Dateline NBC's Dr. Andrew Wakefield & Vaccine Injury Interview: The Parent’s Response
Simplifying The Definition of Autism: After 16 Years Asperger's Apparently Doesn't Exist

Imus in the Morning To Feature Dr. Andrew Wakefield Author of Callous Disregard

Imus-right Don Imus is featuring Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Deirdre Imus on TODAY at 7:30am EDT live on his radio program, which is also simulcast on Fox Business. The tentative airtime is 7:30am EDT, however, this can change, so set your DVR's for the entire program.

Dr. Wakefield is the physician who recently lost his license to practice medicine in the UK follow a years-long medical review of his work studying the possible link between MMR vaccination, GI disease and autism. His new book Callous Disregard Autism and Vaccines The Truth Behind a Tragedy is available now.

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CT teacher

I give a lot of credit to Don Imus for having Dr. Wakefield on his show. I thought the interview was fair and balanced. It took some courage, as I am sure his sponsors did not approve. After what happened to him after the "nappy -headed hoe" incident on his last TV network he is probably more careful nowadays. I think the Imuses do wonderful things for the health of children and we should all give them credit. I love Deirdre and she has been the positive force in Don's life that has steered him in the direction of health and environmental issues. I have them to thank for alerting me to vaccine dangers, namely thimerasol, but I began researching a lot after that, and quickly realized that there was more to the dangers of vaccines than just mercury. I will be forever grateful to them for talking about this issue on his last show. I noticed he started getting a lot of flack after that with rumors of financial impropriety at his ranch. He complained about it a lot, but I always wondered if the powers that be were out to get him for discussing vaccine safety on national TV. Eventually someone "got him".


Used to like Imus but was very disappointed on the Wakefield piece for the amount of attention he gave the kids blood draw and for his sitting by and let the idiot Penn Gillett ramble on without questioning his BS such as his statements that it has been proven that vaccines don't cause autism and his statement about all the kids dying from preventable diseases because parents are actually making informed decisions on vaccination. Also, the drivel that we should not listen to a mother with a child with autism who has made her son better but listen to some half-wit that can make a rabbit appear is a joke that the old Imus would have exposed. I liked him better when he had a set of balls. Now he's just another wrinkled old skeleton in a cowboy hat with a microphone.


Imus seems to give "our" side a better shake than anyone else. He's provided fair, unbiased time for RFKjr and DK. I see where some can question his motives at times, but overall that cranky guy allows our voice to be heard without the attacks. I miss his t.v. show.

Media Scholar

Did Don Imus actually think we aren't supposed to notice that Penn Jillete is a fat celebrity pharma ho ho ho with big boobs?

Of course, if you happened to dog the Fox Business Network after Andrew Wakefield appeared, the loud, obnoxious Penn and Teller guy tried to bash A.J.'s message.

Redstone/Murdoch must be paying him in pharma stock. He seemed bitter.

Memo To Penn Jillete's handlers.


Penn really needs to be fed some new lines. His heckling material on Imus was old, ill-informed, and limited the ability of others in the viewing audience, mostly moms and dads of vaccine-induced Autistic kids, to actually believe anything other than that he is simply a stupid nitwit celebrity boob misinformed by vaccine zealots.

For example, the PR concept of herd immunity was invented a long time ago to reduce people to cattle. I guess you forgot to tell him UK authorities admitted the last outbreak which led to the senseless slaughter of moo cows was traced back to a nearby vaccine research facility.

You might say Penn sort of put his hoof in his own mouth on that one as Americans knew instantly Jillete had reduced himself to total BS just by opening his mouth.

Also, since real headlines from real members of the international press across the real world are really reporting that world health officials really faked the Swine Flu scamdemic to make themselves really richer, it really casts serious doubts on the real intentions and the total lack of intelligence of any celebrity desperate enough to appear on Imus for the purpose of endorsing vaccines.

However, you now will likely have modest success booking the boys to do some of those famous drug company junkets. The buffet food ain't bad, lots of free samples of the latest heartburn drug, and the islands are always hospitable. Maybe you can work on magically making colorful flying discs appear under doctor's seats throughout the conference room or a similar gag?

I really have no thoughts about the people who happened to notice the other guy in Penn and Teller had nothing to say.

Considering the name of the show, Penn might consider doing a show about himself.


I don't like Imus but I heard about something equally as bad today. My dad told me about an autism special on CNN where the boy was cured using ABA. I guess my dad was trying to give me hope but my only response was "Can I call a behavior specialist for you next time you have a heart attack?" He got my point and understands why I never watch anything on CNN.


So the Imuses are at it again? They must smell money.

Let's not forget they helped push the Autism Speaks no-show agenda through Congress. When the Imuses were directly informed that the 2006 Autism Speaks bill would not conduct a penny's worth of Thimerosal and vaccine research they shrugged if off and dropped lots of families with affected children cold.

When various parent-driven Autism groups walked away from the CAA because the bill had no provisions whatsoever for Thimerosal and vaccine research, the Imuses shamefully stood aloof, were less than honest about the situation, and came across as totally uncaring about the fact the sham legislation was in reality, never anything more than the CDC anti-litigation bloc supertanker it still is.

Here's the pictures to prove it.

The Imuses get no points for trying until they come clean about their intricate involvement in back-stabbing our children with unfettered support for Autism Speaks' sham CDC anti-litigation bloc agenda.

The Imuses double-crossed lots of Thimerosal families who trusted them to shoot straight. We have every right to be angry at them for compromising our trust to put filthy lucre in the pockets of NPO sharks.


Friend of mine who knows very little about autism much less Wakefield, called to tell me he watched Imus this morning, I let him talk to get his take, he was excited, said "this guy (Wakefield) got screwed!" He also wondered if I thought Ben might have been injured by vaccines.

Id say it was a homerun.

BTW there are two clips of his interview posted.


I thought it was fair and balanced! I don't typically like Fox's version of fair and balanced, but I think Imus did a good job asking questions that provoked pertinent answers. Andy did a great job as always. It appeared to me that Imus took it as far as he could, but I think he did his best.


I missed this. Anyone have a report? I can't find any reference to the interview on Imus' website. Did it happen?

Kim Spencer

So what's the story on Imus? He sure makes it clear he has "rules" to follow and things he can't talk about. WOW. Censorship! He used to get down and dirty about what's happening to our kids.


thanks imus for giving truth a and andy rock!


It is nice to see an interview with someone asking

"what the truth is"

rather than NBC who asks "where is our money?? "

Sarah L'Heureux

Don and Deirdre Imus are among the most influential supporters of children's health care in America today. The Imus Ranch for children with cancer is a model of humanistic treatment. The Deirdre Imus Pavillion at Hackensack Hospital is one of the finest examples of green construction and maintenance in the world. The Imuses have repeatedly put their personal and professional lives on the line to make the public aware of thimerosal and other vaccine abuses.

What a combo, Don Imus and Andrew Wakefield, two of our greatest heroes in the battle for truth, health and civil liberties! You can bet I'll be tuned in!


Autism Treatment Center of America
Have you checked out the Autism Treatment Center of America? We have some great resources for parents of children with Autism, and a really great online community of families for support via our Facebook page -


So glad Imus is giving him air time!!! I hope more people are open to letting Dr. Wakefield tell his story. He needs to be heard! I hate it when the so-called "experts" claim that he's a quack, and diet and biomed interventions don't work. I tried their useless treatments for YEARS (which basically amounted to nothing more than medications or the "cream of the day" for my child's horrendous rashes and GI distress). Out of desperation, I attended a conference where Dr. Wakefield was speaking on GI issues. I was able to ask him a few questions, and he actually provided USEFUL suggestions which I went home to implement with my new DAN doc. The results were nothing short of miraculous! After 8 long years of truly suffering, my child was soon pain free, potty trained, sleeping through the night, communicating again, the list goes on. How many kids need to continue to suffer because our government refuses to acknowledge the problem and FIX it?! There are already treatments that are working for these children. Let's help to make them more "mainstream" so more kids can get needed relief!

Jake Crosby

Yay Imus!

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