James Ottar Grundvig Reviews Callous Disregard by Dr. Andrew Wakefield
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Dr. Andrew Wakefield's Book Callous Disregard Garners Support from Adult on Spectrum

Rally Jake Jake Crosby, student at Brandeis University and Contributing Editor to Age of Autism spoke out last week in support of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the doctor behind the autism/MMR/UK controversy. Dr. Wakefield tells his side of the story for the first time in his book Callous Disregard, available for purchase HERE. The book was listed at number 8 on Amazon last week. Please leave a review on Amazon and elsewhere after you read the book. Thank you, Jake. Great job.



Jake's intelligence and analytical skills are evident in all the informative and insightful articles he writes. He also has a taut wit and complex sense of humor advanced beyond his years. This guy is going places.

Joan Campbell

Yes I heard him too and posted it on autism mothers facebook page, what a joy to hear him speak so well on the subject. His parents must be so proud.

michael framson

Thanks Jake for being such a wonderful person and an incredibly gifted and powerful voice for truth and justice.

You are a remarkable person.


It was so lovely to meet Jake at the rally and Autism One conference. I was struck immediately with the thought that interpersonal decency and gentleness seems to be features that frequently comes with fierce intelligence. The two things might appear to some to be mutually exclusive but not when you get into the upper echalons of those with an ethical barometer. Jake's is calibrated to perfection and his aim and heart are true.

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