicity, aka, cerebral allergies by inducing masocytosis in the brain). Talk about regulations, and deregulations! We are talking about an actual, or actuals, of biological genetic underpinnings (tongue in cheeck what is genetic but a child forced to endure oxidative stress and demethylation by toxins). VACA meaning COW...meaning HERD, meaning HERD MENTALITY. Large pharmaceutical companies, don't give a CRAP about these underpinnings or the HERD. They don't care how DEEP the genetic mishaps are, as long as they can jab the population of innocent children and parents into believing they are necessary and lifesaving by their pompous sound bites. And as long as they hold the media card, they can say whatever the hell they want, spin it, control it, and demagnatize any true and honest autism research. And let's get this straight, since when does a company regulate safety for themselves when the bottom line and unsafe practices reep dividends and are more important than people? I mean, doesn't the whole "health" industry rely on sick people? What would happen if all of a sudden we woke up? Not likely..to busy being sick I suppose. Obviously, there are problems with our thinking...our dependence on oil has gotten us here...and our dependence on TRUSTING the white coats, also got us here. Autism is a trust disease...it's high time, we start honoring our own instincts...it truly is disgusting to think, that they can inject such a witches brew into my kids, that now they are drowning in the oil of humanity, unrecognizable, unheard and locked away from ruffling someones feathers...the oil that never washes off, the oil that can destroy lives, and the oil of filth they call so called preventative medicine. The ecosystem of normal children has been disturbed forever. As long as we comply, as long as we even say a vaccine can be made safe, greener, slower schedule, they will continue their drilling and injecting of known toxins and contaminating viruses into our kids, until we won't recognize what normal is anymore. As long as they make our environment filthy, neurotoxic, they have the upper hand, and no amount of compensation and I am sorries, will clean up this oil spill of autism. The muck they have created, is something that the average person can hardly believe is occuring...but it is...one child at a time.

michael framson

Great Post Dan! Yes more and more people see the system is broken. NPR interviewed environmental law professor Zygmund Plater. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=127862906 on the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. Oil Industry Lobbyist(OIL), eviscerated the act, much the same way that the American Academy of Pediatrics and Pharma eviscerated the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Same tactics, same filth.

Professor Zygmund introduced to me a term I had never heard, but knew its application instantly. "Agency Capture": Regulatory capture occurs when a state regulatory agency created to act in the public interest instead acts in favor of the commercial or special interests that dominate in the industry or sector it is charged with regulating. Regulatory capture is a form of government failure, as it can act as an encouragement for large firms to produce negative externalities. The agencies are called Captured Agencies and they function through collusion and corruption.

Captured Agencies: CDC, FDA, USDA, Vaccine Court, SEC; the list goes on. They are killing us.

Anyone with three neurons to rub together know we are getting screwed in every aspect of our lives.

The rebellion is coming.

Rob Smith

Teresa Connick & Debin - I'm not defending Big Oil, nor Big Pharma. I'm pointing out that the industries, far from being de-regulated, are in fact very heavily regulated, and that Big Pharma and Big Oil (and Big Finance) like it that way, because it creates a huge barrier to entry from potential competitors. Who do you think writes the industry regulations? It's the big players, their lobbyists, and the legislators they support. They write them in such a way to discourage competition and to maintain the status quo. This spill is not a bad thing for BP, the money they are committing to clean up is about 1 years profit, if environmental legislation, like that Obama wants, is passed, they stand to make a lot more money than this will cost them.


Outstanding! I live on a barrier island in the gulf and I have been contemplating the many points and correlations you've made here for a couple weeks now.

We are waking up to a reality we've been blind to for far too long. The signs are all around us.

Teresa Conrick

Rob Smith-

"You would be wise to stick to subjects you are familar with, like autism, and avoid subjects, like oil spills and financial regulations, that you are much less knowledgeable about."

Now why would you say that? We are all experts on watching an environmental catastrophe happen right in front of our eyes and yes- autism is NO different.

The analogy is one that many can identify with- read Ralph Toddre's piece! I think your criticism of Dan's theme has little merit and has more to do with defending BIG Pharma than worrying about autism. Dan is a writer sharing his thoughts and feelings and your post has a rather disappointing understanding of that.


@Rob Smith - please don't defend Big Oil - they have more money than G-d. They cut corners which lead to the leak. They're cutting corners now in the clean up by not giving proper safety equipment to the clean up crews and they're experiencing toxicity from exposure.

It's all about money to them, and Pharma, and Monsanto, and (literally) Wall St. Their ways of doing business are more of a threat to us than any frickin' terrorist out there.


Anyone ever see Idiocracy? A movie about the dumbing down of a society to the point that an average inteelect individual is considered a great mind of the times. It seems like we are living that out.

Rob Smith

This is a rather disappointing post. You would be wise to stick to subjects you are familar with, like autism, and avoid subjects, like oil spills and financial regulations, that you are much less knowledgeable about. Do you know why BP and other oil companies are drilling in deep water? It's because environmental groups, with the support of companies like BP and Exxon-Mobil, have made it impossible to drill in shallow water or on land. Ask yourself, a question, how hard would it have been to fix this problem in 500ft of water vs. 5000 or better yet, in no water? And why, you might ask, do BP et. al. support this status quo? Because it increases the costs of drilling for oil, making it impossible for smaller companies to compete with BP. This is what happens when you raise the price to enter a market. Eventually, the smaller companies go out of business, or are bought up by the larger. "Drill Baby, Drill" hasn't failed, it hasn't been tried. Most of the US is off limits to drilling. It is estimated that more than 2 trillion barrels of oil reside in the US (more than in Saudi Arabia and much of the rest of the Middle East), but most of it can't be counted in US reserves, because the land it is under has been placed off limits to drilling. It's the same way with the pharmaceutical industry, the multi million dollar drug approval process is the equivalent of forcing companies to drill in deep water to find oil. Only large companies can afford to enter the market. If you really look at any of these issues, whether its the financial, energy, or pharmaceutical indrusties, what you find is not that the industries are largely deregulated, but the opposite; they are so heavily regulated that only the big companies (the ones that can afford armies of lobbyists to largely write the legilation they are regulated under) can afford to participate.

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