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James Ottar Grundvig Reviews Callous Disregard by Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Callous The following is a favorable review of Dr. Andrew Wakefield's new book, Callous Disregard in The Epoch Times. You can purchase Dr. Wakefield's book HERE.

By James Ottar Grundvig
Jun 2, 2010

The strengths of Callous Disregard are in its format—brief compact chapters, filled with compelling essays previously published with Dr. Wakefield’s commentary and insight. There are Q & A sessions between him and the medical board that are a must read, and a “myth” busting section, as he does a capable job of dispelling many rumors. But when former Big Pharma executives sit on boards and committees of government, there is a long, difficult hill to climb when one opposes a policy.

As far as the Lancet 12 and all the clinical trials and terrible ailments that had afflicted those children in their youth, the debate is central to this excellent book on “leaky gut” syndrome and its political fallout.

And so Lancet “retracted” the now controversial study, a dozen years after its publication, in the political sport of shoot the messenger.

Dr. Wakefield’s new book is David’s slingshot that slew Goliath.

He is up against the system. But one day, when science unravels the mystery of what causes autism, the establishment might be in for a rude awakening, one that could be of greater magnitude than the autism-vaccine earthquake they experienced when the Lancet 12 article was published in 1998.

James Ottar Grundvig is a researcher and writer on autism and a father of a 10-year-old boy with Pervasive Developmental Disorder.



"First do no Harm" & the truth will set you free. One mans quest to find the truth, one child at a time. At least he is trying. Read the book and decide for yourself.


In Dr. Wakefield's book he states that they are somewhat anemic. My husband is and at time grows so pale he looks like he his dead.

Dr. Wakefield says that the vit B 12 is high in their blood. So it is not being absorbed into the cells.

He also states they are working on this, and trying to get some type of vit B 12 attached to something so it will absorb.

So untill then does the B 12 pops work. I did not like their advertisment when they said instead of sugar (dehydrated cane something)-I do not like to be tricked or talked down too - because it happens so often as it is.

B 12 shots work better?

kathy blanco

What matters now is that we buy the book and get him to be the top seller on Amazon. Screw the naer do wells...thats what they live for... I live for truth, and the truth ALWAYS sets you free. I suggest christmas, birthday presents and or for that new mom you friended at the park or church or wherever. I also suggest you buy one for your non believing doctors. If we all did this, Andy will have the resources to continue his research. I for one, want more research, and even a look at OTHER vaccines as persistent viruses circulating in the body....including XMRV.

Dan E. Burns

I tried to vote but received the following error message: "Failed to save, please retry!" Can anyone clarify Amazon's voting instructions? Step-by-step would be helpful.

By the way, two-thirds of the tags are outrageous. Read these blatant smears and your hair will stand on end.


If you go to Amazon.com to see Dr. Wakefield's book listing, please go to the tag section and vote for your favorite tags. It appears that a large contingent of tag voters has already launched a concerted effort to smear the book using tags, even before the release date. Given the ranking of #8 at its peak and #2 & #3 in its main categories, one would think that the tagging would be more approving. So, one might suspect a concerted effort by some organized mob to discredit CD. Please do not let this stand. Go vote.

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