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FDA Proposes Dangerous Vaccine Rule Change

Danger_ahead Update from Theresa Wrangham, NVIC Executive Director

I want to thank everyone on behalf of NVIC for their comments to this article. I would also like to lessen the confusion! We would certainly appreciate everyone sending in a letter with their concern on this proposed rule change and have created a web page with a sample letter and links to federal officials for you to do so. Please visit
HERE for the sample letter, etc. Please consider reading the complete article for background on which to write your response. There are links to the take action page that appear on the article's web page and we have also added a take action link to our homepage. Also on the take action page is a copy of NVIC's comment to the FDA. We hope this helps and we appreciate your feedback!
Theresa Wrangham
NVIC Executive Director

By Barbara Loe Fisher

This past spring, the FDA took a hands-off approach to Merck’s admission that DNA from a lethal pig virus is contaminating doses of RotaTeq vaccine being swallowed by millions of newborn babies. Now the agency responsible for  making sure pharmaceutical products do not hurt people is proposing a Rule Change to give one staff employee the sole authority to allow “exceptions or alternatives” when drug companies want to change vaccine ingredients, such as preservatives (like thimerosal)  or adjuvants (like aluminum) or the amount of residual protein and antibiotics in vaccines.
June 28 Deadline for Public Comment

The FDA’s proposed change to Requirements for Constituent Materials was quietly published in The Federal Register on March 30 and the deadline for public comment is only days away - on Monday, June 28.
The FDA is arguing that the rule change is necessary to “reduce burdens on industry” and to provide “greater flexibility and reduced regulatory requirements.” It gives one FDA staff Director the power to give drug companies the green light to “employ advances in science and technology as they become available” when companies want to make new vaccines really fast and get more bang for the buck.
Will There Be ANY Checks & Balances?
If the proposed Rule Change is put into effect, a vaccine manufacturer could request a change in the content or amount of vaccine ingredients by simply writing a “brief statement describing the basis for the request and supporting data” as part of the original license application or for a pending or approved application. There is no information about how much scientific evidence the drug companies will have to submit to prove the new ingredients are safe; or whether the FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee will be able to review that evidence; or whether the American public will have a chance to comment before vaccine ingredients are changed.
This does not look like the transparency, public participation and collaboration in government that President Obama said he supports.  It removes the checks and balances necessary for good government.
Could Warehoused Squalene Be Quickly Approved
Last year when federal health officials declared a pandemic H1N1 “swine flu” national emergency, drug companies put a full court press on the FDA to fast track licensure of highly reactive oil based squalene adjuvants and the use of new technology, like insect cells, to make pandemic influenza vaccines. During meetings of the FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee, the National Vaccine Information Center opposed both the quick licensure of squalene adjuvants, which hyperstimulate the immune system and have been associated with autoimmunity, and the use of insect cells, which could be contaminated with insect viruses.

Click HERE to watch a video, read the entire commentary with live links to references and learn how you can take action.  


Dr. Andrew Maniotis

Hello Dan,

Its been a long time since your last conference here in Chicago. There is a website filled with information I've been trying to get to Jenny McCarthy, Barbara Loe Fisher, Sherry Tenpenny, and to Age of Autism.

Please take a look...it is andrewmaniotis.wordpress.com...there are several books free to the public on it, including "How to predict epidemics, that I wrote a number of years ago, "Analysis of an FDA document," several books on the entire AIDS fiasco and 228 failed vaccine campaigns, " and Sacrifice of the Virgins," and of course my own research on the reversals of breast cancer and melanoma.....

Wonderful work you guys do....I'd like to help.


SMON started out and stayed mostly in Japan. A diarrhea medicine, and it took 15 years for the medical establishment to finally accept it was a drug and not a virus!

So simple!

That was a very good article!

The law suits took forever too.


Benedetta - I think I found out why the link that was embedded in Dr Maniotis' post did not work. The hyperlink may be inadvertently dragging something along. Try this: copy the URL link to an open word processor file. Then copy the URL into your browser. It should take you to an article titled "The SMON Fiasco" by Bryan Ellison & Peter Duesberg.

I'm sorry about your daughter with Kawasaki's. As to descendents of Black Plague survivors being less vulnerable to HIV and more prone to Kawasaki's because of a different immune system, I have never heard of this. Frankly, it sounds suspect (possibly bogus) to me. I'm inclined to think that one or more of the jabs is to blame. Dr Hartman may have some thoughts on this.

As to whether I was injured by multiple jabs my family received when I was growing up, I'd have to say, not that I know of. I'm certain, however, that I received my share of aluminum and mercury, along with all of the "adventitious presence" (biological recombinants) found in the jabs. I guess I should consider myself “lucky”.


Kathy Blanco - re: nano vaccines

"God help us all." Amen to that.

It's more than just nano vaccines, we should be concerned about, although certainly they are coming and pose a grave safety threat. It's a tidal wave, a Tsunami, of biologicals, both jabs and parenteral drugs, that is bearing down on us, that we should have concerns about. And yes, you've identified the greatest threat - to the stability of the human genome, with the stability of our natural immune systems, coming in a close second. Least anyone have doubt, "they" want government mandates. Our health freedom is at great peril. Pharma is now treading in area where only God should have dominion. We all need prayer, in large doses.

kathy blanco

Nano vaccines coming your way...by the way, nano size particles in pollultion are found to have more devastating results to health than large particle pollutants. So the smaller the crystal, the higher the electric charge in thh body/the more DNA changes, the more reactions...argh...god help us all ....



Patrons99 I am sorry about your brothers. Are you alright?
I am a few years behind the baby boomers but I have some age on me as well.

Right after Desert Storm we had a dinner for all the engineers that worked with my husband.

One of the young engineers had a brother that served in Desert Storm, he said in such a matter of fact way that everyone knew the Gulf Syndrome was caused by vaccines.

I looked up the disease rate of Asians for HIV and Aids. It is less than Americans and Africans - it is about .1%.

So, do Asians have less HIV because of some type of immunity that also causes them to have more Kawasaki's disease (vaccine injuries), or Asians have not been naughty with infected westerners, and Africans.

I wonder what Andrew Maniotis'link to aids was about?


Benedetta - I am a baby-boomer who was raised in a military family. I have two brothers both of whom I now believe were injured by the multiple jabs we were given prior to each deployment overseas. One of my brothers has congenital rubella syndrome. I strongly suspect that the MMR jabs were responsible. I was not always an anti-vaxer. I have taken the time to educate myself on the subject of vaccine safety. The more I read on the subject, the more convinced I become that vaccinations have caused more death and disease than they ever prevented. In my medical practice, however, I never deny any of my patients their right to be jabbed. I always recommend that they educate themselves, first. I am categorically opposed to mandated jabs of any kind.



In Andrew Maniotis :

Above the first link there is discussed how a drug used in Japan, caused a confussing illness like polio before they finally figured it out.
The first link then leads to a page not found - up above it does say somethng about rethinking Aids Website.

On the Kawasaki's website some one went to a Kawasaki's conference in Portland, Oregan. During the conference some of the doctors lecturing there thought that maybe Kawasaki's was happening in children that were descendents of people whose immune systems had beaten the black plague of Eurpoe.

There are people that are immune to the Aids virus, - those that are descendants of black death survivers have a different immune system. My daughter had Kawasaki's right after a DPT shot, and many (not all ) on this website suspect vaccines esp the Roteteq, Hep B, flue shots, and for me the DPT shot brought on the Kawasaki's. That is basicall a heart disease, esp of the blood vessels around the heart. Also it seems to be affecting the left ventricle.


Re: mechanisms of vaccine toxicity

I'd be very interested in Dr Hartman's thoughts on the ISIS Press Release of 10/11/09, titled “Cardiovascular Risks from Swine Flu Vaccines” by Mae-Wan Ho, PhD.


Bhakdi S, Lachner K and Doerr H-W. Possible hidden hazards of mass vaccination against new influenza A/H1N1: have the cardiovascular risks been adequately weighed? Med Microbiol Immunol 2009, 198, 205-9. Doi: 10.1007/s00430-009-0130-9


The hemorheologic-hemodynamic theory of atherogenesis, while not widely accepted, has not been discredited.


"Insights into the relationship of fatty streaks to raised atherosclerotic lesions provided by the hemorheologic-hemodynamic theory of atherogenesis" by G.D. Sloop in Medical Hypotheses, Volume 51, Issue 5, Pages 385-388 (November 1998).


Andrew Moulden's theory of vaccine toxicity and the hemorheologic-hemodynamic theory of atherogenesis appear to be converging. If they can be validated, the importance to public health cannot be overstated.


Oppps Sorry I meant Dr. Andrew, not Matthew.


Wonderful thread. I’m most grateful for the detailed comments by Dr. Andrew Maniotis and Dr. Frank Hartman. Their comments provide a strong argument against taking a nuanced approach to vaccines. Their comments address generally the topics of vaccine efficacy and vaccine safety, respectively. The medical literature in support of vaccine efficacy is VERY tenuous. The medical literature in support of vaccine risks is VERY substantial. In all areas of preventive health, the buck stops with safety and a physician’s promise to do no harm. FDA’s COIs are legion. Until the COIs within the WHO, CDC, and FDA are systematically exposed and rooted-out, the public health and safety will continue to suffer. The proposed vaccine rule change is a case in point.


Matthew the answers to the questions are:
The first one is yes, and the rest is vaccines.

Your link is not working, it is going to page not found.

Andrew Maniotis

There is no question that vaccines can be very dangerous for many people. That is why we have The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting system. The danger they pose to individuals is why we have government-supported vaccine damage courts that have paid out approximately 3.5 billion in damages to vaccine victims and their families during the 1980’s alone.

Given hindsight, and time for intense analysis of the “polio” and “acute flaccid paralysis” era half a Century ago, there has been more than sufficient enough time and study to make conclusions about claims advanced in 1961 (Journal of the American Medical Association, Feb 25, 1961) where it is stated that: "It is now generally recognized that much of the Salk vaccine used in the U.S. has been worthless, which is why live strains produced by Sabin and put in sugar cubes were adopted instead.”

Worthless means, according to my understanding, that to many vaccinated in a population, the Salk vaccine was nothing better than injecting water into the veins of the vaccinated. It was “worthless.”

Sufficient time also has elapsed, and numerous analysis have taken place since 1972 to be confident in our collective knowledge regarding the dangers of vaccines to certain individuals when we review how vaccine innovators like Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine testified before a Senate subcommittee, and claimed that nearly all polio outbreaks since 1961 were caused by the oral polio vaccine. But an “outbreak” is not “an epidemic,” is it?

I interpret this statement to mean that Salk said before a Senate subcommittee that, “nearly all polio [cases and] outbreaks” were the result of his hated rival’s sugar cubes that were laced with live “polioviruses” that were derived from the feces of healthy, non-paralyzed children (the source of the first “polio isolates”). Is there some other way to interpret this statement?

But the unanswered question is, do vaccines harm populations, protect populations, or do nothing for populations while they only hurt a small number of those vaccinated? Or are they largely a worthless and sometimes dangerous medical procedure for small populations as well as individuals, as Dr. Salk would have us believe? Despite the fact that vaccine trials constitute the biggest experimental groups in all of biology or medicine, we don’t have the answer to this important question, and, I suppose it matters what one’s definition of an epidemic is.

Whether or not vaccines harm, or are worthless in populations instead of only rare individuals is a much more difficult phenomenon to determine, because so many variables are at play. But I would like to attempt to answer this question here by reviewing certain information and applying a little deductive reasoning.

To answer this question and make some kind of intelligent recommendations regarding possible solutions, more than a simple review of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting system data (VAERS) and summing up the totals of vaccine damaged individuals that are voluntarily reported by doctors to state boards, federal agencies, and vaccine makers, is needed. More than tallying up VAERS data is necessary because only a fraction of vaccine damage “events” are even ever recognized as being due to vaccines, and they are reported by those that provide vaccines, the men and ladies in the white coats, who don’t want to harm their patients, or admit that they sometimes harm them. If correctly framed scientifically, the right experiments should prove the analysis wrong.

Another point not to ignore is that there also is much misplaced concreteness when determining the “causes” of diseases and especially epidemic diseases.

Historically, for instance, pellagra was thought to be contagious and not simply a B-vitamin deficiency, and therefore, epidemiological studies were doomed from the moment this wrong tacit assumption for the mistaken cause of the disease was wrongly identified.

There are many similar examples, such as SMON (Subacute Myelo-Optico Neuropathy), a disease that went mismanaged by the Japanese medical establishment for 15 years that was characterized by a strange combination
of polio-like symptoms and intestinal problems, manifesting as internal bleeding and diarrhea, with symptoms of nerve degeneration and paralysis, that was not caused by a any virus as it was thought, but was caused by Ciba Geigy’s drug, clioquinol, which claimed 11,007 victims, before the toxicity of the drug was determined, and the company successfully sued (http://www.virusmyth.com/aids/hiv/besmon.htm). I suppose 11,007 victims is not a true epidemic, but yet simply a “little outbreak,” like “the outbreaks” mentioned by Dr. Salk?


In China, it is claimed that dried material from pox and other disease-derived effusions were introduced in the nostrils of both children and adults. There is evidence that controversy raged regarding the use of fresh disease-derived material versus older, dried pustule material, which could have made a substantial difference in the virulence of disease derived material, as Pasteur would demonstrate with rabies, anthrax, and cholera.

It also has been historically documented that the inoculation of dried pox-pus was practiced in Persia and India as an operation where the surface of the body was injured with needles or lancets, and foreign puss from "pox" or perhaps other disease effusions were placed into direct contact with the bloody wound or bloodstream of the inoculation recipient.

Among the Arabs, there are historical accounts that Arab citizens would "purchase the pox," and exchange raisins and other fruits with an infected person who would serve as the donor of their pox lymph (Pylarini, Phil Trans., 1716 Vol XXIV., p, 393).

But nobody predicted The Black Death of 1347- 1353. As far as any of us know, there were no plague vaccines in existence then, in 1347.

Similarly, nobody predicted The Great Plague that killed a fifth of London's population in 1665-1666. There was no universally mandated plague vaccine back then, as far as we know. Nor were there plague vaccines during the 313 years (between 1353 and 1665) to prevent a plague epidemic from occurring during those years.

Therefore, a plague vaccine, since one didn’t exist, played no role whatsoever in the occurrence or recurrence and timing of these two plague epidemics, and nobody could have predicted that the two great epidemics would be separated by 313 years. Plague is spread by rats and fleas, but other “forms” are thought to exist. The Great Plagues, we were taught, were REAL epidemics and not simply “outbreaks.” I envision mountains of bodies stacked up and burned in so-called funeral pyres, when I hear the word “epidemic” not to mention, “pandemic.”

Similarly, the great yellow fever outbreak said by medical historians to have killed 2/5 of Philadelphians in 1793 was not prevented by a universally implemented vaccine program (Bring Out Your Dead, Powell, Time Reading Program Special Edition Books, 1949). Historical accounts claim that the famous Dr. Benjamin Rush (the revered signer of The Declaration of Independence) thought yellow fever to be caused by rotting coffee on the docks of Philadelphia’s harbor. Dr. Rush also thought the best therapeutics for yellow fever consisted of near lethal doses of mercury, combined with exsanguinations to the extent that many of his patients bled to death, before he fully appreciated the blood to body weight ratio. No mention of vaccination regarding yellow fever can be found in any database or reference from this era. This is to be expected, because it wasn't until Christmas morning in the year 1900, 107 years later, when Walter Reed conducted his yellow fever transmission experiment in tents containing malaria-harboring mosquitoes and soldier volunteers given 100 dollars and a gold watch, which then demonstrated for the first time that yellow fever was transferred via the mosquito, and not rotting coffee or from “bad air” from swamps (mal-bad-aria-air), to which the malarial disease was previously attributed. To kill 2/5ths of Philadelphians I suppose constitutes a true epidemic and not merely an “outbreak.”

Although the point has been belabored here with the examples of plague and yellow fever on purpose, the relationship between epidemics and vaccine campaigns on populations must be clearly defined with respect to
causality or lack of causality when considering modern epidemic occurrences, and the benefits or harm, or no effect of vaccination or lack of vaccination on populations.

In addition, it should be mentioned, as was suggested in a not well known book entitled, Life Among Doctors (Harcourt, Brace, New York, 1949), as the famous microbe hunter and chronicler, Paul De Kruif convincingly emphasized, evidence that changes in nutritional additives to foods, as well as improvements in the realization of civil hygienic programs (like the Roman aqueducts), have most likely reduced the spread of pathogens and, prevented epidemics or outbreaks, and improved the quality of life for that portion of humanity that has instituted these habits.

For instance, De Kruif showed how the preponderance of evidence appears to show that natural resistance to epidemics is a fundamental part of our biology. Modern mass vaccination programs therefore have retarded or confounded our understanding of normal background incidence and resistance of infectious disease occurrence in populations, as have hygienic improvements such as clear fresh running water, sanitation, and natural or artificial food additives aimed at preventing disease. And it is clear to all sides of the debate and not controversial that improvements in mass nutrition strategies first put into place by Dr. Spies after President Franklin Roosevelt refused to fund preventative medicine programs in favor of spending for "planes, bombs, and bullets" (as he told De Kruif in a personal interview where De Kruif sought funding for public health before the impending World War II), have all played major, and arguably, exclusive roles in preventing epidemic diseases, both in recent history, and probably during antiquity, as practiced by the Greeks (flushable toilets at Knosos Crete, 2,000 BC) and Romans (the aqueducts, 1A.D.).


As one would take a test in history class in high school, let’s go through the following examples and decide after each entry, whether the information given points to a conclusion that 1) vaccines do damage to individuals, 2) do nothing like a shot filled with water, 3) cause small outbreaks/ harm populations, 4) are the reason that disease definitions are changed since vaccines do nothing to prevent diseases, 5) can spread the disease vaccinated against to non-vaccinated people, 6) cause different diseases in humans than vaccines are supposed to immunize against, 7) none of the above. In each case, I will underline the answer(s) I believe is/are correct, and you do the same. I also will provide the reason following my answer, and/or embolden words in the information that support my conclusion(s). In many cases you will find more than one correct answer, which is a principal point of this exercise, and a finding of great interest being presented here for the first time I am aware of in a chronological, systematic way that hopefully will raise awareness for future epidemiological surveys of vaccinated populations.


Thanks, Kara Z.

It seems vaccines is not the only thing that doctors do not report adverse reaction about. Apparently it is most drugs.

Congress has thrown some money at The FDA.
Congress also is making the drug companies open up ALL their BOOKS about a drug to be read by a large audience.

Also they are trying to use data bases form the computers of the veterans, medicare and such to monitor these drugs.

Yet, they still cannot check on those Chinese run pill manufactures. Sigh, I just hope they can keep cadium out, and what was the stuff in the dog food, that too.


What? Aren't Chris or Todd (probably paid bloggers) going to challenge prof hartman?

Kara ZorEl

The FDA's own advisory board concluded that the the agency was dysfunctional and out of control. This proposed rule change is not rebuilding faith and trust between the public and the FDA.



Thanks for such an indepth blog.
Makes sense,
The guinea pig after being injected with dead E. Coli was then injected with (not sure but some kind of vaccine a few weeks later dies from basically the blood clotting.
That was interesting.

It seems this zeta is ready and willing thing just waiting to happen.

Al's valence of +3 electrons; means 3 electons on the outer shell ready to give away these three electons, so it can have the next shell of electron of 8 and be satisfied.
Ferric iron even has +3? Some one once blogged they though it was too much iron was the problem, so it well could have been for them. But most here are anemic, even Dr. Wakefield found that to be true. So

So then are there endless numbers of possibilites?

I mean not only the elements with the extra three electrons in the outer shell - but is also the combination of elements coming together - complex molecules, proteins of dead or living virus and bacteria that could have a exta three electons hanging around to be given away and then cause the suspended blood particles to cling together - sludge up - blood clots??? Do I have the basics in what you are saying.

But then were does the mitochondria cyopathy role in all this?

That is right - that is what the FDA needs : ONE HUMAN BEING TO DECIDE WHAT "HE" will allow the vaccine manufacture to put into a vaccines.
It is a mad, mad, world!

Theresa O

Lisa, here's the thing about global warming (a few things, actually):

(1) I don't think the AoA readership is unified in its thoughts on global warming. The comments here on most topics (see Sarah Palin) are all over the map. Concern about autism is what unites this readership.

(2) I've done a decent amount of reading about global warming, and it's not clear to me that convincing evidence has been presented that human-caused carbon dioxide emissions are likely to have a significant impact on global temperatures in the near- to medium-term. That's my view, and that's the best way I can state it. Not "global warming is a hoax," but just what I said.

(3) Regarding what we should do to prevent human-caused global warming (if it exists), my problem is that concepts like carbon taxes and carbon offsets allow industrial polluters to go right on polluting (mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants, other chemical emissions from other factories, etc.), as long as they offset their carbon dioxide output by paying someone to plant some trees somewhere else. In my humble opinion, this removes the focus from where it should be. Local people (people living near coal-fired power plants) are affected by mercury emissions, and carbon taxes, carbon offsets, etc., will do nothing to remedy their problems. There are clearly many reasons to work on alternative fuel sources, but focusing on so-called "greenhouse gases," like carbon dioxide, removes the focus from where it should be, and causes the environmental movement as a whole to lose credibility with the general public. A lot of people could get behind a lot of "green" initiatives (like investments in wind power, coal-fired power plant scrubbers to reduce mercury emissions, etc.), but they get turned off by the message that a substance they exhale every day needs to be regulated.


You can stop global warming, by not using so much electricity. The way you do it is to buy those green light bulbs.

You know the ones that are all twisted, incandescent - the ones that contain mercury.

prof frank hartman

The vaccination toxicity controversy is caused by lack of
understanding in medicine of the method of action. i.e. What is the mechanism by which damage can occur?
The first part of the following is a simple description of the action;
The second has the technical data and references
Vaccination toxicity method of action

Vaccination/Infection/Toxicity by Frank Hartman

What has not been understood is the method of action that can cause vaccination toxicity including autism. The following is a simplification of the underlying cause, method of action and remedial measures to reduce the damage with references.

1. The introduction of any bacteria or bacterial filtrate alive or
dead (vaccine) causes a reaction of the body that results in blood
clots from intense microbial action reducing zeta potential. These
clots may be small adhesions that attach to the blood vessels or organs
impairing their function or complete obstructions resulting in organ
death. They are particularly common in kidney, lung, liver and brain.
This intravascular coagulation is readily apparent in an examination
of the blood vessels in the sclera (whites) of the eyes from vaccines or
other infections. Microorganisms take days to weeks to demonstrate their full effect on a system.( See t 1)

This is known as the Sarannelli/Schwartzman phenomena. There are
Several hundred references to its occurrence in the National Library
of Medicine. It is called phenomena because the cause has not been

2. Intense microbial action (infection) or microbial agents cause a
reduction in zeta potential* which changes blood to "sludge"

3.The administration of more than one vaccine at a time multiplies the
effect increasing the amount of intravascular coagulation and blood

4.The use of aluminum salts to stabilize vaccines exacerbates the
clotting effect by a multiple of 6000 times. (See explanation below)

5. In summation: infection whether by vaccine or other disease agents
lowers zeta potential causing clots. In a person with high zeta
potential of the blood, it may cause only local reduction and
aggravation. In other cases, it can result in micro capillary clotting
destroying or impairing organ function or death. This accounts for the
wide range of mental and emotional disorders as well as physical
reactions since the site and degree of the clot is unpredictable. The effect may start out as only an adhesion and through further reduction of zeta potential may change to a clot or hemorrhage.

A simple change to a single vaccine at a time later in life not at
birth, eliminating aluminum salts and monitoring of the blood vessels
of the white of the eyes for intravascular coagulation would greatly
reduce risks of vaccinations. However due to environment and aluminum accumulations, zeta potential tends to reduce with age. Thus
vaccinations of the elderly or those with severe intravascular
coagulation may reduce zeta potential close to the phase change point so that even an emotional upset can trigger a clot. Even skin reactions can occur immediately and continue for seven or eight years or may not appear until one to six years later. There are over 7000 references to aluminum toxicity. Some key ones including this can be found atfound at :

http://www.luminet.net/~wenonah/hydro/al.htm (cut and paste link to location bar)

Subcutaneous nodules in patients hyposensitized with aluminum-containing allergen extracts.
Garcia-Patos V. – Pujol R.M. – Alomar A. – Cistero A. – Curell R. – Fernandez-Figueras M.T. – de Moragas J.M.
From: Arch Dermatol (1995 Dec) 131(12):1421-4
These lesions have been mainly attributed to a hypersensitivity reaction to aluminum hydroxide, which is used as an absorbing agent in many vaccines and hyposensitization preparations. Patch tests with standard antigens and aluminum compounds and histopathologic and ultrastructural studies were performed on 10 patients with persistent subcutaneous nodules on the upper part of their arms after injection of aluminum-adsorbed dust and/or pollen extracts. The nodules appeared 1 month to 6.5 years after injections.

The reason for the delayed effect is beyond the scope of this paper
but it also is a function of zeta potential.

It cannot be avoided as long as an element such as aluminum with a +3 valence is the adjuvant. The use of the gadolinium dye in mri's and the dye used in thyroid tests will produce to a greater or lesser degree exactly the same results as each of them has excess positive ions. (the last reference provides a better understanding)

By making a flour water mixture and adding a drop of deodorant (main ingredient aluminum) one can easily observe the coagulation effect of aluminum. The flour will immediately clump and settle to the bottom.
As an alternative, rub oil on the arm and apply a small amount of
deodorant. The oil will immediately coagulate and roll up in little
balls. Aluminum is the primary ingredient in most antiperspirants as
it causes sweat to coagulate and block the pores in sweat glands.


* All trace minerals, metals, inorganic materials, proteins and amino
acids are held in suspension in liquids as microscopic and
sub microscopic particles like dust particles in the air. These very
small particles are called colloids. Since colloids in suspension form
chemical compounds like ions in solution, the
non-chemical , electrical properties of colloids are generally not
understood in medicine.
This was not always the case. In the late 1930's, research and use of
Colloids resulted in the publication of a number of articles in medical
Journals pertaining to healing of conditions that are almost untreatable in medicine today. The advent of World War 2 rationing system and
Reduction of personnel and resources with the emphasis on trauma medicine and antibiotics caused a loss of the information.

Colloids are held in suspension via a very slight electro-negative
charge on the surface of each particle. This charge is called Zeta
Potential. The ability of a liquid to carry material in suspension is
A function of these minute electrical charges. As the electro-negative
charge increases; more material can be carried in suspension.

As the charge decreases, the particles move closer to each other and
The liquid is able to carry less material. There is a point where the
ability to carry material in suspension is exceeded and particles
begin to clump together with the heavier particles materials dropping
out and coagulating or attaching to the adjacent surface.

This phase change is quite similar to temperature variation in water.
Just as a 10 degree temperature shift in water has no significant
Effect at 70 degrees F, but a major effect at 35 degrees; so it is with
colloids in suspension. Each liquid has a phase change point where
very slight changes in the electro-negative charge can change liquid to
This discipline is known as Colloidal Chemistry, Physical Chemistry,
Surface Charge, or Zeta Potential. It is a mixture of both
physics and chemistry.

The following table correlates negative charge reduction to degree of

Stability of Solution Zeta Potential
>From "Control of Colloidal Stability by Thomas Riddick"
Stability Average Zeta Potential (In mill volts)

Extreme to very good stability -100 to -60mv
Reasonable stability -60 to-40
Moderate stability -40 to -30
Threshold of light dispersion -30 to -15
Threshold of agglomeration - 15 to -10
Strong agglomeration and precipitation
-5 to +5

The quantity of positive and negative charges from chemical elements in suspension as colloids has a major effect on carrying capacity.

Electropositive ions decrease carrying capacity while electronegative
ions increase it. Elements with only one excess positive or one
negative ion have little effect on suspensions.
Elements with two positive or two negative ions (divalent) such as
magnesium and beryllium (+2) or oxygen and selenium (-2) have 3,000 times more effect on coagulation or dispersion than elements with single ions.
Elements with a valence of 3,such as Aluminum (+3) and nitrogen and
phosphorus (-3) have 6,000 times more effect on carrying capacity than an element with a single positive or negative ion. A single colloid of aluminum has massive clotting capability due to the three extra positive charges.
Vaccinations contain aluminum salts which greatly exacerbate coagulation.

A few references on zeta potential (more technical)


Vaccination Toxicity References
(Sanarelli/Schwartzman Phenomena)

... "Certain biological sequences for more than a hundred years have
been recognized in the medical field as leading to morbidity and
mortality. The cause of these sequences has been little understood.
Before presenting these curves, we will briefly quote several
Pertinent passages from the first chapter of a book by Hans Sale (1966)
Thrombohemmorragic Phenomena. (Courtesy Chas. C. Thomas,
(1 Thrombohemmorragic, thromboses, thrombi -a clot in the
cardiovascular system formed during life which may block an artery or heart wall or attach to the blood vessel without totally blocking it.)

"Certain microorganisms and even extracts prepared from them are
especially prone to produce thromboses and hemorrhages in the
micro circulation, particularly in the renal (kidney) glomeruli.

The Sanarelli phenomenon (is) induced by two properly spaced
intravenous injections of microbes or their products.

The Schwartzman phenomenon (is) induced by a "preparatory"
intracutaneous injection of bacterial filtrates followed after a
proper time interval by intravenous "provocation" with the same or some similar material.
(2 Intracutaneous- Within the skin)

The Bordet phenomenon (is) the production of hemorrhages and necroses by killed E. coli cultures in tuberculous (but not in normal) guinea pigs.

More than a century ago the Russian investigator Botkin (1858)
discovered that, following application of irritating fluids to the
frog mesentery, the capillaries become maximally dilated and packed with agglutinated erythrocytes so that the circulation stops.
These observations were confirmed and greatly extended by Hueter
(1874) who claimed that erythrocyte agglutination is caused by
toxic substances, many of which make the surface of the red blood
corpuscles irregular and adhesive. *
(Agglutinated erythrocytes- clotted red blood cells.)
Klebs (1876) apparently first observed multiple hyaline thrombi
In the smallest blood vessels in patients with extensive burns. Then
Flexner (1902) noted that both bacterial and nonbacterial pathogens
Can produce so-called "agglutinative thrombi" which appear to consist
Almost exclusively of conglutinated erythrocytes....

Subsequently, micro thromboses were seen in intravenous administration of foreign blood, snake venom, placental extracts and many other substances including placebos.

Finally, Siegmund (1925) observed the development of minute fibrin
nodules attached to the walls of the small veins or the endocardium in
guinea pigs repeatedly infected with various microorganisms.
In the course of their classic studies on diphtheria, Roux and Yersin
(1888) found that single intravenous injections of diphtheria toxin
can produce multiple hemorrhages, particularly in the lung, kidney,
adrenal and heart of various experimental animals...

It became evident, furthermore, that even killed microbes or
Microbial filtrates are active in this respect and that the predominant
localization of the Thrombohemmorragic lesions varies, depending upon the type of pathogenic material used.

The kidney, lung, heart and adrenals are most commonly affected
but, under certain circumstances, typical lesions may also be found in
the gastrointestinal tract or on the hairless parts of the animal

In 1894, Sanarelli noticed that, in the monkey, a first injection of
typhoid toxin causes only transient manifestations of disease, but if,
two days later, a second injection of the same product is
administered, the animal dies with a generalized purpuric eruption.

In 1928, Schwartzman discovered that, if a rabbit is given a B.typhus
filtrate intracutaneous, followed by the intravenous injection of the
same material 24 hours later, a hemorrhagic necrosis results at the
prepared skin site.
(Necrosis- Death of one or more cells or a portion of the
tissue or organ or the complete organ)

Paul Bordet (1931)...observed that a suspension of killed E.
coli.microorganisms, which is normally well tolerated by guinea pigs,
kills them with hemorrhages in the peritoneal lymph nodes, if they have
received BCG vaccine intraperitonealy 2-3 weeks earlier. E. Coli
injected subcutaneously into guinea pigs thus prepared, produced
topical hemorrhages with necroses.

Live microbes and microbial products (filtrates, extracts) occupy a
particularly important place among the agents capable of eliciting the
thrombohemmorragic phenomenon.

It has long been known that thrombohemmorragic phenomena can be
produced by spontaneous or experimental infections, as well as by
treatment with bacterial filtrates and extracts. The endotoxins of
Gram negative bacteria proved to be especially effective in this respect.
Both local thrombohemmorragic reactions at the injection site, and
generalized manifestations of the thrombohemmorragic phenomenon
(including thrombi in the renal glomerular capillaries, lung, liver
other organs) can be produced in this manner either by single or by
variably spaced, repeated injections of suitable microbial products."

"In summation, Selye's thesis is that a microbial culture of dead or
alive filtrates of such cultures result in thrombosis (or
hemorrhage) when they are suitably and in proper sequence injected
test animals.

The writer holds that the Sanarelli and Schwartzman "phenomena" are no longer phenomena but instead are simple, straightforward,
Thoroughgoing manifestations of a natural law. And this law is delineated by fundamental principles of Zeta Potential.

This physiochemical sequence is encountered so often and in so many
different forms that it virtually constitutes a rule: The end result
of vigorous and sustained microbial activity on any aqueous (including
blood, kidney and lymph) colloid system is a lowering of Zeta
Potential. This lowering leads to agglomeration resulting in

One may paraphrase and apply this to Sanarelli / Schwartzman thus....
Appropriate injections into a test animal of the end product of
Vigorous and sustained microbial activity leads to a lowering of Zeta Potential which leads to agglomeration and thrombus formation; and thrombosis; and disseminated intravascular coagulation then results in death.

This physiological sequence is of the greatest biological importance
...and it can only be considered fantastic that thus far this facet of
nature has not been properly regarded, understood, accepted or
employed in the evaluation of and alleviation of disease."

>From "Control of Colloidal Stability through Zeta Potential by Thomas
Riddick" pp 126-137

11-12. Human Blood Coagulation-Biggs and Mcfarlane-F.A. Davis
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Intravascular Coagulation.

Kinsley injected monkeys with Knowles malaria. He found that
at a level of only 5 to 30% invasion of red cells, the blood coagulated
into a thick sludge. Death occurred in as little as three hours. There
were no survivors in twelve hours. He then identified the 65 cases of
severe intravascular coagulation in patients on his ward stemming from
12 different diseases.

a)The Settling of Sludge during Life-Acta Anatomica, Supplement 41`1
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i) Intravascular Erythrocyte Aggregation (blood sludge) - Handbook of
Physiology-Section 2: Circulation, Vol. III, 1965.

This material may be freely reproduced and distributed in its entirety
with proper credit to the contributors


Yes, I realize this is very off topic, but I just couldn't help saying something after seeing so many off-the-wall posts about it here. The reality, if you're actually interested in the reality is: Who CARES if global warming is real or not? What we would need to do if global warming were real, we NEED TO DO ANYWAY, because we can't eat the FISH!!!! Why can't we eat it (without having to be very careful and severely restrict our intake)? Because it is poisoned with the same thing your children are poisoned with --- MERCURY!!!! And why is it -- and nearly everything else in our lakes and rivers and seas -- poisoned with MERCURY? Because of the rate at which humans are burning fossil fuels. Why is it okay to poison the fish with mercury and not your children? Why is it okay for people to be sickened by fish and not vaccines? Do you not see the incredible hypocrisy here? Not to mention IRONY? Mother Nature has made her position very clear. We will suffer for whatever we do in excess. We do not need to know that global warming is real to realize that we are poisoning our environment with fossil fuels. Please tell me you are all a little smarter than this.


no name: I respect your decision. and i agree that vaccines should be available to all who want them, as long as mandates are done away with. Subjecting the vaccine program to supply and demand would naturally weed out unneeded and potentially dangerous vaccines.


Right now I don't care.
Go ahead.
Watch out for Karma, or you could be looking at your kids 10 years from now, weeping and telling them how sorry you are.

And then again maybe all will be just fine, God will be good to you.

Thank You so much for the link directly to the FDA. I don't know who Ms. Margaret is but I trust the NVIC found the right person to bring our complaints too, and I did, not that will do any good, nothing ever does any good. I do not see how Barbara can take it any more.

Theresa Wrangham

Hi all,

I want to thank everyone on behalf of NVIC for their comments on this article. I would also like to lessen the confusion! We would certainly appreciate everyone sending in a letter with their concern on this proposed rule change and have created a web page with a sample letter and links to federal officials for you to do so. Please visit http://www.nvic.org/getdoc/346f9341-f136-45d0-af73-bdfe73fe1bbc/Sample-Congressman-Letter.aspx for the sample letter, etc.

Please consider reading the complete article for background on which to write your response. There are links to the take action page that appear on the article's web page and we have also added a take action link to our homepage. Also on the take action page is a copy of NVIC's comment to the FDA.

We hope this helps and we appreciate your feedback!

Theresa Wrangham
NVIC Executive Director

A Friend


I read your global warming post (which is very off-topic, so I apologize in advance to those not interested in the topic).

I will say this... I've had it with those in power who tell me that I need to believe "this and that" because they are smarter and all the good little experts believe like they do and all the research points to the FACT that global warming is real and is happening now, etc. etc... There are a lot of holes in their story in regards to the issue (yes, I have done some research on the topic). There are some comparisons to the pro-vaccine vs. skeptical of vaccines sides... It isn't black and white. I will never again trust the government or their gosh darn "experts" to tell me anything. It's definitely something that I would encourage everyone to read BOTH sides of that debate. And yes, those who question the idea of global warming have a lot of very insightful things to say. While I am not firmly on one side or the other in the global warming debate, I will say that I used to be sure that global warming exists and polar bears were dropping dead by the day and Al Gore deserves every honor he receives, etc... Now, I'm not so sure... (wink, wink).

We must be sure that we RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH everything...


Thanks Mary.
It is sad, ain't it.


A French physician once listened to me describe how Americans are afraid of regulatory agencies and their own government. He said, "You know what that's called, right? It's called fascism".

We're not just fighting for medical choice, are we? This looks kind of like a fight for Democracy-- sort of an end stage of it.

The proposed regulation is atrocious. Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does. Really, what could possibley be next?


I think the benefit of vax far outweigh the risks. My kids will be vaccinated. Doesn't matter to me what others decide to do. This is whats best for my family and each family has to make that decision on what they feel is best.


I graduated with a degree in microbiology empahasis in environmental science, environmental microbiology.
My first job was with the Forest Service in reclamation of strip mines.
I have taught environmental science for years as well as working for state government.
Regulations were once badly needed. Right now many old regulations need to be enforced, not make new impossible rules.
The FDA - the EPA both have fell prey to fast, easy money and the influence of people in industry that do not want to make honest money.
It is one thing to be concerned and make regulations to keep the water,soil,and air clean. It is another thing to scare school children that there is a hole in the ozone,-- a hole only at the bottom of the world were sunlight in the winter does not exist. It takes sunlight to force three oxygen atoms together (ozone). All this just so the government can collect a tax every time you fix your air conditioner. It also caused factories that use freon as a blowing agent to have to change over to another blowing agent (natural gas).

It is wrong to scare people into believing that CO2 the same stuff we breath out, cows burp out, and fart out, is going to over heat the world. Just so the government can tax that too. And there are certain industries that are cozy with the EPA that have their hand out (preying on that fear of global warming) to help set up assembly lines to make huge wind mills and solar panels. Solar panels tech is not there and the way the science looks it never will be.
I see a lot of similiar things going on with what is wrong with vaccines (take it or you will get this disease and die for sure) and the global change (control carbon or we will destroy the earth)
See, I looked at it Lisa.
You have at it too.


Lisa, I think the "hoax" that Benedetta refers to here is this: There are opposing opinions, among scientist, with respect to whether the earth's fluxuating weather patterns are the direct result of man-made industrialization. There are even many well-respected authorities that suggest, in overall patterns, the earth is cooling. Whether these changes are a result of our (admittedly, careless at times) behaviors and practices is a question that has been "asked", but not entirely "answered."

Those of us who have watched the drug industry profit while poisoning an entire generation are reticent to accept ANYone who refuses to continue looking for causes--we've been told to shut up about the vaccine/autism connection because the question has been "asked and "answered." Perhaps we'll eventually know whether the earth is actually warming or cooling; and whether these fluxuations are a result of our disregard or merely cycles that have always displayed themselves over time. And we'll also know that vaccines cause autism.
At this point, we're all a little smarter for reserving our verdict until all the profiteers (not only Big Oil, but Big Green, too)are exposed. That's not to say that as inhabitants of the planet, we shouldn't always be thinking of ways to prevent damage to the environment we depend upon for our survival. But the potentially profit-driven rhetoric can go either way.


I'm boycotting vaccines, so this doesn't affect my family.


I totally agree with you Benedetta. The other day I was having a conversation with my mother in law and she said her neighbor's daugher is "mentally challenged." I said "why?" She looked at me like I grew a third head. Brain damage is caused by something. She NEVER asks why for anything. She just accepts everything. How did people get like this?


I don't know what it is about Age of Autism posters, who sound so brilliant on all things autism- and drug-company-related, but then leap to the startling conclusion that just because the pro-vaccine and pro-drug research is a bunch of B.S., it necessarily follows that there's no such thing as global warming!!!!!!!!!! Why is it so hard to see that the same thing is happening with global warming that has happened with vaccines???? Namely, the highly profitable drug industry pushes fraudulent research on an unknowing and gullible public, stating that all vaccines have been well-tested and proven safe, just as the disgustingly profitable oil industry pushes fraudulent research on the same ignorant public, suggesting that global warming is a hoax. Don't you get it, folks? Whoever has the most money in this society wins every debate. And they will continue to win every debate because people are too ignorant and lazy to do their own research and come to their own conclusions. You fault all the parents who don't believe you about autism. But you are equally at fault when you jump on the "global warming is a hoax" bandwagon. Have you devoted even one day of your life to researching that question? I didn't think so.


I went to the FDA website.
The public comment thingey took me to a 'page not found'.

I finally just emailed them, but I have no idea who it went to.

It don't matter anyway. We are all doomed. Well not all of us, just 1 percent. That is what everybody thinks - 1 percent have autism.
What is 1 percent!

The public does not count the percentage of people touched with Sids, shaken baby syndrome, peanut allergies, asthma, dibetes, schizo, bipolar, alzeiheimer, ALS, and a host of other autoimmune diseaes -

Let the public just think the rise of autoimmune diseases is just an act of God. Let the drug companies do what ever they want while our Egor hand holding government, slobbering all over themselves as they awww and oohhh over the brilliance of the drug company - do nothing. No, not nothing, help - help protect them from law suits, help hide the research, the numbers harmed.

We have the internet and the public has been warned on TV and radio shows - few - yes - but there never the less.

This is no less than what the rest of the government is doing. In bed with the oil companies, watching porno as the banking/finance breaks all the rules, Seeing how much money they can make off the public in scaring them that there is such a thing as global warming (opps let us change that to global change) after all they swallowed that whole in the ozone story some years ago - we will do it again.

It just seems all so out of control.'


yes, there are those of us who realized long ago and are well past this point because we've experienced the damage first hand. Unfortunately there are many, the majority in fact, who still trust the system.

When my father was dxed with cancer at age 77, members of my own family thought I was nuts to go against them and the doctors when they wanted start him on chemo and radiation. I knew instinctively the "cure" would kill him... it did.

My friend at work who has a vaxed damaged son (dxed ASD) the same age as mine was determined to get her kids the H1N1 shot (she did)...we have an unspoken understanding not to talk vaccines and autism since she is not on board with me on this issue and or my treatment path. She believes her child was born this way and that behavioral therapy is the only answer. Who am I to question her?

How do you penetrate the denial? Will they ever wake up? Do the non-believers have to learn the hard way? I guess so. (sigh)


Sarah - we are already at that point and have been for a long time.

I agree with Kathy B. 100%. Only mass parental refusal of ALL vaccines will stop this sick and dangerous joke of a 'health safety' program.


at this point, if this goes through, then every man for themselves..take responsibilty for your healthcare, protect yourselves, protect your loved ones, trust noone...

kathy blanco

Cold day in hell they will regulate their own selves for safety, because usually that involves more money and time they can "so called" ill afford. Tis better to poison and infiltrate the population so that they too can join the sickened and dependent on the next new miracle drug, which never cures, but makes you a long term customer. There agenda is showing. Are we listening to it, or taking part? We are if we say a vaccine can be made safer!!!!! Because that still gives them liscence to hide and propogate more vaccines on us. Until we understand the converse relationship of consumerism and profits, we shall have new vaccines introduced every year for our stupid consumption. Until we boldy say, we are anti vaccine UNTIL you prove they are safe, this lie and manipulation will continue. As much as I understand we have to approach it in a less adverse way, or boldly, I guess we all have to put up with their statements of "we care", and distrust every bit of their marketing plan. For the sheeple, they line up for anything without question. The dumbing down eugenics routine sure is working....


I received this message through my email yesterday.
All Barbara says is to go to www.nvic.org
That is her organization.
Well I am with her - so it is my organization too, but this is hardly getting my voice (our voices) to the government official's website (ears) before the due date is up?

Or is it really too late and we have no say?
In other words no use to complain because the dye is in the wool?

I also see no where on the NVIC website that is related to the FDA new fast track rule. Am I missing something?
I ususally do when it comes to the computer.

Theresa O

I agree with Bob. Right now, the American public is under the mistaken impression that the government is looking out for them--that the products for sale (particularly pharmaceuticals) have been duly investigated, and are safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. (Did you know that when McDonald's recalled the cadmium-containing Happy Meal glasses, it wasn't because it was the law? That's right--because the glasses weren't considered toys by the government, McDonald's could have left them out there, loaded with cadmium.)

And sara is right--at least, with the cadmium-tainted glasses, we can choose whether to buy them. No one makes them virtually mandatory for entrance into public school...


This is sad and scary but yet not surprising in a way. Ever since autism entered my life, I have been discovering more of the truth that was hidden from me by our government and health industry. I am just so thankful to have found AoA and appreciate you bringing us this information. I plan to spread the word.

David Troutman

Squalene has been directly linkrd to Gulf War Syndrome.This shit has never been approved by any agency in the US. It`s used in military vaccines only. Scary stuff noway nohow for my family.

John Stone

It is an amazing prescription - more and more vaccines with less and less oversight. While you can confidently predict that the end is coming for this system - it has over-reached itself - it is just terrible to think of the carnage on the way.


Okay, it's official, they simply want us dead. Vaccine A echoing in my head. Will Kathleen Sebelius now add this power to her all controlling repertoire?


Could this one of the many things that President Obama agreed too, in order to get the drug companies to go along and help pass his health care plan??

It would have been nice to know what the agreement was, so we could prepare.

Julie Obradovic

Barbara, who is the person who will be given the authority to make these decisions? Are they already appointed? Is that person already an FDA employee? What ties to the vaccine industry or conflicts of interest, if any, does he/she have? If they haven't been appointed yet, any idea who the candidates are?


okay - I'm fine with that as long as they end mandates entirely. they don't want to bother with safety - then the vaccine program needs to move to an opt-in, rather than opt-out program.


good god.. this is bad...so a manufacturer could propose adding paint thinner to vaccines or completely alter the ingredients altogether and all it takes is the approval of one person. no checks and balances.

scarey..very scarey

As far as the supporting data goes that gives me zero comfort. Here's a very interesting investigative piece on the subject:

Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety


John Gilmore

Does NVIC have a letter that other organizations can use as a model for objections to the regulation change. If so please distribute it.

Bob Moffitt

I don't know why we even have "federal regulatory agencies"? At the very least we should call them what they have become "industry cooperatives".

In any event, it ought not surprise anyone the FDA is "relaxing" regulatory rules so pharamceutical companies can maximize their profits by any means they can.

After all, what do you think the priority of this newly established..single employee .. FDA "ingredient/adjuvant" czar .. will be?

Protecting the public or profits?

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